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VoIP final Product catalog for pdf

  1. 1. Matrix SETU Range of VoIP Products VoIP Phones VoIP ATAs (Analog Telephony Adaptors) VoIP POTS Gateways (FXO-FXS) VoIP GSM/CDMA Gateways VoIP T1/E1/PRI Gateways VoIP Products with Superior Technology, Features and Performance
  2. 2. MATRIX MANUFACTURING Based at Vadodara in India, Matrix manufacturing unit is operated by a team of professionally qualified and dedicated engineers. Spread over an area of 25,000 sq. ft, the structure houses departments like Assembly, Testing, Quality Control, Purchase, Stores, Despatch and Accounts. Matrix has a production capacity of about 1,000,000 ports per annum. The factory also houses a full-fledged technical support center spread over an area of 10,000 sq. ft, manned by trained and efficient engineers. The center provides immediate technical assistance to Matrix channel partners and customers in installation, operation and maintenance of the products. MATRIX MARKETING The marketing team at Matrix strongly believes in value-based marketing and strong networking. A special customer care cell provides prompt and professional response to the customers. Backed by an extensive network of more than 500 channel partners, Matrix ensures that the products serve the communication needs, faster and longer. MATRIX R&D All Matrix products are indigenously designed. With around 30% of its human resources dedicated to the development of new products, Matrix R&D is the foundation of its growth and sustenance. Matrix R&D is located at its corporate office and is spread over an area of 15,000 sq. ft. The R&D team designs products conforming to relevant international standards. Matrix makes substantial investment in R&D tools and equipment to stay abreast of the latest technological changes. MATRIX ACHIEVEMENTS ! In the year 2009, Matrix received the Best Electronics Company Award from the Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA). ! In the year 2008, Matrix was conferred the Best SSI Unit Award by the Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI). ! In the year 2008, Matrix received the Best Electronics Company Award from the Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA). ! In the year 2007, Matrix was conferred the 9th IETE Corporate Award for Excellence in Computer & Telecommunication Systems by the Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, India. ! In the year 2007, Matrix won the EFY Readers' Choice Award for the Best PBX- KTS Company for the fourth year in a row. ! In the year 2006, Matrix won the EFY Readers' Choice Award for the Best PBX- KTS Company. ! In the year 2005, Matrix won the EFY Readers' Choice Award for the Best PBX-KTS Company. ! In the year 2004, Matrix won the EFY Readers' Choice Award for the Best PBX- KTS Company. ! In the year 2004, Matrix won the Award for Excellence in Professional Electronics conferred by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. MATRIX AT A GLANCE ! Over 40 Telecom Products ! 200+ Man-years of R&D Experience ! 500+ Channel Partners ! 150,000+ Satisfied Customers ! 1,500,000+ Line-units Installed ! 15,000,000+ Calls Connected Everyday ! Growing at 1500+ Line-units a Day ! Global Footprint: Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America ! Quality Certifications: ISO, CE, FCC, TEC, RoHS
  3. 3. Matrix SETU is a family of VoIP Phones and VoIP Gateways. SETU Gateways interface with other telecom networks like Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), ISDN, T1/E1, GSM/CDMA and VoIP They come in different foot-prints to match the exact needs of any organization. Matrix SETU products . are ideal for corporate offices, factories, sales organizations, call centers, branch offices, public call offices, remote project sites, residences, etc. Following are the few salient points why Matrix SETU products make a compelling choice. Widest Range of VoIP Products Unique Integration of TECHNOLOGY FEATURES PERFORMANCE Universal Interfaces Reliability Matrix SETU range of VoIP Gateways comes with various interfaces to Matrix SETU products are built for continuous operation and to provide meet diverse applications needs. Following traditional and new- carrier grade reliability. generation telecom interfaces are supported: ?E&M and Magneto FXS, FXO, Ease of Installation ?ISDN BRI The Matrix SETU family is easy to install and configure. Industry ?ISDN PRI standard connectors RJ11 and RJ45/RJ48 connectors are provided for ?T1/E1 various ports. As is common with all modern networking products, ?GSM and CDMA built-in web-server is used for local and remote configuration. Product Configurations Approvals Matrix SETU is a large family of VoIP Gateways and Phones with SETU range of products meet approval standards like CE, FCC and members of different sizes and hues; so to say. The smallest member ROHS. is with one FXS port. And the largest is the universal VoIP Gateway with 512 ports and all possible network interfaces working Cost seamlessly and simultaneously. The Matrix SETU range of VoIP gateways offer value-for-money and cost-advantage to the users. These products are designed and Functions and Features manufactured in India. Matrix SETU products are packed with range of useful features to meet any demanding application scenario. Not only the features range Training wide, but each feature has depth in terms of the flexibility it offers. Matrix conducts training programs at its Training Center regularly. Please refer individual product brochures for more details on the Engineers and technicians from various channel partners are features. encouraged to join these hands-on training sessions lasting 2 to 5 days. In special cases, Matrix engineers can travel to desired destinations and Compatibility impart training to a group of engineers. Many times, SETU products are used with SIP based products from different vendors. It is necessary for the VoIP products to work Technical Support seamlessly with any Networking and VoIP infrastructure the customer Technical support is offered in the form of emails, fax, phone calls and might have. Matrix SETU products are compatible with all popular chat during and after installation. A well-trained team of engineers are brands like Avaya, Alcatel, Nortel, CISCO, Siemens, NEC, Panasonic, always available to help install, configure and operate Matrix products. LG and Samsung. They log, reply, track and follow-up for any field problem. In addition, they also work extended hours to take care of time-zone differences. Technology Matrix SETU range of products are built with modern components. Most of the SETU family products employ powerful 32-bit RISC processors and high-speed Digital Signal Processors (DSP). To know more about our VoIP products, please visit: Integrated SLIC and DAA are used for FXS and FXO interfaces. Best- www.matrixtelesol.com/voip of-breed software protocols are used for T1/E1, ISDN and SIP.
  4. 4. VoIP PHONES Matrix SETU includes is a range of feature-rich, executive IP Phones. They provide intuitive operation for the call management functions. Their standard SIP based design makes them compatible with any SIP infrastructure like Soft Switches, IP PBXs, Registrars and Proxies. The SETU VoIP Phones offer WAN and LAN Ethernet ports with routing. This makes them ideal for stand- SETU VP248SE alone applications requiring a PC to work with VoIP Phones. Full-duplex speaker phone, backlit LCD and capacity to handle multiple calls simultaneously are a few of the key strengths of these high-end VoIP Phones. SETU VoIP Phones are available in two variants, each with two color options: Black and White. SETU VP248SE with 2 Lines x 24 Characters Backlit LCD Display with PoE SETU VP248PE with 6 Lines x 24 Characters Backlit LCD Display with PoE SETU VP236S with 2 Lines x 24 Characters LCD Display SETU VP236SE with 2 Lines x 24 Characters LCD Display with PoE SETU VP248PE ! 2 SIP Accounts ! Dialed, Received, Missed and Rejected Call ! 2 Ethernet Ports Logs ! Programmable Keys ! G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726 and G.729AB ! Anonymous Call and Selective Call Rejection ! LAN and WAN Ports ! Auto and Web Configuration ! Message Wait Indication ! Auto Answer with Headset Interface ! Multiple Call Handling (4 Calls) ! Conference ! Phone Book with 100 Entries ! DHCP PPPoE, NAT and STUN , ! Ringer, Speech and LCD Controls ! Dial Plan and Peer-to-Peer Calling ! Voice Mail Key SETU VP236S VoIP ATA (ANALOG TELEPHONY ADAPTORS) Matrix Setu ATA is a range of feature-rich Analog Telephone Adaptors and are designed to meet the requirements of converting the VoIP network to traditional telephony interfaces and vice versa. It gives you benefit of using VoIP and convenience of using existing telephony products and methods to reduce communication cost. SETU ATA2S SIP based Analog Telephone Adaptor with 2-SIP Accounts, 2-FXS and 1-WAN Port Key Features ! 3-Party Conference ! Multiple SIP Accounts ! Auto Configuration ! NAT and STUN ! CLIP ! Password Protection ! Codec Selection: G.711, G.723.1, G.729AB ! Peer-to-Peer Calling ! DHCP Client ! Phone Book ! Dial Plan ! PPPoE Client ! Echo Cancellation: G.168 up to 32ms ! Symmetric RTP SETU ATA2S ! Fax ! Syslog Client ! Incoming Calls Routing ! Voice Activity Detection ! MAC Cloning ! Web Configuration
  5. 5. FXS 2 WAN FXS 1 ATA2S Proxy LAN VoIP WAN IP FXS 2 FXS 1 ATA2LL WAN LAN FXO PSTN FXS ATA211 SETU ATA211 SIP based FXO-FXS Gateway with 3-SIP Accounts,1-WAN Port, 1-LAN Port, 1-FXS and 1-FXO Port Key Features ! 3-Party Conference ! LED Indications ! Auto Configuration ! MAC Cloning ! Auto PSTN Fallback ! NAT and STUN ! CLIP ! Peer-to-Peer Calling ! Codec Selection: G.711, G.723.1, G.729AB ! Phone Book ! DHCP Client ! PIN Authentication ! Dial Plan ! PPPoE Client SETU ATA211 ! Echo Cancellation: G.168 up to 32ms ! Programmable Call Progress Tones and Rings ! FXO Port ! Syslog Client ! Incoming Calls Routing ! WAN & LAN Ports – Surf and Talk Simultaneously SETU ATA2LL SIP based Analog Telephone Adaptor with 2-SIP Accounts, 2-FXS Ports, 1-WAN Port, 1- LAN Port and 1-FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) Port Key Features ! 3-Party Conference ! Peer-to-Peer Calling ! Auto Configuration ! Phone Book ! Call Waiting, Call Transfer ! PPPoE Client ! Calling Party Control (CPC) ! Programmable Call Progress ! CLIP Tones and Rings ! Codec Selection: G.711, G.723.1, G.729AB ! Remote Programming ! DHCP Client ! Speech Volume Setting ! Dial Plan (Transmit and Receive) SETU ATA2LL ! Echo Cancellation: G.168 up to 32ms ! Standard SIP V2 Protocol ! Fax ! Symmetric RTP ! FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) Port ! Syslog Client ! Incoming Calls Routing ! Voice Activity Detection ! LED Indications ! WAN & LAN Ports – Surf ! MAC Cloning and Talk simultaneously ! Multiple SIP Accounts ! Web Configuration ! NAT and STUN ! Password Protection
  6. 6. VoIP GATEWAYS SETU VFX Multi-Port VoIP to FXS Gateway Matrix SETU VFX is a feature-rich gateway offering IP connectivity with excellent audio quality for analog phones, legacy PBX systems and analog faxes . It is a compact, SIP based VoIP to FXS gateway suitable for any enterprise application. It supports 8 simultaneous VoIP calls. Flexible Routing, Call Control, Number Mapping and Call Detail Recording (CDR) are the key strengths of the SETU VFX. The flexible routing options of the SETU VFX make it a perfect choice as a terminal gateway. SETU VFX is available in two models. SETU VFX44L with 4 FXS Ports and 1 FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) Port SETU VFX88L with 8 FXS Ports and 1 FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) Port Key Features SETU VFX88L ! 1 FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) Port ! Flexible Call Routing Options ! Multiple FXS Ports ! Peer-to-Peer Calling ! 9 SIP Accounts ! Supplementary Services ! Call Control and Number Mapping ! Web Configuration ! Call Detail Recording and Reports ! Codec Selection: G.711, G.723.1, G.729AB, iLBC and GSM-FR ! DHCP PPPoE, NAT and STUN , ! Echo Cancellation: G.168 up to 128ms ! Emergency Number Dialing ! Fax over IP (T.38) SETU VGFX Multi-Port SIP based VoIP to GSM, FXO and FXS Gateway Matrix SETU VGFX is a feature-rich gateway offering VoIP GSM and PSTN connectivity on a single platform. It is , compatible with any SIP infrastructure like Soft Switches, IP PBXs, Registrars and Proxies. The key strength of SETU VGFX is the call routing logic and therefore it is the perfect choice as a terminal gateway. Moreover it is ideal for stand alone Business and SOHO applications to reduce the communication cost significantly. SETU VGFX is available in three models. SETU VGFX8422 Multi-port VoIP Gateway with 8 VoIP Channels, 4 GSM Channels, 2 FXO Ports and 2 FXS Ports SETU VGFX8440 Multi-port VoIP Gateway with 8 VoIP Channels, 4 GSM Channels and 4 FXO Ports SETU VGFX SETU VGFX8404 Multi-port VoIP Gateway with 8 VoIP Channels, 4 GSM Channels and 4 FXS Ports 1.: ? 2abc 3def 4ghi 5jkl 6mno 7pqrs 8tuv 9wxyz 0 # GSM FXS VoIP VoIP FXS IP FXS FXO FXO PSTN SETU ATA211 SETU VGFX
  7. 7. Key Features of Matrix SETU VGFX ! Access Codes ! Least Cost Routing ! Automatic Number Translation ! Peer-to-Peer Calling Table ! Block Black-Listed Callers ! PPPoE ! Call Detail Record (CDR) ! MAC Cloning ! CLIP ! V-LAN Tagging ! Do Not Disturb (DND) ! NAT and STUN Support ! Fax over IP (T.38 and Pass-Through) ! Incoming Calls Routing ! FXO Ports ! Supplementary Services ! FXS Ports UNIVERSAL GATEWAYS Gateways to Connect PBX with Diverse Telecom Networks Matrix Eternity is a universal gateway equipment offering integrated interfaces for VoIP GSM/CDMA, , ISDN BRI/PRI, T1/E1 and POTS networks. It can be used with any brand of existing PBXs or even in a stand-alone mode. The Eternity allows the users to make and receive calls on all the networks transparently. It supports flexible and intelligent Least Cost Routing (LCR) options providing significant cost savings and round-the-clock connectivity. This allows them to dynamically select one of the networks on per-call basis for obvious benefits of reach, cost and quality of service (QoS). ETERNITY GE3S Soft Phone LAN 1.: ? 4ghi 7pqrs 2abc 5jkl 8tuv 0 3def 6mno 9wxyz # IP PBX IP Phone GSM GSM CDMA VoIP CDMA ISDN BRI ISDN ETERNITY GE12S T1/E1 VSAT 1 2 4 3 5 7 6 8 * 0 9 # WAN E&M MATRIX ETERNITY PRI/E1/T1 IP Phones PSTN FXS/FXO POTS * 7 4 1 8 5 2 9 6 3 0 # ETERNITY - Universal VoIP Gateway TDM PBX Key Features ! Allowed and Denied Lists ! Jeeves - Web Based Programming Tool ! Automatic Call Distribution ! Least Cost Routing ! Automatic Number Translation ! Modular Architecture ETERNITY ME10S ! Call Detail Recording (CDR) ! Network Selection ! Call Maturity ! Peer-to-Peer Calling ! Call Duration Control (CDC) ! Phone Book (Number Lists) ! Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) ! QSIG ! CLI Based Routing ! Remote Programming ! Day Light Saving ! SIM PIN ! Direct Dial-In (DDI) Routing ! SIM PUK ! Distributed Processing Architecture ! SIP Accounts ! Emergency Number Dialing ! Speech Gain Setting ! Fax over IP – T.38 and Pass-Through ! Time Tables ! Fixed Number Dialing ! Time Zones ! High Density Switching ! Universal Routing ! International Mobile Equipment Identity LAUNCHING SOON SETU ATA1S: SIP based Analog Telephone Adaptor with 1 FXS Port and 2 Ethernet Ports SETU VFX: SIP based Multi-Port, Scalable VoIP to POTS Gateway SETU VP SOFT: Microsoft Windows compatible, SIP based VoIP Soft Phone SAPEX: IP PBX with Registrar, proxy, Presence, Conference and Voice Mail Servers SETU ATA211G: SIP based Single Port VoIP-GSM-FXS Gateway
  8. 8. MATRIX NETWORK Netherlands Germany Belgium Hungary Spain Italy United States Greece Syria Morocco Jordan Nepal Bhutan UAE West Indies Yemen India Thailand Nigeria Ghana Sri Lanka Malaysia Kenya Singapore Tanzania Maldives Indonesia Mauritius Argentina Australia MATRIX TELECOM Global Footprint MATRIX CUSTOMERS Over the past 17 years, Matrix products have contributed significantly to improving efficiency and productivity of many organizations by providing dependable telecom solutions to them. Matrix customers are diverse and include large corporate offices, telecom service providers, institutions, factories, call centers, hotels, hospitals, housing societies and apartment buildings and residences. To name a few: ABB GEC Alstom Pepsi Alfa Laval Grindwell Norton PriceWaterCoopers American Express Hindustan Lever Raymonds Bajaj Auto Hutch Reliance Infocom Bayer Indian Oil Corporation Samsung Corporation Bharat Petroleum Indian Space Research Organisation SmithKline Beecham Blue Dart Express Johnson & Johnson State Bank of India Cadilla Pharma Larsen & Toubro Tata Telecom Services Carrier Aircon L'Oreal India Tommy Hilfiger Dr. Reddy's Lab McDowells US Embassy, Mauritius Du-Pont National Bank of Abudhabi World Bank, Ghana Garnier Laboratories Pentasoft Technologies Writers Corporation ABOUT MATRIX An ISO 9001 Company, Matrix is a leader in the VoIP GSM, Key Phone System and PBX market. An innovative, technology driven and , customer focused organization; the company is committed to keep pace with revolutions in the telecom industry. This has resulted in bringing forth cutting edge products like VoIP Phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP ATA, GSM FCT, GSM Gateways, SMB PBX, Enterprise PBX, Hotel PBX, Voice Messaging Products, Communication Security Products and PLCC Switches. With over 1,500,000 line units installed and growing by over 1500 line units per day, the installed base of Matrix connects over 15,000,000 calls everyday. Thus, Matrix has gained the trust and admiration of users representing the entire spectrum of industries. Matrix has won many awards for its innovative products. For further information, please contact: Head Office 394 - GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara - 390 010, India. Ph: +91 265 2630555, Fax: +91 265 2636598 E-mail: Inquiry@MatrixTeleSol.com SMS ‘MATRIX’ to 99987 55555 Factory V1.R3 June‘09 39 - GIDC, Waghodia, Dist. Vadodara - 391 760, India. Ph: +91 2668 262056/57, Fax: +91 2668 262631 www.MatrixTeleSol.com Due to continuous technology upgradations, product specifications are subject to change without notice.