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Understanding the six stages of inner purification or anartha nivrutti


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Understanding the six stages of inner purification or anartha nivrutti

  1. 1. Understanding the six stages of inner purification or anartha nivrutti
  2. 2. Map of inner territory Bhagavatam (1.2.6-16-20) Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu (1.4.15-16) Madhurya-Kadambini (2.7) 1.
  3. 3. 6 stages in anartha nivrtti Utsaha-mayi (Exhibition of enthusiasm) Ghana-tarala (Mood swings) Vyudha-vikalpa (Seeking alternatives) Vishaya-sangara (Fighting with temptations) Niyama-akshamah (Inability to follow rules) Taranga-rangini (Caught in side-benefits)
  4. 4. Utsaha-mayi  Zeal and pride of a new convert Eg. Weight loss regimen  Judgmental about anyone not following their standards – My path, my guru, my practice is the best
  5. 5. Be understanding, not condescending The distance between indulgence and abstinence is not the same for all
  6. 6. Ghana-tarala Intensity & laxity in bhakti Find healthy ways of dealing with discomfort
  7. 7. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable Discomfort Devotional stimuli Stability Default response Indulgence Lowered consciousness
  8. 8. Vyudha Vikalpa Searching for easy alternatives If we wait for inspiration, we are waiters, not devotees
  9. 9. Vyudha Vikalpa Perfectionism is a serial killer on high heels Pleasure is too cheap a purpose to make life meaningful
  10. 10. Vishaya-sangara Safe Zone Temptation Zone Indulgence Zone
  11. 11. Surges of the Urges Persist between Create obstacles Find anchors
  12. 12. Niyamaskhama Inability to stick to our resolutions Stay focused on Krishna: Our strengths can become our weaknesses, and our weaknesses can become our strengths
  13. 13. Taranga Rangini Delighting in bhakti’s fringe benefits Pursue bhakti for purity, not for productivity and popularity
  14. 14. Taranga Rangini Let outer preaching about Krishna be the result of inner reaching to Krishna, not a substitute for it
  15. 15. Just keep going We are not specially fallen – many others have weathered the same storms we are facing now.