Breaking Thru the Clutter: How to Market Your Cause and Attract New Champions


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This workshop was facilitated by Scott Henderson, managing director of CauseShift, at the 2011 Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University, which is organized by Unite for Sight.

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Breaking Thru the Clutter: How to Market Your Cause and Attract New Champions

  1. 1. Breaking Thru the Clutter:
How to Market Your Cause and Attract New Champions"
  2. 2. #1 Thing YouNeed to Learn"
  3. 3. Not everyone caresbut someone doesand knows otherswho care, too

  4. 4. So why me? 

  5. 5. It  is  wonderful  to  create.   Akira  Kurosawa  
  6. 6. Take Away #1  Everything is changing"
  7. 7. Shaving with aface full ofNovocain"
  8. 8. Seven Main Tools"
  9. 9. ExerciseBreak!  
  10. 10. Take Away #2  Emotion trumps logic"
  11. 11. (r)evolution"
  12. 12. Compassion 
  13. 13. Evokes a 
specific action"
  14. 14. What if youcould knowabout allthe worldʼssuffering?"
  15. 15. Focus on 
specific actions"
  16. 16. ExerciseBreak!  
  17. 17. Take Away #3  Powerful stories are the answer"
  18. 18. Story anchorsfacts"
  19. 19. Story evokesemotions"
  20. 20. Story inspiresaction"
  21. 21. ExerciseBreak!  
  22. 22. Take Away #4  Tell me how you spentthe last $100 to get mynext $100 "
  23. 23. h#p://  
  24. 24. ExerciseBreak!  
  25. 25. Take Away #5  Give others the toolsto tell their storyabout you"
  26. 26. Brands need tobecomeplatforms onwhich creativepeople can build" Scott Belsky  
  27. 27. People give topeople"
  28. 28. ExerciseBreak!  
  29. 29. Pop Quiz!  
  30. 30. Five Takeaways?"
  31. 31. 1. Everything is changing
2. Emotion trumps logic
3. Powerful stories
4. The last $100
5. Others tell your story"
  32. 32. Bonus"Content  
  33. 33. Seven Main Tools"
  34. 34. Things to Remember"•  Youʼre “speaking” in public – everything you share reflects upon you and your cause#•  Social media requires social skills#•  While the financial costs are low, social media requires a time commitment#•  Listen – Share – Learn#
  35. 35. Facebook"
  36. 36. Why Facebook?"•  Over 550 million registered users#•  70% outside the US#•  Average user has 130 friends and creates 90 pieces of content each month#•  Every minute of the day, Facebook users spend 16,203,704 collective minutes on the website#•  Largest repository of photos and videos (3 billion pieces of content shared each week)# Stay Socially Relevant"
  37. 37. Pages, Not Groups"Pages launched to replace old-style Groups# Pages : Organizations :: Profiles : Individuals#Robust tools#•  Videos, photos, events, Causes, wall posts, etc.#•  Page analytics help you track interactions#
  38. 38. Op7mizing  Your  Page  •  If  you  have  over  25  who  “like”  your  page,  you  can   register  a  vanity  URL  to  make  it  easier  to  promote   (i.e.    Learn  more  at     h#p://  •  Link  to  other  UNICEF  pages  and  your  partners’   pages  to  improve  your  Facebook  search  results  •  Fill  out  your  Page  profile  and  include  URLs  to  your   website  and  main  social  media  accounts  
  39. 39. Twi#er  
  40. 40. Why Twitter?"•  Over 136 million registered users #•  300,000 new user per day (60% outside US)#•  180 million unique visitors per month & 27 million tweets per day#•  Information network popular with media, politicians, and celebrities#•  Asymmetric relationships (people can follow you without you following them)#•  Twitter can influence offline conversations# Real-Time Sharing"4/16/11   55  
  41. 41. Optimizing Your Twitter Page"•  Complete your profile and link to the one URL youʼd like people to visit#•  Follow individuals and organizations relevant to your information needs#•  There is no “right way” to use Twitter#
  42. 42. Cracking the Twitter Code"•  @ is the symbol denoting an account name (i.e. @uniteforsight)#•  RT means “retweet” and is how you can attribute what someone else tweeted#•  OH means “overheard” and is used for anonymous quotes#•  # is called a “hashtag” and allows you to participate in conversations with others regardless is you are following them or not #
  43. 43. YouTube"
  44. 44. Why YouTube?"•  Over 2 billion videos watched per day#•  Every minute, 24 hours of video uploaded#•  Most users are age 18-55, evenly divided between male and female#•  51% visit at least weekly#•  52% of 18-34 year-olds share often# Direct & Indirect Video Sharing"
  45. 45. Flickr"
  46. 46. Why Flickr?"•  Over 5 billion images uploaded in total#•  3,000 images every minute#•  Active community of enthusiastic users#•  Easy for you and other people to use your photos on websites and blogs# Photo Sharing"
  47. 47. Blog"
  48. 48. Why Blog?"•  One of the original forms of “social media”#•  Over 150 million blogs identified#•  Recognized and adopted by mainstream media (NYTimes, The Guardian, etc.)#•  Demonstrate your progress and thought leadership# Create Conversations"
  49. 49. Short Messaging Service (SMS)"
  50. 50. Why SMS?"•  Over half the worldʼs population owns a mobile phone #•  Simple messaging service (SMS) is universal #•  Collect data from many people all at once#•  Coordinate complex workflows and groups #•  Multiple SMS platform options: RapidSMS, Ushahidi, Text for Change# On-­‐the-­‐Go  Communica;on  
  51. 51. RapidSMS in the Field"•  Remote health diagnostics#•  Nutritional surveillance#•  Community discussions#•  “Deputized” data collection#•  Registering children in public health campaigns# Case  Study:  h#p://­‐studies/malawi-­‐nutri7onal-­‐surviellence/  
  52. 52. Mapping"
  53. 53. Why Mapping?"•  Create a common resource for all to use#•  Inherently social activity#•  Spurs conversation and discussion#•  Identify resources, data trends, and needs# Shared Community Vision"
  54. 54. No matter the tool you use…"
  55. 55. Four Keys to Success"•  Be real – disclose who you are and use your natural voice#•  Stand out – find ways to be memorable#•  Interact – share ideas and make comments#•  Involve – ask readers/viewers for their input#
  56. 56. TakeAc;   @scoByhendo