CENTIRO CASE STUDYFor Caroline it’s all aboutthe fashion beat                                                         Reta...
CENTIRO CASE STUDY No worries, mate Centiro Transport Management for Gina Tricot is                                       ...
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Centiro case gina tricot fast fashion e-commerce


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Centiro case gina tricot fast fashion e-commerce

  1. 1. CENTIRO CASE STUDYFor Caroline it’s all aboutthe fashion beat Retail undergoing structural change Gina’s retail business and e-commerce models blend into a carefully crafted omnichannel strategy. Fast fashion is all about precision. With new styles every week the logistics need to be perfect – there is no room for error. And with the rapid growth of Gina Tricot’s e-commerce channel, they needed logistics software to meet the rhythm and demand from the consumer. They chose Centiro for the job. Everything changes. Except one “In 2012, we decided to completely change our software infrastructure for purchasing and retail.So many things to do. So little time. About the only thing we kept was Centiro’s solution for e-commerce and Transport Management. ItA Pilates workout, a brisk afternoon saved some serious headaches in a tough period,”walk, a tea session with some hot remembers Per Johan.gossip and friends all fit into therhythm of Caroline’s life. A rhythm “The greatest value it givesmatched by fashion that augments us is simplicity and strategicher lively personality and mirrors the control, key to our successpace and pulse of her life. For her, with fashion delivery. With theGina Tricot is right on the beat. All the integration of Centiro e-commercetime. fulfillment and Transport Management into our e-shop, we are prepared toServing the millennial generation with fast enter new markets or change the wayfashion – the e-way we serve customers quickly. It’s a newThe market dynamics in fashion retail are changingrapidly. Consumerization and the new behavioral level of business agility,”patterns of the young generation put hard pressure Per Johan Swartling, Chief Financial Officer, Gina Tricoton fast-fashion retailer Gina Tricot – one of Sweden’sswiftest growing business success stories.“Our customers are not aware of traditional supplychain models, driven by old-style push. They demandexcellent service from a premium fashion brand,driving the need for a timely and rhythmic logisticsresponse to their shopping activity,” says Per JohanSwartling, Chief Financial Officer for Gina Tricot
  2. 2. CENTIRO CASE STUDY No worries, mate Centiro Transport Management for Gina Tricot is GINA TRICOT implemented as a SaaS solution. This means they can Turnover 300 million Euro (forecast 2012) focus on serving their demanding customers and not Retail outlets 175 worry about how the software scales when demand Countries 5 increases. “The speed of growth in our e-commerce channel is phenomenal,” says Per Johan. “We feel really comfortable with the reliability and business contingency from Centiro’s cloud environment. It CONTACT THE TEAM just works. As for scalability – we don’t even have to pick up the phone if our Christmas TV-campaign is a Phone: +46 33 - 290 390 runaway hit – the sub-second performance is there, Mail: sales@centiro.se all the time, even if we have increases of 3-400% compared to a normal day,” finishes Per Johan. Gina Tricot can relax and focus on their core business, thanks to logistics software from Centiro – designed with people in mind.Centiro design logistics management software with people in mind. Software to help you differentiate your organization from your competitors, raise your customers’ satisfaction and loweryour operating costs. Our solutions are designed for a world of unknowns, in order to help you master your logistics challenges.