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Memorandum of Understanding MarketX


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Memorandum of Understanding MarketX

  1. 1. Memorandum of Understanding Between MarketX, a cross-border investment platform connecting international investors with pre-IPO opportunities in the U.S. and Europe. and EBAN, the European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds, and Early Stage Investors Given that the parties are comitted to advance cross-border investment and entrepreneurial activities across Europe and Asia, the parties agree to work together to: 1) Facilitate European entrepreneurs to start companies in China and help them with various business needs (workspace, distribution channel, incorporation, etc.); 2. Recommend and curate a Top 10 "Best of Europe" investment opportunities across 3 stages (across early stage, expansion capital, and late stage investments) to add to the MarketX listing for Chinese investors on a monthly basis; 3. Help organize Chinese entrepreneurs through EBAN's member and partner organization TechTour to take Tech Tours in Europe as well as to organize European angels to take tech tours in China; 4. Explore the E-Residency program to see how it could help propel Chinese investments in Europe 26 May 2016 Candace Johnson President of EBAN Cathryn Chen President of MarketX