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Lincoln park

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Lincoln park

  1. 1. Location
  2. 2. History  A range of social classes from affluent residents to German farmers inhabited Lincoln Park during the nineteenth century. In 1871 the Great Fire swept through the Lincoln Park and destroyed many of the buildings in the neighborhood. After the fire, industrial plants and furniture factories concentrated the area nearest the river. In 1898, St. Vincent’s College (Now DePaul University) opened up in Lincoln Park. By the twentieth century Lincoln Park was a firm residential neighborhood and hosted many of Chicago’s cultural institutions. During the Great Depression housing stock depreciated and left Lincoln Park in danger of becoming a slum. In 1954, the Lincoln Park Conservation Association was organized to encourage the rehabilitation of private property. They also used tools such as federal urban-renewal funds and a stricter enforcement of housing code. In 1960, the city of Chicago implemented its General Neighborhood Renewal Plan, which revived the housing price in the neighborhood, but caused many poor people to be displaced from their homes. By the end of the twentieth century, Lincoln Park had become one of the highest-status neighborhoods of Chicago.
  3. 3. Attractions  Second City comedy show  North Avenue Beach  Green City Farmer’s Market  Lincoln Park Zoo  See a play at Steppenwolf Theatre
  4. 4. Demographics  Total Population: 65,307  Male Population: 47.5%  Female Population: 52.5%  Median Age: 29.70  White Collar workers: 19,506  Blue Collar workers: 13,167  Total Households: 34,656  Family Households: 10,483  Graduate Degree: 38.6%  Bachelor’s Degree: 43.6%  Average Household Income: $141,567  Median Household Income: $84,430
  5. 5. Our Experience in Lincoln Park
  6. 6. Reflection  Connections to community was a great experience because it gave me the opportunity to hang out with new people while experiencing a new part of the city. I probably would have never been to Lincoln Park Zoo had it not been for this assignment. But It was an experience I recommend to anyone. I find it funny that there are animals from all over the world in this tiny zoo. It makes me realize that there are many different things to do in Chicago.
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