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What does the Pool guy know you don’t about marketing? A lot!


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If your sales people are being asked the question, you should be answering it...on your website! Cazoomi teams learned a lot from the pool guy:

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What does the Pool guy know you don’t about marketing? A lot!

  1. 1. How Brutally Honest Content Can Generate Trust, Traffic, and SalesT t T ffi dS l By Marcus Sheridan By Marcus Sheridan www.thesale @TheSalesLion @ h S l Li
  2. 2. Why do most  Why do mostcompanies stink at companies stink at eslion.comcontent marketing?content marketing? www.thesale
  3. 3. Great Content is the Modern Day  David v Goliath… D id G li h So don’t be Goliath!!! www.thesale
  4. 4. Your Business in NOT the  Exception to Great ContentHey Marcus.Hey Marcus.I’m super busy today, but I was thinking about you. First off…THANK YOU!!! We spoke in the fall about (content marketing) for 15 minutes or so and you convinced me that smart people in a blue collar industry can dominate online with the help of smart blogging and a lot of hard work. lot of hard work.…..Blogging has been amazing for us. We started in October 2010 eslion.comWe had 300 visitors in November. We had 14,000 in April. Our business has basically changed overnight. My boss is AMAZED. We’ve had to hire new people, buy new truck and machines, etc. Its been a crazy season. I also got promoted to Vice President.machines etc Its been a crazy season I also got promoted to Vice President www.thesaleSincerely,Jason And what does Jason do???
  5. 5. www.thesaleB2B, B2C, blah, blah…
  6. 6. I was a Pool Guy on the Brink y www.thesale • Housing collapse of 2008 Housing collapse of 2008 • There were 80% less customers to choose from • Financially, we were in BIG trouble
  7. 7. The Magic that is Content Marketing www.thesale
  8. 8. From Pool Guys to Teachers From Pool Guys to Teachers• 8 years of business y• 1000+ Sales  Appointments• 100,000+ emails , p• 400,00+ phone calls www.thesale• How many consumer  questions??? This is how you start a blog!
  9. 9. What has content/blogging done for me? www.thesale
  10. 10. Pools Sales Through ContentPools Sales Through Content www.thesale So how does it happen?
  11. 11. The Most Popular Marketing  Strategy in the World www.thesale
  12. 12. Your customers want the truth, so give it to  them!(Transparent Marketing) www.thesale
  13. 13. 7 Transparent Strategies  that will Change Your  h ill h Business Forever B i F www.thesale
  14. 14. #1. Tell Me What It Costs! #1 Tell Me What It Costs! www.thesaleWhen you go to a website, and it doesn’t answer your questions, what’s your next move?
  15. 15. www.thesale
  16. 16. Search Anything That Has to Do With  ‘Fiberglass Pool Cost’ ‘Fib l P l C ’ www.thesale
  17. 17. #2. Some Say Cost, Others Say  Price#2. Some Say Cost, Others Say “Price” www.thesale
  18. 18. Numbers Don t Lie…Numbers Don’t Lie www.thesale
  19. 19. #3. Everyone Wants to Know  Problems… www.thesale
  20. 20. In Google We TrustI G l W T www.thesale
  21. 21. Trust, Traffic, LinksTrust Traffic Links Links! www.thesale
  22. 22. www.thesale
  23. 23. #4, #5 Versus/Compare#4 #5 Versus/Compare www.thesale
  24. 24. Again, it s about listening… Again it’s about listening• So Marcus which is better concrete or So Marcus, which is better, concrete or  fiberglass?• How do Viking Pools compare to Leisure How do Viking Pools compare to Leisure Pools? www.thesale• Sh ld I Should I get stamped concrete or pavers? d ?
  25. 25. The Numbers and Links…The Numbers and Links www.thesale
  26. 26. Electrolux  vs. Bosh: Immediate ResultsElectrolux vs. Bosh: Immediate Results www.thesaleIf your sales people are being asked the question,you should be answering it…on your website!
  27. 27. Think exactly like a consumer…Think exactly like a consumer www.thesale
  28. 28. #6 Awards #6 Awardswww.thesale
  29. 29. How it works… How it works… www.thesaleHow did the “Big Boys” react?
  30. 30. Everybody wants to be  invited… www.thesale WOW!!!!
  31. 31. #7. Breaking News#7 Breaking News www.thesale
  32. 32. Industry News…Industry News www.thesale
  33. 33. www.thesale
  34. 34. Always be on the lookout…Always be on the lookout www.thesale
  35. 35. Looking Back…. Looking Back• 1. Cost If you do this, you will  y ,y• 2. Price not only become the • 3. Problems 3. Problems respected voice of  your industry, but the• 4. Vs. impact it will have on • 5 Compare 5. Compare your sales cycle will be  your sales cycle will be www.thesale• 6. Awards unbelievable. • 7 Breaking News 7. Breaking News• 8. Best***
  36. 36. The Bottom Line Is…. The Bottom Line IsDare to think like a D hi k lik consumer. www.thesale
  37. 37. Get the dang book. It’s free. It’s awesome. And it will change your business forever.• www.thesalewww.TheSalesLion.comwww TheSalesLion Questions?? (I’m ready! ☺)
  38. 38. About Vocus About Vocus Vocus is a leading provider of cloud-based marketing and PR software that helps organizations reach and influence buyers across social networks, online and through the media. Vocus provides a suite of software for online marketing, social media and PR that makes it easy for organizations to generate online visibility, build their social networks and attract new customers in today’s new customer-led buy g cycle. buying cyc eVocus Twitter: @Vocus Blog: Facebook: Website: www.vocus.cominVocus Twitter: @invocus Blog: Bl /i #vocus # Email: