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Tees Valley – Home of the offshore wind industry of the future


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Tees Valley Unlimited is working to attract jobs and investment to our area. To this end, we\'ve created a free, online guide for companies around the UK, to showcase our offer and capabilities in the offshore wind supply chain.
Tees Valley has all the ingredients to become a location of choice for the offshore wind industry. The existing strengths in offshore and subsea work, as well as a proven track record in delivering large-scale civil and marine engineering projects, puts the area in a strong position. Tees Valley is in pole position to serve the Dogger Bank - one of the largest Round 3 windfarm zones, some 60 miles off the Northeast coast – as well as offshore wind projects worldwide.
To find out how Tees Valley can help position your company at the front of a growing UK industry, read on.

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Tees Valley – Home of the offshore wind industry of the future

  1. 1. Offshore Wind Opportunitiesin Tees ValleyVisit us online
  2. 2. ContentsTo use this interactive 02 Offshore Wind 07 Workforce of 21 Centres of Excellencepdf simply click on the Opportunities Engineers 24 Local Supportlinks or content list 03 Tees Valley Offshore 10 Tees Valleyto be directed to the Wind Advantages Supply Chainrelevant pages or use the 04 Overview of 11 Who’s Herenavigation arrows below. Tees Valley 15 Offshore Wind 06 Major North Sea Port Manufacturing 26 Cost Effective 28 Tees Valley Lifestyle Solutions 30 Help for Your 27 Choice of Premises Next Move OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 01
  3. 3. Offshore Wind OpportunitiesCONTeNTS The UK is one of the most exciting offshore wind markets in the world and is the02 Offshore Wind Opportunities03 Tees Valley Offshore focus of many international players. The huge developments off the east coast Wind Advantages present significant opportunities for key industrial hubs such as Tees Valley.04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port tees Valley has all the ingredients to sector, including Gamesa’s plans to materials and shortages of vessels. these07 Workforce of Engineers become a location of choice for the develop an offshore wind hub in bottlenecks are a reflection of the fact10 Tees Valley Supply Chain offshore wind industry. the existing scotland and siemens decision to locate that the uK does not currently have a11 Who’s Here strengths in offshore and subsea work, a major manufacturing facility in Hull. complete supply chain for the offshore as well as a proven track record in wind sector and is evidence of the market15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing the proximity of tees Valley, equidistant delivering large-scale civil and marine opportunities that clearly exist here. between the Humber and scotland,21 Centres of Excellence engineering projects, puts the area in a offers a host of opportunities to add24 Local Support strong position. the extensive facilities of value to these and other projects. an expanding deep-water port complex, the Crown estate26 Cost-effective Solutions coupled with the availability of large indeed, George Rafferty, chief executive welcomes the recent27 Choice of Premises parcels of industrial land, are of great of business development organisation commitments by several28 Tees Valley Lifestyle interest to the offshore wind oeMs. for the energy industries, noF energy, manufacturers to locate on said the siemens project could generate30 Help for Your Next Move tees Valley has the potential to attract the east coast of the uK and big opportunities for tees Valley’s all aspects of the offshore wind supply- manufacturing and energy supply chains. see this as the starting point chain including electrical and mechanical for a number of key decisions components, structures, cabling, “Businesses here will undoubtedly happening in the coming operations and maintenance providers. benefit as result of this... it’s a clear months. We are hopeful that statement of confidence that a major the tees Valley will be tees Valley is in pole position to serve the international company has in uK offshore Dogger Bank - one of the largest wind- seeing its share of the wind. it will give confidence to other farm zones, some 60 miles off the north- potential investors about the strength of potential business. east coast – as well as offshore wind the sector.” adrian Fox, Supply Chain Manager, projects worldwide. the offshore wind industry faces a The Crown estate in early 2011, a number of major number of challenges such as the announcements demonstrated the emergence of bottlenecks for certain opportunities in the uK offshore wind OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 02
  4. 4. Tees Valley Offshore Wind advantagesCONTeNTS The planned development of the Crown Estate Round 3 offshore wind zones02 Offshore Wind Opportunities03 Tees Valley Offshore around the UK provide a particular opportunity for companies to tap into a Wind Advantages growing offshore wind supply chain in Tees Valley, and the wider North East.04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port Basing your operation in tees Valley will strong support from local education07 Workforce of Engineers allow you to reach all the major north institutions and other research10 Tees Valley Supply Chain sea offshore wind zones on the east establishments11 Who’s Here coast of the uK. Proximity to Centres of excellence and Investment in the tees Valley has a number of key R&D hubs for offshore wind15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing assets to support the offshore wind offshore wind in21 Centres of Excellence local business support and specialist24 Local Support supply-chain: industrial development organisations the Tees Valley in26 Cost-effective Solutions First class industrial port facilities at Already a key offshore wind location 2010/11 totals over teesport and Hartlepool27 Choice of Premises with the Round 1 teesside offshore £70 million Available fabrication, laydown and Wind Farm28 Tees Valley Lifestyle quayside facilities suitable for major local companies already servicing30 Help for Your Next Move manufacturing projects offshore wind projects across europe World-class manufacturing base in Cost competitive location translates to the process and offshore oil and gas some of the lowest operating costs in industries the uK Workforce of engineers with the in short, the natural strengths and transferable skills needed in offshore assets of this geographical area, along wind with its proximity to offshore wind farm First class transport and logistics development zones, mean the tees infrastructure, including excellent road, Valley is well-placed to become an rail, air and sea links offshore wind energy hub. OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 03
  5. 5. Overview of Tees ValleyCONTeNTS Tees Valley is located in North East England, ideally02 Offshore Wind Opportunities03 Tees Valley Offshore positioned between Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. Wind Advantages It includes the towns of Darlington, Hartlepool,04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton, but has a Edinburgh07 Workforce of Engineers wider sphere of influence extending to the entire Glasgow10 Tees Valley Supply Chain North East and Yorkshire. Newcastle11 Who’s Here15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing Tees Valley21 Centres of Excellence24 Local Support Leeds26 Cost-effective Solutions27 Choice of Premises28 Tees Valley Lifestyle Liverpool Hartlepool Manchester30 Help for Your Next Move Billingham Birmingham Redcar Stockton-on-Tees Middlesbrough Darlington Thornaby- Guisborough Cardiff on-Tees Bristol London Eaglescliffe Yarm OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 04
  6. 6. Overview of Tees ValleyCONTeNTS the population of the sub-region has02 Offshore Wind Opportunities been increasing steadily in recent years Population within 30 minutes and one hour drive time of Tees Valley - 2010 and in 2010 reached over 660,000,03 Tees Valley Offshore making up about one quarter of that of total population Working population total population Working population Wind Advantages the north east region. the catchment within 30 mins within 30 mins within 1 hour within 1 hour04 Overview of Tees Valley area population of the sub-region,06 Major North Sea Port however, is significantly higher, with Darlington 854,000 524,100 2,745,000 1,700,20007 Workforce of Engineers up to one million people within thirty minutes drive time from its main centres Hartlepool 1,076,200 668,300 2,619,700 1,625,00010 Tees Valley Supply Chain and 2.7 million within an hours drive.11 Who’s Here Middlesbrough 906,300 553,500 2,766,100 1,718,600 the local road network is excellent and15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing uncongested with the fastest flowing21 Centres of Excellence traffic in the country, something which stockton 1,009,400 615,700 2,776,100 1,718,60024 Local Support enables average commuting times of just 22 minutes. Redcar 588,200 361,700 1,633,100 1,007,00026 Cost-effective Solutions27 Choice of Premises Darlington’s railway station is part of source: tVu, 2010 the main east coast rail network and28 Tees Valley Lifestyle provides rapid connections southwards30 Help for Your Next Move to london and northwards to Glasgow and edinburgh in a little over two hours. Durham tees Valley Airport offers flights to a wide variety of major destinations Tees Valley across the uK and europe including Amsterdam and Aberdeen. has the fastest-flowing urban traffic speeds in the UK OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 05
  7. 7. Major North Sea PortCONTeNTS the biggest opportunities in the02 Offshore Wind Opportunities european offshore wind industry can be CaSe STUDY found in the north sea – so having one03 Tees Valley Offshore Wind Advantages of the largest ports on the east coast to PD Ports and Teesport serve this market is a huge opportunity.04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port tees Valley’s coastal waters and rivers offer: PD Ports is a leading uK ports business offering end to end07 Workforce of Engineers supply-chain solutions. Cost effective alternative to road10 Tees Valley Supply Chain transport for the movement of freight the sea. teesport handles over 6,00011 Who’s Here ships a year and is strongly associated Access to shipping freight consolidation15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing and management experts, giving with petrochemicals, manufacturing and21 Centres of Excellence you additional support for your engineering. the estate is rail-connected warehousing and stock control needs and close to the A66 trans-Pennine route,24 Local Support and to other major trunk roads. Facilities26 Cost-effective Solutions Fourth largest port in the uK, which include two container quays and ‘roll-on27 Choice of Premises incorporates the only deep sea port roll off’ facilities. on the east coast capable of taking28 Tees Valley Lifestyle vessels up to 150,000 tonnes, with Already home to major international30 Help for Your Next Move direct access to sea in 30 minutes companies such as Hereema and JDR PD Ports owns and operates the Ports of cables, Victoria Harbour in Hartlepool the opportunity to use teesport as a offers over 120 hectares (200 acres) of tees and Hartlepool (known as teesport), distribution hub prime seafront land. owned by PD Ports a major deep sea complex at the heart Regular container and goods services, of the industrial tees Valley. the port is and linking the Headland and the Marina, giving access to europe, Asia and the the uK’s fourth largest port by tonnage the site provides a prime opportunity to Mediterranean and covers an area of 200 hectares (490 support the delivery of new port-related acres) of land along the southern bank of industries, such as offshore wind, and the River tees. At its heart is tees Dock, act as a home for expanding engineering a deep-water facility some 5 miles from companies. WWW.PDPoRts.Co.uK OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 06
  8. 8. Workforce of engineersCONTeNTS Around a million and a half people of working age can be found within 30 miles of02 Offshore Wind Opportunities03 Tees Valley Offshore Tees Valley. Whilst the local workforce is undoubtedly hardworking, putting in more Wind Advantages overtime than any other part of the UK, and very loyal (one of the lowest turnover04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port rates in the country), it’s the skills that keep companies coming to the area.07 Workforce of Engineers Further education10 Tees Valley Supply Chain tees Valley has more trade over 7,000 students enrol in the five tees Valley further education11 Who’s Here apprenticeships and employees engineering courses in the tees Valley colleges (Darlington College, Hartlepool15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing undertaking training than the uK each year and engineering features College, Middlesbrough College, Redcar21 Centres of Excellence average, while the north east as a prominently in the minds of Fe & Cleveland College and stockton whole has over 3 times the number of colleges across the sub-region. Riverside College) offer a range of24 Local Support new apprentices per worker compared flexible engineering courses as well engineering Design is offered at26 Cost-effective Solutions to london. as Foundation Degrees in the likes all the major colleges and training27 Choice of Premises of Renewable energy engineering, the tees Valley, through our network providers in tees Valley (for example, electrical and electronic engineering,28 Tees Valley Lifestyle of industry-recognised providers, Hartlepool College is a specialist Centre Mechanical and Manufacturing30 Help for Your Next Move offers the widest possible range of in technical and Design engineering), engineering and Fabrication and apprenticeships (at both level 2 and with many such courses offered as Welding. level 3) for the engineering industry, Foundation Degrees in partnership as well as work-based learning and with teesside university. bespoke training packages. OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 07
  9. 9. Workforce of engineersCONTeNTS02 Offshore Wind Opportunities CaSe STUDY03 Tees Valley Offshore Wind Advantages Middlesbrough College04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port07 Workforce of Engineers10 Tees Valley Supply Chain11 Who’s Here15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing21 Centres of Excellence24 Local Support26 Cost-effective Solutions27 Choice of Premises28 Tees Valley Lifestyle Middlesbrough College, the largest provider of post-16 training in the tees30 Help for Your Next Move Valley serving 11,000 students, offers courses and bespoke training for employers in all aspects of engineering and management programmes. they provide a two-year Foundation the College, who are in the top 25% Degree in Renewable energy engineering nationally for qualification success, in partnership with teesside university, have worked with a number of top as well as engineering courses and engineering employers, including lucite apprenticeships in all aspects from international, tata steel and AV Dawson mechanical and electrical to welding and have recently collaborated with and fabrication. tees Valley engineering Partnership on offshore wind seminar events. WWW.MBRo.AC.uK OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 08
  10. 10. Workforce of engineersCONTeNTS Higher education02 Offshore Wind Opportunities tees Valley is within an hours drive of CaSe STUDY03 Tees Valley Offshore Wind Advantages 6 top class universities, with over 9,000 students taking engineering each year. Over 7,000 TFI (Technology Futures Institute,04 Overview of Tees Valley north east universities have a reputation students study Teesside University)06 Major North Sea Port for engineering excellence, with a higher proportion of students in the region engineering in tFi (technology Futures institute, teesside university) members develop new07 Workforce of Engineers10 Tees Valley Supply Chain studying engineering and technology the Tees Valley knowledge and technologies to support local, national and international11 Who’s Here than the national average. the subject has experienced the greatest increase in Each year business activities. one of the main areas of expertise is energy.15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing student numbers of any subject in the tFi is an international leader in a number in virtual reality application to project north east over the past 3 years, growth of areas of research and innovation (R&i) management, 5D modeling (3D+time+cost),21 Centres of Excellence much higher than the national average. such as virtual planning and control iCt for energy efficient buildings and24 Local Support (5D planning), the application of BiM infrastructures, and BiM (Building26 Cost-effective Solutions technology in processes and heavy civil information Modeling) adoption.27 Choice of Premises engineering projects, advanced materials teesside Manufacturing Centre (tMC) Teesside University enrolments 2010/11 at all levels processing and nano-technology. tFi28 Tees Valley Lifestyle offers a total enterprise integration service incorporates a number of active business30 Help for Your Next Move in design, manufacturing and business Mechanical engineering 398 orientated research centres, including: process improvements for businesses tMC (teesside Manufacturing Centre) involved in the manufacturing, mechanics, electrical and electronic engineering 336 offers a total organisational development materials, process technology and service through enterprise integration, chemical engineering sectors. they have instrumentation and Control engineering 163 improvement service in design, business worked with the likes of Wellstream, and manufacturing processes with a remit siemens energy, Babcock engineering, other 886 of bringing people, processes and systems Gl noble Denton and iHC Merwede. together. Total 1783 CCiR (Centre for Construction innovation & Research) is internally leading in R&i WWW.tees.AC.uK OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 09
  11. 11. Tees Valley Supply ChainCONTeNTS According to research commissioned by Tees Valley Unlimited, there is a potential02 Offshore Wind Opportunities03 Tees Valley Offshore offshore wind supply-chain of more than 300 companies in the Tees Valley Wind Advantages employing in excess of 19,000 people. The offshore wind04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port supply-chain this supply-chain includes over 160 tees Valley’s proven expertise in metal process industries – makes the tees07 Workforce of Engineers tees Valley firms that are already directly production, cabling, subsea, construction Valley much less risky for major oeMs in Tees Valley has10 Tees Valley Supply Chain involved and active in the offshore wind and logistics – stemming from its strong than other locations. the potential to sector or actively interested in doing history of manufacturing, offshore and11 Who’s Here so, with hundreds more demonstrating include 300 firms15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing the transferable skills that could provide21 Centres of Excellence important services to the industry.24 Local Support local expertise and a host of relevant26 Cost-effective Solutions skills can be found in all of the elements that make up the offshore wind supply27 Choice of Premises chain in tees Valley, in particular:28 Tees Valley Lifestyle technical services and planning30 Help for Your Next Move consultancy Bases and sub-sea structures turbine design and manufacture installation and commissioning operations and maintenance in each of these sub-sectors, tees Valley has the core skills required by companies in the offshore wind industry, providing many opportunities for companies to establish a successful operation here. OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 10
  12. 12. Who’s Here?CONTeNTS aBB engineering aMeC aveco (Teesside) Ltd. Cleveland Bridge UK Limited02 Offshore Wind Opportunities Billingham, ts23 4eB Darlington, Dl1 4Jn Middlesbrough, ts3 8At Darlington, Dl1 4De03 Tees Valley Offshore Wind Advantages ABB engineering supply electrical and AMeC is a supplier of high-value Marine engineering company Aveco Cleveland Bridge are structural engineers04 Overview of Tees Valley automation products and services to consultancy, engineering and project (teesside) ltd. offer fabrication and repair providing engineering, construction and06 Major North Sea Port wind turbine manufacturers and operators, management services to the oil and facilities, the company has a 98,000sq.ft. steel fabrication services. the companies with a portfolio ranging from HVDC gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, workshop and slipway able to withdraw site in Darlington is 22 acres with07 Workforce of Engineers generators to compact substations to water and environmental sectors. AMeC and to launch vessels up to 1000 tonnes 27000m2 of covered fabrication area and10 Tees Valley Supply Chain grid connections. within the tees Valley service the power into the River tees. a fabrication capacity of 1000 tonne per11 Who’s Here and process markets, while the national week. able UK Ltd group offer services across the whole aV Dawson Ltd15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing engineering spectrum including offshore CTC Marine21 Centres of Excellence Billingham, ts23 1PX wind projects. Middlesbrough, ts2 1ut www.ctc.tricomarine.com24 Local Support Darlington, Dl3 7ee Decommissioning experts, Able uK, are AV Dawson own the multimodal26 Cost-effective Solutions a&P Tees a&P group Ltd currently constructing a new 306m deep distribution hub on the River tees with CtC Marine specialise in subsea trenching, Choice of Premises water heavy load out quay and have river frontage, rail freight, port operations, cable lay and installation and have Middlesbrough, ts6 6uZ28 Tees Valley Lifestyle the world’s largest dry dock facility. the road transport and warehousing facilities. worked on a number of projects including company undertake offshore maintenance A&P tees provides shiprepair, ship they are investing £6m in cranage and Germany’s BARD offshore 1 and Alfa30 Help for Your Next Move work from Able seaton Port. conversion and marine services. their deepening the water berths to service Ventus and the uK’s Greater Gabbard and facility on the tees consists of 2 dry docks, offshore wind activity. Robin Rigg projects. abnormal Load engineering (aLe) jetty frontage, fabrication, fitting, pipe production and joinery shops. Vessels are Balfour Beatty Management Middlesbrough, ts3 8Bs able to come alongside for tank cleaning and afloat repairs. Wynyard, ts22 5ss With a base in tees Valley, Ale provide heavy lifting, transportation, installation, Balfour Beatty is the leading uK supplier ballasting, jacking and weighing services of power transmission and distribution to a wide range of industries. Ale plays a networks to the international power vital role in the renewable energy sector supply industry. the company has an and recent wind farm projects include office in Middlesbrough sherringham shoal, Walney and Greater Gabbard. OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 11
  13. 13. Who’s Here?CONTeNTS eDF energy Renewables Francis Brown Ltd JDR Cable Systems (Holdings) Ltd Mammoet (UK) Ltd02 Offshore Wind Opportunities Redcar ts10 4RF stockton on tees, ts18 2Hl Hartlepool, Cleveland, ts24 0RQ Middlesbrough, ts23 1lG03 Tees Valley Offshore Wind Advantages eDF energy Renewables have 260 MW of engineering company Francis Brown offer JDR is a leading provider of custom- From its Billingham headquarters,04 Overview of Tees Valley onshore wind farms in service and 250 design, fabrication, welding, installation, designed and manufactured subsea power Mammoet offer comprehensive06 Major North Sea Port MW of onshore and offshore projects in machinery and assembly services. cables, umbilical systems and marine engineering, heavy lifting and construction or in advance development the companies stockton site includes cables for a broad range of applications. transportation solutions to a number of07 Workforce of Engineers across the country. the construction of a 3000m2 workshop and 15000m2 offshore wind projects include the supply industries including the wind sector in10 Tees Valley Supply Chain the 62 MW teesside offshore Windfarm, warehouse space. of subsea power array cables for the first which they specialise in the installation11 Who’s Here started in october 2010. it will produce phase of london Array offshore Wind of onshore and offshore wind turbines electricity equivalent to the typical annual Heerema Hartlepool Ltd Farm. JDR are currently investing £11m to and operation and management of wind15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing domestic demand of approximately expand their Hartlepool facility. turbine component handling terminals. Centres of Excellence 40,000 homes, or most of the households Hartlepool, ts24 0RQ24 Local Support in Redcar and Cleveland. the teesside Katmex Ltd Mech-Tool engineering Ltd offshore Wind Farm will contribute towards Heerema Hartlepool have experience26 Cost-effective Solutions uK emissions targets by offsetting the in building substation platforms for the stockton-on-tees, ts20 2BH Darlington, Dl3 0Qt27 Choice of Premises annual release of approximately 200,000 offshore wind industry including two28 Tees Valley Lifestyle tonnes of carbon dioxide. substation platforms for the sheringham Katmex are precision fabrication, cutting, Mte supply pre-assembled modular shoal wind farm which are currently in shot blasting and machining specialists. buildings, fire, blast and louvered30 Help for Your Next Move construction. they cut steel profile up to 50mm plate. windwalls for offshore wind farms. Falck Nutec UK Completed projects include Greater Hertel LV Shipping Ltd Gabbard, lincs, thanet, sheringham shoal Billingham, ts23 1PZ and Galloper.. With a base in tees Valley, Falck nutec is Middlesbrough, ts3 6Rt Middlesbrough, ts6 6uZ a leading, global provider of health and safety training, with 26 training centres the marine operations arm of global Based in Middlesbrough, lV shipping worldwide. Within its extensive portfolio engineering group Hertel fabricate are a logistics and distribution specialist. of training courses the company provides substations and living accommodation for Facilities in Middlesbrough include a super basic and advanced offshore wind farm a number of sectors including the offshore height warehouse, cranage and forklift training, offshore survival training, working industry. capacity. at heights, first aid, boat transfer and lifting operations courses. OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 12
  14. 14. Who’s Here?CONTeNTS MB Tech Fabrications PD&MS energy Teesside Sarens UK LTD Sub aqua Diving Services02 Offshore Wind Opportunities stockton on tees, ts18 3AW ourservices/pdmsteesside.php Middlesbrough, ts2 1 ut Middlesbrough, Cleveland ts3 6ll03 Tees Valley Offshore Middlesbrough, ts2 1RZ sarens are a global provider of specialist Middlesbrough-based diving company Wind Advantages Fabrication specialists MB tech supply welded gratings, stair threads and PD&Ms energy teesside is a multi- heavy lifting services for the energy, sub Aqua Diving services are capable of04 Overview of Tees Valley handrails to a wide range of projects and disciplined engineering company based at power, process and petrochemical working at depths of up to 50 meters. the06 Major North Sea Port the Port Clarence offshore Base. PD&Ms industries. they have serviced offshore company has already carried out work on have the skills and capability to supply the07 Workforce of Engineers offshore wind industry. energy provide an engineering concept wind farms across europe and have a several major offshore windfarms around10 Tees Valley Supply Chain design service across a wide range of base in Middlesbrough. the uK, after investing heavily in some of disciplines within several market sectors the best commercial dive equipment in the11 Who’s Here MPI Offshore including oil and gas, marine, offshore StS Resources & Technology Ltd country.15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing renewable and petrochem. stokesley, ts9 5Pt21 Centres of Excellence Middlesbrough, ts2 1Rt MPi offshore is a world leader in offshore PD Ports24 Local Support sts Resources & technology ltd provide wind turbine installation, operating the Cost-effective Solutions comprehensive offshore and onshore world’s largest and most powerful wind Middlesbrough, ts2 1AH services to the petrochemical and27 Choice of Premises turbine installation vessel, MPi Resolution. PD Ports operates the Ports of tees and renewable industries. From planning to28 Tees Valley Lifestyle the company are currently building two Hartlepool, a major deep sea complex completion sts offer expert knowledge more offshore wind turbine installation30 Help for Your Next Move which is the uK’s fourth largest port by and special expertise in insulation, vessels, the MPi Adventure and the MPi tonnage. it covers 490 acres of land along scaffolding and surface treatment as well Discovery, and have already secured the tees, handles over 6,000 ships a year as associated disciplines such as nDt / contracts with the london Array wind and hosts two container quays and ‘roro’ paint inspection, rope access, rigging and project. facilities. training. sts Resources & technology ltd also offer their patented positive pressure Habitat. the Positive Pressure Habitat is a Qa Weld Tech Ltd safe cost effective means of preforming hot works in Zone 1 hazardous areas. Middlesbrough, ts2 1lu specialist welders and fabricators QA Welttech currently supplying offshore oil and gas projects across the world with subsea connection systems, flanges and flow bends. OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 13
  15. 15. Who’s Here?CONTeNTS Svitzer Marine Ltd Tag energy Solutions Ltd Tata Steel Special Profiles URS Scott Wilson02 Offshore Wind Opportunities Middlesbrough, ts3 6AB Billingham, ts23 1PZ activities/long_products_europe/special_ Middlesbrough, ts1 2PX03 Tees Valley Offshore the sVitZeR group operate a number With large facilities on the River tees tAG profiles/ uRs scott Wilson is part of uRs Wind Advantages of specialist services within harbour, is a project management, engineering and Redcar, ts10 5QW Corporation. With its headquarters in san04 Overview of Tees Valley terminal, and ocean towage, line construction company with the experience tata steel special Profiles manufacture Francisco, uRs is a leading provider of06 Major North Sea Port handling, waste management, salvage and capability to design, project manage long steel profiles and sections, including engineering, construction and technical07 Workforce of Engineers and emergency response as well as fast and construct large onshore and offshore flanges for the offshore wind market. services for public agencies and private10 Tees Valley Supply Chain transportation of crew and supplies to structures for the Renewable energy sector sector companies around the world. scott offshore installations, they have a number including steel monopoles, tripod / jacket Tekmar group Wilson is a global integrated design and11 Who’s Here of in-house specialists able to offer foundations and gravity base foundations. engineering consultancy for the built and Offshore Wind Manufacturing technical support and advice. the teesside the company is currently investing £20m Darlington, Dl3 0uR natural environments. the company21 Centres of Excellence operation specialises in towage services, to create a facility for offshore wind tubular provides highly developed engineering newton Aycliffe-based company with a waste management, technical support foundation manufacturing. skills to the offshore Wind industry being24 Local Support manufacturing facility in Darlington, tekmar and is actively involved in providing and at the forefront of wind energy projects26 Cost-effective Solutions produce cable protection devices for developing solutions to support off-shore Tata europe since 1991 when it worked on some of the offshore wind turbines. they are currently27 Choice of Premises windfarms around the uK. first developments in the uK. over 350 supplying the Walney 1 wind farm in the Redcar, ts10 5QW projects have been completed in the28 Tees Valley Lifestyle irish sea. uK, europe, Asia, north Africa, China and30 Help for Your Next Move Global steelmaker tata europe is investing the usA. £31.5m in a monopile manufacturing plant in tees Valley. they will build the steel foundation structures for turbines at the plant in Redcar. OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 14
  16. 16. Offshore Wind ManufacturingCONTeNTS Given the engineering heritage and world-class manufacturing skills in Tees Valley, it02 Offshore Wind Opportunities03 Tees Valley Offshore should come as no surprise that the area is playing a key role in the manufacture of Wind Advantages offshore wind turbines and the associated foundations and cables that are required.04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port tees Valley firms are currently active Walney 1 Wind Farm (irish sea):07 Workforce of Engineers in many of the major offshore wind tekmar (Darlington) producing cable CaSe STUDY10 Tees Valley Supply Chain developments around europe, for protection devices11 Who’s Here example: Greater Gabbard Wind Farm: Abnormal Tata Steel sheringham shoal Wind Farm: load engineering (Middlesbrough)15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing Heerema (Hartlepool) building providing heavy lifting and jacking21 Centres of Excellence substation platforms services tata steel is building a multi-million Chris elliot, Corus Director of Product pound factory that will make steel Marketing said:24 Local Support lincolnshire offshore Wind Farm: the proven ability of tees Valley foundation structures for wind26 Cost-effective Solutions “in the uK alone, we estimate that Mechtool engineering (Darlington) firms to deliver major engineering turbines. about 6 million tonnes of steel will be27 Choice of Premises supplying buildings, fire and blast and construction projects is attracting needed over the next 10 years to make walls significant investment in new facilities Corus, a subsidiary of tata steel, one28 Tees Valley Lifestyle the foundations and tower structures for the offshore wind industry. of the world’s top steel producers,30 Help for Your Next Move london Array Wind Farm: JDR Cables for offshore wind turbines. We are (Hartlepool) providing over 200km announced plans for a new £31.5 million positioning ourselves to take full benefit of inter-array cables manufacturing plant in tees Valley which of these opportunities.” would potentially create 220 new jobs. Robin Rigg Wind Farm: sub Aqua the facility will produce monopoles, the Diving services (Middlesbrough) steel foundation structures used to secure supplying cable work operations offshore wind turbines to the seabed. Germany’s BARD offshore 1 Wind Farm: CtC Marine (Darlington) providing WWW.tAtAsteeleuRoPe.CoM trenching and installation services OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 15
  17. 17. Offshore Wind ManufacturingCONTeNTS02 Offshore Wind Opportunities CaSe STUDY03 Tees Valley Offshore Wind Advantages CTC Marine Projects04 Overview of Tees Valley Offshore Wind06 Major North Sea Port07 Workforce of Engineers CtC Marine, the subsea engineering specialists with facilities in CtC Managing Director, Daryl lynch10 Tees Valley Supply Chain Middlesbrough and Darlington, has recently been awarded their first contract says of the contract success, “Without the talented team that makes up our11 Who’s Here in the offshore wind farm industry by e.on Climate and Renewables uK. organisation, it would be impossible to15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing deliver strong performance, which gives the contract is for the lay, installation and21 Centres of Excellence us the edge over our competition. At CtC, burial of seventeen subsea power cable it is the subsea experience, skills and24 Local Support arrays linking wind turbine foundations at professionalism of our people that made26 Cost-effective Solutions the Robin Rigg offshore Wind Farm in the us the obvious contractor choice for this solway Firth.27 Choice of Premises offshore wind farm project. this contract CtC were awarded the project on the shows CtC’s ability to apply our extensive28 Tees Valley Lifestyle basis that they have the extensive subsea experience in the oil and gas30 Help for Your Next Move capabilities required to carry out the work industry to the offshore wind farm market effectively and most efficiently, as well as and highlights the breadth of services a wealth of engineering experience. on and technology that CtC can offer. this top of this, e.on were impressed with the contract award shows the strength of our high standard of equipment and level of subsea services and subsea protection quality and safety which CtC possesses, business.” and having already established a successful track record working for e.on, this put CtC in a strong position. WWW.CtCMARine.CoM OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 16
  18. 18. Offshore Wind ManufacturingCONTeNTS02 Offshore Wind Opportunities CaSe STUDY03 Tees Valley Offshore Wind Advantages JDR Cables04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port From its Hartlepool base, located07 Workforce of Engineers on the uK’s east coast, JDR supply10 Tees Valley Supply Chain cables weighing up to 2200 tonnes11 Who’s Here which can be spooled directly from15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing the factory to offshore cable laying vessels. this new state-of-the-art21 Centres of Excellence quayside facility expands JDR’s24 Local Support offering to the offshore market.26 Cost-effective Solutions27 Choice of Premises JDR already supplies the cables that connect offshore wind turbines to28 Tees Valley Lifestyle sub-stations, but in 2011, the company30 Help for Your Next Move began a testing project for high-voltage AC (HVAC) cables for the offshore wind industry, the only uK manufacturer to do so. JDR Cables is investing £11m to double the size of its Hartlepool Dock factory, creating a further 80 jobs in the move to develop its HVACs. WWW.JDRCABles.CoM OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 17
  19. 19. Offshore Wind ManufacturingCONTeNTS02 Offshore Wind Opportunities CaSe STUDY03 Tees Valley Offshore Tag energy Solutions Wind Advantages04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port tAG energy solutions is building a £20 million offshore wind manufacturing07 Workforce of Engineers facility at Haverton Hill, Billingham. the new facility, which could employ10 Tees Valley Supply Chain 400 people on the site of a former shipyard, will house specialist automated11 Who’s Here equipment for the manufacturer of large diameter cans for offshore turbine15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing foundations.21 Centres of Excellence located at its 42 acre site on the north As the building takes shape it sends a24 Local Support Bank of the River tees, the production message to the sector that we aim to facility will roll and weld large diameter play a serious role in the marketplace26 Cost-effective Solutions tubulars used in the construction of and we have real confidence that the uK,27 Choice of Premises offshore windmill jacket and monopile and of course the north east, will have28 Tees Valley Lifestyle foundations. the facility is the first of its a major influence on the offshore wind kind in the uK. industry.”30 Help for Your Next Move Alex Dawson, chief executive of tAG energy solutions, said: “embarking on the construction of the facility is an important milestone in the creation of a robust and effective supply chain for the offshore wind market. WWW.tAGeneRGysolutions.CoM OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 18
  20. 20. Offshore Wind ManufacturingCONTeNTS02 Offshore Wind Opportunities CaSe STUDY03 Tees Valley Offshore Heerema Wind Advantages04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port Heerema Hartlepool, one of the fabrication locations of Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) has been involved in several07 Workforce of Engineers major offshore wind projects around the uK including the sheringham shoal Wind Farm off the norfolk coast.10 Tees Valley Supply Chain speaking in 2010 after being awarded11 Who’s Here the contract to fabricate and load out15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing two substation platform topsides for sheringham shoal, Frank Moran, managing21 Centres of Excellence director of Heerema Hartlepool said:24 Local Support “the award of sheringham shoal is26 Cost-effective Solutions another important step for Heerema27 Choice of Premises Hartlepool and HFG in the expanding28 Tees Valley Lifestyle offshore wind energy sector. it builds on our earlier success in this area, drawing30 Help for Your Next Move on our extensive offshore oil and gas experience for this new market. We are proud to be in a position to play our part in implementing the Government’s green energy strategy over the coming years and, especially in these challenging economic times, to continue providing substantial employment in Hartlepool and the north east.” WWW.HFG.HeeReMA.CoM OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 19
  21. 21. Offshore Wind ManufacturingCONTeNTS02 Offshore Wind Opportunities CaSe STUDY03 Tees Valley Offshore aV Dawson Wind Advantages04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port Middlesbrough-based multimodal haulier AV Dawson is investing more than £6m in a new crane, warehousing,07 Workforce of Engineers equipment and quayside dredging to grow its share in the renewables sector and boost its infrastructure to support10 Tees Valley Supply Chain the offshore wind supply-chain.11 Who’s Here AV Dawson’s logistics, shipping and cargo15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing handling operations are based at Dawsons21 Centres of Excellence Wharf and north sea supply Base sites on the River tees, where the firm has four24 Local Support berths.26 Cost-effective Solutions Rob turnbull, AV Dawson business27 Choice of Premises development leader, says the transport28 Tees Valley Lifestyle of wind turbine parts is something the30 Help for Your Next Move company is looking to develop in the future. “We hope to be able to capitalise on the government’s commitment to wind energy through building more offshore wind farms.” WWW.AV-DAWson.CoM OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 20
  22. 22. Centres of excellenceCONTeNTS Tees Valley is an emerging hub of expertise for research and development into02 Offshore Wind Opportunities03 Tees Valley Offshore renewable energy with the area’s education providers and industry research Wind Advantages establishments working together to support the development of new skills and04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port technologies for the sector.07 Workforce of Engineers10 Tees Valley Supply Chain11 Who’s Here CaSe STUDY15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing The Welding Institute21 Centres of Excellence24 Local Support26 Cost-effective Solutions tWi’s mission is to deliver world class services in joining materials,27 Choice of Premises engineering and allied technologies to meet the needs of a global28 Tees Valley Lifestyle membership and its associated community.30 Help for Your Next Move tWi technology Centre (north east) is an tWi focuses its new technologies for extension of the resources at company the energy sector, from its low Carbon headquarters in Cambridge. tWi, with its energy - Manufacturing technology 55 years of experience and innovation in Centre in Middlesbrough. this site manufacture, asset integrity management provides a base for supporting regional and materials, is working with oeMs, and international manufacturing utility companies, research organisations, industries and helps to improve service companies and nuclear competitiveness in existing and emerging decommissioning agencies. low carbon energy markets. WWW.tWi.Co.uK OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 21
  23. 23. Centres of excellenceCONTeNTS02 Offshore Wind Opportunities CaSe STUDY03 Tees Valley Offshore Wind Advantages NaReC04 Overview of Tees Valley06 Major North Sea Port Based at Blyth in northumberland, naReC is an independent centre for the07 Workforce of Engineers development, testing and commercialisation of next generation reliable10 Tees Valley Supply Chain technologies for the wind energy industry.11 Who’s Here naReC operates the only full-scale and understanding reliability and being able15 Offshore Wind Manufacturing independent blade testing facility in the to forecast performance before plant21 Centres of Excellence uK, with a proven capability since 2005. A is built is the only way to minimise24 Local Support second 100m+ blade test facility is under uncertainty in the market. naReC informs construction (to be operational in 2011). this process, based on solid performance26 Cost-effective Solutions this will offer the latest techniques in data and our experience of working with27 Choice of Premises accelerated fatigue testing for the longer whole power systems.28 Tees Valley Lifestyle blades to be used on offshore machines.30 Help for Your Next Move Proposals to support the deployment of larger farms further offshore include a 15MW drive train test facility for turbines and full-scale offshore demonstration capability. these unique assets are aimed at de-risking the development of the offshore wind industry in the uK, in order to build confidence in the capital markets and progress proposals for new offshore power plant. WWW.nAReC.Co.uK OFFSHORE WIND Visit us online Page 22