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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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  1. 1. About: 4Docs
  2. 2. 4Docs Logo Different subjects 4Docs Sponsors and you can see the channel 4 logo
  3. 3. Watch When you first open the watch page on 4docs this is what is comes up like The ‘Show me…’ bar below is the categories that you are optent to choose. I chose ‘Personal Story’ because it’s what I am making with my documentary. This is the home page of ‘Personal Story’ I am hope to add my to this collection.
  4. 4. Wiki Wiki give’s you information on how to raise money for you film, information on how to edit ‘making theme’, showing and sharing and if you've made a love theme.
  5. 5. ‘Making them’ & ‘Showing and Sharing’
  6. 6. Win When you go on to ‘Win’ this what pops up. It has information on how to enter you film and what type of compaction's are on for you to enter
  7. 7. Blog There’s so much on the blog that I’ve only picked a few things to show. This ‘Archives’ show’s you the past winner’s. These two pages hear are out of many pages on the blog.