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The Playboox Playmaker Solution

Playboox Playmaker is a customizable cloud-based sales coaching system integrated with that enables sales excellence.

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Playboox | Edition

  1. 1. Playboox Playmaker – Salesforce EditionProduct Overview The Problem“Without the Companies are spending over $8.3 billion on CRM/SFA technologyi and overappropriate tools less $7.2 billion on sales trainingii per year (in the U.S. alone) trying to improvethan 10 percent of sales effectiveness but are disappointed with the results in terms of ROI,companies do an adoption and impact on performance.adequate job of The Playboox Playmaker Solutionimplementing sales Playboox Playmaker is a customizable cloud-based sales coaching systemprocess, which is integrated with that enables sales excellence.expensive and inefficientgiven the strong  Sales process & best practices enablement and reinforcement:correlation between Playmaker enables sales management to define, deploy, reinforce, andsales process evolve their best sales processes, practices and tools thereby significantlyimplementation and improving sales effectiveness and accelerating new-hire ramp-up.high quota attainment  Enhanced sales rep effectiveness and productivity: Playmaker providesand win rates.”iii salespeople with access to game plans, guides, and sales tools at the point-of-need to help them advance and close specific deals. Time- draining administrative tasks are greatly reduced by the automation of“Top sales managers notes and activity logging within the CRM/SFA system.and their teams choosePlayboox to drive higher  Monitor deal health & improve forecast accuracy by keeping score.revenue and guarantee Relying on what pipeline stage a deal is in to indicate the probabilitypeak sales percentage of closing doesn’t cut it. Playboox Playmaker “Dynamic Dealperformance.” Scorecards” provide three levels of opportunity-specific scoring: a) deal winnability, b) sales process progress and, c) deal risk to help you easily identify which deals need attention or disposal.“Building upon existing The Playboox Playmaker DifferenceCRM/SFA systems such Playmaker is expressly designed to help sales organizations organize andas, optimize their sales processes and best practices while leveraging existingPlayboox makes it easy sales technology and training investments. All delivered in a simple,to standardize, share compelling and interactive manner via a game-like interface therebyand evolve your increasing usage and’s best salespractices to ensure eachsalesperson isperforming optimally atevery stage of the salesprocess… and having funin the process!”i Forecast: CRM SoftwareWorldwide, 2006-2011, Gartnerii Enable Your Growth Strategy:Achieving ROI on a $7.2B SalesTraining Investment, Think! Inc.iii The Impact of CRM and SalesProcess 2007: Monetizing theValue of Sales Effectiveness Playboox Tel 415-517-4769 28 Second Street, Suite 300 | San Francisco, CA 94105 All rights reserved. Copyright 2010 Playboox