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Twitter for Professional Development


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Twitter for Professional Development

  1. 1. Twitter for Professional Development MAFLA Fall Conference October 28, 2011 8:45-10:00 a.m.Session G11, Southbridge Catherine Ritz
  2. 2. Why Twitter?• Connections: create your own Personal Learning Network• Collaboration: share resources and ideas with likeminded teachers• Live chats• Research: search for resources you need• Impress your students! – Use new sites and resources even they haven’t heard of!• “Twitter in 60 Seconds” (video)
  3. 3. What other people are saying!• “Why Twitter is a Teacher’s Best Tool” (link) – As a classroom teacher I remember going across the hall to ask Mr. Sally for tips on getting kids to learn their times tables. His ideas were fine, but what if Id been able to crowdsource my question to the global community of educators on Twitter? A teacher who engages with other educators on Twitter essentially has a 24/7 open door policy• “Twitter Evolving Into Professional Development Tool” (link) – "For me, Twitter has been a way to connect with a lot of other educators around the country and even around the world," Mr. Aungst said. "Its been a way for me to extend the conversation about education and practice in the classroom beyond my immediate circle of people in my [4,400-student] district."
  4. 4. • “Teachers Teaching Teachers, on Twitter: Q. and A. on ‘Edchats’” (NYTimes – link) – “Social media also allows teachers to connect their classrooms to create collaborative projects that would have otherwise been impossible. Participating in a Twitter chat is an energizing and motivating experience, one that will force you to reconsider your perspective and grow as an educator.”• “Turning Teachers in Tweachers” (1: link; 2: link)• “Why Educators Should Join Twitter” (video)
  5. 5. • @sylviaduckworth’s “Dear Foreign Language Educator: If You Were on Twitter…” (link)• @mmenero’s “If You Were on Twitter: What You Can Learn About Assessment for Learning from Twitter” (link)
  6. 6. What to Tweet about?• Links to resources• Questions about teaching strategies/resources/technology… anything!• What you’re doing in class• Lesson plans, assessments, projects• Anything that might be of interest to other teachers or that you need help with!
  7. 7. Chats• Educational Twitter Chats Calendar• #edchat – – “To accommodate teachers in various time zones we have two edchat discussions which take place usually around 12pm NYT (EST) and 7pm NYT (EST).”• #flteach & #langchat (Thursdays, 8pm)
  8. 8. What are people saying right now?• #edchat: wiffiti board• #flteach & #langchat: wiffiti board• #MAFLA11: wiffiti board
  9. 9. Who to follow?• @ritzforeignlang (me!)• @tiesamgraf (Tiesa Graf – MAFLA conf. organizer, Spanish teacher)• @ZJonesSpanish (Zachary Jones, Spanish)• @sylviaduckworth (French teacher)• @joedale (British MFL Tech Integration Specialist)• *put the @name in the “What’s Happening” box, tweet it, then their profile will come up for you to follow*• See who all these people are following!• Search for professional orgs you like!
  10. 10. Your turn!• Create your Twitter account• Write your @name on the board• Follow everyone in the room!• Make a personal connection with the people around you; get to know their @name• Do a search• Post a #MAFLA11 comment!
  11. 11. Resources• LiveBinder: “An Educator’s Guide to Twitter” –• TagDef: – Look up a definition for any hashtag – My favorite: #ff (FollowFriday!)
  12. 12. Additional Resources/Contact• – Check “Resources”page – Keep in touch on Twitter!• Presentation with links available at: – Questions? Discussion? Thank you!