Love actually


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Love actually

  1. 1. Analysis of Love Actually Opening<br />
  2. 2. This title sequence for love actually starts conventionally with the distributors logos and the production company's logo. For each the the titles fade in and out. As the last logo appears fully music can be heard. It is slow, and orchestrated creating an emotional feel. The audience is immediately made to feel relaxed and caring. The title fades to black and then fades up on what looks like home video footage. We see a backpacker in mid-shot moving through crowds of people. There is no long shot to let you know your at the airport. The backpacker finds who their looking for and they embrace. It is a touching scene. The music continues and credits appear over the image at the bottom of the frame. They are small and dissolve in and out. The couple lovingly kiss each-other as the last production company title appears. We then start to see a montage sequence of various people greeting each-other at the airport. The camera zooms and reframes to capture the live action. The audience is almost made to feel that they are in the airport viewing the various greetings . The fourth shot of a woman picking up her child prompts the start of the Voice Over which the audience has to assume is the main character.<br />
  3. 3. His voice being recognisable to those familiar with the A-list Actor. The depth of field is shallow so that the audiences attention is drawn toward the characters greeting each-other. The voice over reveals that we are at an airport and talks of finding love, that although we might live in a troubled world love survives. The twin towers are mentioned which raises the stakes for this film and assures the audience that the film is sincere. Finally concluding that love is all around. The title appears simultaneously. with the word 'is' in red thus implying that for any cynic out there love IS actually all around. The audience is now prepared for a film about love. The title of the film appears over the image of a child being thrown up into the air. The montage is edited with straight cuts and the last 'vignette" fades as the voice over ends and the music starts to fall away.<br />
  4. 4. This is a nice introduction to the film. It is not unconventional to use a voice over for the start for the film but what makes this film is a little more un ique is how it introduces the audience to the theme of the film as opposed to the characters and setting. I feel the music is very powerful in creating the mood and tone of the film.<br />