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  1. 1. 2013 BUSINESS DIRECTORY FRANCE TAIWAN 法國工商會會員名錄 CCIFT Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie France Taiwan France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry 法國工商會 L’Espace Centre d’Affaires CCIFT CCIFT Business Center 法國工商會商務中心 10595 台北市松山區復興北路57號14樓之三 14F.-3, N° 57, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei 10595 Tel: +(886-2) 2514-7959 Fax: +(886-2) 2514-7522 Email: info@ccift.org.tw www.ccift.org.tw
  2. 2. CONTENTS
  3. 3. Messages 5 6 7 Message from the Chairwomen of the CCIFT Message from the Director of the French Office in Taipei Message from the Head of the Economic Department of the French Office in Taipei The France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry 10 12 18 20 23 25 Missions & Team Membership Benefits 2013 Business Services Annual Events 2012-2013 SME Award Programme Publications & Communication France Taiwan Business Information 28 30 33 34 43 49 50 53 59 63 70 73 260 The France Taiwan Economic Relationships Doing Business in France Taiwanese Services in France French Services in Taiwan French CCI in Asia-Pacific Doing Business in Taiwan Taiwan Business Organizations Useful Taiwanese Websites Practical Information in Taiwan Traveling in Taiwan French Restaurants in Taiwan Corporate Members Index
  4. 4. Taiwanese Market Information about Taiwanese economy. Employment Service Searching for a job or an internship in Taiwan? Need to find an employee or an intern? Our employment service is here for you! Establish Your Company We offer a wide range of support as company set up and business support to help you built your company in Taiwan. Build Your Network The CCIFT organizes a wide range of events all around the year which gives you the opportunity to build your network. www.ccift.org.tw
  5. 5. CCIFT 法國工商會 Dear Members and Readers, Without a doubt, 2012 has been a challenging year for most industries as a result of the tough economy. In spite of the challenging environment, CCIFT has demonstrated strong entrepreneurial visions and innovation spirits, and along with the direct support of our French network leaders (CCI International & UCCIFE), we have achieved a fruitful year. Of course, these results and accomplishments would not have been possible without a strong dedicated team, led by our General Manager - Adriana Archambault, our Executive Committee, and most of all, our members who have been warmly supporting and participating in our activities. Starting 2013 with more than 158 members, with great level of diversity (60% French companies, 20% other multi-nationals, and 20% Taiwanese). The Chambre has become a resourceful platform for business networking and exchanges. We have conducted more than 30 workshops, with around 2,100 participants. Our two main emblematic events, Gala dinner and the celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau have also been highly appreciated and praised. The Business Center, one of our key services, is operating at full gear to host more than 20 enterprises in pursuit of their business goals in Taiwan and even in the region. As such, we will continue these services to welcome more prospects. Furthermore, our SME Award & Coaching Program demonstrates our mission & commitment to support the development of SMEs by facilitating experience sharing between global corporations & SMEs. On the other hand, our business services also cover employment placement to our members and tailored made workshops. We also provide the best support to European Education Fair, one of the biggest Education Fair in Taiwan to prepare and recruit talents of the future! Looking beyond 2013, there are still many uncertainties. The crisis might not be over, but as the word crisis written in Chinese, it consists of two components: vulnerability & opportunity. I am confident that opportunities will knock at the door unceasingly for those who stay with strong entrepreneurship and determination! Last but not least, I want to thank the French Office in Taipei for their cooperation with our Chambre in promoting the French business spirits and cultures. The Chambre will aim to achieve another great year, full of projects to come and activities to bring to our members the best satisfaction! Wish you all a very prosperous and fulfilling 2013! Amy CHEN CCIFT Chairwoman
  6. 6. The year 2012 ended on a note of optimism. The global economy shows signs of stabilization. The situation in the Eurozone is improving. Western and Asian economies are progressively regaining momentum. We must remain confident that these improvements will result in a gradual recovery in 2013. The France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry continued its development in 2012, with a remarkable effectiveness, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. The Chamber increased significantly the number of its members and proposed more diversified services. French companies are well positioned on the Taiwanese market, but I am convinced that they could perform even better. They could build stronger cooperation with Taiwanese partners. They could make more extensive use of their expertise and innovating skills to provide Taiwanese consumers and Taiwanese industries with products and solutions. France has a lot to offer to Taiwan, be it in ICT products, food and beverages, consumer goods, industrial supplies and equipment, engineering solutions, services. French companies should take advantage of the excellent quality and strong image of their products on the Taiwanese market. To this end, the various departments of the French Office in Taipei – and in particular the Economic Department and the Ubifrance Taipei Office – will endeavor to bolster the bilateral economic relation and will help you develop your activities on the Taiwanese market. The France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers valuable services to the business community and enjoys the full support of the French Office. Olivier RICHARD Director of the French Office in Taipei 6 In 2013, competitive and flexible economies will show their strength as they should be able to take advantage of the global rebound. Taiwan’s economy will perform well thanks to excellent industrial, social and economic structures and a good business environment. For French companies, this will be a time to increase their business and presence in Taiwan, one of the key markets in Asia. Be assured that the French Office in Taipei, together with the France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, will support you.
  7. 7. In 2012 Taiwan was confronted to a slowdown of its economy due to a deterioration in the global financial conditions and a weak demand from its high-income trade partners in Europe and in the United States, but also from Mainland China which is its 1st trade partner. The volatility of the global economy weighted on the Taiwanese foreign trade and impacted the growth of GDP which will be around 1% in 2012 (acc. to DGBAS, as of November 2012). Some economies nevertheless continued to grow at a strong pace, and the performance of Taiwan’s trade there was excellent. In particular, it is worth noting that ASEAN, taken as a zone, is now the 2nd trade partner of Taiwan. For 2013, uncertainty weighs on the outlook for the global economy. If the demand from advanced economies recovers, the activity should gradually strengthen and export growth should resume. The Taiwanese economy remains characterized by excellent fundamentals and a competitive cost structure. The job market is fairly resilient. Domestic demand has slowed down but is still well oriented. Inflation is moderate. Investment in the private sector is able to mobilize quickly, as soon as an improvement in the economic situation is anticipated. Major infrastructure projects will continue to create opportunities. The 3rd terminal of Tao Yuan International Airport is one of them. Taiwan is also investing in energy infrastructure and green tech industries, which will provide significant possibilities for bilateral cooperation. With Taiwanese companies achieving technological excellence (TSMC, Hon Hai, HTC, Acer, Asus, Giant, etc.), the demand for more sophisticated products, design and services is rising. French companies are well positioned to cater for these needs and should seize opportunities to develop their presence in Taiwan. Economic cooperation between Taiwan and China has been a major driver of improvement for business opportunities and economic performance. The ECFA (Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement), which was signed in June 2010, will contribute in the long term to create a CrossStraits economic environment beneficial to both sides. French companies should take advantage of these new opportunities. Given the competitiveness of the Taiwanese economy, the level of education and skill of its workforce, its excellence in many industries, I strongly encourage the French companies to put a renewed focus on the Taiwanese market. Pierre MOUSSY Head of the Economic Department French Office in Taipei 7
  9. 9. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY CCIFT TEAM CCIFT Adriana ARCHAMBAULT General Manager Mélanie LIANG Communication Manager Stéphane PEDEN Business Support Manager director@ccift.org.tw pr@ccift.org.tw development@ccift.org.tw Alexandre MEVIL-BLANCHE Carole YANG Phoebe CHANG Administration Manager Events Project Manager admin@ccift.org.tw event@ccift.org.tw Business Services Project Manager Ornella TRUDU Laura HOAREAU contact@ccift.org.tw recru@ccift.org.tw Stéphanie CHEN Communication Project Manager Office Project Manager info@ccift.org.tw 10 CCIFT service@ccift.org.tw Human Resources Project Manager FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  10. 10. Who We Are? ■ The France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFT), created in 1991, is a non-profit organization registered with the Taipei City Department of Social Affairs. ■ The CCIFT belongs to the worldwide network of French Chambers of Commerce (UCCIFE) which consists of 149 organizations in 77 countries and represents more than 30,000 companies. ■ The main purpose of the CCIFT is to develop relations between its members and the Taiwanese businesses community, facilitate and support trade and investments between France and Taiwan, by focusing on efficient networking and a wide range of business services. What We Do? ■ To be the place where the French economic community meets to bring its wealth of experiences, exchange ideas, seek advice, services and contacts and find stimulation to grow. ■ To provide assistance, advice and services to the French companies willing to export to or set up in Taiwan as well as to the Taiwanese companies willing to develop their activities in France: - Help French companies and individuals present in Taiwan to grow. - Be a service platform for French companies looking forward to exploring Taiwanese business opportunities. - Help Taiwanese companies to export to France. ■ In coordination with other French organizations (CCEF French Trade Commission, etc.), be recognized as a French Organization for local economic contacts between France and Taiwan. ■ The CCIFT specializes in business services to global companies as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). ■ Any international-minded company wishing to be part of the CCIFT business community is welcome to enroll. The CCIFT uses English as its main language for communication. ■ The CCIFT members are mostly, but not all, French-invested companies. They represent all industry sectors, ranging from commodities trading to high technology and services. ■ To represent and bring together its members’ business community in Taiwan and contribute to its development. FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 11 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY
  11. 11. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS CCIFT Becoming a member of the CCIFT gives you a wide range of benefits CCIFT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS 2013 INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY ■ Be listed in our printed and online Directories (more than 1000 copies printed per year). ■ Have a one-page listing in the Directory with your corporate logo, the description of your company and a picture of its representative. ■ Share your company news for special occasions on the CCIFT website, e-newslet ters, Facebook and Twitter feeds (interviews, company descriptions, company news, etc.). ■ Speak at one of our events (more than 20 events per year). ■ Sponsor one of our events. NETWORKING Every year, the CCIFT hosts more than 20 business related events with preferential rates for its members. These events give our members the opportunity to make valuable contacts, develop networks and stay informed about different work related topics. Our main events are: ■ The annual SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Award Ceremony ■ The annual General Assembly ■ The annual Gala Dinner ■ The annual Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Celebration ■ Luncheons and seminars, workshops ■ Happy Hours and members night ■ Joint events with other Chambers of Commerce and members PRIVILEGES PROGRAM LEARNING AND SHARING EXPERIENCES Get involved with our committees to share your views and learn from other members. CONTACT Communication Department Tel: +(886-2) 2514-7959 ext.26 E-mail: pr@ccift.org.tw 12 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  12. 12. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Patron Corporate SME Individual Honorary I. Communication a. Website / Newsletters - Free yearly advertisement and company logo on CCIFT website Yes No No No No - Introduction as a new member in the CCIFT Newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - Company logo with mention as “Patron” on every newsletter Yes No No No No Yes No No No No - Free Members’ Directory book unlimited 2 1 1 1 b. Directory - 1 full page advertisement and company logo on our patron page - Company listed in the Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes c. Company logo on CCIFT entrance wall Yes No No No No d. Free distribution of Taiwan Info Magazine Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 3 1 1 1 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No a. 1 free entrance for all workshops and 1 members’ night Yes No No No No b. Company logo on banner and promotional material during CCIFT events Yes No No No No c. 1 seat at the VIP table at the Gala and 5 tickets to the Beaujolais Nouveau evening Yes No No No No d. Preferential rates for all employees at CCIFT events and workshops Yes Yes Yes -25% -20% -20% -20% None 10% of yearly salary 10% of yearly salary 20,000 NTD 20,000 NTD 20,000 NTD e. Free UCCIFE privilege cards f. Voting rights in all CCIFT elections II. Events & workshops III. Business Support preferential rates The repre- The representative sentative only only IV. Employment Service Job Placement FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 13 CCIFT Membership Categories
  13. 13. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM 會員申請表格 1/3 CCIFT Please photocopy the 3 pages of this application and send by fax to +(886-2) 2514-7522. An electronic version is available on our website. This information is strictly confidential. 14 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  16. 16. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS CCIFT Becoming a member of the CCIFT gives you a wide range of benefits CCIFT COMPANY SET UP / BUSINESS CENTER The CCIFT can provide your company with company set up support and office leasing. SCOPE OF SERVICES FOR COMPANY SET UP SUPPORT ■ Set up of company: The CCIFT will assist you in the set up of your company (legal and administrative advice). ■ Networking ■ Hiring “You do your business, we’ll take care of your administrative needs.” SCOPE OF SERVICES FOR BUSINESS CENTER ■ Private offices or open desks ■ Access to shared equipment (photocopiers, fax, printer, coffee machine) ■ Dedicated telephone line ■ ADSL ■ Meeting rooms ■ Benefits opened to the CCIFT members (under certain conditions) The CCIFT office and its Business Center are located less than a 5 minutes walk from Nanjing East Road MRT Station. They are also served by several bus lines and are close to banks, restaurants and convenience stores. OUR SERVICE FEES ■ Private office: starting at 22,050 TWD per month (incl. VAT) ■ Open desk: 8,720 TWD per month (incl. VAT) ■ Administrative domiciliation: 3,780 TWD (incl. VAT, exclusive of mail and fax forward expenses) CONTACT Business Support Department Tel: +(886-2) 2514-7959 ext.27 E-mail: development@ccift.org.tw FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 17
  17. 17. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS CCIFT Becoming a member of the CCIFT gives you a wide range of benefits CCIFT BUSINESS SERVICES The CCIFT is offering a wide range of services to French companies located in Taiwan or overseas. “SEARCH OF LOCAL PARTNERS” SERVICE Identification of Taiwanese partners (suppliers, subcontractors, service providers...): ■ Creation of a list of local companies ■ Search of their name and address ■ Identification of representatives Example: search of subcontractors in order to commercialize thermal insulators… “PROSPECTION” SERVICE ■ Organization of prospection missions ■ Set up prospects meeting program ■ Organization of logistics ■ Organization of market visits and/or shows at your convenience ■ Linguistic support in French, English and Mandarin for visits to your prospects can be supplied ■ Confidential and professional assistance VARIOUS SERVICES ■ Commercial representation ■ Follow-up of orders to local companies ■ Information and statistics on specific industry field ■ Orders and deliveries follow-up with local companies Rates: By quotation. CONTACT Business Support Department Tel: +(886-2) 2514-7959 ext.27 E-mail: development@ccift.org.tw 18 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  18. 18. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS CCIFT Becoming a member of the CCIFT gives you a wide range of benefits CCIFT EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Are you looking for a candidate in Taiwan? The France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry assits its members in their recruitment of cross-cultural professionals. OUR SERVICES The CCIFT offers the following services: ■ Advertising vacancies ■ Candidate sourcing and selection ■ Ensure follow-up until final recruitment OUR CANDIDATES The CCIFT Employment Service has a large database of French and Taiwanese candidates from various backgrounds, mostly in Taiwan, and able to communicate in French, English and / or Mandarin. Our database includes candidates from Taiwanese and French universities and schools. OUR SERVICES FEES Staff recruitment procedures are free up until a candidate is hired and has passed his / her probation period (up to 3 months). This is a member service only. Recruitment of interns is free of charge for CCIFT members. However, a fixed fee for the visa application process is applied. CONTACT Human Resources Department Tel: +(886-2) 2514-7959 ext.31 E-mail: recru@ccift.org.tw FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 19
  19. 19. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY 2012 CCIFT EVENTS CCIFT ANNUAL GALA DINNER IN JUNE On June 20th, 2012, the CCIFT held its annual Gala Dinner at the Regent Hotel. Over 350 seats were occupied by top-ranking executives from the French Taiwanese business community. The theme for this year’s dinner was “Paris, les années folles!’’, a time of celebration, parties and joyful madness in French history. The event was generously sponsored by CCIFT members, including, as Platinum Sponsors: Carrefour, L’Oréal Taiwan, Michelin, Société Générale and Lucky Draw gifts were kindly donated by our General Sponsors including Bluebell, Caudalie, Chanel, Christian Dior, EVA Airways, Hermès, Novotel, Regent Taipei, Sherwood, Westin, etc. Dazzling performances took place throughout the evening: dance, Charleston and cabaret shows, casino games as well as a 1920’s jazz band. This evening took the participants back to the France of the roaring twenties.
  20. 20. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Every year in November, the CCIFT celebrates the arrival of the new “Beaujolais” red wine. This “Beaujolais Nouveau” celebration is a very popular tradition in France, and always falls on the third Thursday of November. In 2012, CCIFT and Société Générale, with the kind support of Fatton Transports, organized the “Beaujolais Nouveau” celebration at the American Club Taipei. Over 500 guests from Taiwan’s business community enjoyed a sumptuous French buffet served to the background of festive, live music. Thanks to our generous sponsors, RT-Mart, Lalos and Fatton Transports, participants enjoyed wine, 12 kinds of French cheese and fresh French baguettes, etc. 2012, as always was one of Taiwan’s most fun and prestigious networking events. CCIFT BEAUJOLAIS CELEBRATION IN NOVEMBER
  21. 21. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY 2012 CCIFT WORKSHOPS AND LUNCHEONS CCIFT Every year, CCIFT organizes a series of interactive workshops and luncheons on business topics of general interests: taxation, management, economy, market changes, HR issues…etc. Some of the topics were: ■ Workshop: Strategies and Tips for Tax Savings Speaker: Min-Yin Lu, Managing Partner of MIN CPA ■ Luncheon: Are the Clouds Finally Lifting— The Recovery of the Global Economy in Sight? Speaker: Mitul Kotecha, Head of Global Foreign Exchange Strategy and Fixed Income Markets Research of CRÉDIT AGRICOLE CORPORATE & INVESTMENT BANK ■ Breakfast Workshop: An Introduction to Guanxi Mapping— How to Identify an Influence Network Speakers: Bertrand Charles and Axel Marchand, Founding Partners of PHOENIX-SIS ■ Workshop: Human Communication Coaching— How to Improve Your Communication Skills Speaker: Jean-Loup Fayolle, CEO of WHOLISTIC COMMUNICATION LTD. ■ HR Resources Round Table— Employment Law Outlook and HR Challenges in Taiwan Speakers: Jennifer Chen, Pamela Tsai, Eason Su, and Robert Lee, Associates of BAKER & McKENZIE; Howard Shiu, Partner of BAKER & McKENZIE ; Seraphim Mar, Principal of BAKER & McKENZIE ■ Round Table on Company Leaders—Entrepreneurs Liabilities Speakers: Pascal Thien-Ah-Koon, Attorney-at-Law of TAK ASSOCIES; Denis Forman, Attorney-at-Law of D. FORMAN & ASSOCIATES ■ Luncheon: Recent Trends in the Mobile Industry and Strategies of the Semiconductor Companies Speaker: Jean-François Barati, General Manager of TEXAS INSTRUMENT ■ Workshop: How to Communicate Efficiently Across Cultures Speaker: Anne Jacquet, Founder of AMJ CONSULTING LTD. To receive information on CCIFT’s 2013 events program, please check our website: www.ccift.org.tw. Please also feel free to contact us to recommend workshop topics. 22 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  22. 22. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY The SME Award is a program organized by the CCIFT, which aims at helping SMEs or entrepreneurs to develop innovative projects in Taiwan. The CCIFT organized its first SME Award edition in 2010. In 2013, the CCIFT organized the 3rd edition of the programme. The all-year-long process of this SME Award consists of 5 steps: 1. Candidate Registration 2. Group Coaching Sessions 3. Short Business Plan Outline Presentation 4. Individual Coaching Session with a Senior Mentor 5. Business Plan Outline Presentation & Final Selection of the SME Award Winner In 2012 we had the following 9 sessions of mentoring program for our candidates: Session Date 1 April 18th 2 Focus Speaker Company Team Building Session Mr. Guillaume DEFRETIERE Lazertreks April 24th How to present a Business Plan? Mr. Volker HEISTERMANN Yushan Ventures 3 May 3rd Market Research - How to target market segments? Mr. Martin TZOU UBIFRANCE 4 May 10th Customer Relationship Management Mrs. Shelly CHIANG L’Oréal Taiwan 5 May 23rd Laws and Regulations in Taiwan for seed stage businesses Mr. Pascal THIEN-AH-KOON TAK Associés 6 May 31st How to determine the price of a product? Mrs. Nathalie RAZAFINDRAZAKA & Mr. Patrick GANAYE Carrefour 7 June 19th Overview of fund raising process Mr. Alvin HEW H2O Capital 8 June 29th The Internet usage trends in Taiwan and advertising strategies Mr. Wallace LAI Yahoo! 9 July 20th The distribution channels and products’ localization Mrs. Estelle HER Lifenergy Bio FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 23 CCIFT 2012-2013 SME AWARD PROGRAM
  23. 23. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY CCIFT Jury Members for the 3rd edition of the SME award: ■ Mrs. Amy CHEN, President & Managing Director, L’Oréal Taiwan ■ Mr. Derek FLUKER, Director, Anarchy ■ Mr. Elias EK, General Manager, Enspyre (Winner of the 2012 SME Award) ■ Mr. Eugene HONG, President, Vincera Capital ■ Mr. Ghislain RAMBAUD, Director, Fish is Life ■ Mr. Jonathan OHANA, General Managerm, Tal-Yah Co., Ltd. ■ Mr. Pascal THIEN-AH-KOON, Attorney-at-law, TAK Associés ■ Mr. Pierre TARRENE, General Manager, Pierre - La Maison du Vin ■ Mr. Steve HSU, Deputy Division Director, ITRI ■ Mr. Steven CHIEN, Consultant, Global TIC ■ Mr. Terry TSAO, Taiwan & Southeast Asia President, SEMI Taiwan SME Award: this year, the winner of the CCIFT SME Award went to ……………….. For more information, please contact our Business Services Project Manager at service@ ccift.org.tw or on +(886-2) 2514-7959 ext.23. 24 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  24. 24. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Business Directory The CCIFT Business Directory is a comprehensive reference guide and tool for individuals and organizations working or investing in Taiwan. It not only provides general information about business in France and Taiwan, it provides detailed information about the CCIFT members as well. It is widely circulated in Taiwan, France and the international business community. Frequency: Annually Distribution: About 1,000 copies Website Recently revamped, the CCIFT website (www.ccift. org.tw) is the perfect tool for acquiring useful information about doing business in Taiwan. It also provides general information about the French Chamber, up-to-date news on members and details of our events and activities. Newsletters The CCIFT newsletters are published on a regular basis, keeping the CCIFT members and individual subscribers up-to-date with upcoming events and members’ announcements. It also provides regular insight into the business environment in both Taiwan and France, and serves as a resource for local news. Frequency: Bimonthly Distribution: About 5,600 contacts Advertising opportunities The CCIFT offers a range of advertising and promotional opportunities to give your business increased exposure in the FrenchTaiwanese community. Advertisements with strategically placed banners on www.ccift. org.tw and the newsletters are a quick and effective way to reach French-Taiwanese businesses. All our members are also invited to take part in our numerous corporate networking events, as sponsors or via promotional agreements. To discuss the CCIFT advertising and promotional opportunities, please contact our Communication Manager at pr@ccift.org.tw or on + (886-2) 2514-7959 ext.26. FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 25 CCIFT PUBLICATIONS & COMMUNICATION
  25. 25. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY CCIFT THANKS TO THE 2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS & SUPERVISOR Amy CHEN Chairwoman L’Oréal Taiwan Denis FORMAN Vice Chairman D. Forman & Associates Pascal THIEN-AH-KOON Vice Chairman TAK ASSOCIES Patrick GANAYE Vice Chairman Carrefour Taiwan Jean-Pascal RIGNAULT Secretary General Smerwick Taiwan Cedric ALVIANI First Alternate Director INFINE ART 26 CCIFT Laurent RENARD Vice Chairman Toro Development Limited Jean-Pierre TRINELLE Treasurer Crédit Agricole Christophe LAURENT Supervisor Asia Elan Corp. FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  27. 27. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY THE FRANCE TAIWAN ECONOMIC RELATIONSHIPS Trade BUSINESS Taiwan is one of the major trading partners of France in Asia and among its leading Asian suppliers. Over the recent years, the annual volume of bilateral trade has been ranging between €4 and €5 billions. The European integration and economic growth have led Taiwan to consider Europe as a target of its market diversification policy, with Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy and France accounting for nearly 70 % of Taiwan’s exports to the European Union. At the same time, French companies have benefited from the economic development and increasing wealth of the Taiwanese population. Major imported and exported items between France and Taiwan include transport equipment and electronics. French exporters of consumer goods and food products also find strong business opportunities in Taiwan. Taiwan regularly enjoys a significant trade surplus from its exchanges with France. Investments A significant number of French companies have invested in Taiwan over the past 20 years, often with local partners. About 160 French companies are now present in Taiwan, with an increase within the past 5 years, employing around 25,000 persons locally, in the retail sector (Carrefour, RT Mart, Décathlon), IT sector (Alcatel-Lucent, 28 CCIFT ST Microelectronics, Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Thalès), financial services (BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale, Natixis, Cardif, Coface, Fitch Ratings), mechanical industries and engineering (Air Liquide, Safran, EADS, Peugeot, Michelin, Systra), energy sector (Alstom, Schneider Electric, Areva, Total), environmental industries (Veolia, Sita Suez Environnement), cosmetics (L’Oréal), pharmaceutical (Sanofi, Merial, Pierre Fabre), luxury sector, F&B and hospitality. Taiwanese investments in France are now significant, but still below their potential. Some promising technological cooperations have been set up with Taiwanese groups, especially in the IT sector where specialized French SMEs have a strong know-how. 2012 showed a continuing trend and Taiwanese companies could well extend their presence in the years to come in order to take advantage from the strategic location of the French Market in Europe. The entry into force on January 1st, 2011, of a double taxation agreement between France and Taiwan also contributed to improve the bilateral investment relation. Competing with South Korea, Hong-Kong and Singapore, Taiwan is now considered as a place per se for business in Asia. The authorities of Taiwan have kept on improving the business environment, by removing gradually trade and investment barriers, especially to comply with the WTO regulation, although some remain to be dealt with. Many companies use the Taiwanese market to gather experience and develop synergies in connection with their expansion FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  28. 28. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY on the Chinese Mainland market. They also take advantage of the sound and stable economic conditions on the Taiwanese market to increase their Asian business. Whether bilaterally or as part of the EU dialogue, discussions are ongoing to improve further the economic cooperation. Cooperation BUSINESS Every year, an Industrial Cooperation Consulting Meeting (ICCM) is organized between the French administration and its Taiwanese counterpart, alternatively taking place in Paris or Taipei. For many French and Taiwanese companies or organizations, ICCM offers an opportunity to engage in a fruitful dialogue in order to achieve a stronger industrial cooperation. The 19th ICCM meeting was be held in Paris in March 2012 and dealt with various issues such as electrical vehicles, functional textiles and smart grid. The 20th ICCM will be held in Taiwan in 2013. In 2012, informal economic and trade consultations have been launched between the authorities in charge of trade issues in France and in Taiwan. This meeting offers an opportunity to discuss about trade facilitation and market access on both sides. Furthermore, it is a good occasion to share views on global economic developments and on multilateral issues, especially WTO issues. Cooperation between France and Taiwan in the field of intellectual property is also a longstanding one, particularly through the annual INPI/IPO meeting. Since 2002, Taiwan has greatly improved its compliance to WTO rules on procurement and tendering on the one hand (having acceded to the General Procurement Agreement in 2008) and on intellectual property rights on the other hand. FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 29
  29. 29. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY DOING BUSINESS IN FRANCE France is a dynamic market at the heart of the euro zone with a highly skilled and productive workforce, efficient infrastructures and competitive cost of doing business. BUSINESS A leading player in the world economy As a global economic player, France is the second largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest economy in the world. Among the Fortune 500 largest companies in the world, there are 32 French companies representing almost every sector of activity. Indeed, France has a strong and diversified industrial base and many sectors of excellence: to name a few, France has the largest aerospace and nuclear industry in Europe, the 2nd largest chemical and agri-food industry and for ICT and pharmaceutical sectors, France is no.3 in Europe. France is also a very open economy and is at the heart of the international investment scene. France was the 4th largest recipient of FDI stocks in the world in 2011 according to UNCTAD and the first recipient in Europe for the number of projects in industry in 2011 (source: Ernst &Young). For the 20 000 foreign companies currently doing business in France, one of the top reasons to establish a presence in France is the major market potential offered by France. With a population of more than 65 million, France is the second largest market in Europe. Furthermore, France is at the center of the European Single Market of over 500 million consumers and a gateway to Europe, the Middle East & Africa with quick and easy connections to all major destinations. Paris in particular attracts many multinational companies from around the world: the French capital ranked 1st in Europe and no.3 in the world (after Tokyo and Beijing) for 30 CCIFT the number of Fortune Global 500 company headquarters in 2011. The best R&D tax credit in Europe With regards to innovation, France offers the best research and development (R&D) tax credit in Europe. It allows companies in France to get tax breaks of 40% of all R&D expenses in the first year, then 35% in the 2nd year and 30% in subsequent years, up to 100 million euros. This R&D tax credit remains the most attractive in Europe and is just one example of the efforts made by France to focus strongly on innovation and R&D. As a result of this ambitious policy, France was the second leading recipient in Europe for foreign R&D investment projects in 2011 (source: Ernst & Young). Taiwanese Companies in France Around 70 Taiwanese companies have set up an office or a subsidiary in France (not including small business created by Taiwanese individuals, typically in trading or catering). More than half of the subsidiaries are in the IT sector, mainly in hardware, software and electronic components and most of them are located in the Paris region. Most famous names include Acer, Asus, D-Link, Giant, HTC, Evergreen, Megabank. Invest in France Agency at your service The Invest in France Agency (IFA) is the national agency responsible for promoting and facilitating international investment in FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  30. 30. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY BUSINESS France. The IFA network operates worldwide, with offices in France as well as in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Located in Hong Kong, the representative office of Invest in France Agency works jointly with the French Economic Department of the French Office in Taipei to provide assistance and the best business opportunities to Taiwanese companies who plan to invest in France. For more information, please visit Invest in France’s website: www.invest-in-france. org. THE WORLD’S FIFTH ECONOMY • 5th biggest economy in the world and 2nd largest economy in Europe • European Union’s 2nd largest market (+65 million consumers) • GDP (2012): USD 2808 billion • Per capita GDP (2012): USD 40,700 • Annual growth rate (2012): 0.1% • Total area: 675,843 sq km (2012 figures) FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 31
  31. 31. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY 2013 MAIN EXHIBITIONS AND TRADE SHOWS IN FRANCE BUSINESS TRADEEXPO Exhibition of manufacturers and importers MAISON&OBJET International homestyle exhibition SALON INTERNATIONAL DE LA LINGERIE The most prestigious lingerie in the world exhibition AEROSOL FORUM Innovation & Sustainable Development : food, cosmetic, health, technical products and niche markets TEXWORLD Fabrics and textiles exhibition SIMA International agri-business show STRATEGIE CLIENTS International exhibition of IT and Communication Facilities, Computer Hardware and Software, Internet Services EUROPROPRE EXPO Hygiene, cleaning and multi-service solutions exhibition VINEXPO Bordeaux International Wine & Spirits exhibition FATEX Clothing manufacturing, household linen, fashion accessories, notions, technology and services sectors SILMO Optic and eyewear exhibition EQUIP AUTO The international show of equipments and services for all vehicles LE SALON DU CHOCOLAT PARIS Chocolate exhibition MIDEST PARIS Technical expertise and services for processing of metals, plastics, electronics and electricity POLLUTEC Exhibition for ecotechnologies, energy and sustainable development 32 CCIFT 11 – 15 Jan. 18 – 22 Jan. 19 – 21 Jan. 06 – 07 Feb. 12 – 15 Feb. 24 – 28 Feb. 16 – 18 Apr. 16 – 18 Apr 16 – 20 Jun. 07 – 09 Jul. 26 – 29 Sep. 16 – 20 Oct. 30 Oct. – 03 Nov. 19 – 22 Nov. 03 – 06 Dec. FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  32. 32. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TAIWANESE SERVICES IN FRANCE TAIWANESE REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE IN PARIS, FRANCE This office provides information regarding Taiwan’s politics, society, culture, education, as well as a visa service. BUSINESS Michel, Ching-Long, LU, Representative 呂慶龍 大使 Address: 78 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris, France Tel: +(33-1) 44 39 88 30 Fax: +(33-1) 44 39 88 71 Email: taipiao.brtf@magic.fr Website: www.taiwanembassy.org/fr CENTRE ASIATIQUE DE PROMOTION ECONOMIQUE ET COMMERCIALE (C.A.P.E.C) C.A.P.E.C., on behalf of Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, promotes business cooperation between France and Taiwan. Yi-Ping, CHU, Deputy Director 朱一萍 副主任 Address: 75 bis, avenue Marceau, 75016 Paris, France Tel: +(33-1) 56 89 81 00 Fax: +(33-1) 56 89 81 01 Email: capec@noos.fr TAIWAN TRADE CENTER PARIS (TAITRA) Taiwan Trade Center Paris helps Taiwan companies to develop business in French trade fairs and to locate Taiwan suppliers for French manufacturers. Julia, Linyen, CHEN, Director 陳怜燕 主任 Address: 75 bis, avenue Marceau, 75016 Paris, France Tel: +(33-1) 56 89 53 00 Fax: +(33-1) 56 89 53 01 Email: paris@taitra.org.tw Website: www.taiwantrade.com.tw FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 33
  33. 33. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRENCH SERVICES IN TAIWAN FRENCH OFFICE IN TAIPEI 法國在台協會 BUSINESS The mission of the French Office in Taipei (BFT) is to facilitate and promote the exchanges between France and Taiwan, in particular in the fields of economy, trade, culture, education and sciences. Mr. Olivier RICHARD, Director Mr. Philippe WIEBER, Deputy Director Mrs. Sarah VANDY, Political Affairs (Director’s Office) Mr. Pierre MOUSSY, Head of Economic Department Mr. François COTIER, Head of Trade Commission Ubifrance Mr. Christophe GIGAUDAUT, Head of Culture, Education and Science Section Mr. Jacques AJOUC, Secretary General Mrs. Marine CHANTEBOUT, Head of Financial and Administrative Section FRENCH OFFICE IN TAIPEI Room 1003, 10F, N°205, Tun Hwa North Road, Taipei 10595 10595 台北市敦化北路205號10樓1003室 Tel: +(886-2) 35 18 51 51 Fax: +(886-2) 35 18 51 95 Email : presse@france-taipei.org Website: www.france-taipei.org 34 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  34. 34. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRENCH ECONOMIC DEPARTMENT 法國在台協會經濟處 The French Economic Department works abroad in close cooperation with French partners in foreign trade: Coface, the Foreign Trade Advisors of France, the France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry... Its main tasks are to analyze the economic and financial situation of Taiwan, collect information regarding market access for French products, and to participate in the development of bilateral economic and financial cooperation. BUSINESS Pierre MOUSSY, Head of Economic Department 14F., N°167, Tunhwa North Road, Taipei 105 105台北市敦化北路167號14樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2713-3552 Fax: +(886-2) 2713-8704 Email: taipei@dgtresor.gouv.fr Website: www.france-taipei.org www.tresor.economie.gouv.fr/Pays/taiwan INVEST IN FRANCE AGENCY 法國政府投資部 The Invest in France Agency (IFA) is in charge of promoting, prospecting and facilitating foreign investments in France. The IFA operates 21 offices worldwide and works in partnership with French regional development agencies to offer investors outstanding business opportunities and customized services. 25/F, Admiralty Centre, Tower II, 18 Hourcourt Road, Hong Kong 香港夏愨道18 號海富中心第二座25樓 Tel: +(852) 37 52 91 70 Fax: +(852) 37 52 91 72 Website: www.investinfrance.org/china FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT Agence française pour les investissements internationaux 35
  35. 35. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY ATOUT FRANCE 法國旅遊發展署 Atout France is the agency promoting in Taiwan tourism of France and provide useful information and help for those who want to visit France. BUSINESS 13F., N°167, Fuhsing North Road, Taipei 10547 10547台北市復興北路167號13樓 Tel : +(886-2) 2714-8987 Fax : +(886-2) 2718-0733 Website: www.rendezvousenfrance.com FOOD & BEVERAGE PROMOTION AGENCY SOPEXA 法國食品協會 Food and beverage promotion agency SOPEXA is an integrated marketing services and communications agency dedicated to promote French and European food, wine and spirits on Taiwan market. 4F.-5, N°186, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei 10595 10595台北市南京東路四段186號四樓之五 Tel: +(886-2) 2570-0810 Fax: +(886-2) 2570-0811 Email: sopexatw@sopexa.com.tw Website: www.sopexa.com.tw 36 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  36. 36. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRENCH TRADE COMMISSIONS / UBIFRANCE IN TAIWAN UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development, comes under the aegis of France’s Ministry for the Economy, Finance & Industry. It promotes technologies, products, services and know-how from France, and puts French-based professionals in contact with their international counterparts. BUSINESS Room 1008, N°333, Sec. 1, Keelung Road, Taipei 112 112台北市基隆路一段333號1008室 Tel: +(886-2) 2757-7080 Fax: +(886-2) 2757-7090 François COTIER, Director 處長 高德廉 francois.cotier@ubifrance.fr Hailun CHIANG, Export Consultant in M.H.S (Mode, Housing, Health) 消費品暨醫療產業資深商務顧問 蔣海倫 hailun.chiang@ubifrance.fr Martin TZOU, Export Consultant in I.T.I. (Infrastructure, Transport, Industry) 基礎建設、交通暨工業設備資深商務顧問 鄒宏楷 martin.tzou@ubifrance.fr Rémy PASCAL, Export Consultant in N.T.I.S. (New Technologies Innovation Services) 科技暨服務業資深商務顧問 包睿明 remy.pascal@ubifrance.fr Zoé LIN, Export Consultant in AGROTECH (Products, Equipment and Food Technologies) 農業食品資深商務顧問 林薇心 zoe.lin@ubifrance.fr For more information, please visit: www.ubifrance.com FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 37
  37. 37. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY EDUCATION & RESEARCH ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE TAIWAN 台灣法國文化協會 Alliance Française is a non-profit association, member of the worldwide network of Alliances Françaises. It offers French language courses and promotes the culture of French-speaking countries. Alliance Française has two branches in Taiwan; one in Taipei and one in Kaohsiung. BUSINESS Yann BOUCLET, Director 博 洋 主任 Alliance Française de Taiwan, Taipei Branch Address: 2F, N°107, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 10673 10673台北市大安區羅斯福路4段107號2樓 Tel : +(886-2) 2364-8833 Fax: +(886-2) 2364-6448 Email: taipei@alliancefrancaise.org.tw Website: www.alliancefrancaise.org.tw Alliance Française de Taiwan, Kaohsiung Branch Address: N°1 Darong Street, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City 80449 80449高雄市鼓山區大榮街1號三樓 Tel : +(886-7) 521-4600 Email: kaohsiung@alliancefrancaise.org.tw Website: www.alliancefrancaise.org.tw CAMPUSFRANCE 法國教育中心 CampusFrance promotes French higher education abroad in an increasingly competitive international context. Dedicated to international mobility in higher education and research, CampusFrance is supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministries of National Education and Higher Education and Research. Hsin-Hong TSENG, Representative 曾馨弘 代表 Address: 10F, N°205, Tunhwa North Road, Taipei 10595 10595台北市敦化北路205號10樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2712-1233 Fax: +(886-2) 3518-5193 Email: taipei@campusfrance.org Website: taiwan.campusfrance.org 38 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  38. 38. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRENCH SECTION OF TAIPEI EUROPEAN SCHOOL 台北歐洲學校法國部 French Section of Taipei European School constitutes with the British Section and German Section a unique institution. This original European context immersed in the Taiwanese society, enables the students to discover other cultures and enhances the acquisition of communication abilities, in English and Chinese, while ensuring the French educational programme and the validation of the education. BUSINESS Catherine BUATOIS, Director 畢凱婷 法國部校長 Address: N°31, Jian Yeh Road, Shih Lin District, Taipei 11193 11193台北市士林區建業路31號 Tel: +(886-2) 8145-9007#1201 Fax: +(886-2) 2832-7576 Email: fssecretary@tes.tp.edu.tw Website: www.taipeieuropeanschool.com FRENCH LANGUAGE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION 中華民國法語教師協會 French Language Teachers Association conducts operations with academic institutions and promotes cultural exchanges between French-speaking countries and Taiwan. Julia YANG, President 楊淑娟 理事長 Address: N°151, Yingzhuan Road, Danshui Dist., New Taipei City 25137 25137新北市淡水區英專路151號 Tel: +(886-2) 2621-5656#2338 Email: 064510@mail.tku.edu.tw Website: http://apft-fr.org/ FRENCH RESEARCH CENTER ON CONTEMPORARY CHINA TAIPEI OFFICE (CEFC) 法國現代中國研究中心台北分部 The CEFC is a publicly funded research institute whose mission is to explore the political, economic, social and cultural developments related to contemporary Taiwan. CEFC’s Taipei office is located on the Campus of Academia Sinica and welcomes visiting scholars and PhD students for short and long-term residence. Paul JOBIN, Director 彭保羅 主任 Address: P.O. Box 1-71, Nankang, Taipei 115 台北市南港郵政信箱1-71號 Tel: +(886-2) 2789-0873 Fax: +(886-2) 2789-0874 Email: cefc@gate.sinica.edu.tw Website: www.cefc.com.hk/taipei FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 39
  39. 39. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TAIPEI RICCI INSTITUTE 台北利氏學社 The purpose of the Ricci Institute is the study of important topics in Chinese culture, both ancient and modern, with a special emphasis on lexicography, religions and society. Taipei Ricci publishes a monthly magazine Renlai (www.erenlai.com). BUSINESS Benoît VERMANDER, Director / Editor 魏明德 主任 / 編輯 Address: 3F, N°22, Section 1, Hsinhai Road, Taipei 10089 10089台北市辛亥路一段22號3樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2368-9968 Fax: +(886-2) 2365-4508 Email: riccitpe@seed.net.tw Website: www.riccibase.com OTHER ORGANIZATIONS ASSOCIATION DES FRANÇAIS DE TAIWAN 台灣法國人協會 The AFT was created in 1991 in the spirit of enjoying, conviviality, harmony, friendship. The AFT organises various activities such as conferences, sport activities, games... but it also provides help to French newcomers in Taiwan who need assistance. Dominique LEVY, Chairman 雷多明 會長 Email: comite@taiwanaccueil.com Website: www.aft.tw LE THÉ FRANCOPHONE 法國茶會 Le Thé Francophone welcomes French speaking people, to offer them a discovery of Taiwan’s local cultures, languages, food and traditional events. Sylvie BAUDARD Mobile: +(886-9) 1643-8263 Email: thefrancophone@hotmail.fr Website: thefrancophone.unblog.fr 40 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  40. 40. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY PROMOSALONS 法國國際商展促進中心 Promosalon was originally created in order to promote French trade shows in the international arena. Founding members include the Paris Air Show, Batimat, Sial and Sima. The Promosalons network covers more than 120 countries on 5 continents, and represents 70 major international trade fairs and exhibition centres. BUSINESS Simon HSU, Representative 徐旺平 經理 Address: 13F, N°167, Fuhsing North Road, Taipei 10547 10547台北市復興北路167號13樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2714-8913 Fax: +(886-2) 2719-3578 Email: simonhsu@dragontr.com.tw Website: https://sites.google.com/site/promosalonstaiwan/home EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TAIWAN 台北市歐洲商務協會 The European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) represents 370 multinational companies and 650 individual members from more than 30 different countries. It provides networking opportunities and assists members to advance key business issues. Freddie HOEGLUND, Chief Executive Officer  何飛逸 執行長 Address: 11F, N°285, Section 4, Chunghsiao, East Road, Taipei 10692 10692台北市忠孝東路四段285號11樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2740-0236 Fax: +(886-2) 2772-0530 Email: ecct@ecct.com.tw Website: www.ecct.com.tw FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 41
  41. 41. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRENCH FOREIGN TRADE ADVISORS TAIWAN SECTION BUSINESS The Foreign Trade Advisors (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur), appointed by the French Prime Minister, voluntarily commit themselves to assisting the French government in setting trade policy and in advising French companies. Through their personal, corporate, professional and regional network, advisors contribute to the worldwide growth of French trade, and advise French officials. They work closely with the French Economic Department of the French Office in Taipei. This association receives no government subsidies. It is entirely financed by membership dues. NAME COMPANY Adriana ARCHAMBAULT CCIFT Franck DESEVEDAVY ASIALLIANS ATTORNEYS-LAW Denis FORMAN D. FORMAN & ASSOCIATES Patrick GANAYE CARREFOUR TAIWAN Pierre LANORE * EADS TAIWAN CO., LTD. Olivier ROUSSELET BNP PARIBAS TAIPEI BRANCH Jean-Pierre TRINELLE CREDIT AGRICOLE CIB Pascal VIAUD YOLE DEVELOPPEMENT TAIWAN Huifeng LU MICHELIN CHIN SHIN LIMITED Laurent RENARD TORO DEVELOPMENT LIMITED For more information, please visit: www.cnccef.org * President of Taiwan’s Section of French Foreign Trade Advisors 42 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  42. 42. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRENCH CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY IN ASIA-PACIFIC AUSTRALIA BUSINESS French Chamber Of Commerce And Industry In Australia (FACCI) Bruno GUTTON, President Australia Olivier DESCHANG, National Coordinator Address: Level 1, 60 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia Tel: +(61-2) 9279 4140 Fax: +(61-2) 9279 4142 Email: federal-nsw@facci.com.au Website: www.facci.com.au FACCI-NEW SOUTH WALES Pierre MACIEJOWSKI, President NSW Mail Box: PO Box Q1553, QVB NSW 1230, Australia Address: Level 1, 60 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia Tel: +(61-2) 9279 4140 Fax: +(61-2) 9279 4142 Email: nsw@facci.com.au Website: www.facci.com.au FACCI-QUEENSLAND Julie MIEHE, President QLD Address: Level 5, 99 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia Tel: +(61-7) 3339 7016 Fax: +(61-7) 3003 0499 Email: qld@facci.com.au Website: www.facci.com.au FACCI-VICTORIA François DIETHELM, President VIC Address: Level 10, 155 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Tel: +(61-3) 9600 0000 Fax: +(61-3) 9600 0005 Email: vic@facci.com.au Website: www.facci.com.au FACCI-SOUTH AUSTRALIA Philippe GRAVIER, President SA Mail Box: PO Box 212, Port Adelaide Business Centre SA 5015, Australia Address: 229 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide SA 5015, Australia Tel: +(61-8) 8240 8309 Fax: +(61-8) 8447 8644 Email: sa@facci.com.au Website: www.facci.com.au FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 43
  43. 43. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FACCI-WESTERN AUSTRALIA Christine CASERIS, President WA Address: 74 Outram Street, West Perth WA 6005, Australia Tel: +(61-4) 1992 4671 Fax: +(61-8) 6311 7394 Email: wa@facci.com.au Website: www.facci.com.au BANGLADESH BUSINESS French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bangladesh Rifat RASHID, Director Address: House # 8, Road # 7, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh Tel: +(88-02) 882-1450 Fax: +(88-02) 882-1450 Email: ccifb@qubeemail.com.bd Website: www.ccifb.org CAMBODIA French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cambodia Daniel ZARBA, Director Address: 33 E2 Boulevard Sothearos, corner of street 178, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: +(855-23) 221-453 Fax: +(855-12) 801-950 Email: ccfc@ccfcambodge.org Website: www.ccfcambodge.org CHINA BEIJING French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China Manuel DELEERS, General Director Carine LEBECQUE, Director Address: Office C712, Office Building Lufthansa Center, No. 50 Liangmaqiao Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100125 China Tel: +(86) 10 6461-0260 Fax: +(86) 10 6461-2990 Email: ccifc-beijing@ccifc.org Website: www.ccifc.org 44 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  44. 44. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY SHANGHAI French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China Caroline PENARD, CCIFC Deputy General Manager & Shanghai Branch Director Address: 2F, Mayfair Tower, 83 Fumin Road, Shanghai 200040 China Tel: +(86) 21 6132-7100 Fax: +(86) 21 6132-7101 Email: ccifc-shanghai@ccifc.org Website: www.ccifc.org GUANGZHOU (CANTON AND SOUTH CHINA) BUSINESS French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China Alexandre BEAUDOUX, Executive Director Address: 2F, N°64, Shamian Road, Guangzhou 510130 China Tel: +(86) 20 8121-9009 Fax: +(86) 20 8121-6228 Email: ccifc-canton@ccifc.org Website: www.ccifc.org HONG KONG French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong Orianne CHENAIN, Executive Director Address: 21F, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong Tel: +(852) 2523-6818 Fax: +(852) 2524-1428 Email: frencham@fccihk.com Website: www.fccihk.com INDIA French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India Sunand SHARMA, President Laura PRASAD, Secretary General Address: French Bank Building, 4th Floor, 62 Homji Street, Fort - MUMBAI 400 001 Tel : +(91-22) 6747-9761 Fax: +(91-22) 6747-9760 Email: contact@ifcci.org.in Website: www.ifcci.org.in INDONESIA French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jakarta Alain-Pierre MIGNON, Chairman Main Address: J1. Wijaya II N°36 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160, Indonesia Tel: +(62-21) 739-7161 Fax: +(62-21) 739-7168 Email: contacts@ifcci.com Website: www.ifcci.com FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 45
  45. 45. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bali Address: Bali Office: Gallery Ikat Plaza, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Unit J & K Pemogan, Denpasar 80361, Bali-Indonesia Tel: +(62-361) 728-982 Fax: +(62-361) 723-960 Email: contacts.bali@ifcci.com JAPAN BUSINESS French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan Nicolas BONNARDEL, Director Address: Iida Bldg., 5-5, Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0085, Japan Tel: +(81) 3 3288-9621 Fax: +(81) 3 3288-9558 Email: direction@ccifj.or.jp Website: www.ccifj.or.jp KOREA French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Korea Edouard CHAMPRENAULT, Director Address: Joy Tower B/D 11F., 677-18 Yeoksam 1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-915, Korea Tel: +(82) 2 2268-9505 Fax: +(82) 2 2268-9508 Email: welcome@fkcci.com Website: www.fkcci.coma MALAYSIA French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Malaysia Michel LOZACH, Director Address: Level 16, Menara Park, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,50450, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel: +(60-3) 2718-9888 Fax: +(60-3) 2718-9889 Email: mfcci@mfcci.com Website: www.mfcci.com 46 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  46. 46. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY NEW ZEALAND BUSINESS French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry Christine CONNON, Executive Officer Laurent ANTONCZAK, President Address: Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 100 Mayoral Drive, New Zealand Mailbox: PO Box 47, Auckland, New Zealand Tel: +(64-9) 309-6100 Fax: +(64-9) 309-0081 Email: info@fnzcci.org.nz Website: www.fnzcci.org.nz PAKISTAN Pakistan France Business Alliance Saba HUSSAIN, Director Address: D-118/2, Block 5, Kehkashan 5, Clifton, Karachi Tel: +(92) 21 35 37 30 18 Fax: +(92) 21 35 37 30 16 Email: pfba@super.net.pk Website: www.pfba.org PHILIPPINES French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines-Le Club / FCC-Le Club Jean CAILLARD, Managing Director Address: Unit B 7th Floor YL Holdings Building 115 V.A. Rufino corner Salcedo Sts. Legaspi Village Makati City 1229 Metro Manila Philippines Tel: +632 813 9005 / +632 864 0447 Fax: +632 892 6114 Email: info@leclub-fcc.org / events@leclub-fcc.org / leclubfrenchchamber@gmail.com / fccpmarketing@gmail.com Website: www.leclub-fcc.org SINGAPORE French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore / FCCS Carine LESPAYANDEL, Executive Director Address: 541 Orchard Road, #09-01 Liat Towers, 238881 Singapore Tel: +(65) 6933-1350 Fax: +(65) 6933-1398 Email: bizclub@fccsingapore.com Website: www.fccsingapore.com FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 47
  47. 47. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TAIWAN French Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Adriana ARCHAMBAULT, General Manager Address: 14F.-3, N° 57, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei 10595 Tel: +(886-2) 2514-7959 Fax: +(886-1) 2514-7522 Email: info@ccift.org.tw Website: www.ccift.org.tw BUSINESS THAILAND Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce Lucas BOUDET, Executive Director Address: 5th Floor, Indosuez House, 152 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand Tel: +(66) 2 650-9613#4 Fax: +(66) 2 650-9739 Email: contact@francothaicc.com Website: www.francothaicc.com VIETNAM Headquarters French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ho Chi Minh Guillaume CROUZET, Director Address: 49, Mac Dinh Chi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh Ville, Vietnam Tel: +(84) 8 3825-8625 Fax: +(84) 8 3825-8915 Email: ccifv.hcm@ccifv.org Website: www.ccifv.org Hanoi Department French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hanoi Diederick DOUELLOU, Hanoi Branch Manager Address: Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, N°1, Thanh Nien, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: +(84) 4 715-2229 Fax: +(84) 4 715-2230 Email: ccifv.hn@ccifv.org Website: www.ccifv.org 48 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  48. 48. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY DOING BUSINESS IN TAIWAN Taiwan is the 25th largest economy in the world and the 6th in Asia. The island has upgraded its industry and switched it from low cost, labor-intensive production to high-tech sectors, especially in the information and communication sectors. BUSINESS Electronics has outpaced plastic and mechanical industries as Taiwan’s major and most dynamic production and exports. Taiwanese electronics manufacturers are worldwide leaders in many fields such as semi-conductors (TSMC, UMC, Mediatek), notebook (Quanta, Acer, Asus), smartphones and tablets (Foxconn, HTC) and flat panels (AUO, Chimei). Taiwan’s expanding economic framework is made up of a large number of small and medium sized enterprises (counting for 97% of all companies), which mainly work as subcontractors, with strong performance in international markets. The Taiwanese economy is strongly relying on its export performance (USD 308 billion of exports in 2011), although the island has also given birth to a dynamic domestic market, supported by the world’s 19th purchasing power with a GDP per capita of 38,486 USD (PPP) in 2012 (est. IMF). The fast increase of Taiwanese wealth also gave rise to numerous infrastructure projects in various fields such as environment, energy, transports. Taiwan has become an official member of the WTO in 2002, paving the way for more business opportunities for foreign companies. TAIWAN AT A GLANCE ■ Population: 23,2 millions ■ GDP per Capita (2012, est. by DGBAS): US$ 20,364 ■ GDP Growth (2012, est. by DGBAs): +1,13% ■ Density of population: 642 persons/km2 ■ R&D expenditure/ GDP : 2,9% (2011) ■ Life expectancy: 79,1 years (2011) ■ Average monthly monthly earning per employee: TWD 45,642 (EUR 1,223) FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 49
  49. 49. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TAIWANESE BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS TAITRA 中華民國對外貿易發展協會台北總部 For matters related to foreign investment. BUSINESS Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Website: 5-7F, N°333, Section 1, Keelung Road, Taipei 11012 11012台北市基隆路一段333號5-7樓 +(886-2) 2725-5200 +(886-2) 2757-6652 taitra@taitra.org.tw www.taitra.org.tw INVESTMENT COMMISSION, MOEA 經濟部投資審議委員會 To promote domestic economic development and attract investment from foreign nations. Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Website: 8F, N°7, Section 1, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 10092 100台北市羅斯福路一段7號8樓 +(886-2) 3343-5700 +(886-2) 2393-8829 serve@moeaic.gov.tw www.moeaic.gov.tw DEPARTMENT OF INVESTMENT SERVICES, MOEA 經濟部投資業務處 To promote Taiwan as an investment destination among foreign and Taiwanese businesses. To handle immigration matters. Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Website: 50 8F, N°71, Kuanchien Road, Taipei 10047 10047台北市館前路71號8樓 +(886-2) 2389-2111 +(886-2) 2382-0497 dois@moea.gov.tw www.dois.moea.gov.tw CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  50. 50. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY BUREAU OF CONSULAR AFFAIRS, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS 外交部領事事務局 To apply for working permits. 3-5F, N°2-2, Section 1, Chi Nan Road, Taipei 10051 10051台北市濟南路一段2-2號3-5樓 +(886-2) 2343-2888 +(886-2) 2343-2968 post@boca.gov.tw www.boca.gov.tw BUSINESS Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Website: BUREAU OF EMPLOYMENT & VOCATIONAL TRAINING, COUNCIL OF LABOR AFFAIRS 勞委會職業訓練局 For matters related to employment services, vocational training and labor affairs. Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Website: N°83, Section 2, Yenping N. Road, Taipei 10346 10346 台北市延平北路二段83號 +(886-2) 8590-2567 +(886-2) 8590-2445 evta@evta.gov.tw www.evta.gov.tw BUREAU OF FOREIGN TRADE 經濟部國際貿易局 To register a company limited by shares, a branch office or a representative office and to obtain information on trade declaration requirements. Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Website: N°1, Hu Kou Street, Taipei 10066 10066台北市湖口街1號 +(886-2) 2351-0271 +(886-2) 2351-7080 boft@trade.gov.tw www.trade.gov.tw FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 51
  51. 51. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY COMMERCE INDUSTRIAL SERVICES PORTAL 經濟部全國商工行政服務 To register a trademark. BUSINESS Address: Tel: Email: Website: 1F, N°15, Fu Zhou Street, Taipei 10015 10015台北市福州街15號1樓 +(886-2) 412-1166 docmail@moea.gov.tw gcis.nat.gov.tw TAIWAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE (T.I.P.O.) MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 經濟部智慧財產局 Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Website: 3F, N°185, Section 2, Hsinhai Road, Taipei 10637 10637台北市辛亥路二段185號3樓 +(886-2) 2738-0007 +(886-2) 2377-9875 ipotr@tipo.gov.tw www.tipo.gov.tw TAXATION AGENCY, MINISTRY OF FINANCE 財政部賦稅署 Address: Tel: Fax: Website: N°2, Ai Kuo West Road, Taipei 10066 10066台北市愛國西路2號 +(886-2) 2322-8000 +(886-2) 2396-9038 www.dot.gov.tw SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE ADMINISTRATION, MOEA 經濟部中小企業處 Address: Tel: Fax: Website: 52 3F, N°95, Sec.2, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 10646 10646台北市大安區羅斯福路二段95號3樓 +(886-2) 2368-6858 +(886-2) 2367-3883 www.moeasmea.gov.tw CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  52. 52. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY USEFUL TAIWANESE WEBSITES ECONOMY investintaiwan.nat.gov.tw Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) www.taitra.com.tw Council for Economic Planning and Development www.cepd.gov.tw Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) www.moea.gov.tw Ministry of Finance (MOF) www.mof.gov.tw Directorate – General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics eng.dgbas.gov.tw Central Bank of The Republic of China www.cbc.gov.tw BUSINESS Invest in Taiwan (MOEA) OTHER ADMINISTRATIONS Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.mofa.gov.tw Ministry of Transportation and Communications www.motc.gov.tw Environmental Protection Administration www.epa.gov.tw Fair Trade Commission www.ftc.gov.tw Public Construction Commission www.pcc.gov.tw Intellectual Property Office www.tipo.gov.tw FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 53
  53. 53. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY LOCAL GOVERNMENTS Taipei City Government www.taipei.gov.tw Kaohsiung City Government www.kcg.gov.tw BUSINESS NEWS PERIODICALS Taipei Times (daily English newspaper) www.taipeitimes.com China Post (daily English newspaper) www.chinapost.com.tw Taiwan News (daily English newspaper) www.etaiwannews.com Taiwan Info (daily French newsletter) taiwaninfo.nat.gov.tw Taiwan This Month www.taiwanthismonth.com This Month in Taiwan www.thismonthintaiwan.com Travel in Taiwan (monthly English magazine) www.sinica.edu.tw/tit Taiwan Aujourd’hui (monthly French magazine) taiwanauj.nat.gov.tw China Economic News Service (English dispatch) www.cens.com Central News Agency (English dispatch) www.cna.com.tw 54 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  54. 54. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TAIWANESE BUSINESS DIRECTORIES www.tw-online.com.tw Taiwan Products / Manufacturer Directory www.manufacture.com.tw Transworld Trade Net www.ttnet.net Business Directory of Taiwan www.business.com.tw Taiwan Commerce Online www.commerce.com.tw Chinese International Trade Association www.trade-taiwan.org BUSINESS Taiwan Yellow Pages FRENCH COMMUNITY SERVICES French Office in Taipei www.france-taipei.org France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFT) www.ccift.org.tw Association des Français de Taiwan www.aft.tw Le Thé Francophone thefrancophone.unblog.fr Alliance Française in Taiwan www.alliancefrancaise.org.tw Taipei European School www.taipeieuropeanschool.com/eft Taiwan Mag, portail d’infos francophone www.taiwanmag.net Taiwanese Alumni in France www.fr-alumni.org.tw INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SERVICES Community Services Center www.communitycenter.org.tw American Club Taipei www.americanclub.org.tw Forumosa www.forumosa.com Tealit www.tealit.com PRACTICAL SERVICES International Taiwan Service Portal www.bless.nat.gov.tw Information for foreigners iff.immigration.gov.tw Central Weather Bureau www.cwb.gov.tw FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 55
  55. 55. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TRANSPORTATION Metro Taipei www.trtc.com.tw Public Transportation Office - Taipei english.pto.taipei.gov.tw Taiwan Railways Administration www.railway.gov.tw Taiwan High Speed Rail www.thsrc.com.tw Auto Checkers www.actaiwan.com BUSINESS RADIO ICRT FM100.7 www.icrt.com.tw Radio Taiwan International www.rti.org.tw BOOK STORES Page One www.pageonegroup.com/taiwan Le Pigeonnier du Quercy, French Bookstore www.llp.com.tw Eslite Bookstore (Chinese only) www.eslite.com FAYAQUE Bookstore (Chinese only) www.fayaque.com.tw ENTERTAINMENT Taiwan Culture Portal www.culture.tw Vieshow Cinemas www.vscinemas.com.tw ArtsTicket (music, theater, dance, etc.) www.ntch.edu.tw ERA Ticket (concerts) www.ticket.com.tw OTHERS Taiwan Tourism www.taiwan.net.tw Sightseeing in Taiwan www.taiwanfun.com Taiwan Nights www.taiwannights.com 56 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  56. 56. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY 2013 MAIN EXHIBITIONS AND TRADE SHOWS IN TAIWAN 30 Jan. – 04 Feb. The 23rd International Cosmetics Exhibition 22 –26 Feb. TIMTOS Taipei: Int'l Machine Tool Show 05 – 10 Mar. TaiSPO Taipei: Int'l Sporting Goods Show 19 – 22 Mar. DiWaS Taiwan: Int'l Diving and Water Sports Show 19 – 22 Mar. TAIPEI CYCLE: Taipei Int'l Cycle Show 20 – 23 Mar. SpoMODE Taipei: Int'l Sports Textile & Accessory Expo 20 – 23 Mar. TILS Taiwan: Int'l Lighting Show 26 – 29 Mar. The 23th Taipei Digital Electric Appliance Fair 29 Mar. – 01 Apr. 14th Taipei International Chain and Franchise Spring Exhibition 04 – 07 Apr. TAIPEI AMPA: Taipei Int'l Auto Parts & Accessories Show 10 – 13 Apr. MOTOCYCLE TAIWAN: Taiwan Int'l Motocycle Show 10 – 13 Apr. EV TAIWAN: Taiwan Int'l Electric Vehicle Show 10 – 13 Apr. Spring COMPUTEX Show 2013 17 – 21 Apr. 2013 Taiwan International SIGN & LED EXPO 19 – 21 Apr. GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2013 09 – 11 May COMPUTEX TAIPEI: Taipei Int'l Information Technology Show 04 – 08 Jun. FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 57 BUSINESS Taipei International Book Exhibition 2013
  57. 57. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY 20 – 23 Jun. SenCARE Taiwan: Int'l Senior Lifestyle and Health Care Show 20 – 23 Jun. FOOD TAIPEI: Taipei Int'l Food Show BUSINESS MEDICARE TAIWAN: Taiwan Int'l Medical & Healthcare Exhibition 26 – 29 Jun. Foodtech & Pharmatech TAIPEI: Taipei Int'l Food Processing & Pharm. Machinery Show 26 – 29 Jun. TAIPEI PACK: Taipei Int'l Packaging Industry Show 26 – 29 Jun. Taiwan HORECA: Taiwan Int'l Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show 26 – 29 Jun. BIO Taiwan: Biotechnology Industry Exhibition 18 – 21 Jul. TADTE Taipei: Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition 15 – 18 Aug. SEMICON: Taiwan Exhibition in the Sector of Semiconductors 04 – 06 Sep. INST Taipei: Int'l Invention Show & Technomart 26 – 29 Sep. 12th Taipei Int'l Instruments Show 03 – 06 Oct. Taipei International Digital Photography and Media Equipment Exhibition 2013 24 – 27 Oct. PV Taiwan: Taiwan Int'l Photovoltaic Exhibition 30 Oct. – 01 Nov. Taipei International Tea, Coffee & Wine Show 2013 22 – 25 Nov. 2014 Taipei Int’l Auto Show 28 Dec. – 05Jan. For further information: Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TAITRA Tel: + (886-2) 2725-5200 Email: taitra@taitra.org.tw Fax: + (886-2) 2757-6652 Website: www.taipeitradeshows.com.tw 58 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  58. 58. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY PRACTICAL INFORMATION IN TAIWAN CURRENCY Major foreign currencies may be exchanged at banks and most hotels in Taipei, for instance, banks at Taoyuan International Airport. Receipts are given when currency is exchanged, and must be presented in order to exchange unused TWD before departure. Many rural areas will not accept foreign currencies, so make sure you take enough cash with you when traveling to remote areas. Major credit cards are widely accepted and traveler’s checks can be cashed at most international tourist hotels. The most useful means of payments are: certified checks, bank payments or letters of credit. Swift and telex transfers, though very common are to be avoided. Taiwanese residents are not allowed to issue checks in foreign currencies from their current account. PUBLIC SAFETY Taipei Police Department Foreign Affairs Division 台北市政府警察局 / 外事科服務中心 Address: N°96, Yanping South Road, Taipei Tel: +(886-2) 2381-7494 / +(886-2) 2556-6007 (24H) New Taipei City Foreign Affairs Police Bureau 新北市政府警察局外事科 Address: N°32, Fuzhong Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City Tel: +(886-2) 8072-5454 Foreign Affairs Department, National Police Administration 警政署外事組 Address: N°7, Section 1, Zhongxiao E. Road, Taipei Tel: +(886-2) 2321-3175 FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 59 BUSINESS The official currency of Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar, (NTD or TWD). Coins come in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 50 TWD. Bills come in denominations of 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 TWD. In December 2012, the FX was approximately €1: 38.5 TWD.
  59. 59. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY HEALTH Water should be boiled before drinking. Most hotels and restaurants will provide boiled drinking water. Bottled purified or mineral water is easily available at convenience stores and supermarkets. Visitors to Taiwan from countries with yellow fever epidemics or visitors who have recently passed through such countries may be required to have proof of inoculation before entering. BUSINESS Further information can be obtained from the Center for Disease Control R.O.C (Taiwan). Center for Disease Control of the Department of Health, Executive Yuan Address: N°6, Linsen South Road, Jhongjheng District, Taipei Tel: +(886-2) 2395-9825 Website: www.cdc.gov.tw FRENCH-SPEAKING DOCTORS Dr. Coralie (Chih-Shan) YUAN - General Practitioner Chung Shan Hospital 中山醫院 Tel: + (886-2) 2708-1166 ext.1011 Address: N°11,Lane 112, Section 4, Renai Road, Taipei Dr. Yuan’s Clinic 苑芝珊診所 Tel: + (886-3) 571-7369 Address: N°22, Lane 59, Jian-Gong 1st Road, Hsinchu City 60 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  60. 60. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TELECOMMUNICATIONS To call Taiwan from abroad First dial the international code for Taiwan, 00886 or +886 from a cell phone Next dial the city code (2 for Taipei, 7 for Kaohsiung, etc). Next dial the local number (8 digit number for Taipei, Taichung and Nanto, 7 digits for other cities). For calls made within Taiwan Dial the city code (for instance, 02 for Taipei, 07 for Kaohsiung) plus the local number. International calls from Taiwan Dial the international access code 002 or 009, followed by the country code you want followed by the local number. Public pay phone & cellphone cards The rate for local calls is 1 TWD per minute and that long distance calls is 1 TWD per 20 seconds. Coin pay phones accept 1, 5 and 10 TWD coins. Most pay phones now use telephone cards with value of 100 TWD or 200 TWD. Phone cards can be purchased at train stations, bus terminals, kiosks and convenient stores. Cellular telecommunication system is GSM900/1800. French mobile phones may be used in Taiwan. Electric current is 110 volts at 60 Hz, AC. A 220-110v adapter must be used for electric devices. EMERGENCY NUMBERS Fire / Ambulance / Emergency Assistance Police Tourist Hot Line English Directory Assistance English speaking Police 119 110 0800-011-765 (Toll-free in Taiwan) 106 +(886-2) 2321-3175 +(886-2) 2394-0238 +(886-2) 2555-4275 (Taipei City Gov.) FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 61 BUSINESS Example: 00886 2 XXXX XXXX (for Taipei) 00886 7 XXXX XXX (for Kaohsiung)
  61. 61. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY USUAL WORKING HOURS (FOR REFERENCE ONLY) Companies Public services Banks Department stores Shops 09:00 – 18:00 (Monday – Friday) 08:30 – 12:30 / 13:30 – 17:30 (Monday – Friday) 09:00 – 15:30 (Monday – Friday) 11:00 – 21:30 (7 Days) 10:00 – 21:30 (7 Days) BUSINESS NATIONAL HOLIDAYS 2013 Month January February April May June September October 62 Day 1 (Tue) 11 (Mon) – 15 (Fri) 28 (Thu) 4 (Thu) 5 (Fri) 1 (Wed) 12 (Wed) 19 (Thu) – 20 (Fri) 10 (Thu) CCIFT Description New Year Chinese New Year (Lunar Holiday) Peace Memorial Day Ching Ming Day (Tomb Sweeping Day) Tomb Sweeping Day Labor Day Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival National Day FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  62. 62. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TRAVELING IN TAIWAN VISAS Eligible countries for 30 days: Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Eligible countries for 90 days: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.A. and Vatican City State. Required document: •A passport with validity of at least six months upon entry. •A confirmed return air/sea ticket or an air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure. •No-criminal convictions and not prohibited by the local authorities to enter the R.O.C. Duration of stay starts from the day after arrival and is non-extendable. Foreign visitors must depart by the end of the stated duration VISITOR VISA Eligible person: Foreign nationals, who hold ordinary passports or other legal travel documents and who intend to stay in Taiwan for no more than six months for the purposes of transit; tour; visit relatives; undertake visits; undertake inspection tours; attend international conferences; conduct business; pursue short-term study; undertake short-term employment; undertake short-term missionary work; and engage in other activities in the R.O.C. as approved by MOFA. Duration days and fees: Visitor visas allow staying in Taiwan for the following durations: 14, 30, 60 or 90 days. For other foreign nationals, the visa fees are: Single entry:1,600 TWD; multiple entries: TWD 3,200. Only for American passport holders. 4,340 TWD. More Information: More detailed information regarding Taiwan Visas can be obtained from the following website: http://www.boca.gov.tw IN FRANCE Bureau de Représentation de Taiwan en France (service des visas) Address: 78, rue de L’université, 75007 Paris, France Tel: +(33) 01 44 39 88 30 Fax: +(33) 01 44 39 88 71 E-mail : fra@boca.gov.tw Website : www.roc-taiwan.org/fr FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 63 BUSINESS VISA-EXEMPT ENTRY
  63. 63. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY DRIVING Taiwan traffic is on the right-hand side as in France. Foreign visitors may drive with a valid foreign international driver’s license for 30 days following the day of arrival. After 30 days, the license must be endorsed by the Office of Motor Vehicle Inspection. Continuing to drive without this endorsement will be considered as “driving without a license” by Taiwanese authorities and police. Residents with an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) should apply for a Taiwanese driver’s license at the Office of the Motor Vehicles. Website: www.tpcmv.thb.gov.tw Tel: +(886-2) 2763-0155 Towed Vehicles Inquiries: 0800-000-537 BUSINESS TAXIS Taxis are available 24 hours in Taiwan. They are all yellow in color and are charged for by distance. A few taxi drivers speak English but it is recommended that you have the destination and return addresses written in Chinese on a piece of paper to make things easier. In Taipei city, the rate for a taxi starts at 70 TWD for the first 1.5 kilometers and 5 TWD will be added for every additional 250 meters, as well as 5 TWD for every additional 1 minute 40 seconds if stuck in traffic. A 20 TWD surcharge is added to every journey from 23:00 to 6:00. BUS AND METRO Most bus services operate until 23:00 and the fare in Taipei is 15 TWD. The exact change must be tendered or a rechargeable public transportation ‘Easy Card’ can be used (A pre-paid IC ticket system for use on the metro, buses, trains and in car parks). The Metro, or Mass Rapid Transit system, MRT is well signposted in English. Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at MRT stations or the Easy Card can be used. The fare is based on the distance of the trip and starts at 20 TWD. Those planning multiple trips can buy a one-day ticket for unlimited travel for one day at MRT stations for 200 TWD. Department of transportation, Taipei City Government Website: www.dot.taipei.gov.tw Tel: +(886-2) 2720-8889 YOUBIKE YouBike is the same as Vélib in France. The Taipei City Government collaborates with Giant Taiwan in order to encourage people to use a bicycle for getting around the city and city tours. There are more than 50 stations in Taipei City. YouBike uses an electronic unmanned automated management system to provide “A Leases and B Returns” Easy Cards, credit cards, cell phones (chunghwa telecom) are all accepted as payment methods for rental. The rate is 10 TWD for each 30 minutes. Website: www.youbike.com.tw Tel: +(886-2) 8978-5084 Website: www.dot.taipei.gov.tw Tel: +(886-2) 2720-8889 64 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  65. 65. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY AIRPORTS Taiwan has three international airports, two in Taipei and one in Kaohsiung. Taoyuan International Airport is the national gateway to Taiwan. It is located in Taoyuan, 40 kilometers from Taipei. A trip from Taoyuan to Taipei downtown takes about one hour. BUSINESS BUSINESS Taxi fees are about 1,000 TWD es depart from Taoyuan airport shan Airport and Taipei’s main marks in the Taipei area. Fees for a one-way trip. Inexpensive shuttle busevery 15 or 25 minutes for Taipei’s Songrailway station, as well as for other landfor shuttle buses are around 110-150 TWD. Taipei Songshan Airport is located in Songshan District of Taipei. It is easily accessible to the city center thanks to the MRT, “Songshan Aiport” station (MRT Wenhu line), and several shuttle buses. Taipei Songshan Airport www.tsa.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-2) 8770-3456 Hengchun Airport www.hca.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-8) 889-7120 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport www.taoyuan-airport.com/ Tel: +(886-3) 398-3728 (Voice Inquiry) Taitung Airport www.tta.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-89) 362-530 Taichung Airport www.tca.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-4) 2615-5000 Hualien Airport www.hulairport.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-3) 821-0768 Chiayi Airport www.cya.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-5) 286-7886 Magong Airport (Penghu) www.mkport.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-6) 922-8188 Tainan Airport www.tna.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-6) 260-1016 Kinmen Airport www.kma.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-82) 322-381 Kaohsiung International Airport www.kia.gov.tw/ Tel: +(886-7) 805-7630 Matzu Airport (Beigan / Nangan) www.tsa.gov.tw/ Tel (Beigan): +(886-836) 56-606 #105 (Nangan): +(886-836) 26-505 66 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  66. 66. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY DOMESTIC FLIGHT BOOKING You should arrive 30 minutes before departure to collect and pay for your ticket. Identification is required for domestic flights. No airport tax is required. Tel Mandarin Airlines Uni Air Far Eastern Air Transport 02-449-8123 02-412-8008 07-791-1000 02-8770-7999 INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT BOOKING Air France Eva Airways Singapore Airlines Thai Airways Cathay Pacific China Airlines Tel 2711-4055 2501-1999 2551-6655 8772-5111 2715-2333 2715-1212 Fax 2773-4798 2501-0019 2523-5955 8772-5755 2175-1299 NON-STOP FLIGHTS TO PARIS: THINK EVA AIR International airline EVA AIR (www.evaair.com), which covers over 50 major destinations in Europe, Asia, Oceania, United States and Canada, is also the only airline providing non-stop flights to France three times a week; with a 4th flight a week starting the 17th of May, 2013. BR87 departs from Taipei at 23:50 pm and arrives to Paris CDG Terminal 1 at 7:40 am. BR88 departs from Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Terminal at 11:20 am and arrives to Taipei at 7:05 am. A new Business Class (Royal Laurel) will also start in April 2013 and EVA AIR will soon be part of the Star Alliance. FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2012 CCIFT 67 BUSINESS BUSINESS TransAsia Airways
  67. 67. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY TOURISM Tourism Bureau, MOTC 交通部觀光局 Address: 9F, N°290, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei 10694 10694台北市忠孝東路四段290號9樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2349-1500 Website: www.eng.taiwan.net.tw BUSINESS Travel Service Center, Tourism Bureau, MOTC 交通部觀光局旅遊服務中心 Address: 1F-4F, N°240, Tun-Hwa North Road, Taipei 10548 10548 台北市敦化北路240號1~4樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2717-3737 or 0800-011-765 Fax: +(886-2) 8712-9175 Email: tisc@tbroc.gov.tw Website: www.admin.taiwan.net.tw/auser/H/tisc/tourinfo/index.htm 68 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  68. 68. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY RAILWAY HIGH SPEED RAIL With regular services started from 2007, Taiwan has put in operation a high speed rail system, said to be on par with the French TGV, German ICE and Japanese Shinkansen. BUSINESS The line (western corridor) runs between Taipei and Kaohsiung. The length of this new high speed rail system is 345 kilometers. Travel time from Taipei to Kaohsiung is reduced to approximately 90 minutes, compared to 4-5 hours using regular train service. Tel: 4066-3000 (customer service) Website: www.thsrc.com.tw REGULAR RAILWAY The public railway network makes travel among major cities easy and convenient. There are two major lines: the west coast line is electrified and the east coast line still operates diesel-electric trains. Taiwan Railways Administration Address: N°3, Peiping W. Road, Taipei 10041 10041 台北市北平西路3號 Tel: +(886-2) 2191-0096 Website: www.railway.gov.tw Railway Information Service Numbers Keelung: +(886-2) 2426-3743 Taipei: +(886-2) 2371-3558 Taoyuan: +(886-3) 332-3304 Hsinchu: +(886-3) 523-7441 Changhua: +(886-4) 727-4218 Chiayi: Tainan: Kaohsiung: Ilan: Taitung: FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 +(886-5) 222-8904 +(886-6) 226-1314 +(886-7) 235-2376 +(886-3) 932-3801 +(886-89) 229-687 CCIFT 69
  69. 69. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY FRENCH RESTAURANTS IN TAIWAN Taipei Antoine Room (in Sheraton Hotel) N°12, Sec. 1, Zhong Xiao East Road, Taipei 台北市忠孝東路一段12號 Tel: +(886-2) 2321-5511 Fax: +(886-2) 2394-4240 Email: sheraton.taipei@sheraton.com www.sheraton-taipei.com BUSINESS Aux Champs sur Marne N°161, XingAn Street, Taipei 台北市興安街161號 Tel: +(886-2) 2547-2423 Fax: +(886-2) 2547-2423 Email: restaurantchampsmarne@gmail.com Chamkar Vegetarian Restaurant N°7, Lane 50, Sec. 2, Zhong-Cheng Road,Taipei 台北市天母忠誠路二段50巷7號 Tel: +(886-2) 2838-3400 Email: chamkartaipei@gmail.com www.chamkar-vegetarian.com La Cocotte, Bistrot Fabien Verge N°20, Lane 13, Sec. 2, JinShan S. Road, Taipei 台北市金山南路二段13巷20號 Tel: +(886-2) 3322-3289 Fax: +(886-2) 3322-3286 Email: fawayjay@gmail.com imkjw.com/lacocotte/index_lacocotte_1.html L’Atelier de Robuchon Bella Vita Mall 5F, N°28, Song-Ren Road, Taipei 台北市信義區松仁路28號5樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2829-2628 /+(886-2) 8729-2629 Fax: +(886-2) 2722-2778 www.robuchon.com.tw L’Appetit N°1, Alley 30, Lane 279, Sec. 1, Fuxing South Road, Taipei 台北市大安區復興南路一段279巷30弄1號 Tel: +(886-2) 2709 4572 La Riche Cellier (Taipei Shop) N°678, Minshui Road, Taipei 台北市中山區明水路678號 Tel: +(886-2) 8502-3386 Fax: +(886-2) 8502-2332 La Rotisserie 6F, N°3, Sec. 1, Chengde Road, Taipei 台北市大同區承德路一段三號六樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2181-9999 Fax: +(886-2) 2181-9988 www.palaisdechinehotel.com 70 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  70. 70. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Le Jardin N°15, Lane 14, Sec. 7, ChungShan North Road, Taipei 台北市士林區中山北路七段14巷15號 Tel: +(886-2) 2877-1178 BUSINESS Le Bistro de l’Olivier N°122, Sec. 2, An-He Road, Taipei 台北市安和路二段122號 (遠企停車場旁) Tel: +(886-2) 8732-3726 Fax: +(886-2) 2736-7818 Email: chef@maggie.com.tw Lutetia Coffee Shop N°446, Sec. 6, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei 台北市中山北路六段446號 Tel: +(886-2) 2875-6977 Fax: +(886-2) 5516-0009 Email: cedric.guyot@hotmail.fr Paris 1930 N° 41, Sec. 2, Min Chuan E.Road, Taipei 台北市民權東路二段41號 Tel: +(886-2) 2957-1234 Fax: +(886-2) 2596-8254 taipei.landishotelsresorts.com Paul N°107, Sec. 4, Renai Road, Taipei City 台北市仁愛路四段107號 Tel: +(886-2) 2771-3200 Fax: +(886-2) 2771-3272 Email: paul_001@paultaiwan.com www.paul-international.com/tw/splash-country Saveurs N°12, Sec. 1, Zhong Xiao East Road, Taipei 台北市大安區復興南路一段219巷14號 Tel: +(886-2) 2751-0185 Fax: +(886-2) 8773 0823 Email: saveurs.tw@msa.hinet.net S.T.A.Y. 101 Tower, 4F, N°7, Sec. 5, Xin Yi Road, Taipei 台北市信義路五段101大樓4樓 Tel: +(886-2) 8101-8177 Email: info@staytaipei.com.tw www.yannick-alleno.com/restaurant/taipei Villa 32 (Relais & Châteaux) N°32, Zhongshan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei 台北市北投區中山路32號 Tel: +(886-2) 6611-8888 Fax: +(886-2) 6611-3000 Email: info@villa32.com www.villa32.com FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 71
  71. 71. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Taichung Le Moût Restaurant (Relais & Châteaux) N°59, Cunzhong Street, Taichung 台中市西區存中街59號 Tel: +(886-4) 2375-3002 Fax: +(886-4) 2376-0753 Email: info@lemout.com www.lemout.com Gulu’s House BUSINESS N°48, Jingming Road, Taichung 台中市西屯區精明路48號 Tel: +(886-4) 2327-1393 Fax: +(886-4) 2376-0753 La Fête N°587, Huiwen Road, Nantun District, Taichung 台中市南屯區惠文路587號 Tel: +(886-4) 2252-1680 Fax: +(886-4) 2251-5507 www.lafete.com.tw/ENG/index.html Tainan La France Verte N°7, Lane 86, Yidong Road, East District, Tainan 台南市東區怡東路86巷7號 Tel: +(886-6) 236-4655 Fax: +(886-2) 8502-2332 Kaohsiung La Riche Cellier (Kaohsiung Shop) N°101, Bo-Ai 3rd Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung 高雄市左營區博愛三路101號 Tel: +(886-8) 8502-3386 Pasadena French Restaurant N°298, Hedi Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung 高雄市三民區河堤路298號 Tel: +(886-7) 341-1256 Fax: +(886-7) 345-1836 Email f.restaurant@sincewell.com fr.pasadena.com.tw La Maison de Vincent N°130, SihWei 3rd Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung 高雄市苓雅區四維三路130號 Tel: +(886-7) 335-9559 Pingtung Chez Papa N°142, Kending Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 屏東縣恆春鎮墾丁路142號 Tel: +(886-8) 886-1197 72 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  72. 72. CORPORATE MEMBERS 法國工商會會員
  73. 73. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY ABACARE GROUP LIMITED 安柏集團有限公司 Patrick Marie HERBET, CEO 20/F, Connaught Commercial Building, 185 Wanchai Road, Wanc hai, Hong Kong Tel: +(886-2) 2514-7959 #38 Mobile China: +(86) 13601199464 Email: taiwan@abacaregroup.com www.abacaregroup.com PROFILE 基本資料 Activity Sector Insurance Foundation 1997 Legal Status: Representative office MEMBERS ACTIVITIES 公司內容 Abacare group is a leading insurance broker specialized in providing medical and life insurance to individuals and corporations. The company established in 1996 has 80 employees across our offices in Asia: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore a representative office in Taiwan. Abacare Group offers insurance services to Companies, Expatriates and High Net Worth Individuals. Abacare specializes in: 1. Medical Insurance Employee Benefits We offer the best choice of International Local Medical Insurance providing 24-hour worldwide medical coverage, hospitalization, dental evacuation 2. Life Insurance Critical Illness Insurance We represent major life insurance companies to cover your specific needs and budget. 3. General Insurance We cover all types of risks in Asia. 74 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  74. 74. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY ABRAHAM MA CPA ASSOCIATES 馬懷德會計師事務所 馬懷德 會計師 Abraham MA, CPA 7F., N°285, Sec.3, Nanjing East Road, Taipei 105 105台北市南京東路三段285號7樓 Tel: +(886-2) 2546-3516 Fax: +(886-2) 2712-8005 Email: ma@cpataiwan.com www.cpataiwan.com PROFILE 基本資料 MEMBERS Activity Sector Legal Services Accounting Staff in Taiwan 10 Foundation 2000 Legal Status Independent Corporation Incorporated in Taiwan (R.O.C.) ACTIVITIES 公司內容 The firm’s major services include but not limited to : 1. Incorporation, Business Registration and Foreign Investment 2. Auditing, Accounting and Taxation The firm is following the ethic codes released by both Taiwan and AICPA. FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 75
  75. 75. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY A-CLASS INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. 大咖國際有限公司 Man Ying LEE (Ph. D.), Founder CEO 14F.-3, N° 57, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei 10595 10595 台北市松山區復興北路57號14樓之三 Tel: +(886-2) 2216-2910 Fax: +(886-2) 2216-2910 Email: ceo@aclassinternational.com PROFILE 基本資料 Activity Sector Consulting / Training for Public, Business, Cultural and Entertainment Sectors Staff in Taiwan 3 Foundation 2012 Legal Status Independent Corporation Incorporated in Taiwan (R.O.C.) MEMBERS ACTIVITIES 公司內容 ACI provides following services: - Corporate Training (Strategy, Cross-Cultural and Management) - Consulting - Project management of cultural entertaining events (e.g., VIP nights for luxury firms) ACI consultants are either graduates of top schools (e.g., HEC) or experienced executives of international brands (e.g., Bally) and the quality of our services meets “A-Class International” standard only. Our clients include well-known brands such as Family Mart (全家), President Enterprises Corporation ( 統一) and HAVI Group (distribution services to McDonald’s restaurants). 76 CCIFT FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013
  76. 76. FRANCE TAIWAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY AFNOR ASIA, LTD. 艾法諾國際股份有限公司 黃重元 執行副總 Jason HUANG, Deputy General Manager 20F.-2, N°102, Chungping Road,Taoyuan City 33060 33060桃園市中平路102號20樓之二 Tel: +(886-3) 220-0066 Fax: +(886-3) 220-7889 Email: asia@afnor.org www.asia.afnor.org PROFILE 基本資料 ACTIVITIES 公司內容 AFNOR Asia is the subsidiary of the AFNOR Group, who acts as a resources centre and a service coordinator for our Asian offices, including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan. We are a major player in standardization, certification, training and information services. Our services include: • anagement System Certification (Quality, Environment, Safety, Food Safety, Information Security, M etc.) • reen House Gas and Energy Management Service (GHG Emission Verification, Product / Service G Carbon Footprint Verification, Energy Management Service) • Service Quality Certification Trainings • Social Responsibility Evaluation • Personnel Competence Registration Training Programs • Supplier Audit / Inspection 艾法諾國際股份有限公司為法國標協集團在亞洲地區子公司,擔任亞洲各地區辦公室之資源中心與服務諮詢者 的位子,範圍涵蓋日本、韓國、大陸、台灣、越南、泰國、馬來西亞、印尼、伊朗和巴基斯坦。艾法諾在標 準、驗證、培訓與資訊服務的領域中扮演一個主要的角色。 艾法諾提供的驗證服務包括: • 管理系統驗證 (品質管理、環境管理、職業安全管理、食品安全管理、資訊安全管理等) • 溫室氣體及能源管理驗證服務 (溫室氣體排放查證、產品 / 服務碳足跡查證、能源管理驗證服務) • 服務品質驗證及訓練 • 企業社會責任評量 • 人員認證登錄及教育訓練課程 • 供應商稽核及評鑑 FRANCE TAIWAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2013 CCIFT 77 MEMBERS Activity Sector Service Agency / Consultant / Agent Staff in Taiwan 10 Foundation 2008 Legal Status Independent Company Incorporated in Taiwan (R.O.C.)