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Tips To Create Twitter Chats


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Twitter Chats are a great way to connect with colleagues and clients. Learn tips and techniques. Complimentary checklist.

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Tips To Create Twitter Chats

  1. 1. Catherine J. Heeg Customized Management Solutions Phone: 403 726 0171 Fax: 403 726 0371 Tips to Create Twitter Chats Think of the possibilities of talking with prospective clients as a group. As a tour operator you can let people know that you’ll be hosting a Twitter chat at a specific time and will feature destination information and a conversation with an expert—YOU! As a supplier a Twitter chat is the perfect medium to bring together brand advocates. As a travel consultant imagine bringing together clients and potential clients that are interested in your niche market. Successful Twitter chats feature:  A moderator who’s armed with a series of questions to generate conversation  When initiating a new question start it with Q1: type in your question here. o Respondents can be instructed to answer in this format: A1: type in answer here. This will keep the conversation flowing smoothly.  A pre-arranged # (hashtag), theme and start/finish time  Strong marketing to attract passionate participants  As a participant you may want to use a platform to easily see the conversation as it unfolds and not have other tweets get in the way. Check out: o TweetDeck o Hootsuite  For small business owners, here are a few that may be of interest: o #smbiz: A chat where small business owners can get answers from experts and other SMB owners. Takes place every Tuesday from 8 to 9pm. o #TourismChat at 2p Central every Thursday. o #blogchat: Offers advice on how to better your blog. Takes place on Sunday nights from 8 to 9pm Central Time o #travelskills; Participants include travel industry, media and consumers. Takes place on Friday at 12n Eastern time o #seeTheWorld. all things related to travel, food, lifestyle, and culture, with a new destination every week. Wednesday at 12 Pacific time o #TL_Chat. summer travel, weekend getaways, social media, adventure travel, Europe, hotels, etc. Wednesday, 2p Eastern. 1-2 times/month o #TTOT. 5 questions are asked about one travel topic. Tuesdays 9:30a GMT and 9:30p GMT
  2. 2. Catherine J. Heeg Customized Management Solutions Phone: 403 726 0171 Fax: 403 726 0371