Robust SaaS Analytics on Demand has arrived!


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Robust SaaS Analytics on Demand has arrived!

  1. 1. The Analytix on DemandTM Advantage November 2008 © 2008 Analytix on Demand™ Telephone: 949.552.4323 Fax: 949.725.0720
  2. 2. Summary This document provides information on how Analytix On Demand™ is changing Business Intelligence for small- and medium-sized businesses and the potential positive impact on your company. The document outlines the following: • History of Business Intelligence (BI) • Comparison of the Analytix On Demand delivery model versus traditional Business Intelligence software • Advantages of the Analytix On Demand solution • High-level overview of Analytix On Demand capabilities • Analytix On Demand security features Analytix On Demand provides actionable insight for your business, rapid return on investment and can be integrated within 30 days. Let us show you how to make Analytix On Demand a strategic asset for your business. What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence (BI) provides actionable insight into customer behavior, financial performance and marketing effectiveness. Business Intelligence refers to the technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis and presentation of business information as well as sometimes to the information itself. The purpose of business Intelligence is to support smarter, proactive decision making. The term “Business Intelligence” is sometimes used interchangeably with analytics, dashboards, report and query tools, and executive information systems. Business Intelligence systems provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations most often using data that has been gathered into a data warehouse or a data mart. Dashboard Example Software elements support the use of this information by assisting in the © 2008 Analytix on Demand™ extraction, analysis and reporting of information. Applications provide Telephone: 949.552.4323 insight into sales, production, financial and many other sources of business Fax: 949.725.0720
  3. 3. data for purposes that include business performance management. Information may also be gathered on comparable companies to produce benchmarks. Business Intelligence uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess the present state of business and to prescribe a course of action. Some examples of KPIs are: • Gross sales by marketing campaign • Lead conversion rate • Inventory turnover • Sales performance by geographic region • Revenue by product SKU • Call center agent effectiveness Not accounted for in the chart to the left are the considerable and often Business Intelligence Was Traditionally a hidden costs of “owning” Massive Investment software, which include: Historically, Business Intelligence was far too expensive to be considered • Server maintenance a viable option for small- and medium-sized businesses. Business Intelligence solutions had a total cost of ownership well into the millions • End-user support of dollars and were only available to those elite companies with the deep • Upgrade and patch pockets to afford it. support The chart below outlines the estimated investments and time traditionally • Software maintenance required from enterprise companies building a Business Intelligence fees solution: • Security Function Total Cost Time (weeks) • Risk of failure Analysis, design software and Yet despite the expense 100K 6 associated with traditional services Business Intelligence Data transfer software and services 200K 10 solutions, demand is Database software and services 50K 2 still strong. Because of its high value, Business Reporting & cubes software and 200K 4 Intelligence is ranked as services the #1 IT spending priority Dashboards software and services 20K 2 for businesses and is Integration services 500K Throughout the project considered the fastest growth area in IT. Hardware & services 50K 1+ Ongoing maintenance software and 500K Never Ending services Totals: $1,600K + 25+ weeks © 2008 Analytix on Demand™ Telephone: 949.552.4323 Fax: 949.725.0720
  4. 4. The Good News: Analytix On Demand Made the Investment for You “Top factors preventing SMBs from deploying Analytix On Demand was created by a team with decades of experience in the Business Intelligence industry. Under the banner of e2eAnalytixTM, Business Intelligence: they delivered high-end Business Intelligence solutions for hundreds of • Lack of IT resources: projects on behalf of household name brands such as Sony, Amgen, 3M, 56% Walt Disney and many others (see This experience • End-users have not was applied to the development of a new way to approach Business provided well-defined Intelligence: Analytix On Demand. information needs: 49% • Software and After three years and thousands of hours of development, the result is an integration is too efficient and scalable service that you can capitalize on immediately. expensive: 25% You can now utilize the same powerful Business Intelligence tools that the - “Business Intelligence deep-pocketed elite businesses once had exclusive access to – and you for small to medium sized get it at a fraction of their costs. With Analytix On Demand, you receive businesses (SMB),” Aberdeen the benefit of the vision and experience of seasoned consultants and Group, October 2008 developers who have made Business Intelligence available as a monthly service. “SaaS adoption is being Software as a Service (SaaS) Is What Makes It driven by businesses’ So Affordable pursuit of cost savings and quicker implementations, It is widely agreed that SaaS will be the primary means of software as well as wider delivery over the coming years. Thanks to the pioneering efforts availability of high-speed of companies like, RightNow TechnologiesTM and CrownPeak TechnologiesTM, the path has already been blazed. Internet connections, Gartner said.” SaaS effectively delivers highly complex, enterprise-class software through a web browser. SaaS allows users access from any PC, anytime - CIO Magazine Chris Kanaracus and anywhere. October 2008 However, unlike SaaS solutions for other industries, in most cases Business Intelligence projects require working with data that is not standardized. Between legacy systems, Excel spreadsheets and external data sources, the quality of the data cannot be predicted, and this has Being able to contend with been an impediment to the development of SaaS Business Intelligence. unstructured data and still Analytix On Demand spent many years solving this challenge of dealing deliver in 30 days is why with non-standardized data. Because of expertise across multiple Analytix On Demand is the vertical industries and experience in dealing with the strengths and only Business Intelligence weaknesses of various software packages, Analytix On Demand is in a provider capable of providing unique position to anticipate and resolve many of the problems that face a true enterprise SaaS the Business Intelligence solution marketplace solution. Not only have the inherent problems of non-standardized data been solved, but the traditional timeframe needed to deliver a Business Intelligence solution been significantly shortened. Analytix On Demand © 2008 Analytix on Demand™ can load and report on your data within 30 days. Telephone: 949.552.4323 Fax: 949.725.0720
  5. 5. Analytix On Demand Eliminated the Complexity Below are the incredibly simple requirements for Analytix On Demand system set-up: • Access to your data (“Push” - send in almost any format or “Pull” - reveal the location of the data to be retrieved) • Access to a web browser • Availability to review results within 30 days There is no hardware to purchase, no software to maintain, no IT hiring and no staffing decisions to make. There is minimal training involved, as Analytix On Demand is designed to accommodate rapid user adoption. In addition, instead of paying massive implementation costs up front, software is purchased through a subscription. In other words, you pay Analytix On Demand a predictable monthly fee for your service. The best news is that the fees are a fraction of the costs incurred through traditional Business Intelligence solutions. The Analytix On Demand Advantage – Get ONE Version of the Truth Analytix On Demand offers insight across your entire organization, and allows you to consolidate your company’s information across all departments, including: • Financial calculations and performance indicators Analytix On Demand eliminates information silos. • Call center activities and performance Instead of requiring logins • Marketing program performance to multiple systems in order • Sales team performance to gauge your company’s performance, you can • Sales pipeline insights login to the Analytix On • E-commerce performance metrics Demand system via your • Logistics performance metrics web browser and easily reference results across all Analytix On Demand also eliminates the need to depend on mistake-prone your departments. Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access for reporting and forecasting needs. The only thing worse than making decision based on no data is making decisions based on erroneous data. A Clear Edge for the Tough Times Ahead Doing more with less is the business mantra for almost all businesses regardless of size. ROI has become more critical than ever. Analytix On Demand provides insight into what revenue generating activities are actually © 2008 Analytix on Demand™ producing results and where costs are not aligned with your business Telephone: 949.552.4323 performance. Fax: 949.725.0720
  6. 6. For example, using the Analytix On Demand application you can compare the sales lift resulting from various offline and online marketing campaigns. You can also understand which sales agents are inking profitable deals The Analytix on Demand and which agents are filling the pipeline with fluff. From an operations solution also includes a broad standpoint, all logistics and call center performance metrics are quickly toolset for different means of charted and analyzed through your web browser. reviewing and analyzing data, including: In addition, the solution is simple to use. You won’t need analysts or consultants or a background in statistics. The solution has been designed • Dashboards – to require minimal user training. Graphical displays of critical information • Pre-configured reports – Hundreds are pre-built Analytix On Demand Service Features and ready for use In addition to company-wide solutions, Analytix On Demand also offers • Ad hoc analysis – vertical and departmental solutions including: Analyze your most obscure data • Marketing and media • Ad hoc query – • Healthcare Create custom reports • Retail/franchise • Alerts – • Sales Proactive monitoring and notification • Call center and customer service • Auditing – • Financial Audit and track data access as per regulatory Each of these vertical and departmental solutions includes metrics unique compliance to the area of focus. This is another area where the experience of the Analytix On Demand team in Business Intelligence is a massive advantage • Schedule – Schedule reports to users for customers. • Suspect Data – Correct suspect data in user intuitive workbench None of the tools described above require the involvement of any third-party consultants or internal IT resources. With a minimal amount of training you can be self reliant. © 2008 Analytix on Demand™ Telephone: 949.552.4323 Dashboard Example Fax: 949.725.0720
  7. 7. Analytix On Demand Makes Security a Top Priority Please contact us at: System Architecture The multi-tenant Analytix On Demand architecture is built on a J2EE for more information. platform and adheres to open standards. Analytix On Demand is SOA compliant and adheres to JSR-168 specification. The application is designed to handle massive datasets with rapid responses to system requests in spite of heavy loads. Analytix On Demand utilizes several techniques such as clustering and failover to ensure excellent and consistent performance. Physical Security In many cases the greatest threat to data security is not external hackers, but rather internal employees with access to systems. Steps have been taken to control the physical access to systems, including: • 24/7 video and audio surveillance • Stringent background checks on all employees • Highly-secured building • Natural disaster resistant building design • N+1 cooling and redundant networks All of the Analytix On Demand data systems reside in SAS 70 Type II facilities. Data processing adheres to ISO 270001 specification. “AOD provided insight into where the “P” and the “L” in P&L was coming from.” - Clint Brauer, GM. © 2008 Analytix on Demand™ Telephone: 949.552.4323 Cyberread Example Fax: 949.725.0720
  8. 8. Network and Software Security The system has been architected to be secure from outside intrusion. Multiple controls, layers and processes are in place including, but not limited to: • Managed firewalls • Multi-tiered security and authentication policies • Biometric two-factor security • Compliance with industry-standard best practices • UI-based SSL w/multi-tiered authentication • Managed compliance to ensure systems comply with privacy regulations • Managed intrusion detection • Security assessments Analytix On Demand also partners with Axxera, a leading software security firm, to ensure the availability of the networks, intrusion detection and forensic analysis of any attempted attacks. The Analytix On Demand portal runs via an SSL connection to ensure that data is always encrypted and transferred via a secure socket. The portal is protected with two-factor biometric keystrokes as well as the conventional user ID and password. This technology ensures that only the actual person can authenticate based on their credentials and keystroke rhythm. How can we help you? Analytix On Demand is eager to help you with your Business Intelligence needs. Please contact us at: for more information or contact Analytix on Demand at 949-552-4323 for more information on how you can turn your company’s 2 Park Plaza, Suite 200 data into your most powerful asset. Irvine, CA 92614 © 2008 Analytix on Demand™ Telephone: 949.552.4323 Fax: 949.725.0720