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Jump start 4th grade


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Jump start 4th grade

  1. 1. JumpStart 4th GradeProduct Featureq For Ages 8 - 10q Kids Learn: Parts of Speech, Spelling & Vocabulary, Addition & Subtractionq Multiplication & Division, Prime Numbers, Fractions, & Decimalsq Estimation, Science, Geography, Music, The Arts, Historyq Windows 2000/XP/Vistaq Read more Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.2 out of 5Product DescriptionPlatform: WINDOWS 2000/XP/VISTA Publisher: KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE Packaging: JEWEL CASE Rating: AGES:8-10 Use your 4th Grade problem-solving skills to unearth the secrets of the lost treasure map! Pack extreme fun andexciting adventure into learning as you find clues in caves unlock hidden tunnels and solve the mystery. Master skills inMath Geography Grammar Science and more!Kids Learn: Parts of SpeechSpelling & VocabularyAddition &SubtractionMultiplication & DivisionPrime Numbers Fractions & DecimalsEstimationScienceGeographyMusicTheArtsHistoryContinuous Challenge:Auto-leveling helps children learn at the pace that suits them.Endless Fun:Creativegames challenging activities and exciting adventures keep children involved for hours of learning fun.Varied LearningStyles:Seven different learning styles help kids achieve better understanding.System Requirements for WindowsWindows Vista XP 2000Pentium II 266 MHz or faster processor (300 MHz for XP Vista)64 MB RAM (128 MB for XPVista)10 MB free hard disk space640x480 resolution 16-bit colorWindows-compatible sound card & speakers12XCD-ROM drive Read moreYou May Also LikeJumpStart 3rd GradeJumpStart 5th GradeJump Start 2nd GradeReading Blaster Ages 9 - 12 (Jewel Case)ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid