Nuclear Supply Chain Opportunities In Tees Valley


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A free, on-line guide for companies around the UK, to showcase the Tees Valley offer and capabilities in the nuclear supply chain sector.

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Nuclear Supply Chain Opportunities In Tees Valley

  1. 1. Nuclear Supply Chain Opportunities in Tees ValleyVisit us online
  2. 2. ContentsTo use this interactive 01 Nuclear Opportunities 07 Tees Valley on 11 Growing the Nuclearpdf simply click on the 02 The Engineering Nuclear Shortlist Supply Chainlinks or content list Region 08 Hartlepool Nuclear 12 Nuclear New Buildto be directed to the 03 Workforce of Power Station 13 Decommissioningrelevant pages or use the Engineers 09 Who’s Here and Wastenavigation arrows below. 05 Overview of 14 Nuclear Logistics Tees Valley 15 Nuclear Supply 18 Tees Valley Lifestyle Chain Report 20 Help for Your 16 Cost-effective Next Move Solutions 17 Choice of Sites and Premises Visit us online
  3. 3. Nuclear OpportunitiesCONTeNTS The pursuit of new and alternative sources of energy has led the uK to prioritise the01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region development of both nuclear and renewable energy.03 Workforce of Engineers this commitment presents a host of the key opportunities are: Waste Management: the development05 Overview of Tees Valley opportunities in the nuclear industry, both of the uK’s Geological Disposal Facility Nuclear New Build: it has been07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist for existing players in the industry and could open up further opportunities in estimated that more than £40 billion08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station those wishing to enter the market. the careful handling and management could be spent in the next 15 years on of waste resources; something which09 Who’s Here developing next-generation nuclear tees Valley companies have a long and power stations. the government11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain successful track record of doing. has shortlisted eight potential sites12 Nuclear New Build including Hartlepool in tees Valley. International Opportunities:13 Decomissioning and Waste in addition to the growing uK existing Operations: A host of market, nuclear developments and14 Nuclear Logistics opportunities exist for companies decommissioning overseas present15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report looking to serve existing nuclear power new business possibilities, many of stations. there is a huge demand for16 Cost-effective Solutions which tees Valley firms are already materials, goods and services, which17 Choice of Sites and Premises exploiting. there are opportunities in the case of the Hartlepool power to supply specialist equipment,18 Tees Valley Lifestyle station is in excess of £12 million professional services, training and each year.20 Help for Your Next Move support in existing markets such as Nuclear Decommissioning: the usA, France, China and india; in former existing Hartlepool site is estimated nuclear power producing states in to close by 2019, which presents eastern europe and new entrants many opportunities for firms to apply such as Poland, uAe and Jordan. expertise from the oil, gas and chemical industries to win new contracts from this and other uK decommissioning sites which have a forecast £30 billion budget in the next 15 years. NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 01
  4. 4. The engineering RegionCONTeNTS More than 25 Tees Valley companies provide services and products for the nuclear01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region industry, with many more eager to apply related skills and join the supply chain.03 Workforce of Engineers Companies located in tees Valley that Advantages which have attracted new affordability of highly-skilled staff:05 Overview of Tees Valley are involved in the nuclear industry investment in tees Valley include: For example, a Design engineer in the07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist include: AMeC, Aker solutions, Balfour north east costs around £31,000 per engineering skills base: the heritage08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station Beatty Management, eDF energy, sarens annum compared to £40,000 in london, of engineering in tees Valley, the uK, Hertel Project services, steels £34,000 in the north West and £35,00009 Who’s Here worldwide expertise of people from engineering, JR Knowles, the Welding as the uK average. the area, the history of working on11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain institute, Darchem engineering, industrial major projects and the provision of Office accommodation more12 Nuclear New Build technology systems, engineering test a skilled labour force (particularly affordable: Rents, rates and terms are services, and Mechtool.13 Decomissioning and Waste through the area’s first class colleges around half that of major uK cities and Having a local nuclear power station and universities). a quarter of those in london and the14 Nuclear Logistics at Hartlepool and with others in south east.15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report Not oversaturated with competition: neighbouring Cumbria and lancashire, lack of saturation in the marketplace16 Cost-effective Solutions offers numerous possibilities for new means there is ample capacity for17 Choice of Sites and Premises business – whether in existing experienced companies to prosper in projects, new build, decommissioning18 Tees Valley Lifestyle tees Valley with the help of excellent or international ventures. support networks, such as noF energy20 Help for Your Next Move in short, tees Valley is the ideal location ability to access international to base your business to service markets: Major engineering companies the local, national and international in tees Valley export their products opportunities in the nuclear industry. around the world and our excellent infrastructure – including one of the uK’s leading ports and the quickest road connections in the uK – allows them to do this. NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 02
  5. 5. Workforce of engineersCONTeNTS around a million and a half people of working age can01 Nuclear Opportunities CaSe STUDY be found within 30 miles of Tees Valley. Whilst the local02 The Engineering Region Redcar and Cleveland College03 Workforce of Engineers workforce is undoubtedly hardworking, putting in more05 Overview of Tees Valley overtime than any other part of the uK, and very loyal Redcar and Cleveland College is07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist (one of the lowest turnover rates in the country), it’s the a specialist engineering college,08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station09 Who’s Here skills that keep companies coming to the area. which opened a new state of the Over 7,000 art building in 2008 and is home11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain Further education to 8,000 students. students study12 Nuclear New Build13 Decomissioning and Waste tees Valley has more trade over 7,000 students enrol in they offer a number of flexible engineering at14 Nuclear Logistics apprenticeships and employees engineering courses in the tees Valley engineering courses as well as Foundation Degrees in the likes of colleges and undertaking training than the uK each year and engineering features15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report average, while the north east as a prominently in the minds of Fe electrical and electronic engineering providers in Tees16 Cost-effective Solutions whole has over 3 times the number of new apprentices per worker colleges across the sub-region. and Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering with teesside university. Valley each year17 Choice of Sites and Premises engineering Design is offered at compared to london. the new £4m Higher education all the major colleges and training18 Tees Valley Lifestyle Centre has recently opened on site, the tees Valley, through our network providers in tees Valley (for example,20 Help for Your Next Move of industry-recognised providers, Hartlepool College is a specialist Centre collaboration between Redcar and offers the widest possible range of in technical and Design engineering), teesside university to focus on apprenticeships (at both level 2 and with many such courses offered as science and engineering. the centre level 3) for the engineering industry, Foundation Degrees in partnership will host start-of-the-art equipment, as well as work-based learning and with teesside university. including the latest Computer Aided bespoke training packages. Design software, robotics, Biometric and 3D technology. WWW.CleVelAnD.AC.uK/ NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 03
  6. 6. Workforce of engineersCONTeNTS Higher education01 Nuclear Opportunities tees Valley is within an hours drive of CaSe STUDY02 The Engineering Region six top class universities, with over 9,000 students taking engineering each year. Teesside University Teesside University03 Workforce of Engineers05 Overview of Tees Valley north east universities have a reputation is ranked number for engineering excellence, with a higher one in UK the university has first-class engineering facilities, including the innovation07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist proportion of students in the region Building, a purpose-built, high-quality learning environment with seminar08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station studying engineering and technology for mechanical rooms, lecture theatre and specialist engineering laboratories.09 Who’s Here than the national average. the subject has experienced the greatest increase in engineering11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain these laboratories include designated the institute for Development in student numbers of any subject in the areas for the built environment, engineering and Applied science12 Nuclear New Build north east over the past three years, growth computer aided design and (iDeAs) is leading engineering research13 Decomissioning and Waste much higher than the national average. manufacture, control systems, electro into advanced processing, manufacture14 Nuclear Logistics technology and telecommunications. and design, engineering research and clean technologies.15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report the university was ranked the best16 Cost-effective Solutions facility in the uK for Mechanical teesside Manufacturing Centre (tMC) Teesside University undergraduate enrolments 2008/2009 engineering by the Guardian’s 2009 offers a total enterprise integration17 Choice of Sites and Premises Good university Guide, scoring 10 out service in design, manufacturing18 Tees Valley Lifestyle Subject group enrolments 2008/09 of 10 for Added Value. and business process improvements20 Help for Your Next Move for businesses involved in the Chemical and Bioprocess engineering 135 the university’s well-funded research manufacturing, mechanics, materials, is designed to keep up with latest process technology and chemical Construction and the Built environment 160 developments and aims to benefit engineering sectors. undergraduates and local businesses. electrical and Control 144 Much of the research is located in the university’s innovation Building, which Mechanical, Manufacture and Design 132 houses advanced facilities. engineering Total 571 WWW.tees.AC.uK NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 04
  7. 7. Overview of Tees ValleyCONTeNTS Tees Valley is located in North East England, ideally01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region positioned between Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.03 Workforce of Engineers it includes the towns of Darlington, Hartlepool,05 Overview of Tees Valley Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton, but has a Edinburgh07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist wider sphere of influence extending to the entire Glasgow08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station09 Who’s Here North East and Yorkshire. Newcastle11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain12 Nuclear New Build Tees Valley13 Decomissioning and Waste14 Nuclear Logistics Leeds15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report16 Cost-effective Solutions Liverpool Hartlepool Manchester17 Choice of Sites and Premises18 Tees Valley Lifestyle20 Help for Your Next Move Billingham Birmingham Redcar Stockton-on-Tees Middlesbrough Darlington Thornaby- Guisborough Cardiff on-Tees Bristol London Eaglescliffe Yarm NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 05
  8. 8. Overview of Tees ValleyCONTeNTS the population of the sub-region has01 Nuclear Opportunities been increasing steadily in recent years Population within 30 minutes and one hour drive time of Tees Valley - 2009 and in mid-2009 reached over 660,000,02 The Engineering Region making up about one quarter of that of total population Working population total population Working population03 Workforce of Engineers the north east region. the catchment within 30 mins within 30 mins within 1 hour within 1 hour05 Overview of Tees Valley area population of the sub-region, however, is significantly higher, with Darlington 854,000 524,100 2,745,000 1,700,20007 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist up to one million people within thirty08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station minutes drive time from its main centres Hartlepool 1,076,200 668,300 2,619,700 1,625,00009 Who’s Here and 2.7 million within an hours drive.11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain the local road network is excellent and Middlesbrough 906,300 553,500 2,766,100 1,718,60012 Nuclear New Build uncongested with the fastest flowing traffic in the country, something which stockton 1,009,400 615,700 2,776,100 1,718,60013 Decomissioning and Waste enables average commuting times14 Nuclear Logistics of just 22 minutes. Redcar 588,200 361,700 1,633,100 1,007,00015 Nuclear Supply Chain Report Darlington’s railway station is part of source: tVu, 200916 Cost-effective Solutions the main east coast rail network and17 Choice of Sites and Premises provides rapid connections southwards to london and northwards to Glasgow18 Tees Valley Lifestyle and edinburgh in a little over two hours.20 Help for Your Next Move Durham tees Valley Airport offers flights to a wide variety of major destinations Tees Valley across the uK and europe including Amsterdam and Aberdeen. has the fastest-flowing urban traffic speeds in the UK NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 06
  9. 9. Tees Valley on Nuclear ShortlistCONTeNTS in October 2010, the uK government revealed a shortlist of eight potential01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region nuclear power station sites, one of which was Hartlepool in Tees Valley.03 Workforce of Engineers the nuclear national Policy statement this announcement paved the way there are huge opportunities for tees05 Overview of Tees Valley lists eight sites that are potentially for the uK’s fleet of next-generation Valley companies to provide specialist07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist suitable for the deployment of new nuclear plants. expertise and proven capabilities in the08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station nuclear power stations by 2025: nuclear sector, not only at Hartlepool George Rafferty, chief executive of but around all of the uK sites.09 Who’s Here Hartlepool, tees Valley noF energy, the business development organisation for the energy sectors,11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain Heysham, lancashire said, “this will breed confidence among12 Nuclear New Build sellafield, Cumbria our members and the wider industry13 Decomissioning and Waste that nuclear remains a key element Bradwell, essex of the Government’s energy plans.14 Nuclear Logistics Hinkley Point, somerset We have been working hard across the15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report energy sectors to support the creation oldbury, Gloucestershire of a multi-sector supply chain with16 Cost-effective Solutions17 Choice of Sites and Premises sizewell, suffolk transferable skills and expertise.”18 Tees Valley Lifestyle isle of Anglesey, Wales Mick thurlbeck, chief executive of tees Valley engineering Partnership said,20 Help for Your Next Move “there’s huge potential for the supply chain and teesside companies will work anywhere they can. Collectively, we’ve a chance to benefit teesside’s economy. the knowledge, skills and motivation is there - now we really can attack this with gusto.” NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 07
  10. 10. Hartlepool Nuclear Power StationCONTeNTS The fact that there has been a major nuclear power station in Tees Valley since01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region 1983 has been a key driver in the creation of a strong local supply chain of03 Workforce of Engineers specialist companies.05 Overview of Tees Valley Hartlepool nuclear Power station07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist generates 2% of Britain’s energy and08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station is owned by British energy, part of the09 Who’s Here eDF Group. More than 500 people are employed at the facility, which has an11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain annual turnover of £225 million.12 Nuclear New Build the Hartlepool Power station is13 Decomissioning and Waste powered by two advanced gas-cooled14 Nuclear Logistics reactors (AGR) that produce 1,190 megawatts, enough electricity to supply15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report more than 1.5 million households.16 Cost-effective Solutions the plant is expected to be17 Choice of Sites and Premises decommissioned by 2019, although18 Tees Valley Lifestyle the site has been shortlisted by the20 Help for Your Next Move uK government as a potential location for the new generation of nuclear power stations. the nuclear decommissioning market continues to provide significant and long term opportunities for tees Valley companies, not only at Hartlepool but at other uK sites too. NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 08
  11. 11. Who’s Here?CONTeNTS Tees Valley is home to a number of innovative companies that are important suppliers to the nuclear industry01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region in the uK and worldwide. They provide services, technology and materials ranging from the delivery of major03 Workforce of Engineers projects, provision of maintenance services, fabrication and manufacture of specialist equipment and products.05 Overview of Tees Valley The following are key examples of this:07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station aker Solutions e & C Balfour Beatty Management Darchem engineering engineering Test Services09 Who’s Here stockton-on-tees, ts18 3HR Billingham, ts22 5ss stockton-on-tees, ts21 1lB Hartlepool, ts25 2DF11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain Aker solutions is a leading global provider Balfour Beatty Management, the Darchem has four business units, three ets provides non-Destructive testing &12 Nuclear New Build of engineering and construction services, professional services arm of the of which provide engineered solutions inspection (nDt) services and personnel13 Decomissioning and Waste technology products and integrated international engineering, construction, to the high temperature problems of, resourcing for major clients in the14 Nuclear Logistics solutions. Aker solutions’ business serves services and investment group has its primarily, the aerospace industry. the process and energy industries, including several industries, including oil and regional headquarters at Wynyard Park fourth provides fire protection and high the nuclear sector. Customers include15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report gas, refining and chemicals, mining and in tees Valley. Balfour Beatty’s nuclear temperature insulation solutions for the Wilton engineering, Cordell engineering,16 Cost-effective Solutions metals and power generation. experience and its ability to offer the offshore and nuclear markets. Darchem Mammoet, Mcnulty offshore, AMeC,17 Choice of Sites and Premises appropriate mix of planning, project engineering has held a prominent Advantica, Wessington Cryogenics, aMeC management, maintenance and project position in the design, manufacture Fabricom, Centrica, Cleveland Bridge,18 Tees Valley Lifestyle work, enable it to deliver complex and installation of thermal insulation BAsF and Huntsman tioxide.20 Help for Your Next Move solutions for major clients. systems for nuclear steam raising plant Darlington, Dl1 2eD stockton-on-tees, ts22 5FD for almost fifty years. Darchem’s nuclear British energy/eDF energy experience includes work with more than AMeC is a leading consultant supporting 160 reactors worldwide in 18 countries. Hartlepool, ts25 2BZ the nuclear industry. AMeC’s projects Backed by the parent company esterline have spanned the entire lifecycle of eDF is the uK’s largest producer of Corporation, investment and continuous complex nuclear assets; from building electricity. it provides around one-sixth product development, Darchem has and refurbishing nuclear assets; work of the nation’s electricity, the majority all the attributes to provide the highest on reactors; operational support to of which is generated by the company’s service to the nuclear industry. clean-up; decommissioning and waste network of nuclear power stations management. AMeC works with nuclear including Hartlepool. asset owners worldwide, including sellafield, oPG, Bruce Power, AWe, Rolls Royce, BAe, eDF and British energy. NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 09
  12. 12. Who’s Here?CONTeNTS Industrial Technology Systems Mech-Tool engineering Steels engineering TWI Ltd01 Nuclear Opportunities Middlesbrough, ts2 1RH Darlington, Dl3 0Qt Billingham, ts23 4AZ Middlesbrough, ts2 1RY02 The Engineering Region its has been actively involved with the03 Workforce of Engineers nuclear sector for many years and has Mte specialises in the provision offering project management, design, tWi’s mission is to deliver world class completed over 90 projects at sellafield, of turnkey solutions to the oil, gas, engineering and construction services services in joining materials, engineering05 Overview of Tees Valley Wylfa, sizewell and oldbury. the petrochemical, nuclear, defence, energy within the nuclear, defence, process and allied technologies to meet07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist company has undergone formal BnFl and renewable markets. Mech-tool’s and pharmaceutical industries. steels the needs of a global membership08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station accreditation to enable them to carry out nuclear products are purpose designed engineering services has won many and its associated community. tWi work on safety-related systems. its is to meet specified explosion, thermal, awards in recent years for its work in technology Centre (north east) is an09 Who’s Here a highly experienced solution provider, jetfire and acoustic performance criteria the nuclear industry, including being extension of the resources at company11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain with an established reputation in control and can be constructed from carbon named ‘Contractor of the Year’ in 2008 headquarters in Cambridge. tWi, with its12 Nuclear New Build systems engineering and validation steel and/or stainless steel and can be at the Atomic Weapons establishment 55 years of experience and innovation in for the nuclear industry. its’ engineers applied to the decommissioning, new in Aldermaston. in 2010, steels became manufacture, asset integrity management13 Decomissioning and Waste provide expertise in control systems, build and defence sectors. part of the Redhall Group, whose nuclear and materials, is working with oeMs,14 Nuclear Logistics manufacturing execution systems, engineering and decommissioning utility companies, research organisations,15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report database design and many other areas of Sarens UK division is led by Jordan nuclear, with service companies and nuclear industrial computing and instrumentation. more than forty years of experience decommissioning agencies.16 Cost-effective Solutions Middlesbrough, ts2 1ut including work at nuclear establishments17 Choice of Sites and Premises JR Knowles such as Harwell, trawsfynydd,18 Tees Valley Lifestyle sarens is a global provider of specialist Hunterston, Berkeley, oldbury, Dounreay heavy lifting services for the power, and Dungeness.20 Help for Your Next Move stockton-on-tees, ts18 3tX process, petrochemical and nuclear For more than thirty years JR Knowles has industries. sarens manage heavy lift offered a full spectrum of construction projects across the entire spectrum of services to public and private sector nuclear operations, including existing clients on some of the most complex and power plants, new build and plant technically innovative projects throughout decommissioning/dismantling. the world. JR Knowles is part of Hill international, the us-headquartered global construction and project management group. the group’s clients have included the Callaway nuclear Generating station, Missouri and the limerick nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania. NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 10
  13. 13. growing the Nuclear Supply ChainCONTeNTS Tees Valley companies are at the forefront of the most innovative and challenging01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region projects in civil and mechanical engineering; offshore oil and gas; process03 Workforce of Engineers industries and construction schemes.05 Overview of Tees Valley A 2010 study by Parsons Brinckerhoff MCe Group Plc “With long experience of support to07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist into the nuclear supply chain in tees the process industries, tees Valley has QA Weld tech08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station Valley demonstrated a significant appetite a number of high quality engineering09 Who’s Here among local engineering firms to get Foster Wheeler energy businesses with the necessary design, involved in nuclear projects in the future. fabrication, construction, installation11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain Cordell Group or maintenance capabilities to make the report concluded that: “Advanced12 Nuclear New Build tees Valley companies are active a significant contribution to the growing engineering, process engineering and13 Decomissioning and Waste in existing nuclear operations and nuclear programmes both in the uK and waste management are key elements decommissioning in the uK and in overseas. As many such companies are14 Nuclear Logistics of strength to the tees Valley economy, new build projects overseas. already active in the energy sector and it is these areas that are likely to15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report Given tees Valley’s existing presence within they are very well placed to cease the assist with future growth with the16 Cost-effective Solutions the nuclear sector and the companies opportunities presented by the global nuclear sector.” with relevant skills that are transferable nuclear decommissioning and new17 Choice of Sites and Premises Firms with a clear potential to take build programmes. Having provided into the sector, such as those currently18 Tees Valley Lifestyle advantage of opportunities in the nuclear working in the oil, gas and process support to the nuclear industry for20 Help for Your Next Move industry include: industries, it is considered that with the over 40 years, tWi ltd would be right support, tees Valley companies delighted to work with, and assist, tees Consteel technical services can take significant advantage of the Valley companies in the exploitation of Fabricom suez opportunities within the supply chain. these very significant opportunities” Wilton engineering Group in particular, tees Valley strengths - Colin Walters including on-site engineering services, Business Manager (nuclear) Axiom engineering Associates tWi ltd fabrication skills and project delivery techconsulting uK capability - in addition to the existing supply chain experience should be Hydrasum developed to maximise these very Glamal engineering real opportunities. NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 11
  14. 14. Nuclear New BuildCONTeNTS it has been estimated that more than £40 billion could be spent in the next01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region 15 years on developing next-generation nuclear power stations. The government03 Workforce of Engineers has shortlisted eight potential sites including Hartlepool in Tees Valley. The area05 Overview of Tees Valley has a number of major players including aMEC, aker Solutions and Balfour Beatty07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist that are at the forefront of new build projects in the nuclear industry.08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station09 Who’s Here CaSe STUDY11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain12 Nuclear New Build Balfour Beatty Management13 Decomissioning and Waste14 Nuclear Logistics Along with Rolls-Royce and Areva, Balfour Beatty work closely with French energy producer eDF and e.on, making15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report the first new european Pressurized Reactors (ePRs) in the uK for 20 years. An integral partner of the uK’s new build16 Cost-effective Solutions programme for nuclear power stations, Balfour Beatty is to set up training camps to ensure its supply chain is17 Choice of Sites and Premises properly equipped.18 Tees Valley Lifestyle Balfour Beatty and VinCi Construction and to the highest quality. the team has nuclear operations owned by British20 Help for Your Next Move have established an integrated team to a wide range of experience and specialist energy Group plc, now part of eDF meet the challenges presented by the qualifications, having worked within energy, plus the company’s offices in east nuclear new build programme. VinCi radiologically controlled areas on nuclear Kilbride and Gloucester. the contract is Construction is part of the world’s leading facilities throughout the uK and europe. for an initial seven years with an optional concessions and construction group, and five-year extension. in 2008, Balfour Beatty companies Balfour Beatty, the uK’s largest contractor, combined to provide facilities have an unparalleled breadth and depth management services to all eight of experience in delivering projects safely WWW.BAlFouRBeAttY.CoM NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 12
  15. 15. Decommissioning and WasteCONTeNTS The existing Hartlepool site is due to close by 2019, which presents many opportunities01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region for firms to apply expertise from the oil, gas and chemical industries to win new contracts03 Workforce of Engineers from this and other decommissioning projects in the uK. Spend in the decommissioning05 Overview of Tees Valley and waste sector is forecast to be £30 billion over the next 15 years, with seven uK07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist nuclear power stations due to be decommissioned by 2020.08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station09 Who’s Here CaSe STUDY11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain12 Nuclear New Build aker Solutions13 Decomissioning and Waste14 Nuclear Logistics Aker solutions’ nuclear business has evolved from the earliest stages of the uK civil nuclear programme. over the15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report last 50 years, the company has established, nurtured and grown a strong nuclear pedigree, providing high added-16 Cost-effective Solutions value engineering services and delivering a varied portfolio of design and build projects, supporting all stages of17 Choice of Sites and Premises the nuclear fuel cycle.18 Tees Valley Lifestyle Aker is part of the ACKtiv nuclear joint decommissioning projects over the last20 Help for Your Next Move venture, along with Atkins and Carillion. three years. British nuclear Group awarded the team Aker’s stockton-on-tees office employs a £21 million decommissioning project over 500 people focusing on the metals, at sellafield, which involves the safe water, process, energy and nuclear removal of radioactive sludge and solids industries, forging a close relationship from the facility for subsequent safe with teesside university on both treatment and storage. ACKtiv nuclear technology and business programmes. has delivered more than £40m of similar WWW.AKeRsolutions.CoM NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 13
  16. 16. Nuclear LogisticsCONTeNTS With a long tradition of delivering large scale engineering projects, companies in01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region the Tees Valley have the right mix of skills, experience and equipment to support03 Workforce of Engineers the nuclear industry. With Teesport, one of the uK’s largest industrial ports, and the05 Overview of Tees Valley extensive engineering supply chain that supports the offshore energy and chemical07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist industries, this area is used to handling the most complex of logistics requirements.08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station09 Who’s Here CaSe STUDY11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain12 Nuclear New Build Sarens13 Decomissioning and Waste14 Nuclear Logistics in July 2010, sarens was given the task of transporting an 840-tonne part of the uK’s next generation nuclear15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report submarine being built at the BAe systems shipyard in nearby Cumbria.16 Cost-effective Solutions the move took just over 20 minutes but process, petrochemical and nuclear spectrum of nuclear operations, including17 Choice of Sites and Premises involved a major logistical operation industries. the Belgian-owned company existing power plants, new build and18 Tees Valley Lifestyle requiring specialist lifting and transporting has a nuclear engineering Division, plant decommissioning/dismantling.20 Help for Your Next Move skills. Andy ogden, manager for the which was established following With the uK’s programme for new civil submarine project, said: “it is the largest their acquisition of us firm, Rigging nuclear build gaining impetus and the submarine structure we have moved international who are renowned decommissioning and dismantling since the trident programme in the 90s. experts in conducting complex lifting requirements slowly ramping up, sarens’ it’s a massive amount of weight involved, and transportation operations within nuclear engineering Division is looking 20 metres in length.” operational nuclear power plants and to support all stages of project execution other nuclear facilities. sarens manage sarens is a global provider of specialist from evaluation to implementation. heavy lift projects across the entire heavy lifting services for the power, WWW.sARens.Co.uK NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 14
  17. 17. Nuclear Supply Chain ReportCONTeNTS in 2010, engineering consultancy, Parsons Brinckerhoff were commissioned by01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region Tees Valley unlimited to investigate the nuclear supply chain in Tees Valley.03 Workforce of Engineers Companies operating in the sector05 Overview of Tees Valley predict the value of this involvement over07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist the next 10 years to be worth more than £370 million.08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station09 Who’s Here More than 75% of existing nuclear supply chain members said that tees Valley was11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain the right location for them to access the12 Nuclear New Build nuclear industry.13 Decomissioning and Waste over 80% of companies not yet14 Nuclear Logistics operating in the nuclear supply chain15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report said that the tees Valley was a good location, 18% said excellent and 0%16 Cost-effective Solutions said it was poor.17 Choice of Sites and Premises over 80% of major engineering18 Tees Valley Lifestyle companies not yet operating in the20 Help for Your Next Move nuclear sector said they were interested in becoming part of it. the report produced a picture of the Companies in the tees Valley already growing opportunities with the breadth and operating in the sector turnover more Companies working in the nuclear sector depth of nuclear expertise which currently than £85 million each year in the nuclear from tees Valley highlighted the key exists in tees Valley. marketplace. strengths of the area as being: - lower cost base the key highlights of the report included: tees Valley is home to a number of tier 2, - local skills set 3 and 4 supplier companies, specialising Between £80m-£120m of business was - strategic location in a variety of different areas of the carried out by 14 tees Valley companies - engineering heritage and expertise nuclear supply chain, and supplying the in the nuclear sector in 2009. - transport infrastructure likes of sellafield, AWe, eDF and the nDA. - Collaborative opportunities NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 15
  18. 18. Cost-effective SolutionsCONTeNTS as the country looks to grow out of the recession, companies will be more focussed01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region than ever on the cost-effectiveness of their facilities. Expanding companies will be03 Workforce of Engineers looking for places that offer cost-savings and enable greater productivity and efficiency.05 Overview of Tees Valley07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist tees Valley combines competitive land, tees Valley has a low cost of living08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station property and labour costs with a wide all-round, which means companies are09 Who’s Here range of financial support and assistance. more profitable and people have more Much of tees Valley is eligible for grant to spend on living life to the full. Lower operating costs11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain12 Nuclear New Build support and local support agencies in practically any comparison between + Higher like tees Valley unlimited can steer tees Valley and other uK cities, you’ll find13 Decomissioning and Waste you through the range of help that is that there are considerable cost savings productivity14 Nuclear Logistics being offered. to be made. = Successful15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report business16 Cost-effective Solutions17 Choice of Sites and Premises18 Tees Valley Lifestyle20 Help for Your Next Move NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 16
  19. 19. Choice of Sites and PremisesCONTeNTS Thanks to dozens of major regeneration and development programmes,01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region Tees Valley has an extensive choice of sites and properties suitable for all03 Workforce of Engineers types of engineering and nuclear supply chain businesses.05 Overview of Tees Valley07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist A choice of both town centre and office08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station park locations and first class quality at CaSe STUDY CaSe STUDY09 Who’s Here competitive prices at key schemes such as11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain Middlehaven, northshore and Central Park, Queens Meadow Kirkleatham as well as private sector developments12 Nuclear New Build such as Morton Palms, lingfield Point,13 Decomissioning and Waste Wynyard, Kirkleatham, the development at Queens Meadow is a flagship Kirkleatham is the premier business Bowesfield and Queens Meadow. new business park development location within Redcar and14 Nuclear Logistics Whether you’re looking for large industrial in Hartlepool. Cleveland, situated at the foot of15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report sites close the port, purpose-built Plots throughout the prestigious 140-acre the Cleveland Hills, adjacent to the16 Cost-effective Solutions manufacturing units, or grade A waterside historic village of Kirkleatham. site are now available for development,17 Choice of Sites and Premises offices and science park locations, tees providing a rare opportunity for a high Valley has the sites and premises to suit the site benefits from excellent road18 Tees Valley Lifestyle quality investment over a 125-year access with a direct dual carriageway your needs. premium lease.20 Help for Your Next Move link, via the A174 Parkway, to the A19 tees Valley unlimited can help you to find and national motorway network. the perfect site for your business. WWW.QueensMeADoW.Co.uK WWW.ReDCAR-CleVelAnD.GoV.uK NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 17
  20. 20. Tees Valley Lifestyle “Most exciting,CONTeNTS With so much industrial and commercial activity going on in beautiful and01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region Tees Valley, you might be surprised by the area’s natural beauty. friendly region03 Workforce of Engineers In less than 20 minutes from any of the towns, you’ll find in England”05 Overview of Tees Valley Lonely Planet, 200707 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist spectacular coastal and countryside attractions.08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station09 Who’s Here11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain12 Nuclear New Build13 Decomissioning and Waste14 Nuclear Logistics15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report16 Cost-effective Solutions17 Choice of Sites and Premises18 Tees Valley Lifestyle20 Help for Your Next Move NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 18
  21. 21. Tees Valley LifestyleCONTeNTS01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region A wide choice of03 Workforce of Engineers schools for all05 Overview of Tees Valley abilities includes07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist the top-performing08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station Macmillan Academy09 Who’s Here11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain and the prestigious12 Nuclear New Build Yarm School.13 Decomissioning and Waste14 Nuclear Logistics YaRM, IN TeeS VaLLeY, WaS and italian Gardens. You’re never far from15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report VOTeD THe BeST HIgH STReeT stunning countryside and now, thanks to the RsPB and teesside environmental16 Cost-effective Solutions IN THe UK BY THe BBC IN 2007. trust, tees Valley is also home to a17 Choice of Sites and Premises new world-class wildlife sanctuary at18 Tees Valley Lifestyle saltholme on a reclaimed 1,000 acre site. tees Valley offers the best of urban-20 Help for Your Next Move living, whether you want internationally With house prices in tees Valley being recognised galleries and museums or half the national average, coupled with great shopping and restaurants; but the unrivalled ease of commuting, you’ll you’re never far from traditional market be free to enjoy the benefits of a higher towns and pleasant village greens either. than average disposable income. local attractions range from the education is always a top priority in Middlesbrough institute of Modern Art, tees Valley and we have class sizes and the award-winning gallery which opened pupil-to-teacher ratios that are amongst in 2007, to the classical Victorian seaside the lowest in the country. splendour of saltburn with its beach, pier NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 19
  22. 22. Help for Your Next MoveCONTeNTS Tees Valley unlimited can advise you on recruitment, skills availability01 Nuclear Opportunities02 The Engineering Region and training support and can identify property and site solutions that suit03 Workforce of Engineers your business needs.05 Overview of Tees Valley £750m07 Tees Valley on Nuclear Shortlist We have excellent links with both public08 Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station and private organisations in the area09 Who’s Here and can provide introductions to people who provide the specialist help you11 Growing the Nuclear Supply Chain need. We can help you build your12 Nuclear New Build business case and can show you exactly OF NeW INVeSTMeNT why tees Valley is the ideal location for aTTRaCTeD BY TeeS VaLLeY13 Decomissioning and Waste your business. UNLIMITeD IN LaST 3 YeaRS14 Nuclear Logistics tees Valley unlimited is well connected15 Nuclear Supply Chain Report to the network of specialist organisations16 Cost-effective Solutions in both the public and private sector,17 Choice of Sites and Premises that can support your business in the area. We can introduce you to For more information contact:18 Tees Valley Lifestyle organisations who can help you improve20 Help for Your Next Move Tees Valley Unlimited your productivity and carbon footprint, organisations to provide training and 01642 632020 workforce development, and industry and business-led forums who provide www.teesvalleyunlimited excellent opportunities for networking. NuCLEaR SuPPLY CHaiN Visit us online Page 20