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  • Good afternoon teacher, and my fellow audience. My name is Catherine Lee from SG1.
  • Let me first explain, this presentation will be separate into 3 sections, the first section is presentation, next will be Question and answer section, following by discussion
  • There are the key ideas of today’s topic are the benefits and drawbacks of fast food
  • Facebook has become so much a part of our life now that it’s so prevalent across the world. Facebook addition disorder short form F.A.D. Facebook addiction means spending an excessive amount of time on Facebook. Typically, it involves a person‘s Facebook use interfering with important activities in life, such as work, school, or maintaining relationships with family and “real” friends.
  • In this statistic shows that the activity of people did on facebook In the average of 20-minutes periodIt’s surprising that we have time for anything else these days. Mobile devices enable 200 million of us to sneak those quick Facebook feeds anywhere: in fact, 48% of 18-to-34-year-olds check Facebook right when they wake up, and 28% of them check it on their smart phones before getting out of bed.
  • Check on those symptoms of F.A.D that I’m going to explain later on, to know if you’re facebook addict
  • Facebook disorder

    1. 1. Facebook Addiction Disorder Catherine Lee Yan Xin SG 1
    2. 2. Overview ⏎Video Clip ⏎What is Facebook Addiction Disorder ⏎Signs of F.A.D ⏎The Impact caused on your life ⏎Ways to defeat a Facebook Addiction ⏎Video Clip
    3. 3. What is Facebook Addition Disorder ??
    4. 4. Source: Boswell 2012
    5. 5. Sign of F.A.D- Tolerance ( Increased usage ) - Withdrawal symptoms - Notification Excitement - Over sharing - Mad rush to add more friends ( Fake relationship ) - Lost relationship
    6. 6. Effects of Facebook Addicted Disorder - Mental health - Healthy problem - Social problem - Study problem
    7. 7. How to defeat facebook addiction ?? - Deactivate your facebook account for few days - Seek professional help in dealing with problem - Find some entertainment other than facebooking - Step away from the computer - Give yourself an entire Facebook-free weekend as a starting point in developing healthier habits
    8. 8. http://theoatmeal.com/quiz/facebook_addict
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