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Smart Plan


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Smart Plan

  1. 1. Start June July August September October November December Site Visits Meet all staff Prelim. discussions on Ops/Hazards/Risks Documentation Obtain and review 9001/14001/18001/ 31000 / Security Map Policies, Plans, Manuals, Procedures & WI for compliance Align with Company Goals Research & Collate Legal Regs / Standards etc. Subscriptions to relevant Standards, Organisations, Business Chambers Agree KPIs and measurement criteria Design Documentation Sytem Map SMART Plans Produce for all disciplines Produce Visio discipline map with timeline Cost proposed changes Develop Company wide Communications Plan Incident Capture & Reporting process Quality 9001 Produce Audit Schedule Build IAuditor Templates Conduct Audits Review Contractor & Supplier procedures Commence Contractor audit programme Equipment & Plant Maintenance Registers Environment 14001 Develop Targets Site Env. Risk & Issues Register Aspects & Impacts Register Internal Reward & Recognition Award Safety 18001 Develop Safety Targets Ensure Safety Plans are fully implemented Cross-cultural awareness Hazard Register & MSDS Instigate Regular Safety Meetings Aspects & Impacts Register Take 5 type Booklet Internal Reward & Recognition Award Risk 31000 Risk Register Investigate RM Systems Write Emergency & Crisis Mgt Plans Test Plans - Desktop & Field Security Security Targets Risk & Issues Register Objectives Reduction in Harm rate Gain Integrated MS Certification Regional & Local Award Scheme