Swe technology action plan


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Swe technology action plan

  1. 1. Technology Flow Chart
  2. 2. Title Role and ResponsibilityDistrict Superintendent Responsible for providing the leadership and direction of the integration of technology across the curriculum at each district campusArea Superintendent Responsible for providing the leadership and direction of the integration of technology across the curriculum at their assign campusDirector of Technology Responsible for overall district technology Oversees district network management, security, and back-up systems Responsible for software instalation, reformats, and computer repairs throughout the districtDistrict IT Specialist Responsible for the desgin, development, and implementation of professional development that addresses technology integration into the curriculum for the district Responsible for maintaning the district websiteCampus Administrator Supervises the integration and implementation of technology into all academic area at the campus level Utlizes the district e-mail for communication to staff membersCampus IT Specialist Responsible for campus trainings on technology to increase productivity and implementation Responsible for utilizing the proper use of technology at their campus Responsible for maintaining the campus websiteCampus Staff Responsible for maintaining a staff webpage Responsible for incorporating technology
  3. 3. across all curriculum areas Responsible for maintaining grade book and lesson plans utilizing the district common drive and district grade book softwareStudents Responsible for utlizing the technology instruction provided to them at their campus Technology Action PlanThe accumulation of data from week three has provided an in depth analysis of the Summerwood ElementarySchool’s current position on technology. Data consisted of Texas STaR chart summaries, AEIS, AYP, andinterviews with key campus and district stakeholders. These stakeholders play vital roles in the integration oftechnology into instruction. Most of the technology we use is integrated with the core curriculum, but it is notdone often enough. Administrators do recognize technology usage in the building. However, there is not timeallotted for on-going professional development. Although, with the current budget crisis the creation ofinstructional technologist positions is not likely, it would definitely benefit our district to expertise in the field ofintegrating technology into instruction.The following professional development opportunities are included in my technology action plan:  At the beginning of the school year, all teachers will be required to attend technology training on all of the available technologies available at their specific campus. Professional development hours will be given.  IT Specialist and Instructional coaches will develop a list of way to integrate technology into daily instruction across all curriculum areas. The list will include website, district programs, and technology tools available at the campus. Teachers will be given the list at the beginning of the school year, in order the assist with instructional planning.  Grade level teachers will use the technology list during instructional planning time. This will ensure the integration of technology into all academic areas and incorporate methods of instruction that will meet the needs of different levels of learners.  Instructional Coaches and Technology Specialist will instruct and model different technology based lesson for teachers to utilize in the classroom. This technology professional development will take place once a month during grade level planning period. Team members will be required to bring one technology integrated lesson to share will the team during the technology training each month.
  4. 4. Summerwood Elementary Technology Action PlanGOAL 1: Academic achievement will be improved through the integration oftechnology into the curriculum and instruction Action Person(s) Resources Assessment ResponsibleTechnology training Campus IT Various technology Technology toolson all campus tools available at usage evaluationtechnology tools the campusSupport of the Teachers Software training Administrators andcurriculum will be will be provided to coaches will checkprovided through the Campus IT promote integration lesson plans weeklyintegration of of technology into to determine Administratortechnology TEKS instruction whether clasroominto each curriculum teachers havearea utilized the uniformed format and highlighted technology utilization in their instructional planningTeachers will use Teachers Various technology The CIP will reflecttechnology regularly tools technologyfor integrated Campus IT integration and willcurriculum activities Administrator require teachers toutilizing various use technology PLC time whereinstructional settings projects in their teacher can lessons collaborate on various ways to incorporate technologyGOAL 2: Professional Development will enable teachers to effectively usetechnology to improve student learning and administrative processes Action Person(S) Resources Assessment ResponsibleStaff will be Campus IT STaR Chart slide Reflection andinstructed on how to show and STaR survey of theutilize the STaR Administrator Chart website campus STaR chartchart data todetermine campus Staff evaluation andtechnology needs. reflection sheet
  5. 5. Teachers and Teachers A professional All teachers will administrators will development plan complete Texas meet SBEC Campus IT will be implemented Teacher STaR educator certification Administrator which reflects Tech charts standards in App Educator Technology Standards Applications Technology Plan EvaluationThe technology plan must be continually monitored and evaluated to ensure goals have been reached. Thetechnology plan requires that accountability measures be in place for student, teacher, and administrativegrowth. The Summerwood Elementary Technology Plan will be monitored on an ongoing basis.  Campus STaR report as related to student and teacher use of technology  Student mastery of technology TEKS at benchmark grades  Observation of student integration of technology in all curriculum areas  Analysis of lesson plans and evidence of student generated products  Staff professional development evaluation forms will monitor effectiveness and relevance of each activity