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Reference Excellence 2009


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Reference Excellence is an online training tool using a wiki

Published in: Technology, Education, Sports
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Reference Excellence 2009

  1. 2. Reference Excellence
  2. 3. Ref-ex (Reference excellence) is based on the Ohio Reference Excellence program (ORE). Permission was granted by the Ohio Library Council for the State Library of New South Wales, in partnership with New South Wales public libraries, to modify the content for New South Wales conditions. We’ve been working on this project for quite some time now - finally it’s here!
  3. 23. Kathleen Alexander Ross Balharrie Martin Boyce Wendy Cao Will Coombe Ellen Forsyth Michelle Goldsmith Indira Gonsale-Korale Beth Hall Michelle Head Cathy Johnston Fifi Kessemlis, Sonya Lange Carolyn McQueen Robyn Menzies, Barry Nunn Tina Reedman Ion Sloggett, Rose-marie Walters Jennifer Wilson Katie Wilson
  4. 29. We want you! Join today!
  5. 30. (Reference Excellence) (RISG) (Reference e-list)