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Simplex videos uk


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This promotional deck was created for a start-up video company in the UK. They film customer testimonials for their Clients. Since their website was under construction at the time this project was created, I designed it to match and enhance their logo and the upscale nature of their business. The slides are intentionally “text heavy” because Simplex intended to email it to their prospective Clients.

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Simplex videos uk

  1. 1. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  2. 2. What Do We Do? We make We provide a full in-housequality video service. We don’t bother our clients with the usualtestimonials hurdles that come with for your making quality video testimonials. business We arrange: website –  Locations using  Times and dates  Film and lighting crews professional actors. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  3. 3. Zero Risk Investment We are so confident that our testimonials will increase your website enquiries and conversions that we offer a NO RESULT, NO FEE service.If within 3 months you have not seen an increase in enquiries and conversions, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked! We are the only video company to offer this guarantee! Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  4. 4. Why We Use Professionals This is what they  “Lights, camera, do for a living! action!” Our cast and crew are Our actors are always ready, given power willing, and able to scripts which have deliver star quality been carefully performances! written to increase your sales!  You can bank on our product! Professionals give your video a sense of realism and inspire confidence! Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  5. 5. Drawbacks of Using Your Client’s Location• You’ll need their home or place of business for filming. Either way it’s an enormous imposition and a blatant disruption of their routine.• Is their home or business large enough for the necessary crew and equipment?• Is the lighting suitable?• What about the general appearance? Is it clean and up-to-date? Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  6. 6. Power Scripts The script is the But how do our writers know so heart of a powerful much about your video testimonial. business? How can they hit a It will massively home run everyincrease your sales! time? First you provide as much information as possible about your business and clients. – What type of client do you want to attract? – Tell us who your competition is, and why they are the competition. Then we do our own research on your industry. – We even mystery shop your competition giving you a vital edge. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  7. 7. Why Use Video Testimonials? The Way People Get Information 100% 80% 60% Read Text 40% Watch Video 20% 0%Because according to recent studies 92% of respondents say theywould prefer to watch a short video to gather more informationregarding a product or service they were interested in compared toonly 8% who would actually read an article. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  8. 8. Why Use Video Testimonials?Because the power of audio and video engages a person by up to30 times more than a website that only has text. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  9. 9. Testimonials Done Correctly Are Priceless!We use State-of-the-Art camera and lighting equipment for a perfect take every time!If shot with hand-held video cams and poorly lit, the result can do more harm than good.Our crew is well-trained and experienced.We can say without hesitation they’re the best in the business!Using inexperienced and untrained personnel will only result in a shoddy product that you wouldn’t want on your website. Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  10. 10. Which Testimonial Package Is Right For You?3-Video Package: £1500 6-Video Package: £2500 10-Video Package: £3900Our basic package provides a This is a fantastic option and is This shows that the client trulygreat option for businesses on what most of our clients start understands the idea behinda small budget. We can script with. In 6 videos we can really testimonials. These are thein the vital selling points of write a powerful script which companies that see increases ofyour business and the guarantees a massive return. up to 300%. When you have 10advantages for customers. You We explore what your videos on your site, prospectswill, without doubt, see an prospects think while they’re will watch them all and beincrease in your sales and searching your site; we devote subtly encouraged to orderenquiries, but bear in mind lots of time to evaluating your right away. The results arethat the scope of information competition, and we really find amazing! Eventually everyoneabout your company is limited. out what makes your clients ends up with 10, but if you haveHigher returns will be seen by tick. This is one powerful the budget, save yourself theadding more videos. package! time and go for the full 10 now! Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  11. 11. Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say In such a competitive market we have to constantly think of new ways to convert our web visitors. I had read about how video testimonials can increase conversions and was fully sold on the idea even before speaking to Simplex. The fact that they offer a No Result, No Fee service was the icing on the cake. I went ahead and placed an order for the full 10 videos. Our sales and enquires have increased by 300%. All on the same adwords budget as before. We have had to hire more staff to handle all the work. Thank you Simplex! - PPI Claim Solutions We are an online marketing company who specialises in SEO, PPC, and web design. We have sent many of our clients to Simplex, and no one has ever come back disappointed. The amount of research that goes into their service is unreal! We see first hand how effective their videos are, and even we are amazed every time! They’re a lovely group of guys, too. - Digi Media We opted for the 3 video testimonials initially, and they were a huge success. Our enquires from the website doubled and we found that people were much more willing to commit to sales appointments over the phone rather than us having to follow up and push for the business. The testimonials seemed to do most of the selling for us. Simplex did a fantastic job! We have placed another order for the full 10 videos this time. - First Solar Panels Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  12. 12. Our Money Back GuaranteeFACT: We specialise in testimonials. We’re one of a very few companies that do.FACT: Making video testimonials is an art. When done properly, they are worth their weight in gold! If poorly done, they can actually harm your business.FACT: Through trial and error we have developed a formula that works consistently to increase your sales from 50% - 300%. (The return you will see depends on how effective your current web marketing is.) OUR GUARANTEE: As unlikely as it is, if you’re not seeing an increase in your gross sales within the first 3 months, WE WILL REFUND YOUR FEE! That’s right! That’s how confident we are in our results! You know why? Because we haven’t had to make any refunds yet! Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%
  13. 13. Quick Turnaround: We complete your testimonial within 4 weeks of your sanctioning the job to us. Affordable Prices: Our prices are brilliant.We offer three basic packages: 3 video testimonials - £1500 6 video testimonials - £250010 video testimonials - £3900 Increase your website conversions by between 50% - 300%