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Corporate brochure

  1. 1. Hanover Search GroupProviding professional advice informed by industry expertiseCORPORATE BROCHURE
  2. 2. 2Incorporated in 1996, Hanover Search Group is one of the longest established and respected Executive Search firms. With aglobal reach and over 40 Partners, Hanover is one of the largest Search firms operating within the Financial Services marketplace.Hanover Search GroupPatrick Field – CEOPatrick spearheads the firm’s business strategy. During the past 25 years he has placed over 200 individuals at both main boardand senior executive level throughout the UK and Internationally. In addition, he has been a headline speaker on industry issuesat numerous UK and International conferences and has written a number of articles for the industry press.James Emmett – Managing DirectorJames is a founding member of the Hanover Search Group, James has specialised in the Actuarial and Risk sectors for over 20years. With specific expertise in the Life (Re)Insurance sector, he is responsible for the origination and delivery of in excess of50 senior level searches every year. He is extremely well known and connected to a large number of leaders within the Actuarialand Insurance profession and is able to leverage this knowledge and contact base for the benefit of his clients. He is alsoresponsible for the day to day management of a dedicated team of 25 executive search professionals maintaining the highestlevels of service and delivery.
  3. 3. 2Service Level Agreements:Search is a solution driven service, which enables you to source the strongest talent within your sector. It is particularly effectivefor key and senior appointments. Search is tailored to meet your requirements.Retained Search AssignmentsA retained search becomes the priority for the team, aheadof other exclusive searches that they may have on at anyone time.A Retained Search assignment includes: A dedicated effort to fill the position, taking into accountnuances of your firm’s culture and other critical issuesrelated to the role. Detailed analysis of individuals operating in yourtargeted sector. Candidates motivated to join and add value to yourbusiness. Accurate assessment of your competition. An opportunity to strengthen the market position of yourorganisation. Full candidate exclusivity until client decides not toprogress.Rolling RetainerUsed predominantly for multiple hiring requirements where theclient is seeking an agreed level of service, commitment andresults within an agreed timeframe.In this instance, a team and research capability is committed tothe client for that agreed timeframe.Candidates are submitted on an ‘as and when’ basis ratherthan committing to any formal shortlist stage.Standards and service remain as per an individual assignment.Contingent RecruitmentContingent recruitment involves a rigorous search of currentlyactive candidates relevant to the specific assignment.Candidates will be submitted on an as and when basis.Why Hanover:
  4. 4. 2Our Commitment to You To ensure that the recommendation made is the mostappropriate recruitment method for your business needs. To add value to your business by giving you access tothe wide range of relevant candidates. That all candidates are interviewed prior to submission toensure that each individual has the right skills base,personality fit, and has a commitment to proceed. That you will receive comprehensive, quality andaccurate information about candidates, both written andverbal. To manage the offer stage of the recruitment processeffectively, giving you a clear understanding of thecandidate’s expectations and decisions. To give you full candidate feedback within a 48 hourperiod following interviews.Your Commitment to Us To provide full, up-to-date and accurate information aboutthe company, the role and the decision making process. To maintain regular contact with us throughout theprocess. To provide candidate feedback following the interviews ofall candidates within a 48 hour period. To arrange second interviews, where possible, within 1week of the first interview. To offer, where practicable, the selected candidate within48 hours of the final interview process. To make us aware promptly of any changes in candidaterequirements. To provide us with candid feedback at the end of theprocess and judge us by our performance against thiscriteria. To forward to us any relevant CVs submitted eitherdirectly, or via third parties, wherein those CVs arerelevant to the assignment.Head Office: 46 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6JJ T: 020 7248 2244 F. 020 7248 2131 W. www.hanoversearch.comRetained Search Process:1. Engagement by the ClientTerms and conditions are agreed.2. Initiate SearchWe will detail your specific requirements to our research team and initiate the research. Initial market research would take placeover a 28 day period. Progress reporting will take place on a weekly basis and will take the form of a summary sheet detailingcandidates identified, approached, interviewed and in process as well as market feedback on the role and the business.3. Present Market ReportAt the end of this period, a Market Report is produced which consists of a long list of groups to be approached and namedindividuals who operate within the designated area.4. Approach and Screen CandidatesFollowing the discussion of the Market Report, the Hanover team will initiate conversations with prospective candidates andconduct screening interviews.5. Shortlist ReportingFull reports will be prepared for all the candidates that, after the interviews, are deemed suitable. These reports will consist of anindividual appraisal of the candidates, their experience, qualifications, abilities, achievements and the candidate’s CV. Hanover willsubmit no less than 3 candidates for consideration, per position.6. Client InterviewsAfter you have reviewed the reports, we will co-ordinate the whole interview process through to completion.7. PlacementWe will provide you with a full consultancy service throughout the offer and acceptance phase, to ensure that a successfulappointment is made.Partnership Agreement: