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Englishbusiness spoken communication de_digital brochure


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Unsere Firmenbroschüre zum Thema Englischtraining in Unternehmen.

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Englishbusiness spoken communication de_digital brochure

  2. 2. We are passionate about language, skills and culture.SPEAK POWERFULLYWe are English experts and masters of cross-culturalcommunication. We provide your people with the language,communication and cultural skills to be as powerful andconvincing in English as they are in their native tongue.LANGUAGE AND SKILLS TRAININGSOLUTIONS FOR HR DECISION-MAKERSIn the area of SPOKEN COMMUNICATION, we focus on:ENG LISHBU SIN ESS AG EN GLISH COMMUNICATION CONSULTANTSThe world is more interconnected than everbefore. Your company’s success in thisinternational marketplace depends on yourstaff’s ability to convince, persuade,negotiate and present in English.Convincing across cultures is an art.Learning to speak the language isjust the beginning.Our spoken communication servicesfocus on training people and facilitatinglearning experiences.­We also providedecision-makers in companies with thetools and know-how to make the rightpersonnel choices. A company’s success isdriven by the way their people communicatein English to clients and partners world­wide –and we make sure you’re successful.
  3. 3. YOU NEED TRAINERS THAT CAN MEETYOUR MANAGEMENT AT EYE LEVELWe have years of experience with trainings,management development and leadershipprogrammes. Our trainers’ business expertiseis second to none.YOU NEED YOUR BUSINESS TO HAVE ASTRONG CROSS-CULTURAL FOCUSWe work worldwide with trainers from diverse,international and multicultural backgrounds fromour home base in Germany. Your businessbenefits from this strong cultural angle.YOU NEED A STRATEGIC SOLUTION TOYOUR COMMUNICATION CHALLENGESWe have real advice on how best to use limitedbudgets and time to develop human resourcesand optimise communication training programmes– strategically and effectively.YOU NEED AN EXPERT PARTNER WITHA PROVEN TRACK RECORDLanguage courses, soft skills developmentand leadership communication training tailoredto concrete business scenarios are our dailybusiness. The projects we have worked on withmedium-sized enterprises and global players arereally worth boasting about.WHYENGLISHBUSINESSEnglish Communication ConsultantsC O M M U N I C AT E A S P O W E R F U L LY A S Y O U T H I N K
  4. 4. We love todevelop people!LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS TRAININGEnglish and key skills for success in international business.For more information on our training solutions,visit www.englishbusiness.deWant to speak better English or negotiate successfully withforeign business partners in English? Our training measuresfocus on both the English language and the necessary softskills competence for communication excellence in realbusiness interactions.Language CompetenceSpeaking English is the first step tointernational communication competence.Our Language Competence training focuseson building vocabulary, using grammaticalstructures, listening to native speakers andconversing with confidence.Key Communication SkillsEvery profession in the world has one thing in common: communication.We have identified twenty Key Communication Skills needed in all jobsfrom the front desk to the boardroom. Our Key Communication Skillstraining focuses on mastering these abilities in English and preparingyou for business interaction in the global workplace.Learning formatsWe offer every type of learning format with every imaginable combinationof learning content – for any industry or job description. In-house oroff-site, one-on-one or in group seminars, weekly courses or shortformats: we’ve got you covered. Speak to our customer adviser to findthe ideal learning format for your needs.20 Key Communication SkillsPRESENTING IDEASARGUING POINTSSPEAKING IN PUBLICGIVING INSTRUCTIONSDESCRIBING PROCESSESSUMMARISING INFORMATIONHANDLING COMPLAINTSCOMMUNICATING ACROSS CULTURESNEGOTIATING AGREEMENTSTELEPHONING AND CONFERENCE CALLSATTENDING MEETINGSRUNNING MEETINGSREPORTING RESULTSLISTENING TO UNDERSTANDREADING TO UNDERSTANDCORRESPONDENCE WRITINGTRAINING / TRANSFERRING KNOWLEDGESOCIALISING AND MAKING SMALL TALKEVALUATING INFORMATION
  5. 5. We keep youon course.You recognise that your staff members need support in the area of Englishcommunication and you want support designing, developing and implementinga comprehensive programme to address this need?We provide managers and HR professionals with expert strategies for language,culture and communication skill development. We offer the solutions, tools andservices that make development initiatives successful.Solutions for Managers and HR ProfessionalsEnabling better human resources decisions.For more information on solutions for managers andHR professionals, visit www.englishbusiness.deHR developmentDeveloping a leadership programme? Need to optimise your training programmes to makesure you have the right people doing the right job? We have nearly twenty years of experienceand expertise to support your HR development decision-making in the area of communication.Assessment of English communication skillsIs your team ready for international projects? Want an objective and detailed report on theirEnglish communication skills? Our two-hour assessment is a way to get reliable answers toyour development questions.Team-building across culturesWe have designed an exciting and interactive cross-cultural simulation thatstrengthens communication and encourages cooperation in your team.It is ideal for groups of 18 to 60 and for conferences or team events thatneed learning experiences that are both fun and meaningful.Seminar design and developmentCan’t find the perfect seminar for your specific business scenario?We have the expertise and experience necessary to professionallydesign in-house seminars that can be held by your own trainers.Meeting moderation and conference designWant your conference to be more interactive? Tired of callingyour international team together to listen to speeches?We can design interactive, participative formats for largegatherings with your objectives in mind.ENGLISHBUSINESS AG ENGLISH COMMUNICATION CO NSU L TANTS
  6. 6. English Communication ConsultantsC O M M U N I C AT E A S P O W E R F U L LY A S Y O U T H I N KCONTACT USEnglishBusiness AGHamburgTel.: +49 (0)40 650“It is invaluable to us to be able to reflect on ourwork with EnglishBusiness and develop newideas for the future. EnglishBusiness is a trueconsultancy partner.”Angela Müller, Head of Training Design & DevelopmentMETRO AG“The development and encouragementof our employees’ personal competenciesmakes a decided contribution to ourcorporate success. That’s why we choseEnglishBusiness as our partner.”Tobias Trebing, Manager Learning & DevelopmentStaples Deutschland“A very practical workshop with a great mixture oftopics. I loved the role plays. Just perfect!”Sabine Doerken, Marketing ManagerSAP Deutschland AG & Co. KGTestimonialsRead more about what our clients think of our work on www.englishbusiness.deDesignandlayout:http://design.britta-ruhnau.deThe EnglishBusiness Management BoardNina Zolezzi Jan Meinhof Dr. Cathy MolohanSome of our clients“Your company’slanguage drivesyour success!”