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August 2019 What can I do about climate change?


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We hear our friends and our family asking: What can we do about climate change? Here are some immediate actions you can take. This slidedeck will be revised and updated as more information becomes available.
Common Climate Network is a group of New Zealanders who want to spread positive, concrete actions we can all take in our daily lives to influence system change.

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August 2019 What can I do about climate change?

  1. 1. What can I do about climate change? Provided by: Common Climate Network Facebook: commonclimatenz
  2. 2. 1. Energy  Increase use of renewable energy for electricity  Phase out use of fossil fuels 3. Transport  More electric vehicles and alternative transport  Convert freight to electric/ hydrogen/biofuels or find other efficiencies. 2. Agriculture  Reduce the emissions from meat and dairy production  Reduce consumption of meat and dairy  Reduce food waste  Halt or reverse deforestation 4. Innovation  New Zealand can help companies with our agricultural & renewable energy expertise What needs to happen globally?
  3. 3.  If we act now we can reduce carbon emissions and slow the rate of change.  Action in New Zealand can influence international action  Our innovation could lead the way. What can New Zealand do about it?
  4. 4.  National and international efforts often start with individual and local actions  New Zealanders can work together to give our actions more impact What can I do about it?
  5. 5.  Taking action will have other benefits and create opportunities such as healthier families and new industries and jobs  The climate crisis is a challenge we can overcome Why should we act?
  6. 6.  If you hear your friends or whānau talking about the climate  If you see weather patterns changing  If you’re worried about insuring or future proofing your home or business  If you are concerned about the future of the planet Are you ready to consider action? => Then climate issues could be important to you.
  7. 7. Colmar Brunton, 2019 � More than 80%, including businesses, believe that climate change is happening. � 88% want companies to do more � 76% want the government to do more. � 79% say they could be doing more to act on climate change themselves. (EECA/TRA 2019) More than half of NZers are highly concerned about climate change
  8. 8. 1. Public support for passing Zero Carbon legislation - introduced May 2019 2. Elect local body officials committed to taking action - Oct 2019 3. Elect Members of Parliament committed to taking action - 2020 4. Businesses, industry, agriculture reducing emissions 5. Individuals and communities: reduce our own emissions and support groups that are making the changes we want to see System change: What would make the biggest difference for NZ?
  9. 9. 1. Check you are enrolled for local body elections in Oct 2019 2. Encourage your friends and family to enrol and vote 3. Buy from companies reducing their own emissions 4. Join a local tree-planting group (via Facebook) 5. Set up a $5, $10, $20 recurring donation to a group(s) making the changes you want to see. What can I do in the next week?
  10. 10. 6. Find out which local body candidates support climate-friendly policies 7. Make a submission supporting the Government’s Clean Cars proposal 8. Switch your Kiwisaver to a fund that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels 9. Switch to a power company with 100% renewable electricity 10. Make a submission on the next stage of the Zero Carbon Bill What can I do in the next month?
  11. 11. 1. Transport • Increase cycling, public transport use, car pooling • Replace old cars with electric • Offset your emissions if you have to fly 4. Support • Renewable energy projects overseas • Businesses and policies for innovation Other actions you can take locally 2. Shop • Locally • Second-hand • From low-emissions companies 3. Food • Eat more plant-based meals • Compost your food waste • Buy from low-emissions producers • Support local community gardens, zero waste, food waste schemes For additional tips, see Ministry for the Environment:
  12. 12. Voting for city, district and regional councils happens in Sept-Oct 2019. Local government decisions that impact climate change the most relate to:  Public and active transport  Congestion or low emissions zones  Urban development that is energy efficient  Local councils working together on solutions 1. Local body elections 2019
  13. 13.  You should have received your enrolment update pack by now. If not, check you are correctly enrolled at  16 August: Enrolment closes for the printed electoral roll  20–25 September: Voting documents sent to all enrolled voters  11 October: Last day to enrol to vote in the local elections  Saturday, 12 October: Voting closes at midday Enrol and vote
  14. 14. Combine your actions with others. In the documentary Fools and Dreamers, when Hugh Wilson teamed up with Maurice White to establish Hinewai Nature Reserve they achieved so much more than each of them could alone. Encourage your friends and family to enrol and vote for candidates who will take climate action  Talk to people around you  Spread the word through your communities  Get active on social media 2. Spread the word
  15. 15. Businesses that are reducing their emissions:  Climate Leaders Coalition How can your business reduce its emissions?  Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority  Enviro-Mark Solutions  Sustainable Business Council quick guide 3. Low emissions businesses
  16. 16. Short-term  Smarter use of fertiliser  Fencing off waterways  Low-emissions feed Long-term  Planting more trees  Changing what we farm How can agriculture reduce its emissions?
  17. 17. Taking part in regenerating the land around us with plants and trees, or joining beach clean ups, can boost good mental health for us and our whānau. • Join a local tree-planting or beach cleanup group • Plant more in your own garden • Plant more in local public areas 4. Get hands-on If 1 plant was planted for everyone living in New Zealand every month, that would be 4.9m plants per month to help our earth and ourselves. ( March 2019 pop. Estimate)
  18. 18. Set up a $5, $10, $20 recurring donation to a group/s making the changes you want to see. Some ideas:        5. Regular support
  19. 19.  Talk about donating with your friends and family  Give donations for birthday and Christmas gifts  Organise a fundraising activity  Make one of these groups a beneficiary in your will If $1 was donated for everyone living in New Zealand every week, that would be $4.9m per week to help our earth and ourselves. ( March 2019 pop. Estimate)
  20. 20.  Who are your local candidates? Nominations open 19 July, candidates are announced 21 August.  Where do they stand on climate action?  What are your council’s current zero carbon plans? 6. Local body elections: Find out
  21. 21.  Making electric & low-emissions cars cheaper and higher-emissions cars more expensive will help us reduce transport emissions.  Most countries already have similar policies.  Consultation documents:  Make a submission by 20 August. 7. Support the Clean Cars proposal
  22. 22.  Does your Kiwisaver provider invest in fossil fuel companies?  Switch to a provider that doesn’t:  Get advice on ethical investing, eg Mindful Money  Does your bank invest in fossil fuels?  Switch your mortgage to one that doesn’t 8. Switch your Kiwisaver
  23. 23.  New Zealand’s power is 80% renewable  We need more investment in renewables  You can support companies with renewable energy  More information: cent-renewable-goal  What’s My Number 9. Switch to 100% renewable electricity
  24. 24.  Get familiar with the summary and main points of the Zero Carbon Act See: (Generation Zero)  Tell your local MP you support the bill.  Make a submission at each stage of the legislation – Next deadline in late 2019 See:  Sign petitions supporting the Bill. 10. Support the Zero Carbon Bill
  25. 25. � Bloomberg, Michael and Pope, Carl. 2018. Climate of Hope � Berners-Lee, Mike. 2019. There Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years � Exponential Climate Action Roadmap. � Gameau, Damon. 2019. 2040: A Handbook for the Regeneration � Hall, David. 2019. A Careful Revolution � Hawken, Paul. 2017. Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Roll Back Global Warming � Kalmus, Peter. 2017. Being the Change – Live well and spark a climate revolution Further reading
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