Dumbed Down


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Dumbed Down

  1. 1. By: Laura Manfredi, Traydese Roth, and Racheal Lopez
  2. 2. Barbara Arrowsmith Young  Arrowsmith School treats learning disabilities  Young: Struggled with dyslexia Psychology graduate  Her theory:  “A person can transform weak areas of the brain through repetitive and targeted cognitive exercises”
  3. 3. Continued…  Schools are in US and Canada  In 2003, TCDSB comprehension rates of learning increased 1½ to 3 times  Young people have a type of ADD  Their problems:  Thinking  Problem Solving  Task Completion  Getting Distracted Easily  Trouble with Non-verbal Thinking  Face Expressions  Body Language
  4. 4. Facts  We are Digital Natives  On average:  Approx.: 8½ hrs a day absorb digital and video sensory  By 20:  Approx.: 20 000 hrs. on the web 10 000 hrs. playing video games
  5. 5. Dr. Gary Small  Dr. Gary Small: renowned neuroscientist  Beleive the human brain has been affected quickly and dramatically  Performed Experiment:  A “savvy” and “naïve” computer user  5 hours each on Google  Savvy remained the same in the brain  Naïve rewired their brain
  6. 6.  Our society is turning off their frontal lobes. Better known as “video game brain.”  We are developing a generation with underdeveloped frontal lobes.  Digital natives are miles ahead of where we used to be, but are not using this to their advantage.  We spend so much time online, that we have fewer face to face interactions. Consequences?  We have more information on hands then ever and yet we know less.
  7. 7. Stress, No Time  It’s not what you learn, it’s what you know.  We depend on machines and technology, which leads humans to do less thinking, losing our mental sources.  We use less and less of our brain, it’s all a cut and paste learning process. We become intellectually lazy  We no longer have time to reflect, contemplate or make decisions.  Our brain eventually can’t take this “strain” and eventually shuts down, we get “brain fog”, which leads to depression.