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Woolridge presentation 201005

  1. 1. Developing andImplementing aSocial MediaStrategy…
  2. 2. where we began
  3. 3. Social marketing campaign launched in 2006 with baseline research in handInternal communications Parliamentary engagementMedia relations AdvertisingEvent marketing PartnershipsSocial media Web
  4. 4. existing content
  5. 5. Emergency prep guide Disaster-specific guidesNatural hazards map Online videosBanners Posters
  6. 6. overall objectives
  7. 7. target audience
  8. 8. Parents of school agedchildren, living in urban areas,$60K household income
  9. 9. key issues
  10. 10. Reachtraditional channels aloneare not fully penetratingthe target audienceSustainabilitytraditional channels areonly good for the length ofthe campaign
  11. 11. desired outcome
  12. 12. Improved target market penetration (based on objectives)Increased online visibility of the “Get Prepared” campaignOngoing “conversation” surrounding EP in Canada
  13. 13. what we did…
  14. 14. training
  15. 15. 7 hands-on social mediasessions taught over 2monthssocial media 101social media monitoringcollaborative toolsstrategic thinkingtactical decision makingfinding the influencersperformance measurement
  16. 16. listening
  17. 17. Created a topic profile…“72 hrs” AND “emergency”“emergency preparedness”“emergency kit”“disaster preparedness”“Public Safety Canada” AND“emergency”“get prepared” AND “emergency”
  18. 18. Gauged existing levelsof conversation onvarious channelsblogospheremicroblogspodcastsphoto sharing sitesvideo sharing sitessocial networks
  19. 19. Google Insights
  20. 20. Technorati Blog Search Graph
  21. 21. YouTube Search
  22. 22. Flickr Search
  23. 23. Facebook Search
  24. 24. Twitter Search
  25. 25. strategy
  26. 26. swot developmentStrengths Internal social media knowledge Management support Co-op student access Existing interesting content Strong partnerships Existing social marketing strategyWeaknesses Lack of clear guidelines & policies Limited human resources Lack of IT supportOpportunities High social media usage in Canada Popularity of online video Popularity of online news Growing mobile popularity Influencer community Gov 2.0 momentumThreats Lack of partner capacity to help Criticism Security/privacy issues
  27. 27. targeted influential Canadian mommy bloggers identified through various top 10 lists technorati “authority” scores compete.com traffic rankings average comments inbound links“There are over 36 million “mommy bloggers” of which nearly 50% have contributed to a cause or political campaign. They are one of the most politically active groups online. Moms have been calculated to spend over 2 trillion dollars on products and services in a given year.”
  28. 28. tactics
  29. 29. chose select few
  30. 30. http://GetPrepared.caMade-for Web “Common Craft” Video
  31. 31. Social Media Press Release
  32. 32. Identified influencersBecame part of their communitySent personalized emailsSent out emergency kitsSent them the SMPR Mommy Blogger Relations
  33. 33. results
  34. 34. Word Cloud wordle.net
  35. 35. Leveraging Existing Partners
  36. 36. Other metricsSMPR listed in 3640 locations8572 video views on GetPrepared.ca2500+ on Youtube (English + French)average website session length has increased (2min  6 min)
  37. 37. Channel Metric ToolsVideo posted to •Total mentions YouTube Statistics &YouTube •Org-initiated mentions Insights Tool •Consumer-initiated mentions •Total impressions •Org-initiated impressions •Consumer – initiated impressions •Embeds •Rating •Comments •Links to •Favourited •Tags •Responses •Honours •SpoofsBlog Engagement •Total links pointing to “getprepared.ca” in the blogosphere Technorati and Google Blog •Total blog posts tagged with a pre-determined tag such as Search “getprepared”. •Overall conversation level surrounding the set topic profile.Twitter •Number of followers Twitter & Twitter CounterParticipation •Number of @ references •Number of “Direct” messages •Number of “re-tweets”
  38. 38. next steps…
  39. 39. more engagement
  40. 40. monitoring platform
  41. 41. lessons learned…
  42. 42. start with the LHF
  43. 43. begin by listening
  44. 44. start connecting
  45. 45. develop a planStep 1: Clearly Define the Key Issue(s) and Desired Outcome(s)Step 2: Gauge Your Existing Web PresenceStep 3: Conduct a SWOT AnalysisStep 4: Determine Your Online CompetitionStep 5: Align Your Objectives with the Organization’s ObjectivesStep 6: Understand Your Target AudienceStep 7: Choose Relevant Social Media ToolsStep 8: Engage The Influencers SeparatelyStep 9: Measure PerformanceStep 10: Ongoing Social Media Monitoring and EngagementAnd then do what is within your means…
  46. 46. work as a team
  47. 47. questions?
  48. 48. where to reach me… Theresa Woolridge Phone: 613.946.7055 E-mail: theresa.woolridge@ps-sp.gc.ca Twitter: twoolridge Special thanks to our consultant: Mike Kujawski E-mail: mike.kujawski@publicsectormarketing.ca Blog: www.mikekujawski.ca Twitter: mikekujawski Website: www.cepsm.ca