Trend micro titanium maximum security 2012 3 users (3 pc, 1 mac)


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Trend micro titanium maximum security 2012 3 users (3 pc, 1 mac)

  1. 1. Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 - 3Users (3 PC, 1 Mac)Product Featureq All-in-one Internet-security solution for protecting you, your devices and your dataq Cloud technology proactively stops viruses and spyware before they reach your computerq Parental controls, data theft prevention, smartphone security and moreq Easy-to-understand user interface; 10 GB of online storage for secure backupsq Set and forget security--no distracting alerts or pop-upsq Read more Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.0 out of 5Product DescriptionTitanium Maximum Security 2012 - 3 Users Read moreProduct DescriptionTitanium Maximum Security 2012Strong, fast and easy-to-use security--Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security provides maximum protection foreverything you do online. Its your all-in-one security solution for protecting you, your devices and your data. Titaniumuses cloud technology to proactively stop viruses and spyware before they reach your computer, so it wont slow youdown. Its the same technology we use to protect some of the worlds biggest businesses, now available to you. Includesparental controls, data theft prevention, secure online storage, smartphone security and more. With Trend MicroTitanium Maximum Security, your digital life is protected. Detailed Features
  2. 2. View larger. Easy to Understand Security ReportsView larger.Strong Antivirus Protection Made Simple Easy to read graphic reports provide you with all the detailsFrom the main Titanium Maximum Security console about the Internet threats that attack your computer. You canscreen, you can easily run antivirus scans or get drill down into detailed logs with just one click.up-to-the-minute status reports on your computerssecurity. View larger.View larger. Friendly, Adjustable Parental ControlsSocialize Safely Without having to look over their shoulders, you can easilySocial Networking Security automatically scans your protect your children from inappropriate websites, limit theirwall and identifies safe and malicious links so you time on the Internet, and see detailed activity reports aboutknow its safe before you click. Works with Facebook, what they do online. The Parental Controls can be quicklyTwitter, MySpace and Mixi. customized.View larger. View larger.Data Theft Prevention Securely Erase DocumentsPrevent hackers and spyware from stealing credit card Deleting a file just removes the directory information used tonumbers, passwords, email addresses, and other find it, but not the actual data. The Secure Erase featuresensitive data. overwrites deleted files with random data, so that the contents cant be retrieved. For even more security, the Permanent Erase option overwrites files seven times and meets United States government data security standards.View larger. View larger.Trend Micro Vault Maximize PerformanceThe Trend Micro Vault is a password protected secure The System Tuner feature can help you recover disk space,folder that can safeguard your sensitive files. If your make Microsoft Windows start faster, clean out your instantcomputer is lost or stolen, you can remotely lock this messaging history, and optimize your computers performance.vault to keep these files safe. You can even schedule automatic tune-ups that will keep your PC running smoothly.
  3. 3. Backup and SyncAutomatically keep your irreplaceable digital filesbacked up, synchronized, and secure with 10 GB ofonline storage. Enjoy any-time access to yourmultimedia and private files from any online deviceanywhere. You can even share files you choose. View larger. Smartphone and Tablet Protection Extend your protection to smartphones and tablets including Android devices, Symbian, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Windows.View larger.Easy UI SkinningCustomize your Titanium with a favorite photo orimage. All-in-one security • Antivirus • Antispyware • Web Threat Protection • Antispam • Data Theft Prevention • Parental Controls • System Tuner • Secure Erase File Shredder • Remote File Lock • Social Networking Security • Security for Android devices • 10 GB of Trend Micro SafeSync--secure online backup, sync and shareProtect Your Digital LifeIts a digital world and you have a digital life. You and your family are online all the time--emailing, searching, shopping,banking, socializing, playing games, and even preparing your taxes. And you know you have to keep your guard upbecause there are lots of new, stealthy and well-targeted cyber threats out there that can make your digital life anightmare. They can steal your identity, your data, or your money while youre not looking--or even when you are!Thats why you need a trusted, industry-leading security partner helping you stay safe online.With Trend Micro Titanium, your digital life is protected. Titanium provides powerful, easy-to-use, and efficient Internetsecurity, so you can connect safely and with confidence. Its the same technology that Trend Micro uses to protect someof the worlds biggest businesses, now available to you.q Better protection--Titaniums core technologies provide state-of-the-art protection from a wide variety of threats.q More efficient--Titanium scans faster, uses less CPU, and has a smaller footprint in memory and disk space than competing security products on the market today.q Easier to use--Titaniums user interface is easy to understand and use with simple screens and reportsq Set and forget security--Titanium wont hassle you with alerts and pop-upsTrend Micro Titanium Maximum Security protects every aspect of your digital life:
  4. 4. Your Devices--Titanium protects your PC, your Mac, and even your mobile devicesYour Privacy--Titanium protects against malware, spyware, spam, and other threats that allow cybercriminals to stealyour private information like passwords, credit card numbers, or even your home addressYour Family--Titanium provides customizable tools to help you keep your kids safe onlineYour Data--Titanium protects and defends your data with tools like the Trend Micro Vault, Secure Erase file shredder,and SafeSync secure online storageYour Social Network--Titanium automatically shows you what links are safe and malicious on Facebook, Twitter, andMySpaceTitanium Products Feature Comparison Chart Antivirus + Internet Maximum Security SecurityGet EXCLUSIVE Utilizes Trend Micro Smart • • •Essential Protection Network to proactivelyProtection stop threats before they reach you
  5. 5. IMPROVED Protect your PC from viruses, • • • NEW Fake AV • • • spyware, worms, trojans, botnets, Cleaner--eliminates and rootkits malware posing as antivirus software IMPROVED Prevent unauthorized changes to • • • your applications EXCLUSIVE Includes a copy of Trend Micro • • • Smart Surfing for Mac* EXCLUSIVE Customize your Titanium with a • • • favorite photo or imageSurf the IMPROVED Block downloads and access to • • •Web Safely and from malicious websites Find and block malicious links in • • • emails or IMs Block email and image spam • • IMPROVED Windows Firewall Booster • •Protect Your IMPROVED Restrict Internet content and set • •Children an access schedule for your kidsOnline with Parental ControlsMaximize IMPROVED System Tuner improves PC • •your PCs performance by cleaning upPerformance browser history, cookies, temporary files, registries and moreProtect and Data Theft Prevention keeps your • •Defend your sensitive personal information likeData from credit card numbers andLoss and passwords safeTheft Secure Erase- shred computer • • files with sensitive information EXCLUSIVE Includes Trend Micro SafeSync- 2 GB 10 GB secure online backup with sync, sharing and mobile access features Trend Micro Vault- store sensitive • documents in a password-protected folder EXCLUSIVE Remotely lock vault files in case • of computer theft Authenticate wireless hotspots • and WiFi networksProtect your NEW Extend your protection to •Smartphone smartphones and tablets,or Tablet including Android devices, Symbian, iOS, and WindowsSocialize NEW Social Networking Security for •Safely Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Mixi*Based on twelve months of aggregated U.S. retail sales data reported by the NPD Group in May 2011Read moreYou May Also LikeTrend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 - 3 UsersTitanium Internet Security 2012 - 1 User [Old Version]Titanium Maximum Security 2012 - 1 User [Old Version]Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security Premium 2013 (5-Devices)
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