Portfolio brochures - basic


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Portfolio brochures - basic

  1. 1. Increase your website conversions by between 50%-300% What We Do: SIMPLEX We make quality video testimonials for business websites – using professional actors. We provide a DIGITAL full in-house service. We take care of everything!  We arrange locations.PRODUCTIONS  We arrange the times and dates for filming.  We arrange for the film and lighting crew. Making video testimonials is an art, and when done properly, they are priceless! Through trial and error we have developed a formula that works consistently to increase your sales; we very rarely see less than a 50% increase, and in most cases we have seen increases of up to 300% in actual sales. We are so confident that our testimonials will increase your website enquiries and conversions that we offer a NO RESULT, NO FEE service. It is very unlikely that this will ever happen, but if within 3 months you have not seen an Tel: 0800 849 3029 increase in enquiries and conversions, we willAsk for Consultation and Scheduling give you a full refund!
  2. 2. Increase your website conversions by between 50%-300%The Hassles of Using Real Clients How Simplex Can Help Testimonials can take hours to film. If  We use professional actors. Being on  Where to film is easy. We select the best loca- your industry is B2C, it can be difficult to camera is their job, so you’re not faced tions with suitable space and lighting to make ask a client to do this favour for you. with any of the conflicts arising out of a the end result professional and hassle-free. People are busy and generally won’t want do-it-yourself project. to take the time out of their day to film a  We use a professional testimonial. camera and lighting crew. A  Moreover, actors are If your industry is B2B, your clients will be given power scripts video with poor lighting looks even less able to take time out but may feel unprofessional and using which have been care- obligated to say yes. domestic cameras will look fully written to help Further, most people are not natural pre- cheap. Testimonials done increase your sales. senters and would not do a very good job. Our scripts highlight correctly are worth their They may be intimidated by a lighting and the benefits of doing weight in gold, but if poorly camera crew, directors and production managers. Even if their testimonial looks business with you. You done, they will do more harm real, it won’t look professional, and you can’t do this with a real to your business than good. probably wouldn’t want it on your site. client.  When you use Simplex, For B2C you’ll want to film in a house. the complete service is Could you impose and ask your client to  Prospects may also provided in-house, we don’t use their home? What if it’s totally unsuita- have concerns or ble? And for B2B you would need a busi- bother you again, leaving you objections about the ness backdrop. Could you ask to use your to do what you do best … run product or service that client’s premises disrupting their business? your business. prevent them from Let’s face it, most business people would buying. Our scripts are written to  Best of all you can be sure that the finished not be able to consider attempting this type of project with everything else they have address these issues reassuring the pro- product is just what you had hoped for and on their plate! That’s probably why they spect that your company cares about their much, much more! You’ll be proud to have it don’t have testimonials on their sites. concerns making them more apt to buy. on your site!
  3. 3. Increase your website conversions by between 50%-300% Don’t just take our word for it ... “We are an online marketing company  “Being in such a competitive market we After speaking to Simplex we decided to put who specialise in SEO, PPC, and web decided to try something different. everything we had into 10 videos. Everything design. We have sent many of our Simplex sold the idea to us, and we placed was riding on these videos turning our clients to Simplex, and no one has an order for 3 videos. Our sales and en- business around. They completed the videos ever come back disappointed! The quiries have tripled, and we have not had within 4 weeks, and immediately we started amount of research that goes into to increase our adwords budget. Simplex getting enquires again. The videos seemed to their service is unreal. We see first was a joy to deal with, and once the job put people at ease. It’s like we have the jobs hand how effective their videos are, was sanctioned to them, they never before quoting them. The videos are power- and even we are amazed every time! bothered us again.” - CV Witting Services ful to say the least! They saved our business!” They’re a lovely group of guys, too.” - Loft Conversion Company  “We opted for the 3 video testimonials - Digi Media  “In such a competitive market we constantly initially, and they were a huge success! “We are a national company and have have to think of new ways to convert our Our enquires from the website doubled, a huge marketing budget. The idea of web visitors. I had read about how video and we didn’t have to follow up and push someone telling us they could increase testimonials can increase conversions and for the business. The testimonials seemed our sales just like that sounded was fully sold on the idea even before to do most of the selling for us. Simplex bizarre, but they back it up with a speaking to Simplex. The fact that they offer a did a fantastic job! We have placed No Results, No Fee service, so we No Results, No Fee service was the icing on another order for the full 10 videos this decided to go ahead with 10 videos. the cake. I went ahead and placed an order time.” - First Solar Panels I’ve got to hand it to these guys, they for the full 10 videos. Our sales and enquires know what they are doing, and just  “The recession had left our industry in a have increased by 300%. All on the same like they said, our sales have increased bad state to say the least. We were on adwords budget as before. We have had to massively! Great business decision!” the verge of closing the company when hire more staff to handle all the work. Thank - Solicitors our marketing guys told us about Simplex. you Simplex!” - PPI Claim Solutions
  4. 4. Increase your website conversions by between 50%-300% Which Package Is Right For You? 3-Video Package: £1500 6-Video Package: £2500 10-Video Package: £3900Our basic package provides a This is a fantastic option and This shows that the client trulygreat option for businesses is what most of our clients understands the idea behindon a small budget. We can start with. In 6 videos we can testimonials. These are thescript in the vital selling really write a powerful script companies that see increases ofpoints of your business and which guarantees a massive up to 300%. When you have 10the advantages for customers. return. We explore what your videos on your site, prospectsYou will, without doubt, see prospects think while they’re will watch them all and be sub-an increase in your sales and searching your site; we devote tly encouraged to order rightenquiries, but bear in mind lots of time to evaluating your away. The results are amazing!that the scope of information competition, and we really find Eventually everyone ends upabout your company is lim- out what makes your clients with 10, but if you have theited. Higher returns will be tick. This is one powerful budget, save yourself the timeseen by adding more videos. package! and go for the full 10 now! Quick Turnaround: Finished Video Within 4 Weeks
  5. 5. Remember … NO RESULT, NO FEE! Guaranteed results within 3 months or your money back!Quick Turnaround :Finished video within 4 weeks  New videos increased our sales by “ 3 Bullet PointsAffordable Prices: 100%. We have placed a furtherOur prices are brilliant! We offer  New Bullet Points order for the full 10 videos this time.”three basic packages:  - SNV Massage Chairs New Bullet Points 3 video testimonials - £1500 “Web conversions increased by 300% 6 video testimonials - £2500 over night!” - Pay Day Loans 10 video testimonials - £3900 “We ordered 6 videos. They completely turned our business around. We now have a second van and are planning our third!” - Roof Installation “I was truly amazed at the results! My web enquiries are through the roof and we are signing up more clients than we can handle! Best business decision I ever made!” - Accountant Services Did you know that -  92% of people would rather watch a short web video to gather more information regarding a product or service they were interested in.  People are 100 times more likely to spend money with a company when they know that others have had the same objections as they have but have remained satisfied.  The power of audio and video engages a person by up to 30 times more than a website that only has text.Simplex Digital Productions • 1 Furzeground Way • Lakeside House • Stockley Park East • Heathrow, UB11 1AATEL: 0800 849 3029 (Ask for Consultation & Scheduling ) • info@simplexvideos.com • www.simplexvideos.com