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Places Catherine Has Lived...


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Places Catherine Has Lived...

  1. 1. Places Catherine has lived... My mission is: To foster understanding and successful communication that bridges cultural, gender and age differences, while supporting excellence in others and delivering outstanding services with integrity.
  2. 2. A nearby North San Diego State Beach ...where I hike most Saturday mornings with a group of fabulous women!
  3. 3. Montreal, Quebec, Canada Autumn, such a picturesque, invigorating season!
  4. 4. California Desert near Palm Springs/Palm Desert and dry!!!
  5. 5. Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, London, England ...depicting my country of birth!
  6. 6. Los Angeles in Winter favorite time of the year there!
  7. 7. Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe ...located on the California - Nevada Border... I lived on the Nevada side of the Lake - the mountains and lake energized my soul!
  8. 8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates ...represents such a dichotomy of the past, merged with present day sophistication, finance, and telecommunications!
  9. 9. Trunk Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands ...this bay was my favorite snorkeling beach!
  10. 10. CML International |