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Music makers


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Music makers

  1. 1. Who are they?
  2. 2. THE SYMPHONYORCHESTRAWestern Art MusicMany years oftrainingHighly organizedRegulated
  3. 3. THE CONDUCTORIs he a musician?Does he play andinstrument?
  4. 4. THE CONCERT CHOIRThe VOICE asan instrument.
  5. 5. GOSPEL SINGERSHow does theirstyle of singingdiffer from theConcert Choir?
  6. 6. CONGREGATIONALSINGINGAre they musicians?
  7. 7. BULGARIANWOMEN’S CHOIRSMany cultures havestrong vocaltraditions, some evenhave specific wordsfor singing andinstrumental music.In Bulgaria, you mustbe trained to play aninstrument beconsidered amusician.
  8. 8. AFRICAN CHILDREN’SCHOIRSinging is a way of lifein Africa
  9. 9. CAMPFIRE SINGINGSinging is a part oflife, it is notexclusive.
  10. 10. KARAOKESinging forentertainment!Do you likeKaraoke?Why is it sopopular,especially in Asiancountries?
  11. 11. THE SHOWER SINGERTime to confess…What’s your favoriteshower song?
  12. 12. THE RADIO SINGERCan youimagine a carride alonewithout music?
  13. 13. The KORASingers andInstrumentalistsVital role insocietyCome from GriotfamiliesBorn into tradition
  14. 14. Another KORAPass history,genealogy, andstories on to theirdescendants.Highly skilled21 strings
  15. 15. POPULAR MUSICGuitars ,drums, andbassMost famousmembers ofsociety
  16. 16. AFGHAN MENMAKING MUSIC INTHE STREETImpromptuSing about lifeEnjoyment
  17. 17. THE BLUESMusic is a vehicleused to say thingsthat cannot besaid orcommunicated ineveryday speech.
  18. 18. STREET MUSICIANS(BUSKERS)Does havingan audiencechange theway music isplayed?
  19. 19. TCHAI-CAT-SKY
  20. 20. MUSIC MAKING ATSPORTING EVENTSThe Vuvuzela!Is it aninstrument?What is it’sfunction?
  21. 21. INSTRUMENTS AREUSED IN DIFFERENTWAYS IN DIFFERENTCULTURESHow manydifferentcultures canyou think ofthat use theaccordion intheir folkmusic?
  22. 22. ARE THEYMUSICIANS?The sign says “Caution Adults At Play”
  23. 23. DANCEEach society has itown dances?What dances do youknow from yourculture?Do you think thetradition of dancing isdying out?
  24. 24. FORMAL FOLKDANCINGA well-rehearsedgroup of younggirls from Tiblisi inGeorgia (thecountry)preformingtraditional dances
  26. 26. TRADITIONAL DRESSTRADITIONAL MUSICTRADITIONAL DANCEWhat is thedifferencebetween folkmusic and musicaltheater?
  27. 27. GLOBAL MUSICIncreased us e oftechnologyAccess to media fromanywhere in the worldGlobalizationTraditions are beingadopted into othercultures
  28. 28. DOGS LIKE MUSICTOOBella loves listening to music,but she loves a soft horn caseeven more!