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Tips For Achieving The Best Results With Social Content Sharing


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Tips For Achieving The Best Results With Social Content Sharing

  1. 1. Dan KennedyTips For Achieving The Best Results With Social Content SharingSocial content sharing is a very new marketing method but if you follow a few social content sharingtips then you are sure to achieve excellent results.Write Interesting ArticlesOne of the most important points when it comes to social content sharing tips is to write interestingand informative articles. If people are not interested in what you have to offer then they will not clickthrough to your links and you may not even get many views.Write as Many Articles as PossibleIn addition to writing interesting articles for social content sharing you should also write as many aspossible and create as many social content sharing pages as you can. The more pages you have, themore likely people will be to find you.Insert Links NaturallyThe aim of social content sharing is often to draw traffic to another website, whether this is your ownor an affiliate website. Instead of hard selling and always having the link just as an address, includelinks naturally by using certain phrases within your article to link to the website you want to promoteand ensure that the text you use is relevant to the website.Cross Link EverywhereIn addition to using links to the website you are trying to promote you should also cross linkeverywhere. Write as many articles as possible and then use your natural links to also link to otherarticles you have written on other social content sharing web pages.Use Social Bookmarking to Index All Your Social Content Sharing PagesApart from the above social content sharing tips you should also ensure that you promote your socialcontent sharing pages and a good way to do this is by bookmarking all your pages on websites suchas Digg, Delicious and Stumbleupon.Social content sharing is a new and exciting way to promote your website but in order to do so youshould write as many interesting and informative articles as possible, linking them both with yourwebsite as well as with one another and then using social bookmarking to promote them.Mitch Carson is an award-winning direct marketer, consultant, author and columnist who hasconsulted for the BEST of the BEST in marketing including, Legendary marketer Dan Kennedy, JayConrad Levinson author of "Guerilla Marketing", Joe Vitale, Ron LeGrand #1 How to Get Rich in RealEstate, Ted Thomas, Internet Marketing Guru Yanik Silver, Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author #1 BestSelling Series, "Chicken Soup for the Soul", and other marketing experts on advanced directmarketing techniques. He has had been written up in over 140 newspapers worldwide (including theWall Street Journal, LA Times, Washington Post and more), over 600 radio stations, and has beenfeatured in over 200 spots on QVC, Home Shopping Network, Fox News, and Reuters Worldwide. Hecan be reached at 818-280-0199, and www.impactproducts.nEt