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Re-Defining Work


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Re-Defining Work

  1. 1. MARKETING Thierry has also been a soccer coach for many years and likes to think of himself as a coach to his customers. He strongly believes in continuing education and holds several work shops throughout the year such as the ABC’s of Investing classes, Value of Money class for ages 10-100, Social Security workshops and Healthcare Reform workshops. Each event presents something new and different, which caters to the wide variety of interests his customers may have. It also gives attendees the opportunity to learn something new or experience something they have never done. Thierry also loves being a part of organizations such as the Tennessee School for the Deaf and the Sertoma Home for Men by volunteering as Santa each year to brighten the holidays of those in need. All of these events help strengthen his relationship with his customers as well as provide opportunities to meet prospects and guests who attend. It also gives Thierry the opportunity to give back to the community and enjoy his personal hobbies, all while earning recognition for his business. Relating to people on a personal level can create a sense of trust, which lays the foundation for forming business relationships. Customers want to know that you understand them, listen to them and can relate to them. Enjoying a common hobby together can promote this while paving the way for business growth, and in Thierry’s case, open an opportunity to build relationships that last a lifetime. W hoever said mixing business and pleasure was a bad thing? Many professionals have found ways to use their hobbies and personal interests to their advantage by creating them into a business tactic. If it seems as though your workload prevents you from doing the things you love, try changing things up by merging the two. You might be surprised at the results. Using your hobbies to network can help you reach potential new clients while building strong relationships. If you connect your business to something you enjoy or are passionate about, it will reflect in the way you engage with people. When you engage in something you love, it drives your motivation, and those around you will feel your energy. Thierry Sommer, a NEXT Representative from Tennessee, bases most of his events around the hobbies he enjoys. His hobbies, to name a few, include educational reading, coaching soccer, traveling, participating in community activities, sports, games and movies. Thierry loves to incorporate all of the fun and interesting aspects of Knoxville into events while also connecting his business to a valued hobby by introducing a related economic concept. One event he hosted titled “The Three Rivers Rambler Train Ride,” centered on keeping your retirement plan on track. Other events he has hosted include a “Card Shark Party,” during which Thierry invited customers to play various card games for an evening, a “Halloween Tax Retreat and Costume Party,” and “The Star River Boat” dinner cruise in which he invited Joe Colavito to speak on Centurions. RE-DEFINING WORK 54 |