Small Business & Social Media: Where Is Everyone & Do I Need to Be There Too?


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Small Business & Social Media: Where Is Everyone & Do I Need to Be There Too?

  1. 1. Small Business & Social Media Where Is Everyone & Do You Need to Be there, too? Pinterest Facebook YouTube Linked In Twitter Blogger Google+ By Cathy Rubey Owner, Creative Partner of InGe, Inc.630-302-5206 @ingeinc This is a QR code: scan it with your smart phone if you have a code reader. Download one from the App Store if you do not. November 6, 2012 Oak Brook, Illinois
  2. 2. Social Media -- What’s That?Social Networks, social networking, and social media allrefer to websites with different themes and platforms wheremembers can interact and exchange ideas and artifacts.Members can represent themselves individually or author a pageor channel which represents their company, brand or organization.“Weblogs” or “blogs” are hosted webpages that generally are usedas outlets for written materials and articles.A strong social media strategy will allow you to engage with youraudience in a meaningful way, rather than just broadcasting yourmessage in a broad and unfocused manner. As a business owneror manager, you should have a basic understanding of theseoutlets and if applicable, a basic presence. Why? According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report , 90% of the marketers reported they would either be increasing or maintaining their presence. Takeaway: You need to be there too! phone users are only going to increase = more exposure! Small Business & Social Media 2
  3. 3. So Where Should I Be & Why?FacebookCreate a profile for yourself.Create a page for your business.It’s great for brand exposure and customer relations.Link page to your website.If people are looking for you, they will start to look there. You cancontrol what information is public and searchable and by whom(friends, friends of friends, public).Who Needs to be There: Everyone trying to build awareness andgrow connections.YoutubeCreate a profile for yourself.Create a channel for yourself or your business.Build brand through video, video blogs, and tutorials.Embed or link videos applicable to you or your business.It’s the 2nd largest search engine after Google.Who Needs to be There: If you can find a way to incorporate videointo your marketing, DO IT!Google+Create a profile for yourself.Create a page for your business.Add contacts to specific circles.Google loves its own products so be there!Who Needs to be There: Everyone Small Business & Social Media 3
  4. 4. TwitterCreate a profile for yourself.140 character “tweets” about 1) yourself or brand; 2) current events or“retweets” RT; 3) personal info or comments = Rule of Thirds.Great for customer service and responding to clients.Great way to stay up on news and current events (election results)breaking news, etc. Add a button to your website and link.Who Needs to be There: Everyone trying to build awareness and growconnections through content creation. If you have a customer servicefunction, this can be used as an arm of that.Linked InComplete your profile.Consider this your online CV, resume’, and online business card.Complete a profile for your business.Link employees or partners to the business.Add your website and other online locations.Search engines love this website too.Who Needs to be There: If you’re building business connections, jobsearch anytime in the next 10 years, want to build online authority in abusiness segment.Wordpress/BloggerCreate an account.Start writing about applicable topics, issues, and events.Link to your website and other networks.Write about your expertise or experience in your field.Link to other experts and comment to build your own following.Add Youtube video and pictures to your posts and link to your channel.Who Needs to be There: Content creators and authority builders. Small Business & Social Media 4
  5. 5. What’s Next - Now What?! ! ! ! Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, GrouponThese networks are gaining popularity so stay informed on theirgrowth and reach.SO, you have a basic understanding of the social media outlets andchannels, NOW WHAT? 1. Define and find your target audience; 2. Understand the customs and lingo of each SM outlet; 3. Engage and provide value (bring something to the conversation besides self promotion). 4. Remember, it’s a conversation between you and your connections.Final Thoughts:Make sure all your channels link to each other and a central website.Have all of your pages and profiles incite the same call to action(call, email, visit, etc.). This creates a solid digital presence andawareness for you and your small business.Schedule regular updates and notifications. Delegate. Monitor.Remember that once profiles and accounts are created, it takes justa few minutes a week to monitor and add content.For more information about how Social Networking and digitalmarketing can benefit your small business, feel free to connect orcall!630-302-5206 @ingeinc Small Business & Social Media 5