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How to start_with_self_publishing


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Just know how to do Self

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How to start_with_self_publishing

  1. 1. How to start with Self Publishing? At first decide what your goal is. Not all the writers want their books to get sold. Few writers write only for their circle of acquaintances. And many want the whole world to read their books. So decide which category you do belong to.
  2. 2. Come up with an interesting topic.See to it that you do not cover thesame topic like many others. Justresearch on different and interesttopics. Research on the sales of highlysold books as well as poorly soldbooks. By doing this, you will get anidea of interesting books and topicsthat people would love to read. You can bring up the creativity inyou by designing the book cover. Itis your book and you know to designbetter than others. Also decide in which format youare going to print. There are manyformats like hardcover, soft coveror eBook. EBook publishing is
  3. 3. electronically publishing your bookonline. If you decide to go forEBook, then there are many E-publishing companies in India. Check with your competitorswhat sort of formats, sizes andfonts they use, so that you will getgood idea about yours. Find out how and who willdistribute your books. There are
  4. 4. many effective ways of selling thebooks. So check with that. Check out with the publishers.There are differed printingpackages offered by differedprinting presses. So, talk with manyof them and come to a conclusion. Get your printing done directlyfrom the completed files. This willsave time as well as cost. Start promoting and selling yourbooks online via your blogs, websitesand such. The most important thing is toconvert your book into variousformats like PDF formats, Audio fileand eBook.