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  1. 1. Branding<br />What is Branding?<br />Branding is an important aspect of any product or business, no matter which market it is in. The purpose of Branding is to make it stand out and look more attractive than its competitors. <br />What makes a Brand?<br />There are many things that make up a Brand:<br /><ul><li>A central Theme
  2. 2. Font
  3. 3. Colour Scheme
  4. 4. Image/Logo/Icon</li></li></ul><li>Branding<br />An example of this, taken from another market, the confectionary market would have to be Cadbury:<br /> The logo of Cadbury has been consist for many years and the <br /> shades of purple used by Cadbury in their adverts and on their products has produced an association with that colour and the Cadbury brand. Their font choice is their logo and for a certain range in <br />their products, a central theme for their advertising <br />campaigns was the ‘Glass and a Half Full’ which they <br />further developed for their television adverts.<br />
  5. 5. Branding<br />For our band, we tried to focus on its genre of pop/indie rock by keeping it quirky and unique but making it simple. The overlapping letters makes it different from other bands but the thicker style to the font makes it clear and stand out. For the Digipack cover, we are going to use the image on the right as we have outlined it to make it stand out more, but to keep with the theme of the digipak, the band’s name needs to be in yellow. The name of the band itself is unique and we needed to create our own font that reflected this. When brainstorming, we each came up with how we felt Heifervescent should be written and why, then combined our ideas. I wanted the letters to be thick and overlap because its quite modern and makes the band stand out from the rest. Robin wanted the writing to be stylised and have the ‘f’ flow and so we combined to produce this logo.<br />
  6. 6. Branding<br />The record company needed a simple, yet unique name and so after brainstorming some ideas as to record label names we settled on Shenanigan Records. Some of the options we thought of were: Rothan Records (a combination of our names), Genius Records and Electric Records.<br />We decided on ‘Shenanigan Records’ as it had a ring to it and the associations you get with the record label is that of fun, quirky music which I felt reflected the band well. The definition of Shenanigan is that of a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose. This gives the impression of light hearted fun, with a possible hint of danger. <br />The way in which we wrote Shenanigan Records was to be appear as handwriting to follow the semantics. The writing flows well and is easy to read and the calligraphy style makes it appear like an established record label with a quirky edge.<br />