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Not Everyone Cares: Marketing Your Cause in a Cluttered Marketplace


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This main stage 20 minute talk was presented by Scott Henderson, managing director of CauseShift, at the 2011 Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University, hosted by Unite for Sight.

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Not Everyone Cares: Marketing Your Cause in a Cluttered Marketplace

  1. 1. Not Everyone Cares:
Marketing Your Cause ina Cluttered Marketplace"
  2. 2. #1 Thing YouNeed to Learn"
  3. 3. Not everyone caresbut someone doesand knows otherswho care, too

  4. 4. So why me? 

  5. 5. It  is  wonderful  to  create.   Akira  Kurosawa  
  6. 6. Take Away #1  Everything is changing"
  7. 7. Shaving with aface full ofNovocain"
  8. 8. Take Away #2  Emotion trumps logic"
  9. 9. (r)evolution"
  10. 10. Compassion 
  11. 11. Evokes a 
specific action"
  12. 12. What if youcould knowabout allthe worldʼssuffering?"
  13. 13. Focus on 
specific actions"
  14. 14. Take Away #3  Powerful stories are the answer"
  15. 15. Story anchorsfacts"
  16. 16. Story evokesemotions"
  17. 17. Story inspiresaction"
  18. 18. Take Away #4  Tell me how you spentthe last $100 to get mynext $100 "
  19. 19. h#p://  
  20. 20. Take Away #5  Give others the toolsto tell their storyabout you"
  21. 21. Brands need tobecomeplatforms onwhich creativepeople can build" Scott Belsky  
  22. 22. People give topeople"
  23. 23. Five Takeaways?"
  24. 24. 1. Everything is changing
2. Emotion trumps logic
3. Powerful stories
4. The last $100
5. Others tell your story"
  25. 25. Examples"
  26. 26. Case Study:"
  27. 27. Case Study:"
  28. 28. Africaʼs largest slum 
 blank spot"
  29. 29. Opportunity"•  Accurate local information was needed to make informed decisions about the risks and vulnerabilities related to health and protection"•  The activity of mapping was seen as a way to also raise awareness and spur advocacy opportunities related to HIV and AIDS vulnerability"
  30. 30. Strategy"•  Youth Section (DOC), HIV/AIDS section, UNICEF Kenya, and Open Street Map partnered"•  Enlisted 13 youth to serve on mapping team"•  Combined traditional mapping techniques with digital tools to create a robust overlay"•  Results shared online and used to identify trouble spots needing attention"
  31. 31. Integrated Media"•  Website features content from:" –  Twitter" –  Blog" –  Flickr" –  YouTube (KiberaNewsNetwork)" –  SMS reporters"
  32. 32. Results"•  Most detailed child protection, public safety and girls vulnerability map of Kibera available publicly"•  Broadened perception of vulnerability amongst young girls, including recognition assets that reduce the risk of HIV transmission"•  Strengthened IT literacy and awareness of open source tools for participants"•  Increased impact of girls and young women in the governance process and facilitated direct improvements in services and accountability"
  33. 33. Relevant Links""""""4/16/11   54  
  34. 34. Case Study: charity:water"DRAFT  –  INPUT  DUE  10/27/10  
  35. 35. Opportunity"•  Every September, charity:water conducts a Birthday Campaign to celebrate its anniversary "•  This September, they set goal of providing clean water to the Bayaka People in the Central African Republic"•  Announced fundraising goal of $1.7 million"
  36. 36. Launch Strategy"•  Announced plans to previous supporters on August 15 (two weeks in advance)"•  Leveraged platform to allow individuals to launch customized campaigns for their friends and family"•  Secured help from celebrity and influencers to promote thru social media"•  Visually and emotionally compelling videos"
  37. 37. Engagement Strategy"•  Provided regular updates via email and social media on the number of birthday campaigns launched and money raised"•  Featured stories about unique campaigns (e.g. one to celebrate babyʼs first birthday)"•  Live streamed video of the first two wells" –  First well attempt failed " –  Second well was successfully drilled"
  38. 38. When New Opportunities Arise"DRAFT  –  INPUT  DUE  10/27/10  
  39. 39. Will and Jada Smith Challenge"•  Built on top of existing infrastructure"•  Only needed a video to explain"•  Provided incentive for top 3 fundraisers – accompany Will and Jada on trip to Africa to visit the wells they build"
  40. 40. Final Result"•  Fell short of their stated goal, but still raised over $800,000 in one month" –  Thatʼs 20% of the total money theyʼve raised in their four-year history"•  Will and Jada Smith Challenge raised $64,000 and inspired an additional 1,179 people to dedicate their September birthdays, too. In total, they helped raise $85,250"
  41. 41. Relevant Links"""""
  42. 42.   @sco<yhendo