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Create Upstate - Ship it sooner: how to get more done in less time


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Tools help us create beautiful, usable experiences for devices. However, they can also get in the way of creativity. Designers and developers sometimes spend more time thinking about process, software and tools than making. In this talk, Catt will discuss the reasons we get distracted by process and tools, why stepping away from process and tools can be helpful, as well as methods to focus more on getting things done.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Create Upstate - Ship it sooner: how to get more done in less time

  1. 1. @cattsmall@cattsmall Ship it sooner How to get more done in less time Catt Small – Create Upstate
  2. 2. @cattsmall@cattsmall ◇ Product Designer, Etsy ◇ Co-founder, Brooklyn Gamery ◇ Maker of various things! A little about me:
  3. 3. @cattsmall@cattsmall I’ve also worked with:
  4. 4. @cattsmall@cattsmall To help you worry less about the how and more about the who, what, when, where, and why. The goal of today’s talk:
  5. 5. @cattsmall@cattsmall ◇ Why & when process can be helpful ◇ Why process can be unhelpful ◇ Ways to focus less on process Topics:
  6. 6. @cattsmall@cattsmall Why process can be helpful
  7. 7. @cattsmall@cattsmall Guidance We have a plan!
  8. 8. @cattsmall@cattsmall
  9. 9. @cattsmall@cattsmall <form action="#" method="post"> <div> <label for="name">Text Input:</label> <input type="text" name="name" id="name" value="" tabindex="1" /> </div> <div> <h4>Radio Button Choice</h4> <label for="radio-choice-1">Choice 1</label> <input type="radio" name="radio-choice-1" id="radio-choice-1" tabindex="2" value="choice-1" /> <label for="radio-choice-2">Choice 2</ label> <input type="radio" name="radio-choice-2" id="radio-choice-2" tabindex="3" value="choice-2" /> </div> Efficient It just works!
  10. 10. @cattsmall@cattsmall Self-improvement I’m a much better designer now!
  11. 11. @cattsmall@cattsmall Use cases
  12. 12. @cattsmall@cattsmall Lacking clarity
  13. 13. @cattsmall@cattsmall What the heck are we making? I don’t know what to do next...
  14. 14. @cattsmall@cattsmall Feeling frustrated
  15. 15. @cattsmall@cattsmall Something is wrong!
  16. 16. @cattsmall@cattsmall Needing communication
  17. 17. @cattsmall@cattsmall I feel lost!
  18. 18. @cattsmall@cattsmall STRUCTURE
  19. 19. @cattsmall@cattsmall Why process can be unhelpful
  20. 20. @cattsmall@cattsmall A long time ago
 in a galaxy far, far away...
  21. 21. @cattsmall@cattsmall Baby designer Catt! I wanna be the very best!
  22. 22. @cattsmall@cattsmall Waterfall :( :( :(
  23. 23. @cattsmall@cattsmall Linear process Design Build Launch WTF???Req’s.
  24. 24. @cattsmall@cattsmall Is there a better way?
  25. 25. @cattsmall@cattsmall Lean UX :) :) :)
  26. 26. @cattsmall@cattsmall Agile :) :):) :) Standup Backlog Grooming Sprint Planning Retro Sprint Review
  27. 27. @cattsmall@cattsmall 50-person company :) :):) :) 200-person company :) :):) :) 1,000-person company :) :):) :)
  28. 28. @cattsmall@cattsmall It didn’t work FAIL.
  29. 29. @cattsmall@cattsmall Process can distract us
  30. 30. @cattsmall@cattsmall Right vs. wrong
  31. 31. @cattsmall@cattsmall
  32. 32. @cattsmall@cattsmall
  33. 33. @cattsmall@cattsmall
  34. 34. @cattsmall@cattsmall I have an opinion!!!!11!1!!! Everyone
  35. 35. @cattsmall@cattsmall Hierarchy
  36. 36. @cattsmall@cattsmall PHPJava SQL C++ASP.NET Objective C C#Ruby JS Python
  37. 37. @cattsmall@cattsmall SQL C++ C# JS on JS Knockout MeteorBackbone Angular ReactEmber
  38. 38. @cattsmall@cattsmall Inflexible
  39. 39. @cattsmall@cattsmall But that doesn’t work for our team... We should try this new method!
  40. 40. @cattsmall@cattsmall MAKE IT FROM SCRATCH export class Just<A> extends Maybe<A> { constructor(public value: A) { super(); }; export class Nothing<A> extends Maybe<A> { constructor() { super(); }; fold<R>(match) { return match.nothing; } export function of<A>(value: A): Maybe<A> {
 return new Just(value); export function zero<A>(): Nothing<A> { return new Nothing(); export function map<A, B>(fn: (a: A) => B): (m: Maybe<A>) => Maybe<B> { return function morphism(ma) { return ma.fold({ just: (a) => { return new Just(fn(a)) },
 export function bind<A, B>(fn: (a: A) => Maybe<B>): (m: Maybe<A>) => Maybe<B> return function morphism(ma) {
 return ma.fold({ </> </> Not built here
  41. 41. @cattsmall@cattsmall Perfectionism
  42. 42. @cattsmall@cattsmall Refusal to accept any standard short of perfection
  43. 43. @cattsmall@cattsmall The mind deflects the message of impossible expectations and literally pushes it into the body. Meredith Arthur, “The Epidemic of Perfectionism”
  44. 44. @cattsmall@cattsmall Anxiety A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.
  45. 45. @cattsmall@cattsmall “Impostor syndrome”
  46. 46. @cattsmall@cattsmall Failure Anxiety Perfectionism
  47. 47. @cattsmall@cattsmall What this leads to
  48. 48. @cattsmall@cattsmall Power shifts & vacuums
  49. 49. @cattsmall@cattsmall But none of us know how it works... This is the best framework!
  50. 50. @cattsmall@cattsmall
  51. 51. @cattsmall@cattsmall Burnout
  52. 52. @cattsmall@cattsmall Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress
  53. 53. @cattsmall@cattsmall Work Think about what to improve
  54. 54. @cattsmall@cattsmall It is the harsh self-evaluative processes central to perfectionistic concerns that are understood to fuel the perfectionism- burnout relationship Andrew P. Hill & Thomas Curran, “Multidimensional Perfectionism and Burnout”
  55. 55. @cattsmall@cattsmall How to refocus
  56. 56. @cattsmall@cattsmall Breathe
  57. 57. @cattsmall@cattsmall You’re doing a good job
  58. 58. @cattsmall@cattsmall Define objectives
  59. 59. @cattsmall@cattsmall I think we should use– What is our goal?
  60. 60. @cattsmall@cattsmall I still don’t get what we’re doing! Yeah! Me neither. How about we step back?
  61. 61. @cattsmall@cattsmall Make your own process
  62. 62. @cattsmall@cattsmall Ideate Iterate Learn Design BuildCelebrate Launch Test
  63. 63. @cattsmall@cattsmall Consider your context Company size Team composition
  64. 64. @cattsmall@cattsmall Create a deadline Start Finish!
  65. 65. @cattsmall@cattsmall Define who, what, when, where, why Define how
  66. 66. @cattsmall@cattsmall Things to remember
  67. 67. @cattsmall@cattsmall Communicate upfront
  68. 68. @cattsmall@cattsmall How do you like to work?
  69. 69. @cattsmall@cattsmall Ignore trendy hotness
  70. 70. @cattsmall@cattsmall “Fire Burning” by matthewvogel1234 on DeviantArt (lol)
  71. 71. @cattsmall@cattsmall React worked well for them, but Ember does the job for us!
  72. 72. @cattsmall@cattsmall Share knowledge
  73. 73. @cattsmall@cattsmall //random integer method.
 Lorem.prototype.randomInt = function (min, max) {
 return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;
 //text creator method with parameters: how many, what
 Lorem.prototype.createText = function(count, type) {
 switch (type) {
 //paragraphs are loads of sentences.
 var paragraphs = new Array;
 for (var i = 0; i < count; i++) {
 var paragraphLength = Let’s break down how this function works.
  74. 74. @cattsmall@cattsmall Let’s do a sketching session!
  75. 75. @cattsmall@cattsmall Be flexible
  76. 76. @cattsmall@cattsmall CHILL OUT WE DIDN’T GO BY THE PROCESS OH MY GOD
  77. 77. @cattsmall@cattsmall That’s not what the book says, but it works for us!
  78. 78. @cattsmall@cattsmall We’re all gross meaty bump lumps
  79. 79. @cattsmall@cattsmall Pat yourself on the back
  80. 80. @cattsmall@cattsmall NOICE!
  81. 81. @cattsmall@cattsmall You tried yay
  82. 82. @cattsmall@cattsmall Wrap-up
  83. 83. @cattsmall@cattsmall ◇Process is a double-edged sword. ◇One’s right is another’s wrong. ◇Power shifts/vacuums can happen when one person advocates for a new process or tool. In summary:
  84. 84. @cattsmall@cattsmall ◇Think about your context first. ◇Always define project goals. ◇Accept imperfection. ◇Don’t worry about the new hotness. ◇Share what you learn. Advice:
  85. 85. @cattsmall@cattsmall Celebrate what you make! We’re such an awesome team.
  86. 86. @cattsmall@cattsmall ◇UX Team of One ◇Overcoming Perfectionism ◇The Burnout Society ◇Google Calendar ◇Therapy Resources:
  87. 87. @cattsmall@cattsmall Thank you. Questions? Tweet @cattsmall Gaming event in June: