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12 Video Marketing Essential Tips


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Video marketing essential tips.

Video is out performing other marketing resources in the travel and tourism industry. Are you marketing your video as optimally as possible?

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12 Video Marketing Essential Tips

  1. 1. VIDEO MARKETING ESSENTIALS12 1. E-mail a noteto your clients → embed the video into your e-blast ❷Optimize video key words and tags 3. Upload your video to You-Tube ↔ Include all videos on Animoto or other platforms IV. Create a Facebook post and upload your video ⑤ Add a video app on your Facebook page SIX. Install a You-Tube App onto your Facebook page 7.Add your video to your Pinterest site ↔ Upload from You-Tube Embed your video into a blog post 9. Add a link to your video in your email signature 10 Tweet your video to your followers Add your video to your Google+ profile ELEVEN ↑ Include your video on your LinkedIn profile 12 ↘ Share to relevant LinkedIn groups 8 403 726 0171 Social Marketing Strategies for Travel & Tourism