Cazoomi 2012 Free for Life Plans


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Automatic two-way sync of data between Constant Contact and your CRM.

With the SyncApps “Free for Life” plan, save time, save money, and create targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

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Cazoomi 2012 Free for Life Plans

  1. 1. SyncApps for Small Business Cazoomi! Clint Wilson, Cazoomi Team Lead
  2. 2. SyncApps by Cazoomi• Simple.• 5 Steps. Anyone. Anywhere!• Don’t Be held back. Your Time Matters.• Integration made easy. Focus on your Sales.• One Place to SYNC your applications• Mobile status Updates
  3. 3. SyncApps: What are they? 1. Integration with Constant Contact = FREE 2. Unlimited # users = Everyone 3. Online access = focus on Sales  See Marketing Metrics* in Your CRM  Make Decisions Based on REAL data* Only on paid plans.
  4. 4. Just Show me. Synced Contacts, Opens, Clicks, Opt-outs Q: How does the Free for Life (FFL) Plan work? • Sync contacts / automatically every 24 hourstheSynczone. • Basic Plans from $9.99 / mo. • Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes = Auto Synced • Scheduling on-demand | Custom Field Mapping Free for ALL Constant Contact Subscribers
  5. 5. “How Work”Tackle these Small Business hurdles… • “Data entry takes time away from selling” • Managing contact data takes “time & effort” • Keep CRM Metrics Simple & Relevant
  6. 6. FFL SyncApps: 5-Steps to Success “Free for Life” Plans {FFL}
  7. 7. 5-Steps to Success• Sign-up for SyncApps: for your Organization• Setup a Sync Profile(s): 1st Contact sync + CRM• Setup Addons: Rapleaf, Get Satisfaction, Twilio• Setup Custom Field Mapping: CRM metrics sync• Setup Schedule: “Set it & Forget it” ability SyncApps!
  8. 8. FFL SyncApps: Ready, Go!
  9. 9. Don’t do this. Business cards are great in moderation Dread Conventions and Tradeshows? Customers & Prospects …Correct Data + [email metrics] = more opps Sync contacts and leads Your Way, Your CRM You Know Your Business Better Than Anyone
  10. 10. Sync Now. Sync Free.Sync up your Business:• Correctly marketing to the right prospects with the right data• Steps: (Sign-up, Setup, Schedule & Sync + Campaign metrics)• Results = More time to focus on Sales Execution + Happy customers
  11. 11. Deploy in minutes.
  12. 12. One Step at a Time.1. Get FFL Plan: “Set it & Forget it”2. Upgrade anytime: Marketing Metrics to CRM3. Focus on Sales: Cazoomi Set-up Services “Once available to only Fortune 1000 companies, Cazoomi introduces a way for your business applications to talk to each other for less than the price of a Netflix subscription.… SyncApps.” – me
  13. 13. Some Happy Customers