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35 Ways to Gain More Social Fans


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35 Ways to Market your Facebook page is a quick-read for travel & tourism pros.

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35 Ways to Gain More Social Fans

  1. 1. Catherine J. Heeg International Speaker & Trainer 1Phone: 403.726.017 Social Marketing Strategies for Travel and Tourism WebsiteWonders 1. Add a Facebook“LIKE” button to all pages of your website 2. Use a Social Share tool on your blog 3. Pull your social feeds to your website 4. Post your blog to your Facebook page 5. Embed top posts into your website, e-blast and blog Sharing Secrets 6. Create video slideshows. 7. Be awesome at Facebook Live. 8 Post native video 9. Ensure your personal profile links to your business page. Here’s how: 10. Post amazing photos. 11. Create quality graphics. 12. Change your social header images 13. Share from your business page to your personal profile. Spread the LOVE 14. Market your Facebook page on Pinterest. 15. Include your Facebook URL in yourTwitter bio 16. Customize your LinkedIn profile to include your Facebook URL 17. Add your Facebook URL to your Google+ profile 18. Invite your other social fans and friends to‘follow’ you on Facebook 19. Like/comment as your page Email Excellence 20. Include a hyperlink to your Facebook business page in your e-mail signature 21. Change your email signature to reflect weekly social posting theme Powerful Photos 22. Post photos of your trips, events & destinations 23. Create photo albums 24. Create Carousels 25. CreateVideo Slideshows Facebook Features 26. Add custom tabs/apps onto your Facebook page 27. Use Milestones to showcase awards, fams & certifications 28. Post your upcoming group departures, consumer nights & tours as events on your Facebook page. Invite friends. 29. Get awesome at advertising 30. Ensure your keywords are in your About section 31. Use common # (hashtags) that will draw readers. Research and analyze keywords 32. Start & join Facebook groups Stand Out! 33. Create unique compelling content to market your page; blog, newsletter, podcast, video or graphics 34. Mention your Facebook site at networking events 35. Showcase your Facebook page in meetings 35Ways to MARKETyour Facebook page