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International media hotels and resorts


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Published in: Lifestyle, Design
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International media hotels and resorts

  2. 2. Summary Acquire Advertising for 100% Barter• Ormita can offer you a range of advertising, suitable to your target market.• Instead of paying cash for the advertising you can exchange your own service or products.• Ormita acts as the facilitator in these types of transactions and lets multi-way barter transactions take place.• You do not barter directly with the seller
  4. 4. Vantage ShanghaiWebsite: www.vantageshanghai.comBi-lingual luxury magazine (Chinese and English)Target groups•Both Chinese and foreigners in Shanghai•Male•Aged between late 20s and 40s•With high disposable income•High consumption on luxury•Enjoy social life like parties, gatherings and other socialevents•Endeavour life with fashion, luxury, taste andsophisticationCirculation•5 and 4 star hotels•high-end residential communities•top restaurants•spas and boutiques
  5. 5. Let’s GoWebsite: www.letsgo88.netDistributed in trains of the following routes:•Kowloon – Guangzhou•Guangzhou – Shenzhen•Beijing – Kowloon•Shanghai – Kowloon•Beijing – ShenzhenAlso distributed in rated hotels, golf clubs and clubhouses in:•Hong Kong•Shenzhen•in Pearl River Delta Area
  6. 6. Shenzhen Broadcast – Citizen WeeklyWebsite:•Target audience: Shenzhen Citizens•Hot issues in Shenzhen•Entertainment News•Film Dynamics•Daily Services Updates
  7. 7. Global PeopleWebsite: www.people.huanqiu.comGlobal People- Established by Renmin DailyContent: International and PRC policies, economies,culture and celebrities300 journalists over the world60% are international pagesDistributed at over 15,000 commercial buildings
  8. 8. Airport MagazineWebsite: in 1993 by Shenzhen International Airport 100,000 issues per month The only magazine authorized to distribute in the Shenzhen International Airport -24million passengers (2009) -Lounges (premium and business-classes) of the Airport-Can be accessed at 120 points in the AirportReach target groupshigh-incomehighly educatedhigh social statusenhance brand imagestimulate consumption by readers
  9. 9. China FlightsWebsite: FLIGHTS was established in May 1955. It is the onlyauthorized press by the Civil Aviation Administration ofChina to release flight time.CHINA FLIGHTS offers services to airlines, airports andpassengers with convenience. CHINA FLIGHTS is distributed to different PRC governmentdepartments, as well as foreign embassies in PRC.Subscriptions are available at waiting area and VIPlounges in 30 airports
  10. 10. Hi LifeWebsite: www.townsend-ad.comHi Life is a monthly magazine distributed in over 260planes of Hainan Airlines which is the only 5-star Skytraxairline in China. The readership includes people from 90major cities in China. Hi Life targets groups pursuing a fashionable life-style. Theaverage age of the readership is 33.8 and the annualincome per household reaches RMB370,6000. Columns in the magazine include Fashion Spirit, BeautyAttitude and columns regarding luxury goods like carsand watches.
  11. 11. Life ElementsWebsite: Elements•Effective communication channel between the brandsand the readers•Columns: International, Auto, Design, Lifestyle, Culture•Mainly distributed in specific points in Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou • Golf Clubs • 5-star hotels • Clubhouses • Foreign embassies and Foreign commerce chambers•Readers • 50% in high-class residential areas • 20% in commercial areas e.g. A-class commercial building • 20% free subscriptions in business suites of hotels and golf clubs
  13. 13. AndpersandWebsite: www.andpersandmag.comAndpersand Magazine was conceptualized toredefine luxury and lifestyle in the Indian market andabroad. It has been especially designed to give apowerful aesthetic and trendsetting display tointernational lifestyle products and set them apartfrom other, less luxe brands.The editorial design and display of the magazine iscreated by an innovative and award-winning teamof editors, writers and photographers who arestrategically placed at the world’s most alluringmetropolitan beach cities: Miami, Amsterdam,Dubai and Mumbai.
  14. 14. Asia SpaWebsite: www.asiaspaindia.comIndia’s only wellness lifestyle magazine with motive“Look beautiful, Feel healthy”... asiaSpa Indiainvites its readers to step outside their everydayurban environment and escape to a tranquil worldwhere mind, body and soul are refreshed.Targeted at up-market urban professionals,asiaSpa India explores the world of beauty andserenity.Addressing the contemporary lifestyle concerns,asiaSpa guides its readers along the nurturingjourney to wellness, unifying both body and soul.It highlights the latest developments and trends inone of the worlds fastest growing industries.
  15. 15. Beauty & StyleWebsite: www.beautyindia.inOur magazine "Beauty & Style" brings a holistic approachto looking and feeling beautiful through wellness, health,diet, and nature careBEAUTY is the beauty, health, and lifestyle expert. Ourgoal is to bring out month after month a magazinepacked with latest information on makeup, skin, hair,health and diet. We specialize in reviewing andproviding our readers details on services, and products.We bring to the readers clear explanations on whatreally works - the makeup trends, skincare, hair care,styles, wellness, diet, and health tips – for Indian womenand men. We look to help our readers feel beautifulinside and out.Readership in News stands, Salons/Parlor, Spa, Retailers,Dealers, Hotels, Airport. BEAUTY is for the beautyenthusiast be it a SEC A woman or a man, or a consumerat tier II or Tier III city.
  16. 16. Celebrating VivahaWebsite: Wedding Magazine of the New Millennium.Launched in 2000, Celebrating Vivaha is more than amagazine. A guide, Celebrating Vivaha gives you thehow to, where to and what to of weddings. Its globalreach gives you a panoramic canvas to choose from.Taking the toil out of the sweetest occasion of your life, itbrings together all the elements that go into the makingof a picture perfect wedding.Frequency – QuarterlyTarget Audience - Men & Women in the age group of20-45 years
  17. 17. CasavivaWebsite: www.mediatransasia.inDesign. Style. Trends. Luxury. Casaviva is where it all comestogether. Reaching a target audience of sophisticated,discerning and well-heeled women in the age group of 24-44years, Casaviva - Italys highest selling interiors and lifestylemagazine - will target a new genre in India, that of 360-degree living. Because, we believe, luxury is not about howyou spend - its about the way you live. So whether its homecouture or collectibles, furniture or gadgets, travel or wellness,fashion or beauty, art or entertaining, Casa Viva is yourdefinitive guide to a stylish life.In India, Casaviva is published in partnership with MediaTransasia, whose portfolio includes market leaders like Travel &Leisure. This is the seventh international edition of Casaviva.Casaviva focuses on the home as the ultimate status symbol,providing inspirational ideas and cutting-edge concepts fromthe design capitals of the world. Top-notch writers andphotographers cover subjects of design importance, fromantiques and collectibles to product design, architecture,entertaining, gardens, fashion, beauty, cuisine, cocktails,accessories, technology and all things luxury in a globalperspective for its readers.
  18. 18. City CheersWebsite: www.citycheers.inSO MUCH TO SEE AND SO MUCH TO DO. And elements oflife changing- lifestyle, surroundings, vision and views. Insuch a dynamic world, we all are moving ahead butwhere are the moments of celebration, realization of ourdreams and sense of togetherness?City Cheers magazine is a content rich family magazinefrom India. It is a complete life style magazine abouttravel, celebrities, womens and present life style trends inthe country.Get recognized, increase your profit margin and gainvisibility globally.40,500 copies are printed per month.
  19. 19. Cruising HeightsWebsite: www.cruisingheights.inAn airline and travel industry specific magazine with acirculation of approximately 15,000 copies sent to AirlineCEOs, Senior Managers, Ex-Pilots and Managers.The magazine offers a wide coverage of the air transportand air travel industry. Topics include airline operations,airline management issues, information technology,safety & security, alliances, distribution, transport aircraftand engine programs, MRO, aero politics, regulation,finance and leasing, airport development and air cargo.The magazine also offers in-depth features examiningissues affecting the airlines, financiers, manufacturers,consultants and aviation law firms.
  20. 20. Delhi DiaryWebsite: N/ASmall-format weekly magazine highlighting what to doand see in the city.Useful travel tips and a directory of museums, hotels,restaurants, meditation/yoga centers, entertainmentvenues, foreign embassies, and much more.15,000 copies produced every week.
  21. 21. Discover IndiaWebsite: www.mediatransasia.inDiscover India, Indias premium travel and culturemagazine launched in 1988 by Media Transasia IndiaLimited in active cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism,Government of India, with a view to cater primarily tothe inbound tourist. It is a beautifully presented glossymonthly, widely circulated and available at all ourmissions abroad.Discover India reflects the diverse aspects of India. Itdeals with Indias philosophy, history, culture,architecture, fashion, art and folklore in both the ancientand modern context. It is a magazine with some thing foreveryone - the gourmet, the scholar, the architect.The print run of Discover India is 85,000.
  22. 22. TravellingWebsite: www.lonelyplanet.comThe Magazine by Star Publications provides the Map ofDelhi & NCR. & named as Travelling Delhi & NCR. AComplete Travel Guide To New Delhi. Delhi, the Capitalof India offers delightful is a city steeped in the traditionas well as contemporary influence. Know the city in itstrue form with this travel guide. It features:• 24 detailed maps, including 9 color maps• Special sections on historical architecture andmodern art• Walking tours that reveal Delhis monumental heritage• A range of accommodation options: sleep the sleepof a Mughal emperor or bed down somewhere cheapand cheerful• Tips on where to dine and revel
  23. 23. Explore DelhiWebsite: N/APublishers of the monthly magazine entitled "Explore Delhi".With a primary focus on the 25 - 45 demographic, Explore Delhispecialists in highlighting the best local eateries, tourist destinations,hotels and entertainment venues. We also have a comprehensivecoverage of arts, theater and comedy.With a circulation of around 15,000 the magazine is distributeddirectly to readers at high-profile venues and hotels across the DelhiNCR region. These people are the affluent, wealthy leisure andbusiness travelers who want to know more about your products andservices and have money to spare.
  24. 24. GloriaWebsite: www.gloriamedias.comGLORIA, Redefining Style, is a fashion and lifestylemagazine that has been taking the fashion markets bystorm.Right from Fashion & Style, Wellness & Beauty,Relationships & Lifestyle to Hotels & Restaurants, Travel &Interior and of course the Entertainment Industry –GLORIA caters to all this and more!The idea behind GLORIA was to come out with amagazine, which is neither entertainment centric norcompletely devoted to the world of fashion. But to havea product that sells for its versatility, its mass appeal andits content.The magazine has been designed in such a way that itcomes as an apt choice for its target audience, whichvaries from brand conscious lot to the affluent and elitehigh profile class.
  25. 25. Go City GuidesWebsite: www.gocityguides.comWeekly regional travel guides & maps – ideal forreaching out to travelers, tourists & the young.
  26. 26. Go-GetterWebsite: N/AGo-Getter Magazine is the in-flight magazine for GoAir.The initial response to Go-Getter has been good bothfrom the flyers and the advertisers. For the young go-getting travelers of GoAir, the magazine providesvivacious reading material in tune with their aspirationsthus proving to be an effective vehicle to reach amultitude of flyers with a modern and trendyconsumption pattern.The colorful features of the magazine truly reflect thepersonality of the GoAir passenger and the GoAir brand.
  27. 27. GrihShobhaWebsite: N/APublished in 8 languages and commanding an enviablereadership, it is the only womans magazine with a pan-India presence. Covering all the topics that are mostpopular among women, Bollywood, beauty, fashion,family, relationships, travel, recipes and personal issues.Grihshobha has been a genuine advisor and an agentfor the evolution of the Indian woman.Year of Launch: 1979• Bengali• Gujarati• Hindi• Kannada• Malayalam• Marathi• Tamil• TeluguFrequency: 24/Fortnightly
  28. 28. India Today Travel PlusWebsite: N/AIf the world is an oyster, India is her most celebratedpearl. Since April 2002, TRAVEL PLUS has presented an in-depth view of select Indian states going beyond touristyclichés. Presenting straight-from-the-heart travel piecesby the states most respected names and essentialinformation for the upmarket traveler, the publicationswere enhanced by a panoramic visual feast.Kerala was presented in a two-series theme wovenaround the elements of Water and Fire; the less knownnorth-eastern states of Assam, Meghalaya andArunachal Pradesh as the exotic east. The less known butno less fascinating regions of Chhattisgarh and Sikkim toowere explored through in-depth articles and speciallycommissioned photographs. Then, there wasMaharashtra Unlimited- focused overview of a multi-dimensional state.
  29. 29. Lifestyle LivingWebsite: www.lifestyleliving.inLifestyle Living is a niche, high-end magazine, exclusivelydedicated to creative, even edgy lifestyle. It showcasesthe best that life has to offer, through the perspective ofcutting edge design. It aims to provide a style statementthrough a inspired rendering of the unusual be it originaldesigner jewellery, electronic gizmos, futuristicautomobile blueprints, a hi-tech airport, an automatedtemperature controlled swimming pool, a celebrity’spersonal space, an airline’s service design, ingeniousinteriors be it a spa/home/hotel or office. It includes therealm of hi fashion and cosmetics, inventive art & craftand world class paintings.Target audience: Upmarket, top-end consumer with highnet value. These celebrities / achievers are recognizedfor their distinctive contribution to their area of expertise.Includes corporate heads, film stars, fashion divas,designer community, jewelers designer luxury brands,pleasure destinations and products and so on.Circulation:40,000 | Readership: 8,02,140
  30. 30. Millionaireasia IndiaWebsite: N/AA new concept publication, Millionaireasia is dedicatedto celebrate the Millionaire lifestyle.We target at a niche and focused audience of High NetWorth Individuals in India, where money is no object andsky is the limit! Distinct from other high end societymagazines, Millionaireasia is for the intelligent, suave,ultra glamorous Millionaire. The magazine is fun, playfuland bold with an attitude reflecting the readers that livelife with a passion.Our advertisers have an option to reach out to as manyas 50,000 millionaires in our database across the regionthrough specially created mailers. Our signature TheMillionaire’s Summit has been held 19 times to date in 5countries. Let us connect you directly to the very selectprivileged high net worth audience.Frequency - QuarterlyNo. of Copies - 15,000 copiesReadership - Private Circulation to a very ExclusiveAudience
  31. 31. Saras SalilWebsite: N/ASaras Salil is the largest read magazine in the country,Saras Salil enjoys an unparalleled reach amongst urbanand rural masses alike.With its unique mix of commentaries on social andpolitical issues, and varied articles on society, fiction andentertainment, Saras Salil magazine has become themost respected publication in the hinterland.Saras Salil is published in various popular languages Hindi,Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi and Tamil.
  32. 32. Selling World TravelWebsite: www.sellingwordtravel.comSelling World Travel – India’s ONLY Consumer and TravelTrade Magazine.In its 7th year of publication, Selling World Travel isdedicated to giving unparalleled information to theTravel Trade on Destinations and their travel relatedproducts. Undoubtedly, an interesting read for travellovers across India, Selling World Travel works incollaboration with the destinations to aspire and exciteyour end consumer to explore the world.Selling World Travel is an essential travel product as ithelps the travel operators to increase their business byproviding all the information on the destination, whichhelps them sell the destination better as well as a perfectmedium for the consumer to understand the destination.Frequency - Bi-MonthlyCirculation - 25,000Readership - 1,80,000
  33. 33. Spice RouteWebsite: N/ASpiceRoute is the in-flight entertainment magazine forone of Indias largest domestic carriers, SpiceJet. With125 flights to 18 destinations daily and over 15,000people flying Spicejet for business and leisure within Indiaeveryday, Spiceroute is one of Indias most widely readinflight magazines.Spiceroute is much appreciated for its editorial contentoffering enough to keep every flier engaged through hisjourney with features on travel and destinations in India;trendy food, recipes and restaurants; covering art andculture across the nation including socially consciouscitizens and a section dedicated to children.
  34. 34. SwagatWebsite: N/AThe Official Inflight Magazine Of Air India (Domestic &regional). Swagat is read by almost 1.1 million up-marketpassengers every month, flying to 64 domestic and 20international destinations in Asia. The readership profile ofSwagat includes affluent businessmen andentrepreneurs, high-end tourists, senior corporateexecutives, successful professionals, decision makers andinfluencers - the cream of Indian society and thus offersvery high reach to advertisers.As Swagat delivers a highly targeted and select eliteaudience all across India and the region and has a shelflife of over 1 month, it is a preferred media vehicle for theInternational Tourism and Trade development boardsand multinational, domestic brands and lifestyleproducts.
  35. 35. The Blue MoonWebsite: www.thebluemoon2008.comMagazines on tourism and hospitality industry are soft intheir writing. They never criticize any service nor point outits shortcomings. After reading a ‘travel trade’ magazineone draws the conclusion that “Bhaiyya, all is well!” onthe contrary it never is. At times things are as bad as theycan be, but everything is swept under the carpet andthe reality remains hidden behind that mask of a sillysmile that many wear in the industry.The Blue Moon offers a critical appreciation of thehospitality and travel industry and circulates itspublication directly to over 38,000 subscribers acrossIndia and the rest of the world.This monthly magazine is primarily distributed to industryCEOs, Diplomats and Government officials and has ahuge readership.
  36. 36. The CaravanWebsite: www.caravanmagazine.inThe prime focus of the magazine is politics i.e. domesticas well as international, with a sub-focus on culture,travel, society, art and literature as well.The magazine is distributed through more than 3,000distributors and agents across India. The publisher alsohas 12 company owned distribution offices across thecountry.The Caravan is a magazine for those who love to readdetailed, in-depth and insightful account ofdevelopments in the areas of politics, internationalaffairs, economy, business, the arts and culture. It targetsdecision making thinkers and leaders of every genre.This is one of the most widely distributed politicallyfocused magazines in India with a readership of severallakhs.
  37. 37. The Delhi CityWebsite: www.gocityguides.comThis has been in publication since last 12 years. Its aleading city guide. The city guide contains excellent upto date information on What’s Happening in the city inArt, Dance, music, theatre, talks, films, culture etc. Acomplete events calendar. A complete tourist Guide. Avery useful Handy Information Guide, A complete guideto Food and Night life and Delhi and NCR.A Comprehensive list of Hotels. A comprehensiveShopping and Services guide. It also talks about theHeritage Delhi in its exclusive section- Memory Lane. Avery hand city map with index. And lots more. Itspublished every fortnight. The circulation of themagazine is 42000 copies. Its Recommended by LonelyPlanet guide to India.
  38. 38. Today’s TravellerWebsite: niche magazine with high-end readership and adistribution base comprising on-the-stands-consumers,key corporate and business decision-makers. The onlytravel magazine that showcases the achievements ofIndian states and their future travel projects. An exclusiveupmarket travel magazine for the world traveler. The onlyIndian magazine to ever win 4 PATA Gold Awards. Theseinclude the PATA Gold Award 2006 in the ConsumerPublications category in addition to PATA Gold Awardsin 1998, 2001 and 2005. Sanghi Trophy for best travelwriting in 2000 and 2002 by TAAI. Marriott Golden CircleAward.Target audience: Indias leading consumer travelmagazine and the flagship magazine for the group. This11 year glossy consumer product has won 4 PATA GoldAwards. Targets Leisure, Business and Corporatetravelers, including Purchase Managers of companiesbuying travel products. On the stands countywide.Circulation:75,000 | Readership: 14,80,400
  39. 39. Touchdown MagazineWebsite: N/ATouchdown is Indias first airport lounge magazine.The magazine is widely distributed through airportlounges across the country and features a wide varietyof travel related information; both nationally andinternationally as well as features and highlights on awide range of topics of interest to the business traveler.The magazine also offers international gossip andentertainment features which will amuse the reader;making it an excellent source of all-round information tokeep travelers occupied.
  40. 40. TravelXWebsite: N/AThe countries finest travel magazine - exclusivedestinations, luxury resorts, spas and villas for your familyor romantic getaway with in-depth research into placesto go and things to see.The magazine is targeted at the most indulgent of leisuretravelers and has a monthly distribution of 35,000 with areadership in excess of 125,000+.Our readers range from 35 - 65 years old and have ahigh average household income. The commondenominator is a love of travelling for pleasure at least 3or 4 times per year and citing their expenditure on travelas their greatest indulgence of all.Our readers are a unique niche, so when advertising inthe magazine there is no wastage, and it is by far themost targeted way to reach the affluent lifestyle traveler.
  41. 41. Travel + LeisureWebsite: www.mediatransasia.inTravel + Leisure, published monthly by American ExpressPublishing Corporation, is the worlds leading travelmagazine. Sophisticated, modern, and alwaysintelligent,Travel + Leisure examines the way we travel now andwhere well be going years from now, putting intocontext all the elements of the travelers experience—from hotels, restaurants, and shopping to architecture,culture, and politics—while delivering the latest news onsecurity, health, trends, and innovations.Brought to India and South Asia under license fromAmerican Express Publishing by Media Transasia, thearrival of the edition of Travel + Leisure in India, markedthe sixth international edition of the worlds leading travelmagazine. In line with its world wide positioning of “thelargest selling travel and lifestyle magazine”, the Travel +Leisure India launch has been historic in many ways. Themagazine has seen an unprecedented response fromthe collective Indian advertising and readercommunities.
  42. 42. YuvaWebsite: www.zoneyuva.comYuva explores the interests and passions of the young,besides providing them a platform to voice their issues,their angst, their worries and their questions. This is afortnightly magazine that will catch the pulse of India’shuge youth population.The ad-edit ratio is 25:75. Each issue of Yuva contains 80to 100 pagesThe magazine covers everything such as current affairs,politics, trends, careers, sports, Internet, entertainment,including music, movies, leisure, travel, adventure, food,fitness, gadgets, astrology and fashion, etc. Everythingwill be covered from the youths’ perspective. Themagazine is more of a mass based kind of publication,hence it will be available for everybody, from students toworking professionals.
  44. 44. Mail Today NewspaperWebsite: www.mailtoday.inMail Today, a daily newspaper in compact format, ispublished by Mail Today Newspapers Private Limited, ajoint venture between the India Today Group and DailyMail of London.Mail Today is a morning daily with a difference. One ofthe largest English daily newspapers in India.Clean, lucid and straight- talking, Mail Today marries thecredibility and authenticity of the India Today Group withDaily Mails international standards. Mail Today comeswith a wide range of sections, all of which make for acompelling read: *Money Mail *Good Health * Female*Lifestyle* Its Friday! *Entertainment *Property Mail *You*Review* Travel Mail. An engaging read for the newIndian that makes good mornings just great.
  46. 46. Bleu & Blanc MagazineWebsite:•Type: Lifestyle & Travel•Monthly•Circulation: 42,571•Distribution: Tiendas Departamentales y Localescerrados.
  47. 47. Deep MagazineWebsite:•Type: Lifestyle & Entertainment•Monthly•Circulation 63,915•Distribution: Tiendas Departamentales y Localescerrados.
  48. 48. Donde Ir MagazineWebsite:•Type: Guide to the City•Monthly•Circulation: 78,450•Distribution: Tiendas Departamentales y Localescerrados.
  49. 49. Life&Style MagazineWebsite:•Type: Lifestyle•Monthly•Circulation: 60,000•Distribution: Base de Datos, Aeroméxico SalonesPremiere, Clubes de Golf y Locales cerrado
  50. 50. Luxe & Classe MagazineWebsite:•Type: Luxury Lifestyle•Bi-Monthly•Circulation: 25,000•Distribution: Base de Datos, Aeroméxico SalonesPremiere, Clubes de Golf y Locales cerrado
  51. 51. Quien MagzineWebsite:•Type: Lifestyle•Bi-Weekly•Circulation: 120,000•Distribution: Tiendas Departamentales y Localescerrados.
  52. 52. Travel+Leisure MagazineWebsite:•Type: Travel•Monthly•Circulation 46,500•Distribution: Tiendas Departamentales y Localescerrados.
  54. 54. I Do MagazineWebsite:•The only Bi-Monthly magazine differing from others withtwin copies of Wedding Magazine and HoneymoonMagazine in package.•Inception in 2004, i DO WEDDING & HONEYMOON hasthrived out of true desire to be Original, Innovative, Fresh,Creative, Inspirational and Unforgettable for anywedding & honeymoon.•Leading ranked WEDDING & HONEYMOON magazine inTHAILAND, i DO sets the trends and influences theplanning decisions of wedding couples across the globe.•The magazines make high impact with TWIN copies of iDO LOVE & WEDDING together with i DO TRAVEL &HONEYMOON in one pack. Stunning photography andfine writing convey timeless elegance and modernsensibilities inspiring more than 55,000 readers bi-monthly.
  55. 55. Being BangkokWebsite:•Thai magazine featuring travel and entertainmentopportunities in Bangkok with a particular focus on thetourism industry.•Contains an interesting mixture of in-depth stories,interviews and coverage of destinations with stunningphotography thrown into the mix.•A great resource for all things Bangkok-oriented
  56. 56. Look East MagazineWebsite:• LOOKEAST is an English language travel magazinedistributed throughout Thailand in 5 star hotels & servicedapartment rooms, airline lounges, cafes, and sold inbookstores / through subscription.•It is a comprehensive publication providing accurate,interesting, and insightful articles on destinations, hotels,restaurants, culture, fashion, shopping, entertainment,and more.
  57. 57. Tropical MagazineWebsite:•Founded in 2003, Tropical Magazine, is a bi-monthlyEngilish-medium publication based in Thailand featuringarticles on travel destinations worldwide along with newsand updates on hospitality products and business,tourism trade, lifestyle including art and culturalmovement in the region.•With a circulation of 40,000 copies, Tropical Magazine isdistributed domestically in Thailand and also available inleading bookshops in several Southeast Asian countriesincluding Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia andHong Kong
  59. 59. Bay View Magazine(Poole)Website: about advertising in Poole and the surroundingareas?Bay View, Blandford View and Portland View will put yourbusiness in front of over 60,000 local residents. Community Network Magazines… • Great Rates – Advertise your business over consecutive months and save money • Reinforce your brand in the local area – giving you opportunity to promote discounts & offers • Offer a variety of packages – something to suit every business & includes FREE editorial • Written directly for the communities they represent
  60. 60. Blandford Village View MagazineWebsite: buy from people and by advertising yourBlandford based business within the local community,you can easily access a targeted and valued local clientbase.Thinking about advertising in Poole and the surroundingareas? BayView, Blandford View and Portland View will put yourbusiness in front of over 60,000 local residents. Community Network Magazines… • Great Rates – Advertise your business over consecutive months and save money • Reinforce your brand in the local area – giving you opportunity to promote discounts & offers • Offer a variety of packages – something to suit every business & includes FREE editorial • Written directly for the communities they represent
  61. 61. Dorchester View MagazineWebsite: buy from people and by advertising yourDorchester based business within the local community,you can easily access a targeted and valued local clientbaseThinking about advertising in Dorchester? DorchesterView will put your business in front of local residents in theDorchester area.Delivered to 5,000 homes in the DT1 Postcode Community Network Magazines… • Great Rates – Advertise your business over consecutive months and save money • Reinforce your brand in the local area – giving you opportunity to promote discounts & offers • Offer a variety of packages – something to suit every business & includes FREE editorial • Written directly for the communities they represent
  62. 62. TW MagazineWebsite: Magazine is a publication for residents and visitors tothe London TW postcode area, the magazine coversrestaurants, theatre, movies, fashion, health and beauty,property, travel and events....TW Magazine has a circulation of 29,000.
  63. 63. Weymouth & Portland View MagazineWebsite: buy from people and by advertising yourWeymouth & Portland based business within the localcommunity; you can easily access a targeted andvalued local client baseThinking about advertising in Weymouth and Portland?Portland View will put your business in front of over 60,000local residents in the Weymouth and Portland local area. Community Network Magazines… • Great Rates – Advertise your business over consecutive months and save money • Reinforce your brand in the local area – giving you opportunity to promote discounts & offers • Offer a variety of packages – something to suit every business & includes FREE editorial • Written directly for the communities they represent
  64. 64. Work Your Way MagazineWebsite: New Quarterly Magazine for Freelance, Self-employed, Entrepreneurial MumsWork Your Way magazine is a high-quality glossy A4publication printed quarterly. Work Your Way provides awealth of information, tips and contacts to supportworking mums in running their own successful business.Not only that but also how to work effectively, keeping awork-life balance, and a variety of articles from otherswho can offer experience and examples of how efficientworking can improve on productivity.Advertising with Work Your Way directs you to a coretarget audience of affluent women. All readers areworking and mostly self-employed, looking for that newopportunity to launch or grow their business.
  66. 66. ALO Magazine Website: www.alomagazine.comALO Hayati is the world’s premier Middle Easterncultural and lifestyle magazine. It is the creation ofLebanese poet, entrepreneur and humanitarian WafaKanan, who came to the United States in 1990. Themagazine was launched in April 2005, and just threeyears later it has a readership of more than 1.2 million.ALO Hayati’s editor–in–chief Michael Lloyd left his postas marketing director for a Fortune 1000 firm and joinedKanan to both assist with the development of UniqueImage, and in 2004, to plan the magazine’s launch.ALO Hayati’s fashion, travel and lifestyle articles takereaders inside the lives of this region’s peoples, and soprovide a window into some of the most misunderstoodethnic communities today. The magazine haspublished exclusive intimate profiles of top leaders inthe region including HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin RashidAl Maktoum the Vice President and Prime Minister andRuler of Dubai, Former first Lady of Egypt MadameSadat and exclusive interviews with the likes of QueenNoor and Princess Sumaya of Jordan.
  67. 67. Arizona Foothills MagazineWebsite: http://www.azfoothills.comArizona Foothills Magazine is the Valleys leadingluxury lifestyle magazine, and is dedicated toproviding resourceful information on dining,entertainment, homes, fashion, culture and events inArizona.Our audience identifies closely with the communityand response has been tremendous! Engagingeditorial celebrates lifestyles and leisure activities,dining, home decorating, health, travel,entertainment, shopping, fashion, local celebrities,the arts and stories that help enhance enjoyment ofliving in the Arizona desert.Arizona Foothills Magazine is published monthly andis audited by an accredited outside company, whoensures the issues are printed and distributed aspromised.
  68. 68. Art of the Times Website: www.artofthetimes.comThe Art of the Times caters to successful, affluentpeople, and is available in print and on line You will find the Art of theTimes in private homes, doctor’s offices,condominiums, country clubs, and resorts.As we enter our eighteenth year of publishing, ourongoing mission remains to publish what is new andexciting in the visual and performing arts. It is apleasure to inform you about the focus and ever-expanding growth of the Art of the Times.Our publication include a cultural calendar thatoffers one source for all events, informing readersabout an opening in Palm Beach, a museum in FortLauderdale, a play in Naples, a concert in Miami, anart fair in New York, and auctions in Europe, Asia andthe United States.
  69. 69. CaribPressWebsite: www.caribpress.comMost people didn’t know there was a Caribbean-American community in Los Angeles. Like theGuatemalans and Puerto Ricans who becameLatinos or the Chinese and Filipinos who Asianswhen they arrived in America, most Caribbeansare generally perceived as African Americans.While New York and Miami have well knownestablished enclaves of Caribbean communities,little is known about the Caribbean West. Withthat realization, Lyndon A. Johnson, a Jamaicannative with graphic design background, hasdecided to create the CaribPress in Los Angeles in1999 to fill this void. Since then, Johnson hasdeveloped a network of writers and citizenjournalists to cover many topics of interest to theCaribbean community in Southern California suchas immigration, family law, health, travel, sports,politics, the economy, celebrities and newsmakersof Caribbean descent, and the local Caribbeanmusic scene.
  70. 70. ECO Latino Website: www.ecolatino.comEco Latino Media Group is the premier bilingual outletin Northeast Florida: the largest, oldest, and most widelyused by Hispanics in the area. We have what you needto reach this audience.Among the various distribution channels is Eco LatinoMagazine, with a readershop of over 100,000 monthlyand, its most visited website.Eco Latino Magazine Quantity: 30,000 copiesPoints of Distribution: More than 600Distribution Locations: Publix, Winn-Dizie, Sams Club,Gate Gas Stations, CVS, Walgreens, Amtrax, Hospitals,Public Libraries, Educational Institutions, CorporateBuildings, Sports Clubs, Latin Businesses, and manymore.
  71. 71. Explore MagazineWebsite: www.explore-mag.comFounded in 1981, explore is the award-winning national lifestylemagazine that delivers the information and inspiration that activeoutdoor-loving Canadians want-or more accurately, can’t dowithout. For starters, we reveal the destinations that crank up ourreaders’ heart rates long before they can actually lace up theirtrail runners, pick up a paddle or jump on their bikes. We also giveour readers the straight goods on the latest gear on the market.And we highlight the events from coast to coast to coast that willkeep them stoked all year long.In every issue, we also take readers along as our greatestadventurers travel to the most remote corners of Canada andbeyond. And we send some of Canada’s best writers andphotographers to capture the highs, the lows and, yup, the laughsthat are part of the outdoor-adventure experience.In the past seven years, explore has been named Best Magazineof the Year by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors threetimes. It’s also been nominated for 118 National MagazineAwards, winning 17 Gold awards and 21 Silver awards. In 2006, tocelebrate our 25th anniversary, we published Way Out There, ananthology of some of the best writing to appear in the magazine.
  72. 72. FAMA Magazine Website: www.famaweb.comFAMA Magazine is the leading modern lifestylemagazine in Spanish language in the US dedicated tocover the most fascinating celebrities.Written with optimism, passion and journalistic integrity,FAMA covers many areas of our reader’s life, withtrusted source of information and guidance, frombeauty, fitness, entertainment, autos, travel, fashionand cooking.FAMA put’s a new face in celebrity magazine. Eachedition features renowned editors, writers andphotographers who share their passion and talents withthe readers.Audited Circulation 178,688
  73. 73. Floridays MagazineWebsite: www.floridaysmagazine.comPalm Beach | Greater Fort Lauderdale | Miami| Tampa Bay | Orlando | SW Florida -Naples/Ft. Myers
  74. 74. Global Traveler Website: www.globaltravelerusa.comGlobal Traveler is the only monthly, ABC-auditedmagazine written exclusively for frequent businessand luxury travelers. Our readers know the best intravel – from the finest premium cabins on airlinesaround the world to the most luxurious 5-star hotels.The Global Traveler team brings all the up-to-minute,need-to-know information to elite travelers everymonth.Comprehensive and varying coverage on worldwidedestinations is just the beginning. Each issue of GTalso delivers information suited to the luxury travelerslifestyle, including articles on news, deals, reviews,spas, golf, wine, international products,technological gadgets, chefs, sports and travelhealth. Our yearly surveys are acknowledged as thefinest in the industry and include Wines on the WingAirline Wine Survey, the First- and Business-ClassSurvey and the GT Tested Reader Survey awards.Global Traveler is independently measured by theAudit Bureau of Circulation (107,000+ circulation)and MediaMark Research Inc.
  75. 75. Global Travel Industry NewsWebsite: www.eturbonews.comFor the last ten years, travel trade professionals havebeen turning to eTurboNews (eTN) for the latest inglobal travel trade news. Published 24/7, eTN Rush hasa global reach of over 230,000 subscribers andcontains reports written by a global team ofcontributing editors, writers, guest analysts andoccasional correspondents, focused on events,company news, market trends, new routes andservices, political and legislative developmentsrelevant to travel, transport and tourism, and issuesrelating to tourism’s role in the fight against poverty,and the industry’s responsibility for the environmentand human rights.The content of the reports is editorially regulatedaccording to news values, significance and accuracy,copyright protected, and independent of anyadvertising and sponsorship carried.
  76. 76. Golf Today Website: www.golftodaymagazine.comUnparalleled equipment reviews, custom fittingopportunities for the best clubs, travel & lifestylecontent, award-winning interviewsThere is no other golf publication covering as manygolf products, and as thoroughly as this magazine inyour hands right now.There is no other golf magazine that also featuresseveral of its writers traveling afar to distant countriesevery month for golf experiences that they share withour many readers.
  77. 77. Good Life Connoisseur Website:www.goodlifeconnoisseur.comWe feature the latest gizmos, weekend getaways atthe newest resorts, new wine releases, golfadventures, spa re-energizing or new vehicle testingare all presented in a bold graphically pleasingmanner.Editorial specialists drawn from each categoryprovide the information readers need to make living greendecisions about their next indulgence. magazineGood Life CONNOISSEUR is produced in the highestquality, using 80 lb matt stock interior and asumptuous glossy cover stock, 12 point weight. Thisluxurious magazine is perfect bound with outstandingphotography and is a unique size, making it theultimate coffee table book with true longevity.
  78. 78. North Shore MagazineWebsite: www.nshoremag.comNorthshore Magazine is the premier upscalelifestyle magazine for the North Shore ofMassachusetts. Celebrating the good life foundthroughout Essex County, northshore’s method ofcombining targeted distribution to homes with aminimum assessed value of $500,000 coupledwith a minimum household income of $120,000assures our advertising partners soundpenetration into the heart of their core customerbase.Northshore Magazine is mailed eight times a yearto affluent homeowners on the North Shore andadditional copies are distributed at point of sale,through our retail and service advertisers, eventsand on newsstands.Your business will achieve total market coverageand your message will reach our affluent readerswho need and can afford your products andservices.
  79. 79. Pathfinders Travel MagazineWebsite: www.pathfinderstravel.comPathfinders Travel Magazine for People of Color isis published quartrly. The magazine, which enjoysa circulation of 100,000 copies, reaches anaffluent audience of African American travelersinterested in enjoying the good life.Pathfinders tells readers where to go, what to do,where to dine and how to `get there from acultural perspective. Pathfinders covers domesticand international destinations.The slick, glossy, color magazine is availablenationally in Barnes & Nobel, Crown, Borders,Hastings and other independent book stores.
  80. 80. Portland Family MagazineWebsite: http://www.portlandfamily.comPortland Family has the lowest pricingavailable and offers you the most multi-media business developmentopportunities.40-45,000 copies can be found at over1,300 pre-qualified destinations wherefamilies populate including libraries,schools, doctor’s offices, restaurants,clothing stores, salons and more.Editorial Content: Health, education,travel, sustainability, product reviews,local personality interviews, beauty, arts& culture, success stories, technology,neighborhood snapshots, cooking, homeand community.
  81. 81. SONOMA Family LifeWebsite: www.somafamilylife.comOur Readers97% consider themselves to be part of an extendedfamily71% are between 25-45 years old61% are college graduates72% own their own homes86% are married89% are femaleWere experts in attractive active families. Wevedeveloped a unique network of 580 differentdistribution locations for their convenience.This controlled free circulation means that ourreaders make a conscious choice every month andthat every location is evaluated monthly.Let Family Life introduce 37,000+ interested localfamilies all you have to offer.
  82. 82. Sun Runner MagazineWebsite: http://www.thesunrunner.comAs The Sun Runner Magazine enters its 18th year ofpublishing in 2012, it is more popular than ever. Theonly desert-wide media in the California desert region,the magazine continues to expand to include moredesert communities and reach more desert locals andvisitors to the desert, now reaching 50,000+ readers perprint issue, and thousands more online, our digital editions, ourweekly Sun Blast newsletter, our social media outlets,our weekly radio show on KX 96.3 FM (Joshua TreeGateway Communities) and 92.1 FM (CoachellaValley).The Sun Runner Magazine produced the Hwy 62 ArtTours Official Program for the Morongo Basin CulturalArts Council’s 2010 annual art tours, as well as printedand distributed 100,000 rack cards promoting tourismin Death Valley. The magazine has printed the DesertInstitute’s course catalogs, visitor attractions maps forthe City of Twentynine Palms, the Real Route 62 VisitorsGuide (the official visitors guide for the Joshua TreeGateway Communities), and more. Look for morespecialty desert publications and online content tocome in 2012!
  83. 83. TCHAD QuarterlyWebsite: http://www.tchadquarterly.comTCHAD Quarterly since 2007, has offered readersunique, edgy and artistic content and design. Ourclassic book format appeals to urban leaders lookingfor a new combination of opinion, information,creativity and luxury.TCHAD (pronounced ‘chad’) is North America’sultimate source for cutting edge editorial, timelyinterviews, fashion spreads and product features thatreflect the interests of our affluent and influentialreaders. Our content is authentic, practical, insightfuland timeless.TCHAD is not a magazine; it is a coffee table book withstunning art and photographs, and a sleek,minimalistic visual design. We appeal to modish,intelligent urbanites who crave real content pairedwith exceptional aesthetics. TCHAD offers uniquediscourse on everything from design and technicalinnovation to film, music, fashion, travel, food anddrink. We inspire and motivate our readers toexperience a larger life.Lifestyle – In a coffee table book.
  84. 84. Vision MagazineWebsite: www.visionmagazine.comVISION MAGAZINE is an elegant balance ofinformative stories and inspiring viewpoints; rich,vivid color juxtaposed with appealing editorial,community resources, and calendar of events,each providing tools for living in a more peacefuland sustainable world. We currently print 90,000copies of the magazine, which is distributed atover 1900 locations throughout California,Northern Arizona and Hawaii.Over the past ten years, VISION MAGAZINE hasbecome a mainstay within the holisticcommunity, revealing evolutionary ideas inconscious living, holistic healing, and the creationof a more peaceful world.Our readers are proactive towards their health,consider their well-being to be a top priority, andare comprised of 57% women and 43% men witha household income of $65,000 or greater.
  85. 85. Welcome MagazineWebsite: http://www.welcomemag.comWelcome to Miami & The Beaches is Miami’s #1visitor’s magazine! More than 2,000,000 peopleevery year are Welcome-d by our magazines.Since 1971, we have provided the best informationabout the Magic City to the millions of visitors toMiami every year.Besides the best in Things to Do, Dining, Tours,Shopping, Outdoors and Arts & Cultureinformation, Welcome magazines include sevenpages of local maps in every issue. We also printthe only Spanish-language visitors’ magazine inMiami-Dade County: Bienvenidos a Miami y susPlayas.