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FusionConf 2018 - We're all designers


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Product design and development often involves many people with different skillsets. Unfortunately, communication problems can arise. Designers may hear responses that sound like "you're the designer", "that'll take too much time", or "that's not my job" when they attempt to collaborate. Catt Small, a Product Designer and Developer, will discuss methods used to cross silos in order to speed up the design and development process while also building camaraderie, agency, and transparency. She will also discuss ways to encourage teams that may be reluctant to change and ways to get upper management on board with a more collaborative design process.

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FusionConf 2018 - We're all designers

  1. 1. @cattsmall We’re All Designers FusionConf 2018 – Catt Small
  2. 2. @cattsmall@cattsmall ◇ Senior Product Designer at Etsy ◇ Independent Game Developer ◇ Maker of various things! A little about me:
  3. 3. @cattsmall@cattsmall ◇ Why collaborative design matters ◇ How to do it ◇ How to get everyone on board Today we’ll discuss:
  4. 4. @cattsmall@cattsmall The problem
  5. 5. @cattsmall Kickoff Research & Design Sprint Design Review Modify Designs Design Review Modify Designs Design Review Tech Review Modify Designs Tech Review Dev Sprint QA & Launch Product development
  6. 6. @cattsmall Kickoff
  7. 7. @cattsmall@cattsmall I don’t understand why these decisions were made! Confusion
  8. 8. @cattsmall Research & Design Sprint Design Review Modify Designs
  9. 9. @cattsmall@cattsmall I have a feeling that this isn’t going to turn out well. Concern
  10. 10. @cattsmall Tech Review
  11. 11. @cattsmall@cattsmall Frustration This design is virtually impossible to build!
  12. 12. @cattsmall Dev Sprint Modify Designs Tech Review
  13. 13. @cattsmall@cattsmall Exasperation I give up
  14. 14. @cattsmall QA & Launch
  15. 15. @cattsmall@cattsmall I can’t believe they mangled my design Rage
  16. 16. @cattsmall@cattsmall We’re too far in now! We can’t quit! Inflexibility
  17. 17. @cattsmall@cattsmall This is a waste of time, effort, and money.
  18. 18. @cattsmall@cattsmall This is how products fail.
  19. 19. @cattsmall@cattsmall Good products are built by good product teams.
  20. 20. @cattsmall Good product teams communicate.
  21. 21. @cattsmall 90% of U.S. households contain at least one of these devices (smartphone, desktop/laptop computer, tablet or streaming media device), with the typical (median) American household containing five of them. Pew Research Center, 2016
  22. 22. @cattsmall@cattsmall Collaborative design
  23. 23. @cattsmall “Collaborative Design — Not Just for UX”, Jess Eddy Collaborative design is a great facilitation tool that helps get the best ideas on the table by engaging various different stakeholders with different perspectives.
  24. 24. @cattsmall Everyone contributes to the product design
  25. 25. @cattsmall Kickoff Research & Design Sprint Design Review Modify Designs Design Review Modify Designs Design Review Tech Review Modify Designs Tech Review Dev Sprint QA & Launch Faster development
  26. 26. @cattsmall Kickoff Research & Design Sprint Design Review Modify Designs Design Review Modify Designs Design Review Tech Review Modify Designs Tech Review Dev Sprint QA & Launch Faster development
  27. 27. @cattsmall Kickoff
  28. 28. @cattsmall People aren’t using this feature. Let’s increase usage to 75% by the end of this year.
  29. 29. @cattsmall Research & Design Sprint
  30. 30. @cattsmall
  31. 31. @cattsmall DESIGNER How about we highlight it on the home page? PRODUCT MANAGER Maybe we can send an email about it. ENGINEER Maybe the page could load faster. DESIGNER “Call to action” ENGINEER “User story” PRODUCT MANAGER “Click-through rate”
  32. 32. @cattsmall
  33. 33. @cattsmall Design Programming Share viewpoints Product Designer Engineer
  34. 34. @cattsmall AGENCY
  35. 35. @cattsmall Dev Sprint
  36. 36. @cattsmall Engineering documentation Product documentation Design documentation
  37. 37. @cattsmall QA & Launch
  38. 38. @cattsmall 1 year 3 months 1 month
  39. 39. @cattsmall It’s okay to fail when there’s less at stake.
  40. 40. @cattsmall
  41. 41. @cattsmall@cattsmall Radical change
  42. 42. @cattsmall Step 1: Identify the problem
  43. 43. @cattsmall This is a real issue. We’re losing money. Manager Let’s fix it! Product Designer
  44. 44. @cattsmall Step 2: Propose solutions
  45. 45. @cattsmall This would benefit us. Can we try it? Manager Ooh! Product Designer
  46. 46. @cattsmall Identify problem 1-week sprint Ideate solutions 1-week sprint Prototype solutions 1-week sprint Test solutions 3 days Build solutions 2-week sprint Ramp-up 1 week Product Delivery Efficiency Plan Staffing requests: ● Product manager coach (3 weeks) ● Design strategy coach (2 weeks) Contractor costs: $12,000 Time savings: 9 months
  47. 47. @cattsmall Step 3: Do the thing!
  48. 48. @cattsmall Would you like to participate in this? Manager Sure! Product Designer
  49. 49. @cattsmall
  50. 50. @cattsmall Step 4: Show value
  51. 51. @cattsmall
  52. 52. @cattsmall Everyone loved sketching! It aligned the entire team. Amazing! ManagerProduct Designer
  53. 53. @cattsmall@cattsmall Baby steps
  54. 54. @cattsmall Step 1: Ask unanswered questions
  55. 55. @cattsmall Questions to ask ● What is the customer problem? ● What are the KPIs? ● What’s our definition of success? ● Who will be building this?
  56. 56. @cattsmall What user need is this feature solving? Good question... PM Product Designer
  57. 57. @cattsmall Step 2: Share your opinion
  58. 58. @cattsmall I am the advocate for our customers. Yes! Product Designer PM
  59. 59. @cattsmall User research says our customers won’t pay for this product. We should make it more valuable to them! Product Designer PM
  60. 60. @cattsmall Step 3: Include others
  61. 61. @cattsmall Do you want to be more involved? Yes, please! EngineerProduct Designer
  62. 62. @cattsmall I think you’d have a lot to contribute to this discussion. Thank you for thinking of me! EngineerProduct Designer
  63. 63. @cattsmall Step 4: Be visible
  64. 64. @cattsmall Can you try this and tell me what you think? Okay! EngineerProduct Designer
  65. 65. @cattsmall Here’s the design I’m working on right now! Cool! EngineerProduct Designer
  66. 66. @cattsmall Step 5: Invest in others
  67. 67. @cattsmall Are you interested in product design? Yes, I am! Brand Designer Product Designer
  68. 68. @cattsmall You said you were interested in Product Design. Want to make a prototype with me? Yes! I’m so excited! Product Designer Brand Designer
  69. 69. @cattsmall@cattsmall Wrap up
  70. 70. @cattsmall Ideas aren’t precious. Your time is.
  71. 71. @cattsmall Let’s design together.
  72. 72. @cattsmall@cattsmall In summary: ◇ Failure shouldn’t be lethal. ◇ Collaborative design is efficient. ◇ Ask for feedback early and often. ◇ Invest in your collaborators.
  73. 73. @cattsmall Thank you! Questions? Tweet @cattsmall Email