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Notting Hill


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Notting Hill

  1. 1. Analysis of Notting Hill Opening<br />
  2. 2. The film begins with the sounds of an excited crowd as the distributor logog fades to black. As the credits appear as candy colours in a frivolous font one can hear that the crowd are awaiting a famous actress called Anna Scott. After the distributors and production company credits the film fades up to a close up of a woman's face smiling. There a lots of flashing lights form cameras and loud voices of reports. There images keep on fading to black the to another imageof the documentyphotoage, there either close ups or mid close ups of 'Anna Scotts face' Songs ends just before the next scene. Dissolves to black then the next scene gets introduce. Theres a voice over of a mans voice. The man walks away from the camera. Camera tracks, pans and then crangs/long shot to show the location of where the film is talking place.<br />