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VETLANTA Q1 2016 Summit (27 JAN 2016)

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VETLANTA Q1 2016 Summit (27 JAN 2016)

  1. 1. Q1-2016 SUMMIT Networking 6:30PM – 7:00PM Summit Presentations 7:00PM – 9:15PM
  2. 2. Welcome Our objective is to make Atlanta the #1 destination for Veterans
  3. 3. 2015 Events VETLANTA Q1 Summit hosted by Coca-Cola – Feb 26th American Corporate Partners Event hosted by Coca-Cola – May 19th VETLANTA Q2 Summit hosted by JWT – June 17th Veteran Owned Business Summit hosted by UPS – August 25th VETLANTA Q3 Summit hosted by McKesson – August 26th Veterans Connect Dinner hosted by Emory – September 17th American Corporate Partners Event hosted by UPS – September 22nd VETLANTA Q4 Summit hosted by GA Power/Southern Company – October 28th Homeless Veteran Event hosted by AT&T – November 5th American Corporate Partners Event/Hire Heroes USA Seminar hosted by Coca Cola – November 12th VA Clinic Shelving Project hosted by UPS/Soldiers Angels/Home Depot – November 14th
  4. 4. 2016 Projected Activities VETLANTA Summits (4) Q1 – Jan 27th, Hosted by Turner Q2 – April, Hosted by Georgia Tech Q3 – August Hosted by UPS Q4 – October, Hosted by GA Power/Southern Company American Corporate Partners/HHUSA Events April – UPS (Lloyd Knight, Project MNGR) TBD – Coke (Patrick Haddock, Project MNGR) TBD – Host Company & Project MNGR Needed MISC Events Homeless Veterans Event – Host Org/MNGR Needed Emory Veterans Connect Dinner VA Stand Down – Project MNGR Needed Veteran Owned Business Summit (Bryan Wolfe, Project MNGR) UPS VBRG Social, Jan 28th, (Kevin Horgan, Project MNGR) Looking for ideas/Project MNGRs/hosts for socials Service Related Events – Looking for ideas/Project MNGRS Military 101 Training To be fielded in Spring 2016 Jordan Kellett (Project MNGR) Looking for volunteers to assist with curriculum development and for host organizations. Plan is to have one company host one showcase event open to all and then several smaller internal company events
  5. 5. 6:30 – 7:00 Networking 7:00 – 7:20 Chairman Comments (Lloyd Knight) 7:20 – 7:30 Host Comments 7:30 – 7:35 Turner 7:35 – 7:40 AT&T 7:40 – 7:45 SunTrust 7:45 – 7:50 Georgia Tech 7:50 – 7:55 Coca-Cola 7:55 – 8:00 ESGR 8:00 – 8:05 Home Depot 8:05 – 8:10 Kimberly Clark Corporation 8:10 – 8:15 VYD & Associates 8:15 – 8:20 UPS 8:20 – 8:25 First Data 8:25 – 8:30 Georgia Power/Southern Company 8:30 – 8:35 Eaton 8:35 – 8:40 Lockheed Martin 8:40 – 8:45 ADP 8:45 – 8:50 Accenture 8:50 – 8:55 JWT 8:55 – 9:00 Deloitte 9:00 – 9:05 McKesson 9:05 – 9:10 Georgia National Guard 9:10– 9:20 Closing Comments (John Phillips) 9:20 Networking
  6. 6. VETLANTA Presentation
  7. 7. For all Turner business units and current / future employees, Turner Vets serves as a strategic resource for cultural diversity, by supporting all efforts concerning the military and veterans in areas including but not limited to recruiting, employee retention, innovation, and professional development, while supporting growth and the achievement of bottom-line results. Positioning Statement v. VETS.
  8. 8. Mission – The mission of the Veteran’s Group is to strengthen Turner’s marketplace, workplace and workforce by empowering veterans and unifying the Turner community. Vision – Turner Vets will be a trusted source for veteran talent acquisition, leadership pipeline development, community outreach and media content support. Mission & Vision
  9. 9. Branding Approach
  10. 10. Our Core  Veteran Talent Acquisition  Leadership Pipeline  Career Development  Community Outreach  Media Content Support
  11. 11. Event Highlights – New York  Black History Month Quiz  TNT & The USO Celebrates the Military  Tunnel to Towers 5K  Toys for Tots
  12. 12. NY: 300 Letters/ ATL: 1000 Letters
  13. 13. Turner employees dedicated over 1,300 toys to our local communities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York & Washington DC.
  14. 14. Event Highlights - Atlanta  Atlanta All Veterans Job Fair - Partnership with Talent Acquisition  Flanders House Remembrance  Playing by the Unwritten Rules  Moving through PTSD
  15. 15. Event Highlights - Atlanta
  16. 16. SunTrust Atlanta Veterans Teammate Network • The Atlanta Network is part of a corporate-wide inclusion effort that has 10 veterans networks spanning SunTrust served communities in 8 states and over 550 teammate (employee) members • We undertake and implement corporate efforts like our company-wide Moment of Remembrance, veterans hiring programs, and Homes for Heroes, in addition to projects specific to the Atlanta metro area
  17. 17. 2015 SunTrust Atlanta Veterans Teammate Network Accomplishments • Increased teammate (employee) membership from 75 to over 150 participants • First year in supporting an Enterprise-wide Veterans Interests Council • In partnership with Military Warriors Support Foundation, Provided a wounded Veteran and his Family: • A mortgage-free home in Woodstock, GA & three years of financial education & counseling in support of homeownership • SunTrust donated a total of six homes across our footprint since program inception last year • Attended 20 military Veteran career fairs (4 in Georgia) • Participated in Women Veterans Social Justice Conference at Kennesaw State University • Made contribution in support of the Atlanta Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart • Led Atlanta SunTrust headquarters Memorial Day Moment of Remembrance with supporting Marine Color Guard • Organized annual effort to send over 250 holiday cards to active duty service members • Hosted SunTrust headquarters Veterans Day speaker event and luncheon • Provided veteran business leader panelist support for Coalition of Veteran owned Businesses
  18. 18. • Increase active involvement of Atlanta Veterans Teammate (employee) Network • Provide at least one selected wounded Veteran and his/her Family: • A mortgage-free home & three years of financial education & counseling in support of homeownership in partnership with Military Warriors Support Foundation • Attend 24+ military Veteran career fairs (6 in Georgia) • Promote SunTrust, Atlanta Veteran Teammate Network activities (internal & external) • Collaborate & participate with other Atlanta employers on veteran community based projects • Organize annual effort to send holiday cards to active duty service members • Plan and lead events in honor of Veteran focused holidays (Memorial Day, Veterans Day) • Increase mentorship & sponsorship for transitioning service members • Share & solicit “Best Practices” on driving Veteran type activities SunTrust Atlanta Veterans Teammate Network in 2016
  19. 19. Veterans Education Training and Transition Program (VET2)
  20. 20. Program History • Program first piloted August 2013 in Savannah, GA • Originally developed for unemployed and underemployed Veterans recently separated from active duty • Created using an experiential learning model that allows service members access to the civilian workplace through internship • Seven corporate sponsors in the first year • Approved as an active duty internship program June 2014 as part of DoD Instructions 1322.29 • Currently there are over 1100 active duty service members and Veterans who have completed interest requests in the program – 18% Logistics & Supply – 14% IT/Communications – 14% Security/Law Enforcement – 11% Maintenance/Repair – 9% Human Resources/Administrative – 7% Aviation Measurable Outcomes Selection Rate: 25% Program Completion: 93% Hired/Offered Employment: 99% (August 2013 – December 2015)
  21. 21. Veterans Education Training and Transition (VET2) • Designed to facilitate the successful transition of service members as a potential employee or new hire. • Compatible with existing onboarding process • Content provided by the employer to ensure relevance “VET2 is a truly successful program that remains the only one of its kind in the country.” Lieutenant Colonel Steven M. George Office of the Chief of the Staff of the Army Soldier for Life Program
  22. 22. First Active Duty Internship in the Country • Active duty service members now authorized to participate in internships with approved institutions of higher education (DoD Instructions 1322.29) • 10,000 service members per year are projected to transition from Georgia military installations from 2015-2020 • VET2 approved as an active duty internship program at Fort Gordon, Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield & Robins AFB (Fort Benning pending) • Service members must be in the last 180 days of service & receive approval from their chain of command to participate in an internship • Active duty service members cannot receive compensation from the employer (“unpaid internship”) • First Active Duty class completed January 2015 with 100% receiving a job offer “Gulfstream is committed to military hiring. The VET2 program provides a great opportunity for Gulfstream to help members of the military ease the transition to the civilian workforce, and it also help us source experienced professionals.” Mark Burns, President Gulfstream Aerospace VET2 Graduates January, 2015
  23. 23. Benefits to the Service Member • Income during the hiring process; active duty military receive pay & benefits • Feedback on job performance and marketability from an employer • Program flexibility to align with separation date • Course content provided by the employer • Education & Experience for the resume • Networking with cohort members and employer • Training and job offer before the separation date from the military • Mentorship and support before, during and after the job search Benefits to the Employer • Decreased cost of hiring and on- boarding veteran new hire • Extended interview process for the evaluation of potential new hires • Program flexibility to align with workforce training requirements • Employee training through Georgia Tech in a “high demand skillset” • Strategic Partnership with Georgia Tech to provide education and employment opportunities to our military service members • Relocation costs for new hire covered by the military • A reliable and dependable employee! Why this Program is Different
  24. 24. • VET2 Split Course Option – Engage service members earlier in their transition • VET2 101: Resume Building and Interview Skills (Online) – Collaborative effort between GTPE, “Boots to Loafers” and the Georgia Department of Economic Development • Increased Internship Opportunities for Companies in Remote Locations • Program Expansion to other States • Overseas Career Skills Program Opportunities for Service Members What’s New for 2016
  25. 25. For More Information James R. Wilburn, Ed.D. Academic Program Director, Military, Professional Education Georgia Institute of Technology 210 Technology Circle, Savannah, GA 31407-3016 Office: 912-966-7951 Email: Website:
  26. 26. 27 Classified - Internal use Patrick Haddock 2015-16 MVBRG President
  27. 27. 28 2015 Coca-Cola MVBRG Highlights Classified - Internal use ● American Corporate Partners (ACP) partnership continued - 70 mentors and lengthy waiting list ● Veterans Day events - Veterans Day employee event at our HQ - USO “stuffing party” – employees put together care packages for deployed troops - Every employee Veteran received a challenge coin - Storyboards at HQ to recognize veteran employees & family - Hosted an ACP/HHUSA career workshop ● Signed up for the Army PaYS program ● VET2 internship program ● Testified at U.S. Senate hearing with Starbuck on status of support of veterans
  28. 28. 29 2016 Coca-Cola MVBRG Plans Classified - Internal use ● American Corporate Partners (ACP) ● Veterans Day events - Employee engagement event + USO + challenge coins ● Veterans Non-Profit Support - Some details still being worked out - Working with The Mission Continues on Atlanta expansion ● Enhance Veteran Recruiting Efforts - TAP program lead visiting TCCC in Feb ● HHUSA resume and/or interview event ● Partner with TWI/EWI program and local participants ● International Officer visits from Maxwell AFB ● Liaison with HR for USERRA and company policy compliance
  29. 29. Family & Employer Programs & Policy (FEPP) (Version 1)2/9/2016 Joe M. Shubert, CSM(Ret) Georgia ESGR Administrative Support Technician WE ALL SERVE! www.ESGR.Mil
  30. 30. Family & Employer Programs & Policy (FEPP) (Version 1)2/9/2016 31 Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 USERRA • Protects reemployment rights and benefits of all employees who engage in military service as if he or she had been continuously employed during a period of military service. • This includes having the same level of seniority, status, pay and benefits they would have accrued, if they were not called up for military service.
  31. 31. Family & Employer Programs & Policy (FEPP) • Provide prior or advanced notice to employer (verbal or written) • Serve for no more than 5 cumulative years away from the workplace. However, there are 8 exception categories. • Serve under honorable conditions • Return to work in accordance with USERRA guidelines • Allow Military leave of absence • Prompt reinstatement of employee • Maintain employee seniority • Reinstate employment benefits • Training or refreshing of skills • No discrimination or retaliation 2/9/2016 32(Version 1) Military Responsibilities Employer Responsibilities Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act of 1994
  32. 32. Family & Employer Programs & Policy (FEPP) (Version 1)2/9/2016 33 Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 Who is covered under USERRA? YES:  Past and current employees with uniformed service  Applicants for employment with uniformed service  Witnesses to USERRA right infractions or violations  Employers with even one employee  Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, National Disaster Medical System NO:  Guard members on State Active Duty for Floods, Fires, etc. (Will be protected under the Governor’s state protection laws)  Non-recurrent or Brief Employees, Clergy, Students, Independent-Contractors ** Non-recurrent employment meaning that the period of hire was not reasonable expected to continue indefinitely or for a significant period.
  33. 33. Family & Employer Programs & Policy (FEPP) (Version 1)2/9/2016 34 Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 Questions about USERRA 1- 800-336-4590, option 1 or
  34. 34. MAG Overview January 6th, 2016
  35. 35. THD MAG Overview  VISION: Provide a platform that provides professional development, outreach, awareness, and integration for our military/veteran community and Home Depot associates  MISSION: Foster a symbiotic relationship between THD veterans, THD non- veterans, and the local veteran community through integration, education, and development  CORE COMPETENCIES: - THD Memorial Day/Veterans Day events - USO - Community Projects (Toys 4 Tots, Habitat for Humanity, UMC) - Veteran Hiring/THD HR Initiatives (Vetlanta, ACP) - Support Veteran Non-Profits - Adopt-a-unit/Letters/Care Packages  MAG participated in and/or hosted over 50 events representing The Home Depot in 2015 36
  36. 36. Board of Directors and Leadership Committee Set Up 37 Board Position Board Member Chair Don Stolzoff Co Chair Fred Spano Comptroller Compliance Cindy Monk Metrics/Membership Communications Christine Holloway THD Foundation Tiffany Poole Community Projects Dan Sedrak Veterans Day Bethany George Memorial Day Rachel Gates USO Emily Knox Veteran Hiring Karen Lewis Advisory Role Ted Studdard USN Liaison Scott Long Board of Directors Committee Position Committee Member Veterans Day Memorial Day Miscellaneous Events Miscellaneous Events USO Veteran Hiring Veteran Non Profits Community Projects Proposed Leadership Committee Expectations • One year commitment • Lead the committee responsible for specific event or project • Attend LC meetings • Complete new member onboarding  MAG currently has ~800 active members  One of our main goals in 2016 is to focus on engaging our current membership through the creation of leadership committees
  37. 37. SALUTE Roswell Kimberly-Clark Corporation Marcia Lucus
  38. 38. BuildTalent GoodWorks FamilySupport Objective: Deliver content and experiences to recruit, retain and develop members • Quarterly leadership series • Focused feedback from our veteran employees Objective: Create opportunities to make a difference in our communities • K-C Volunteer Opportunity Day • Support local 5K Run • Missing soldiers table (Memorial Day) • Holiday Mail for Heroes Objective: Assist K-C military families through the rigors of military life • USO Volunteer Day at Hartsfield • Operation Baby Shower 2016 Roswell Objectives
  39. 39. KCP Volunteer EventHoliday Mail for Heroes Hire Heroes Volunteer Recruitment
  40. 40. Now Presenting: VYD and Associates On Deck: UPS In The Hole: First Data
  41. 41. Women Veterans’ Employment Research U. S. Department of Labor VETS/Women’s Bureau
  42. 42. Project Overview DOL Women’s Bureau’s and VETS needed to identify gaps in research and employment policy to: • Address the needs and issues of women veterans • Provide understanding to the needs and issues unique to women veterans • Support employer effects in hiring and retaining women veterans • Inform the federal governments ongoing work in supporting employment and training opportunities for women veterans who are transitioning into the workforce Business Problem  Women Veterans have an unemployment rate of 8.3% versus 6.9% for men veterans.  Public and private sector tools, services and programs for veterans are designed from a male dominated view  Deficiency in research and literature addressing the specific needs workforce development needs of women veterans  DOL needs to prepare for 1.5M transitioning service members, which includes women veterans Benefit Realization  Support the Women’s Bureau (WB) in the expansion of its content knowledge on the challenges facings women veterans in the labor force  Identifying what exist within this body of knowledge  Identifying what policies exist to integrate women veterans into the workforce  Identifying research gaps around women veterans employment  Research-informed policy decisions to prepare for the unique needs of women veterans.
  43. 43. Project Mission, Goals, Objectives Challenge Objective Mission Goal  Women Veterans have an unemployment rate of 8.3% versus 6.9% for men veterans.  Public and private sector tools, services and programs for veterans are designed from a male dominated view  Deficiency in research and literature addressing the specific needs workforce development needs of women veterans  DOL needs to prepare for 1.5M transitioning service members, which includes women veterans Women’s Bureau seeks to address the gaps in research and employment policy to:  Address the needs and issues of women veterans  Provide understanding to the needs and issues of women veterans  Support employer effects in hiring and retaining women veterans  Inform the federal governments ongoing work in supporting employment and training opportunities for women veterans who are transitioning into the workforce Support the Women’s Bureau (WB) in the expansion of its content knowledge on the challenges facings women veterans in the labor force by :  Identifying what exist within this body of knowledge  Identifying what policies exist to integrate women veterans into the workforce  Identifying research gaps around women veterans employment Research-informed policy decisions to prepare for the unique needs of women veterans.
  44. 44. Approach WVER project focused on a review of the literature (academic, government, policy research) regarding women veterans’ demographics, employment and unemployment, occupations and earnings, marital and parental status, health and disability, and socioeconomic status, including homelessness. The review process included more than 275 articles, reports, briefs, and other resources. The information found during this review was analyzed to provide an overview of labor market characteristics of women veterans, the challenges women veterans face compared to men veterans, and to identify gaps in published data as well as directions for future research. Focus on identifying gaps in available research and factors impacting women veterans in the labor market.
  45. 45. Key Findings Gender-differentiated data • Many studies and evaluation of services do not differentiate by gender. • Difficult to identify issues and trends unique to women veterans. Demographics • Women veterans are younger, more diverse and more likely to be single parents than their male counterparts. • Detailed comparisons including demographics and impact on employment not available. Employment Best Practice • Majority of women veterans are doing well. • Gulf War II era veterans have higher unemployment than male peers. • Need to understand what majority of women veterans are doing well. Identification & Utilization • Women veterans less likely to publically identify as veterans than male peers. • Women veterans less likely to utilize services designed to assist veterans.
  46. 46. Q1 2016 UPS VBRG Overview 2015-2016 VETLANTA Q1 Bryan Wolfe, VBRG Chair
  47. 47. 48 ATL-VBRG Summary 2015 / Theme: “Put the B back in BRG” • WG1 “Reputation Management”: Increase the profile of UPS in the veteran community through fundraising, awareness, and speaking opportunities • 12 cross-functional VBRG team members contributing • Provided three grants from locally including: $500 American Legion, $500 Catch a lift, and $2000 Veterans Homeless Shelter directly aiding veterans in need • Supported the local VA Hospital by building 6 storage shelving units onsite • Blanket/Coat drive: 200 items gathered and distributed • Held 2 Veterans Day Color Guard events at 55 Glenlake & Morris Rd, and raised $593 for the United Way through our Chili Cook-off ticket sales • WG2 “Growing the Business”: Network with Veteran Owned Businesses Networks, Veterans Administration and DOD to help Veteran Owned Businesses (VOB) grow • 20 cross-functional VBRG team members contributing • Hosted our first Veteran Owned Business (VOB) Summit with 85 companies in attendance across 23 industries as well as 15 guest speakers/leaders from industry, academia, and government helping to Inform, Equip, and Enable VOB’s for success • Created 2 new ventures including a new Veterans Entrepreneurial COE program with VETLANTA and new collaboration with the Coalition for Veterans Owned Businesses (CVOB) starting in Q1 2016 • WG3 “Talent Management”: Work with veterans advocacy groups to increase employment of qualified Veterans. • 12 cross-functional VBRG team members contributing • Developed a new veteran mentorship program for new hires • Hosted 2 American Corporate Partner (ACP) events providing guidance on resume writing and interviewing skills with 40 veterans in attendance at each event
  48. 48. 2016 High-level plan UPS ATL-VBRG • APRIL: ACP and Hire Heroes: ALL DAY and early evening transition, coaching, interviewing and resume writing workshop • APRIL: Annual Food Drive. • Late 2Qtr, early 3Qtr: Coat and jeans Drive • SEPTEMBER: VETLANTA Summit - evening • OCTOBER: Veteran Owned Small Business summit. Same formula as 2015 as part of the new VETLANTA Entrepreneurial COE • NOVEMBER: Veterans Day recognition, morning Colors, etc. • DECEMBER… Toys for Tots. 49
  49. 49. © 2015 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Savana Santiago Military Recruiter Military Employment Overview January 27, 2016
  50. 50. © 2015 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved. National/State Coalitions and Partnerships
  51. 51. © 2015 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Veteran and Military Spouse Employment • Our 2016 hiring goal is 15% of new US hires will be veteran and military spouse hires. • Launched Monster / microsite o Microsite leverages the military translation tool. o Links from o Integration with • Dedicated Talent Acquisition and Military Experience teams which support the training, retention and improved performance of all military affiliated hires.
  52. 52. © 2015 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved. • Founded in 2011 by First Data’s CEO while he was still at JPMorgan Chase, the goal of the Coalition is for like-minded companies (regardless of industry) that strongly identify with the mission to hire U.S. veterans and their spouses. o No cost to join the Veteran Jobs Mission; o No hiring quota; o Members make a commitment to hire veterans, report veteran hires on a quarterly basis; o Attend face-to-face quarterly meetings and share best practices as it relates to veterans initiatives; o Members are required to sign a memorandum of understanding which outlines the aforementioned core tenants of membership. • What Are the Benefits? o Employers benefit by exchanging knowledge, information and leading practices. o Companies discuss leading practices around the entire employment continuum. Veteran and Military Spouse Employment Veteran Jobs Mission
  53. 53. © 2015 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Veteran and Military Spouse Employment Wounded Warrior and Caregiver Opportunities • Transition Training Academy (TTA) o Instructor-led information technology training for wounded service members, veterans, caregivers, and military spouses. o Candidates hired in to full-time positions across all roles and locations within First Data. • Care Coalition o Provides services for Special Operations Forces wounded, ill, or injured service members and their families. o Candidates placed into internships/fellowships. o Opened to all positions at key sites in July 2015.
  54. 54. © 2015 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Owner-Associate Experience The strength of our company is in our human capital, our owner-associates • Improved Onboarding Experience o Welcome letter from MVA team o New hire welcome call o Welcome packet o Invitation to join the Military Affinity Group (MAG) o 90-day “check in” email • Diversify our Workforce: Military Awareness for First Data Owner-Associates Training o Target audience: hiring managers, supervisors, recruiters, and owner-associates. • Military Affinity Group (MAG) o Created to establish and lead a network for First Data’s military-affiliated owner-associates: veterans, Guard and Reserve members, military spouses, family members, and civilian supporters. o The MAG connects and supports our members through community building, networking opportunities, and professional development. o 165% increase in membership in 2015. o Chapters located in eight FD locations throughout the U.S.
  55. 55. © 2015 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Veteran Business Engagement • Veteran Business Offer o Full launch of First Data’s comprehensive package offer for veteran- and military spouse-owned businesses in the SMB Direct Channel. • Coalition for Veteran Owned Business (CVOB) o First Data and IVMF launched the Coalition for Veteran Owned Business (CVOB) on May 5th. o CVOB / Southern Methodist University Veteran Business Summit to be held November 6th. Looking ahead: • Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship o Create the Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship through partnership with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University to provide resources, education, and commerce and supply opportunities for VOSMB.
  56. 56. © 2015 First Data Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  57. 57. Ongoing Events / Activities • Statewide collaboration – Developing liaisons/chapters • Vets for Vets – buddy program to integrate transitioning vets • Statewide student of the business training – lunch & learns • USO volunteer day • Memorial Day – Operation DVD/ Care packages • Veterans Empowerment Organization volunteer days • Atlanta Veterans Day Parade • Habitat Veterans Re-construction (Macon)
  58. 58. Hiring Activities/Initiatives
  59. 59. © 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. Eaton Military Talent Engagement and Retention
  60. 60. 62© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. Military Recruiting – Strategy/Vision Increase overall Vet hiring across the organization – all levels • Measure current baseline and track incremental improvements to achieve best in class standards • Report military hiring at all levels on a monthly basis • Use various channels to ensure Eaton is an “employer of choice” via branding/job boards • Participate in best in class competitions to achieve top military status • Widen the window – provide operations great diverse talent with built in leadership capabilities • Use various tools to accomplish this goal – branding/recruiting/education and training for MOP’s
  61. 61. 63© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. Why Hire Military Many of the most admired companies in the US have a robust recruiting program that focuses on hiring military talent because of the many positive attributes this continuously replenished labor pool provides. Eaton Core Values & Philosophy US Armed Forces Core Values • Loyalty • Duty • Respect • Selfless Service • Honesty • Integrity • Courage • Commitment • Devotion to Duty • Excellence • Customer Orientation • People • Trust • Respect • Dignity • Integrity • Excellence • Accountability • Health and Safety • Inclusion • Communication • Compensation • Learning • Innovation • Engagement • Environment and Communities Core values – The core values of the military reinforce those of Eaton.
  62. 62. 64© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. Military Strengths/Competencies/Benefits Service Mentality • Contribute to something larger than you Leadership laboratory • Maturity and leadership beyond their years • 1 in 12 Fortune 500 CEO’s is a Veteran Diversity • The military pioneered diversity in its workforce • 38% of transitioning military members are minorities Safety • Well versed in safety and risk management • Safety initiatives and policies tie to “I Choose Zero” Learning Agility • Provided continuous opportunities to learn new skills with little to no previous knowledge – expected to become SMEs
  63. 63. 65© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. Military Strengths/Competencies/Benefits Continuous Training/Improvement • US Military incorporates a continuous learning environment focused on personal/professional improvement Substance Abuse • Zero tolerance policy Ability to relocate • Relocation is built into their DNA and military provides relocation assistance upon transition Tax Credit for hiring military • Work Opportunity Tax Credit ($2,400 - $9,600) Flexibility • Open to multiple environments, work locations and different types of opportunities
  64. 64. 66© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. TMP/Vet Engagement Various methods are used to engage Transitioning Military Professionals (TMP)/Vets before joining Eaton • Military Landing Page on Eaton website • Job Fair Participation • Web/Conference Calls • Internal Interview Events • Veteran ERG • Military Talent Scout Network • Adds an SME to each Eaton facility • Functions as “Buddy” or sponsor for new vet hires
  65. 65. 67© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. Functional Areas of Focus for TMP/Vets Why Manufacturing, Operations, Production and Supply Chain? 1. High volume functions Manuf/Ops/Prod/SCM volume accounts for 24% of external hires since 2010 YTD (SB07-SB11) 2. Historical success Recently, Eaton hired 64 transitioning military professionals (SB06 – SB12) * 20 of the 64 (31%) were hired into SCM / Manufacturing Production/Operations positions 50% of the hires were officers 3. Transferrable skills sets / Ease of entry Military Officers focus on leading people in a technical environment and managing processes * Does not include all veterans hired during this timeframe Business Function Total Engineering 770 Environmental Health and Safety 46 Finance 131 Human Resources 126 Information Technology 160 Manufacturing 245 Marketing and Sales 439 Operational Excellence 45 Operations 27 Production 24 ProgramManagement 19 Quality 99 Supply Chain 271 Grand Total 2402 Above numbers represent SB07-11 external hires during period covered
  66. 66. 68© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. Eaton Vet Engagement & Retention Internal engagement & retention • Veteran ERG • Military Talent Scout Network • Eaton Coin • Eaton Culture and Environment • Make a difference (your ideas are heard) • Provide unrivaled customer value (do what’s important) • Enjoy lifelong learning (learn and grow) • Develop your career (be recognized and succeed) • Experience and growing global company that’s committed to the customers and communities it serves
  67. 67. 69© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved.. Eaton Vet staffing results and plans For 2015 we established a goal of having 7% of our 2015 US hires be a military veteran—we achieved 8%. Our plan is to maintain or exceed this goal in 2016 We are looking to implement some processes similar to our Early Talent (college campus recruiting) Programs and apply it to our military hiring initiative in 2016
  68. 68. 70© 2013 Eaton. All Rights Reserved..
  69. 69. Military / Veterans Employee Resource Group (ERG) ~ It’s About Connecting Veterans and Building Camaraderie ~ Mark Munoz, President
  70. 70. Engagement • Pride for what we do and have done • What we do for the Warfighter Speaker Series • Military veteran speakers • Sharing Our Stories Professional Development • Lunch and Learns • Leadership Positions Veterans ERG Overview
  71. 71. Personal Development • Veterans Benefit Advisors (external to company) • Employee Assistance Program Briefs (internal) Transition • Recruiting Referral (who do you know?) • Transition Assistance – acclimation to LM Mentoring/Coaching • Formal and informal Veterans ERG Overview
  72. 72. Networking • Connect and Engage with other Veterans • Connect with all Site ERGs • Social Events Veterans ERG Overview
  73. 73. Veteran Info Example
  74. 74. Veteran Info Example
  75. 75. Copyright © 2015 ADP, LLC. Proprietary and Confidential. ADP – Military Strong BRG VETLANTA Q1 Summit Greg Poquette – National Board Treasurer January 27, 2016
  76. 76. Copyright © 2015 ADP, LLC. Proprietary and Confidential. 78 Overview • Founded as a resource group in 2013 • National Board – Steering Team • Organized Regionally – SE – NE – West – Midwest – Virtual • 500+ associates are members
  77. 77. Copyright © 2015 ADP, LLC. Proprietary and Confidential. 79 Habitat for Humanity • 50-60 ADP volunteers in each location – Newark NJ – Atlanta GA – Augusta GA – San Dimas CA • ADP was awarded the HFH Newark “Golden Hammer” in 2015
  78. 78. Copyright © 2015 ADP, LLC. Proprietary and Confidential. 80 RED Drives • Collect, assemble, and distribute care packages for overseas service members • Twice annually; May and October • 200 + packages sent in October 2015
  79. 79. Copyright © 2015 ADP, LLC. Proprietary and Confidential. 81 We will be establishing a chapter in Atlanta in 2016! • Office locations – Alpharetta • Windward Pkwy • Great Oaks • Westside Pkwy • Union Hill – NW Perimeter • New Northside Drive • Contacts (770) 360-2558 (678) 746-5287
  80. 80. Accenture’s Military Commitment John Thomas
  81. 81. • Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations with over 374,000 employees across 120 countries. • As a global consulting, outsourcing and technology company, Accenture offers a wide range of career opportunities for military personnel and veterans. Many chose to apply their functional skills, such as IT, logistics, cyber security, or accounting, to work with clients across industries while others prefer operating in the government environment with Accenture Federal Services. • Consistently ranks in Top 100 Military Friendly Employers • Accenture gives veterans exposure to amazing training and careers in technology • Accenture continuality searches for ways to serve both enlisted and officers transitioning Accenture’s Commitment to Veterans 83
  82. 82. • Enlisted U.S. Army 1995-2006 2 Iraq tours • Joined Accenture in 2015 through one of Accenture’s Veteran hiring initiatives • Currently a Big Data Software Engineer (Certified Apache Cassandra Developer) with Accenture Digital & Analytics • Co-lead for Accenture’s Military Employee Resource Group in Atlanta • Off-duty super hero- I enjoy helping veterans finding employment. Accenture’s Proof of Commitment to Veterans (That would be me!) 84
  83. 83. Atlanta Military – Mission/Vision MISSION VISION Support the recruitment, development and retention of our veteran community by leading and participating in programs that make a substantial impact in our veteran community and deepen our relationships with clients Recruit •Support 5/5 Mission •Actively engage transitioning veterans across all branches •Identify new veteran sourcing channels Develop •Identify veteran/spouses development needs within Accenture •Identify leadership /mentorship opportunities within MERG for our veterans /spouses Support •Support veteran initiatives across •Local networking /collaborating on bestpractices and employment efforts •Veterans in reaching career goals Retain •Foster a team focused culture •Engage talent and encourage progression within the organization 85
  84. 84. Company-Wide Programs 1. Hire 5,000 U.S. Veterans by 2020 2. Accenture Veteran Technology Training Program/Partnership with Udemy 3. Accenture Military Career Coach/Mentor programs 4. Junior Military Officer Program 5. Partnership with Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IMVF) Local Projects Planned for FY16 1. Panel Discussions 2. Mock Interview/Resume Review days 3. Technology Career Days 4. Tech Careers Office Hours 5. Local participation in college and job fairs 86 FY16 – Planned Programs and Events
  85. 85. 2016 Veterans Initiatives J. Walter Thompson South/West Presented to Vetlanta January 27, 2016
  86. 86. Founded by a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, our history as a company has forged an enduring bond with the military community, including active duty, reserve, veterans, and their families. • JWT support efforts and initiatives are organized into three primary areas: • Active Business Initiatives • Diversity and Inclusion • Pro Bono Initiatives • Our 2015 activities supported the above areas and set the stage for continued progress in 2016: • Initiated a new contract with the Marine Corps for Recruitment Advertising • Published a North American Diversity and Inclusion Plan that specifically recognizes Veterans as a D&I priority for J. Walter Thompson • Continued Veteran hiring efforts, retaining two new veteran employees • Expanded pro bono support for Veteran Non-Profits, establishing a Veteran Pro Bono platform • The Veteran Platform approach allowed for broader support in the VNP category vs. limitations imposed by case-by-case annual relationships J. Walter Thompson Co. – Over 150 Years of Veteran Service and Support Executive Summary
  87. 87. As JWT approaches 70 years of active support for the United States Marine Corps, we have expanded our efforts to benefit the veteran community here in Atlanta and across the country. • United States Marine Corps Recruiting • Supporting the Marines and the DoD beyond Recruiting: • Marine Corps Recruiting Command • Marine Corps Embassy Security Group • Manpower and Reserve Affairs • Marine For Life • Consultation to the Center For a New American Security • The USO 75th Anniversary Active Business Initiatives Doing Well by Doing Good in the Military/Veteran Community
  88. 88. Consistent with our leading position in the advertising and communications industry, J. Walter Thompson has been championing the evolution of Diversity and Inclusion, to include the inherently diverse and progressive cohort of young veterans in the US. • In Q3 2015, J. Walter Thompson North America published a strategic plan for Diversity and Inclusion that included Veterans as one of the five pillars for outreach, attraction and engagement • For 2016, the J. Walter Thompson D&I plan calls for the following specific initiatives: • Posting a minimum of five jobs on the Hire Heroes USA job board to increase our reach and opportunity to bring more veterans aboard with JWT • Posting additional job opportunities on and the LinkedIn Veteran Mentor Network • Providing facilities and personnel support to veteran transition activities provided by D&I partners (Workshops, Photography, Networking) Diversity and Inclusion Recognizing the Evolution of D&I and Leading the Way
  89. 89. For 2016, JWT Atlanta has established a Veteran Platform to guide pro bono efforts. Specific initiatives will include ongoing support to three Veteran Non-Profits whose proven track records continue to enhance a range of opportunities for veterans, their families, and communities. • The Travis Manion Foundation • Hire Heroes USA • The Bob Woodruff Foundation Pro Bono Initiatives Opportunities to support the Veteran community in Atlanta and around the country
  90. 90. Please feel free to contact us: Marshall Lauck J. Walter Thompson Atlanta 404-365-7323 We Look Forward to Working With You With over 100 team members who actively support military and veteran efforts, we are proud to have the veteran experience as a central component of who we are as a company.
  91. 91. Deloitte Atlanta Armed Forces Business Resource Group Helping Veterans Succeed at Deloitte and Benefit their Community January 2016
  92. 92. Copyright © 2016 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.94 Deloitte Armed Forces Business Resource Group (AFBRG) Deloitte AFBRG Overview • National network of more than 900 Deloitte professionals who are prior, current, and retired service members, as well as their supporters – The Atlanta Office contains more that 100 of the AFBRG members • AFBRG Provides: – Centralized group for veterans advocacy within Deloitte – Opportunity to build camaraderie amongst veterans and veteran supporters – Assist veterans transitioning into Deloitte – Provide volunteer opportunities for Deloitte Practitioners Deloitte AFBRG Locations San Francisco San Diego San Antonio Houston Atlanta Chicago Tri-State Maryland Washington DC Tampa Cincinnati Dallas Hermitage Austin Denver Detroit Boston Seattle
  93. 93. Copyright © 2016 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.95 Armed Forces BRG Key Activities In Support of Veterans Nationally • Work with the USO and Hire Heroes USA to organize volunteers and career panels to various Veteran Transition Workshops throughout the country (including the metro Atlanta Area) • Partner with American Corporate Partners and Student Veteran Association to assist in mentoring Veterans entering a new career path • Provide Pro-Bono consulting services to various Veteran focused Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) • Sponsor Impact Day – an event the first Friday of June that allows all Deloitte employees across the US to volunteer and support NPOs during the day In Support of Veterans in the Atlanta Metro Area • Continue to Volunteer and Support NPO: • USO Atlanta Chapter (March) • Veterans’ Empowerment Organization (May) • Department of VA Stand Down (October/November) • Witness to War • Support Additional NPOs providing high quality services to Veterans: • Volunteer and support locally run Veteran focused NPOs (September) • Work with United Way initiatives focus on reducing the number of Homeless Veterans
  94. 94. Now Presenting: Georgia National Guard On Deck: McKesson In The Hole: Closing Comments
  95. 95. McKesson Military Resource Group Vision & Mission
  96. 96. McKesson Corporation Confidential and Proprietary98 Regional Chair Updates • AK,HI,CA,OR,WA, NV,NM, AZ,UT,CO,WY,ID, MT West Region • MO, IA, KS, IN, MN,MI, WI, ND, SD, OH,IL,KY, TX, OK, LA, NE Central Region Southeast Region • AR,TN, SC,NC,MS, AL, GA, FL • KY,WVA,VA,NJ,NY,PA,V T,NH, ME, RI,DE, CT, MA, D.C. Northeast Region FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY/PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Serves all MMRG members and boards NATIONAL MMRG Chair:Sam Oman Chair: Chris Savage Co-Chairs: Shreve Gould & Bennett Holtzman Chair:Patrick Soos Chair: Terry Carrico Executive Sponsor: David Evangelista
  97. 97. 2/17/201599 McKesson Military Resource Group Mission: The MMRG provides opportunities for all employees to recognize and welcome veterans and their families to McKesson. In doing so, this group of like minded employees strives to provide professional and personal development opportunities, support the recruitment, hiring and retention of veterans, and work within our communities to respect, honor, and support active duty military and veterans. The MMRG provides opportunities to: - Connect with colleagues with similar military service, experiences, backgrounds and interest - Develop skills and relationships beyond our daily work - Support active military, veterans and their families at McKesson and in our communities - Assist in the recruitment, hiring and retention of veteran talent
  98. 98. 2/17/2015100 McKesson Military Resource Group FY16 Goals GOAL #1: Engage MMRG Membership Annual membership survey Monthly National Chapter emails Monthly Site leaders calls Quarterly MMRG Chapter meetings GOAL #2: Contribute to the recruiting, hiring and retention of Veterans Provide MMRG Members to support TA during recruitment events GOAL #3: Celebrate Veterans and Memorial Days Conduct National / Regional / Site events to Veterans and those that gave all in the defense of our national beliefs GOAL #4: Community Outreach: Say “Thank You” to Veterans and/or Active Duty Military Support an annual established event in your community that says “thanks” to Vets or active duty military. Plan and conduct your own event. Conduct a fund raiser and contribute the proceeds to local organizations that assist Vets and/or active duty military.
  99. 99. 2/17/2015101 McKesson Military Resource Group FY16 Goals GOAL #2: Contribute to the recruiting, hiring and retention of Veterans - Dean James (Emory GBS Dean ) Speaks at McK - VETCONECT Hosted by Emory GOAL #3: Celebrate Veterans and Memorial Days - Memorial Day – Flags flown at ½ mast - Nov 11th Pins for All Vets at McK Windward location - Nov 18th McK Honors Vets – Hosted by Pat Blake GOAL #4: Community Outreach: Say “Thank You” to Veterans and/or Active Duty Military - Team River Runner - Dan Brady - Birdies for the Brave – Tom Sullivan - Spring into Fitness – Shepherds Men – John Mann - DAV – 5k - Joint ERG event -Hands On Atlanta Day (Celebrate Diversity and Demonstrate Inclusion) - VA New Years – Vet Thank You letters
  100. 100. McKesson Honors Vets Employee Gathered in Atrium to thank Vets Vets Networking Lunch with MTS Leaders - Focus was on Soft Skills Vets Bring to McKesson.
  101. 101. 2/17/2015103 McKesson Military Resource Group
  102. 102. For the third year, a group known as the Shepherd’s Men, will run to raise awareness for the most common injuries affecting returning troops since 2001, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One in five service men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan need treatment for these devastating conditions. Though undetectable visually, TBI and PTSD devastate service members and the families who suffer with them, often leading to broken homes and suicide
  103. 103. Thank You