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Centiro case brightpoint tm a competitive differentiator


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Centiro case brightpoint tm a competitive differentiator

  1. 1. CENTIRO CASE STUDYPleasing digital nomads is key inthe mobile internet revolution because the synergy was recognized, 2 adjacent visions met which resulted in Transport Management beyond paradigms. The first site to go live was Slovakia, a project that took only 3x3 weeks from first contact with Centiro to production go-live. When the project was evaluated, eyebrows were raised. It was a go-live without issues, delivering beyond expected. A partner to dance with “Once we saw what could be done on our Slovakia- site, it confirmed that Centiro was our to-be strategic Transport Management solution for EMEA. In mobile device distribution, speed and agility are important.These days, we are all digital nomads, And with Centiro, we got a partner to dance with that can follow with the quick changes in the mobiledepending on distribution services industry. Centiro’s fast release pulse in their SaaSof mobile devices that keep us environment make sure we can follow as the business changes”, says Jan. A setup of new sites and carriersconnected. Little do we reflect of the take less than 3 weeks now.role BrightPoint play in our lives. WhenBrightPoint logistics services are at Lean + Agile - transportation harmonizedwork, they are almost unnoticed. BrightPoint deals with more than 30 carriers providing over 100 different services in the current Centiro setup. “It may sound funny, but the ability to chooseRadical savings is not all rate card reductions different carriers is key to providing a consistentFor many logistics-intensive companies, transport is service to our customer regardless of geography.primarily viewed as cost on the P&L. Not at BrightPoint Thanks to Centiro, we have a harmonized process.– a world leader in mobile device distribution. “Whendefining our strategy, we reached the conclusion thattransport is a strategic capability in reaching customersatisfaction and ultimately market leadership. It shouldnot be viewed as a cost alone, rather as a strategic “With Centiro, weasset” Jan Karnebeek, Director of Transportation got a partner toexplains. “The initiatives taken so far have resulted inresult improvements of more than 20 % of the freight dance with that canbudget. This includes reduced costs, improved rates, follow with the quickimproved profitability, and improved processes.” Next changes in the mobile industry. ”steps will allow BrightPoint to reduce supply-chain Jan Karnebeek, Director Transportation, Brightpointcosts even more by changing the rules of the game.Transport management – beyond paradigms“When we decided to make Transport Management acompetitive differentiator, one of the things we startedto look for was a software solution to give life to ourstrategy“, says Jan. Centiro was chosen for the job
  2. 2. CENTIRO CASE STUDY CENTIRO HELPS BRIGHTPOINT PLEASE DIGITAL NOMADSThe process to ship, have full visibility and keepcontrol over cost and performance is consistent, but BRIGHTPOINT FACTSwe can cherry-pick carriers and services to fit thevarious market needs. It’s the best of both worlds.And our concept with Centiro is winning us new Carriers/services 30/100business too. Our 3PL customers and prospects like it 300.000 increasing to Shipments/monthvery much.” 500.000 2013 Sweden, United Kingdom, Locations”In addition Centiro is supporting our warehousing Germany, Poland, Slovakiaprocesses, BrightPoint has implemented postponedprinting which allows BrightPoint to changewarehousing setups and realize savings here as well.”,says Jan.Moving on CONTACT THE TEAMNow that Centiro is the mainstream solution forTransport Management across all sites in EMEA, Phone: +46 33 - 290 390Jan has plans for the future. “We provide services Mail: sales@centiro.seto over 50 web shops in EMEA. We now look tomanage the first mile as well as the last, to makesure to involve the customer and get it right from thestart. We expect to reduce returns from undeliveredshipments by more than 50 % as well as an overallsavings on 15–20 % on B2C related transportationcost and eliminate penalties. In this way we changethe rules of the game. We do not compete – we makethe competition irrelevant with end-to-end TransportManagement” Jan finishes.Centiro design logistics management software with people in mind. Software to help you differentiate your organization from your competitors, raise your customers’ satisfaction and loweryour operating costs. Our solutions are designed for a world of unknowns, in order to help you master your logistics challenges.