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NIHR Coordinating Centre


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Presentation for the NIHR CLAHRC National Conference Careers Day: for postdoc research careers in the allied health professions

Published in: Healthcare
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NIHR Coordinating Centre

  1. 1. NIHR Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Opportunities 11th May 2017 Sally Clough Senior Programme Manager NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre
  2. 2. Trainees Coordinating Centre National Institute for Health Research The research arm of the NHS Established in 2006 as a vehicle for implementing Government’s strategy for applied health research £1b annual spend Vision To improve the health and wealth of the nation through research
  3. 3. Trainees Coordinating Centre Infrastructure Clinical Research Facilities, Centres & Units Clinical Research Networks Research Research Projects & Programmes Research Management Systems Research Information Systems Systems Investigators & Senior Investigators AssociatesFaculty Trainees Research Schools The NIHR Health Research System Patients & Public Universities NHS Trusts
  4. 4. Trainees Coordinating Centre Trainees Coordinating Centre Research Capacity Development TCC provides training and career development awards in order to: • build a leading NHS Research Faculty • develop research careers, research leaders and collaborators. There are a large range of awards available at different levels and to suit different work arrangements, types of NHS staff and career paths.
  5. 5. Trainees Coordinating Centre NIHR Remit • People and patient based clinical, applied health or social care research. • Patients, samples or data from patients, people who are not patients, populations, health technology assessment or health services research • No basic research or work involving animals and/or animal tissue • Biomarkers – grey area • Clearly demonstrate the potential to have an impact on the needs of patients and the public within 5 years of its completion • NIHR is also prepared to support research into medical education
  6. 6. Trainees Coordinating Centre
  7. 7. Trainees Coordinating Centre
  8. 8. Trainees Coordinating Centre NIHR Fellowships Funding covers: • Salary • Tuition fees (for PhD at Doctoral level) • Research costs • Full training and development programme • Can be based at HEI or NHS Trust, or other eligible organisation • HEI employers also receive indirect costs e.g. estates, facilities at 80% • CDFs and SRFs only may apply for Research Assistant support • Annual competition for all levels • Next launch – Autumn 2017
  9. 9. Trainees Coordinating Centre • Postdoctoral Award designed to support researchers looking to transition into, or back into, applied health or clinical research Applicant: PhD/MD and possibly, postdoctoral experience ≤ 5 yrs WTE post-doctoral research experience Basic or experimental scientists moving to applied health or clinical research Researchers looking to gain training in clinical trials Applied clinical or health researchers, following a significant career break with clear training needs • Early post-doc training award to individuals of outstanding potential as researchers • To develop postdoctoral research experience & skills • To increase independence Applicant: PhD/MD (or submitted) < 3 yrs WTE post-doc research experience Research output (publications, grant applications) Clear commitment to research career Transitional Research Fellowship Post-Doctoral Fellowship NIHR Fellowships
  10. 10. Trainees Coordinating Centre • Later post-doc award • To gain full research independence • Develop research capacity of self and others Applicant: PhD/MD and significant postdoctoral experience (˂ 7 yrs WTE post-doc research experience) Significant research output Evidence of increasing independence Experience of developing research skills of others • 5 years ( aiming towards Chair) • Potential to become academic and research leader within award time Applicant: Significant postdoctoral experience Outstanding publication record Independence Leadership potential Record of research capacity development Career Development Fellowship Senior Research Fellowship NIHR Fellowships
  11. 11. Trainees Coordinating Centre • Post-doc award • To build capacity within fields of mobilising knowledge (to support the more effective use of research knowledge) • Researching implementation processes and impacts. • 2 years full time (or 3 years at 70% or 4 years at 50% WTE) Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship NIHR Fellowships Healthcare sector applicants: • have managerial experience (clinical or non-clinical); • be on a trajectory to more senior roles; • have experience of managing change, developing services or applying research evidence locally, and; • have completed their clinical pre- registration training (if applicable). All Applicants: •significant healthcare or academic experience; •demonstrable potential to mobilise research knowledge in healthcare settings •Demonstrable understanding of KM research
  12. 12. Trainees Coordinating Centre Doctoral Research Post Doctoral Career Development Senior Research Transitional Research Total Round 4 (Awarded 2011) 155 28 82 16 58 11 19 2 - 314 57 Round 5 (Awarded 2012) 217 34 105 16 41 6 19 2 - 382 58 Round 6 (Awarded 2013) 185 30 86 15 44 5 19 3 3 1 337 54 Round 7 (Awarded 2014) 185 34 99 11 55 10 10 0 18 3 367 58 Round 8 (Awarded 2015) 162 33 96 11 61 8 11 2 5 0 335 54 Round 9 (Awarded 2016) 179 35 98 11 43 6 9 0 11 1 340 56 NIHR Fellowships
  13. 13. Trainees Coordinating Centre
  14. 14. Trainees Coordinating Centre ICA HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme Eligible Professions Allied Health Professions Art Therapy Podiatrist Dietitian Occupational therapist Orthoptist Orthotist and Prosthetists Paramedic Physiotherapist Radiographer (diagnostic and therapeutic) Speech and language therapist Drama therapist Music therapist Nurses Midwives Health Visitors Healthcare Scientists Practitioner Psychologist Pharmacy Professions: Pharmacist Pharmacy technician Chiropractor Non-Medical Public Health Specialty Trainees Specialists Consultants Operating Department Practitioner Optometrist and Dispensing Optician Osteopath Wider Dental Team Professions: Dental hygienist Dental nurse Dental therapist
  15. 15. Trainees Coordinating Centre ICA HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme Research funded by Health Education England (HEE) must fulfil at least one of the following priorities: • Improving out of hospital care • Creating the safest, highest quality health and care services* • Improving efficiency and productivity of the health and care system • Preventing ill health and supporting people to live healthier lives • Enabling people and communities to make decisions about their own health and care • Improving services through the use of digital technology, information and transparency • Delivering the right workforce with the right skills, values and competencies • Driving improvements in education & training that will have a real impact on the quality of care delivered to patients and service users * This includes the development and evaluation of medical treatments, interventions or processes.
  16. 16. Trainees Coordinating Centre ICA HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme “A pre-masters “ clinical research taster ” “An introduction to clinical research theory and practice” “Obtain a PhD by research whilst still developing clinical skills” “Combine post-doctoral research in an academic position with continued clinical practice” “Combine research and research leadership in a senior academic position with continued clinical practice ”
  17. 17. Trainees Coordinating Centre Award • Post-doctoral award for clinical practice and academic research (50:50) • Requires support from a partnership of a HEI and an NHS Trust, which must both commit to support the applicant post award Applicant • ˂5 years FTE post-doctoral research experience • Min 1 year FTE in clinical practice, current statutory registration • PhD or submission ICA HEE/NIHR Clinical Lectureship
  18. 18. Trainees Coordinating Centre ICA HEE/NIHR Clinical Lectureship “Combine post-doctoral research in an academic position with continued clinical practice” CLs Fund: • Up to 50% of salary • Research, training & development costs including clinical development • 3 year (4 or 5 years part time)
  19. 19. Trainees Coordinating Centre ICA HEE/NIHR Senior Clinical Lectureship Award • Senior (pre-Chair) award for clinical practice and academic research (50:50) • Requires support from a partnership of a HEI and an NHS Trust, which must both commit to support the applicant post award Applicant • >5 years clinical experience and high research output • Excellent or exceptionally promising track record as clinical academic researcher (outputs & grants)
  20. 20. Trainees Coordinating Centre ICA HEE/NIHR Senior Clinical Lectureship SCLs Fund: • Up to 50% of salary • Research, training & development costs including clinical development • 5 year award “Combine research and research leadership in a senior academic position with continued clinical practice”
  21. 21. Trainees Coordinating Centre • Open to current doctoral and post-doctoral award holders of the CAT, HCS and ICA programme • Experience “one-to-one” mentorship to support the development of an independent clinical academic career. ICA HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme Mentorship and Outreach Programme
  22. 22. Trainees Coordinating Centre ICA HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship Clinical Lectureship Senior Clinical Lectureship ICA Round 1 (2015) 84 applied 24 awarded 21 applied 7 awarded 7 applied 3 awarded ICA Round 2 (2016) 81 applied 20 awarded 25 applied 6 awarded 5 applied 1 awarded
  23. 23. Assessment of applications Applications are assessed on strength of : • Candidate • Research Proposal • Training and Development Plan • Environment / Supervision / Mentorship • Value for Money Full assessment criteria are published in the applicant guidance notes The criteria published in the applicant guidance notes are the same (and the only) criteria we ask our review panel members to score your application against. Make sure all of the listed criteria are addressed – don’t leave any gaps or your scores will suffer.
  24. 24. Trainees Coordinating Centre Assessment Process • Eligibility and fit with remit –TCC • Shortlisting – Lead reviewers – Panel meeting • Peer review (post doc levels) – Relevant expert reviewers • Interview Application deadline to award uptake: Approx 12 months
  25. 25. Trainees Coordinating Centre Remit: Failure to show research important to NHS, benefits patients and/or public in 5yrs Clarity & Details: Research questions not clear; don’t show the relevance of the aims and objectives; not enough detail and depth. Overambitious: Research programme not suitable for level of award; not achievable within time frame. Applicant: Person not quite experienced enough for level they are applying (research outputs, independence, etc.); not your project Training: Programme too generic and not suited/specific to the applicant’s needs and project; too centred around host organisation. Value for Money: Budget unrealistic and/or failure to justify requested resources. Common weaknesses
  26. 26. Trainees Coordinating Centre • Know the process and the remit: o Look at the website o Read the guidance o Contact the NIHR TCC with any queries o Talk to the NIHR Research Design Service o Don’t add PPI as an afterthought! • Know your audience: o Look up previous award holders, panel members, topics • Talk, talk, talk, before you submit: o Supervisor, current awards holders, senior academics, methodological experts, collaborators, mentors, finance office, colleagues etc. Pre-application advice
  27. 27. Trainees Coordinating Centre The NIHR Training Advocates are a group of non-medical clinical academics who are passionate about furthering academic training in their profession. If you are an early career or aspiring clinical academic, the advocates may be able to help you. Contact details are available on the NIHR webpages. NIHR Training Advocates
  28. 28. Trainees Coordinating Centre NIHR Let’s Get Digital Competition • There are five categories: video, photography, website, infographic and online community • We are looking for entries that help to capture why NIHR research is important and exciting • We are expecting to see entries that demonstrate what NIHR research looks like in real life, its impact, the benefits of taking part and the diversity of the NIHR research workforce and the type of research the NIHR funds and supports • Deadline for all categories: Friday 30 June 2017 • More details: The competition recognises those people involved in NIHR research using digital techniques to promote/share/engage others in research.
  29. 29. NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre Leeds Innovation Centre 103 Clarendon Road Leeds LS2 9DF Tel: 0113 3466260 Fax: 0113 346 6272 @NIHR_trainees Mal Palin – Senior Programme Manager, ICA programme Nicola Melody – Senior Programme Manager, Fellowships programme