The Colorado CAtholic Herald


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Why would a company want to advertise in The Colorado Catholic Herald. This presentation will show the strength of the Catholic market in the Diocese of Colorado Springs. Contact Christopher Reynolds 719-866-6519 or for rates.

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The Colorado CAtholic Herald

  1. 2. The Official Newspaper, Diocese of Colorado Springs. 69,000 Adult Readers “ Most Trusted” Publication Home Delivered via U.S. Postal Service Who Are We?
  2. 3. Our Reputation Loyal – Herald readers are loyal and involved with their newspaper. Respectful - Our readers respect the Herald for its insightful coverage. They know that the Herald provides information they cannot find elsewhere. Trusting – Research shows that our readers place the Herald first among newspapers for advertising that they “trust”.
  3. 4. Research Reflects Our readers rank far above the national average in all of the preferred/upper demographic and buying behavioral groups.
  4. 5. The Big Two Index Household Income: Over $75,000 132 Over $100,000 148 Over $150,000 167 Education: Some College 142 4 Year degree or more 188
  5. 6. Property Owners 87% of Herald Readers Own Residences Index Own Homes 133 Timeshare Agreements 250
  6. 7. Ready Buying Power Herald Readers Have It Index Own/Use: American Express Cards 133 Visa Credit Cards 139 Mastercard Credit Cards 143 Discover Credit Cards 165
  7. 8. On the Go Herald Readers Travel Index Own Valid Passports 232 Foreign Trips 159 Domestic Trips 119 Go on Sea Cruises 338
  8. 9. Financial Activists Insured, Invested, Secured Index Checking Accounts 123 Savings Accounts 148 401(k) or 403(b) Plans 200 Mutual Funds 176 Money Market Funds 418 Homeowners Insurance 141 Auto Insurance 114
  9. 10. Health Conscious Aware, Prepared, Able Index Life Insurance 120 Medical/Hospital Insurance 128 Dental Insurance 247 Vision Care Insurance 266 Disability Insurance 137 Convalescent Care Insurance 423
  10. 11. Hi Tech Users Active, Involved, In-Touch Index Personal Computer/Laptop 110 Computer at Work 113 Banking Online 278
  11. 12. And More! Herald Readers Are: - Twice as likely to dine out regularly - More apt to be in top management - More likely to be married - More apt to have large families - More likely to live in larger homes - More apt to own second homes Our Readers Buy More of Everything!
  12. 13. Cost-Return Ratio Highest Quality, Lowest Price Compare Our CPM To Any Other We Are Your Best Buy!
  13. 14. Cost-per-Thousand Size Times CPM ¼ page 1 $7.17 24 $3.59 Full page 1 $19.56 24 $9.78
  14. 15. What We Do All We Do: Communicate Your Message, Your Proposition Deliver Prosperous and Active Audience Fill the Need for Your Very Best ROI Highest Quality, Lowest Price!
  15. 16. Too 3 69,000 Adult Readers Home Delivered, Every Issue Simply: Too Big Too Good Too Important to Ignore!