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Tssf fundraiser powerpoint_abridged


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This organization promotes and supports deaf individuals in their role as important and productive members of the business community. This deck was created for a fundraising event.

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Tssf fundraiser powerpoint_abridged

  1. 1. ! Please note: This templatewas designed to match theClient’s website to reinforcebranding. Please compare
  2. 2. Who Is Deaf? Deaf individuals are in every country, every race, every profession. We are as unique, talented, educated, dedicated, and driven as the hearing community. Given the opportunity, we work together as equals. 2
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  5. 5. Madra Briosca Every Day Is A Biscuit DayAt Madra Briosca (Gaelic: Dog Biscuits) we specialize in dogs and the people who love them. Our goal is to provide top quality products for every dog and their "Best Friends". We have searched for and selected items that we would share with our dogs as well as items they would like to share with us. What a Clean Dog! “Puppy’s First Bath” and “Pretty In Pink” Gift Pails Check out our HUGE assortment of treats and toys! Owner: Amanda Denial www.madrabriosca.com2012 5
  6. 6. National Deaf Business Institute The National Deaf Business Institute (NDBI) NDBI represents and supports the deaf business culture.2012 8
  7. 7. TSSF PROGRAMS2012 9
  8. 8. Program: Volunteer Partnerships Serving as volunteers, deaf individuals give back and demonstrate that they are an important part of the community. At the same time, “real world” work experience and networking is gained.2012 10
  9. 9. Program: Business Partnerships Deaf CEOs and Executives work together withbusiness leaders to find solutions and integrate deaf professionals into the workforce.2012 11
  10. 10. Deaf Business ExecutivesUnique monthly networking opportunities to bring deaf CEOs and Executives together for mutual benefit. Key topic: Establishing how to help hearing professionals feel comfortable working with co-workers or employers who are deaf, oralists, or hard of hearing (HH).2012 12
  11. 11. Technology Initiatives2012 14
  12. 12. GET INVOLVED2012 15
  13. 13. How You Can Help Donations requested Vehicle or boat donations Fundraising opportunities and assistance Partnerships and networking opportunities Educational or presentation platforms2012 17
  14. 14. w w w. s e t h s h a n n o n . o rg Twitter: @sethshannonTSSF Thank You!2012