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Brochure Pod


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Brochure Pod

  1. 1. C%LTM COOL-D-ZINE. THE POD The docking station for HAIR STRAIGHTENERS LET’S GET HAIR STYLING BACK OFF THE FLOOR Women's Favourite Gadget Is Hair Straighteners.
  2. 2. HAIR straighteners have been voted women's top gadget. They narrowly beat the mobile phone - men's favourite - into second place. Other girlie gadgets in the top 10 include the hair dryer, the MP3 player and the iron. TV-loving lads said their Sky box was the second favourite, with the remote control in fourth. The Nintendo Wii and the Xbox came seventh and 10th respectively for blokes. Oddly the poll, for high street chain Comet, listed the calculator as women's seventh favourite gadget. And men voted it into eighth place. She-Gadgets Top Ten: 1. Hair straighteners 2. Mobile phone 3. Laptop 4. Hair dryer 5. Remote control 6. MP3 Player/iPod 7. Digital camera 8. Calculator 9. Iron 10. Nintendo Wii WHATS THE PROBLEM THOUGH? Vanity Vandals Responsible For £2 Billion Worth of Domestic Damage 4 million people have burnt, scalded and damaged furniture The average cost of accidental fire damage in 2004 was £6,500 Over 7 million instances of 'vanity vandalism'* in the south of England, With 16-24 year olds most reckless. Hair straighteners or other heated beauty appliances might make us look good and feel better, but according to new research by Halifax Home Insurance these high- tech beauty appliances are causing a wave of 'vanity vandalism'*. According to the leading insurer, over 12.6 million** GB adults have damaged furniture and domestic surfaces in recent years, resulting in £1.9bn** worth of damage, a heavy cost for the nations vanity. Hair straighteners are becoming a commonplace household appliance in the UK. They are used to straighten hair in much the same way that an iron is used to take the creases out of clothing. The basic design is of two arms connected at one end and housing a hotplate at the other to be clamped over hair and drawn along its length. The hotplates are made of either bare metal or ceramic, and are designed to heat up to temperatures of 180–220°C.They heat up rapidly, but it takes time for the heat to
  3. 3. dissipate once the electricity supply has been turned off. The resting position often leaves the hot plates exposed. This compromises safety and is a design fault that could potentially be addressedby manufacturers with a design modification. This could be addressed by a public health campaign to raise awarenessof the problem and improved packaging warnings for these products. Manufacturers may be able to modify the design of their product, having the hot plates protected when in the resting position. Accident and Emergency Department, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Sciennes Road, Edinburgh, UK This is Kayla Murray from Paisley. She is 18 months old and pulled a set of unattended Straighteners off a kitchen work top. They landed on her arm and she tried to pull them off resulting in the above injury. The NHS report this is an increasing accident in the home. We can do something to prevent this.
  5. 5. CAD
  6. 6. TO THE FINAL DESIGNS Hotel/Salon design
  7. 7. As you can see the main aim was to ensure that the plates were in a secure position. The user is encouraged to place the straighteners in the pod which resets the timer to ten minutes. If this does not happen the timer will count down and the power will switch off. When finished styling, just switch off at the power button. IF YOU FORGET!!! Then the timer will count down and after 10 minutes will switch the power and the straighteners off. The deluxe model will also have SMS technology and will text the user with the message; ‘Hey forgetful, you left your straighteners on and I have switched them off. All is well and have a good evening’ We see the product packaged together, for example the High School Musical straighteners with a figure of eight plug and the pod sold with it. The unit should appeal to all ages and hopefully attract the younger age group and parents alike. Recognition and awards; West Of Scotland Inspired Project 2010 NESTA S46 Award 2009